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TomaQ, update on ohno, yada yada yada (or etc. etc. etc.)

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #28:
toma-kun...king of hearts.

did u hear? u must have!
about the earthquake that took place in southern california yesterday?
yes, it was all over the news here and it was even 1 of the top headlines at BBC.
yeah~ i was 1 of the many many ppl freaked out by the earthquake!! ma...after all, we can't do anything about it... earthquakes come whenever they want to... Right after the earthquake, i put all my hana kimi stuff (DVDs, tie, photobook) + my other important stuff in a bag, just in case stuff starts crashing down, i MUST save these things! lol. of course, my computer, also! here in CA and Japan~ (sigh!) both in the "ring of fire", cursed with a lot of earthquakes.

anyway, on with the post!
more randomness.
sorry. haha~
the next post will be better!
pls look forward to it and be patient. =)

for toma,

P.S. remember to join LJ and then join the ikuta toma @ LJ community in order to see all the posts at
most of the posts show up to non-members, but some are locked, so only members can see! wait, did i already say this a while back?? not sure...
anyway, u should join NOW if u haven't! =)

[yummy! =) pic credit: ティーナ, ]

............. . . TomaQ =D

recently Tomagoto's TomaQ (toma quiz) has started again. it's really really cool/fun!! toma asks questions and the subscribers choose A B or C. then later he'll give the answer. the ppl that guess right might win a prize that toma picked out! something like that... i've guessed wrong both times, now. haha~ but it's always fun to read his post of the correct answer. he's just so hilarious/cute, the way he writes!! xD reading his post of the correct answer of the 2nd question made me smile/happy~!! yappari!
remember, u can check out the translations of his cellphone blog, Tomagoto here:

............ . . update on ohno's drug scandal

oh, i wasn't paying attention be4. seems like there's no real evidence that ohno smoked pot, just that those girls in the pics saying that. ohno has denied using marijuana (though he admitted to taking 3P, whatever that is) and says he doesn't know those girls.

ttenovy has posted this the latest news in the AF thread about this scandal:

Yesterday, 10:33 PM
translated from

July 29, 2008

The scandal involving Arashi's leader, Satoshi Ohno (27) has not yet ceased. Reports of the scandal were to be found even in China and Korea and fans all around voiced their disappointment in his (past) actions.

In response to the scandal, Johnny's has insisted that Ohno has definitely NOT done Marijuana, and has decided not to do business not only with Shuukan Gendai, but with the whole of Kodansha itself.

Shuukan Gendai is that trashy gossip magazine that published the article about ohno.
WHOA! according to wikipedia, Kodansha is the largest Japanese publisher! it publishes manga & other magazines. JE is really going all out 2 support ohno! hmmmm. i wonder what's gonna happen next...or is this all over now.

....................... . . final ratings update for hana kimi in HK

ep. 12 was split in 2 and aired on july 20 and 27. it got 16 and 15, compared to 21 when it first aired in japan. so hana kimi's average rating is 14.3 percent, compared to 17 percent in japan.
not bad... i'm sure toma gained many HK fans during this time! =) toma's hou dak yee & hou leng jai la!! (toma's very cute & handsome ne!)

........................ . . i uploaded Maou ep. 1 screencaps


......................... . . WELCOME, A NEW MEMBER TO THE TOMA FAN MAP!! *__*



whose message is:
i love ikuta toma XD
from (7/7/2008)

[by now, the map's been viewed 11,746 times! xD]

[toma, flowers. both R prettyyy! pic credit: Careline18,]

......................... . . Zara's cute message 4 toma cracked me up! lol~! xD

go here to read it! hahaha~ it's the newest post.

"I would love to say something sensible but unfortunately you're so gorgeous that thinking of you makes my brain fall out."

ah-hh toma really has this affect on his fans, ne? every1's got VERY. STRONG. FEELINGS. 4 HIM!! just~ completely~ smitten~! ~_~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ohno's drug scandal!!!/ poll's result / keep VOTING 4 toma!

toma-ism #27: prince charming!
Arashi's Satoshi Ono Scandal,
Tuesday July 29, 2008

Apparently, the photos were taken when Ohno was smoking pot in a Karaoke Box located somewhere in Shibuya. This is something that Johnny's cannot ignore, as Ohno is a hot-selling artiste currently. This is very grave indeed.

[*this is just an excerpt of the news,
u should go there 2 read the whole thing and see the pics!*]

ehhhh??!! 0_o

i was shocked 2 see the news, last night!!
ohno caught on camera, smoking pot!!
does he look high in those pics or what!!

well, like i said in my comment there,
shocking news!!
i don't know anything about him really...but he & toma R acting in the drama Maou together...i don't want this news to negatively affect this drama, which is already getting low ratings! x_x
i hope he'll be able 2 get through this ok. too bad, it wouldn't be such a big deal if something like this happened to a celebrity in the usa...

piano4112000 commented, saying there's new news saying the photos were photoshopped. but they look pretty real to me!

..................................... the poll ended yesterday at 10am!


i didn't expect to get this many votes, and also, i said it would be cool if it got over 20 votes, and in the end, it almost got 30! great!! =)

as expected, most ppl love this drama!
i hope i'll like it more after a while, like with H&C...

speaking of voting,
toma's still in 4th place, but at least the gap between him and the guy in 5th is bigger. toma's at 3% and that guy has dropped to 2%. i voted a lot yesterday, and i'll try 2 vote a lot today and the rest of the days of july! i hope toma can at least reach 4%, but then that would mean he'd need to have something like over 81,000 votes, so...

Friday, July 25, 2008


[this screencap is from this morning.]

well, i guess this is still light red...)

only recently knew about this!
toma's still in 4th place!

all u need 2 do is click on toma's name and click the button on the bottom.

you can vote every minute. there's a countdown that lasts one minute (i circled and added instructions above). after it gets to zero, u can click on the button the right of the countdown to vote again.
by now, i've already been able 2 recognize toma's name in japanese. hehe~
but for those who need it, toma's name is in the second column, second to last (生田 斗真).

i got the voting info from tomalicious here.

"As posted by Shazou, vote for our very own Ikuta Toma! Click HERE to vote.

Currently on the lead is Akanishi Jin ??? (KAT-TUN) followed by Yamashita Tomohisa ???? (NEWS), Kamenashi Kazuya ???? (KAT-TUN), Ikuta Toma ????(Johnny's Jr.) and Yamada Ryosuke ?? ?? (Hey Say Jump!)."

i think the rankings R probably still mostly the same (this was posted july 12).
BUT yamashita has dropped to 3rd place, just above toma.

3 POSTS IN 1 DAY! 0_o
i won't be doing that again anytime soon!
but i hope u all enjoy reading them.
again, pls comment!

So, till next time~

about revenge... / comparing toma's role in Maou w/johnny depp's role in 21 Jump Street! =)

toma-ism #26:
toma-kun..."to me, now and forever, [he] is the guy. if there's only one guy, this is the guy. there's no other guys, there's no better guys, there's nobody competing with this guy...and that's it, case closed."
[slightly altered jerry seinfeld quote.
he was talking about his hero, superman. haha~]

another post! yes! (R your eyes getting a little tired from all this red text yet? haha. sorry, it's friday, i have to post in red!)
just cuz i love johnny depp! and i wanna share with u all these videos ASAP!
yeah~ johnny is a ser~iously co~ol guy!!

but first, here R some funny/good quotes about revenge. which i mostly agree with. here's another one that i translated to eng.: "revenge only results in more revenge...when will it end?"

"[Closing Monologue]

JERRY: People like the idea of revenge. Have you ever heard the expression 'The best revenge is living well' I've said this, in other words it means supposedly the best way to get back at someone is just by being happy and successful in your own life. Sounds nice...doesn't really work on that Charles Bronson, kinda level. You know what I mean, those movies where his whole family gets wiped out by some street scum. You think you could go up to him, 'Charlie forgot about the 357, what you need is a custom-made suit and a convertible. New carpeting, french doors, a divan. That'll show those punks.' "
(credit:, from the episode: The Revenge)


[Closing Monologue]

(Jail?) doesn't really seem like that great of revenge. Wouldn't years of subtle psychological mind games be a lot more satisfying? Constantly calling him, hanging up when he answers the phone. Sending pizzas and taxis to their house all night long. After a while he would go, "I wish that guy would kill me already, I can't take it anymore!"


“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior”
-Francis Bacon, Sr.

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” -Confucius

"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. " -Mahatma Gandhi

"Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt. " -Thomas Moore

______________________comparing toma's role in Maou w/johnny depp's role in 21 Jump Street! =)

if u were a teenage girl living in the USA during the 80s, chances are, you were in love with johnny depp! =) i was only a little kid then, but i kinda remember that i thought he was a cool guy and liked him. hehe~ YES, i am a big johnny depp fan! but this was only after watching Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one). and YES, my username, savvykate, comes from the "savvy?" capt. jack sparrow often says! =)

here's some info about this drama that lasted several years. it was about young cops going undercover to catch criminals...

actually, toma and johnny depp have a lot in common! they R both really really cute & charming guys, with boyish good looks. both are/were teen idols. they are both great actors/singers, of course. they both have that kinda face, where, they can look so sweet/cute, but also so fierce/scary! but of course, johnny absolutely hated being a teen idol. and he's actually really quiet/shy in real life. toma has said he's actually a an introvert/gloomy guy in real life, but i'm sure not as much as johnny. haha~
...i am looking forward to the day when ppl see toma as something more than a teen idol. to recognize him for his talents and not just his good looks. like with johnny depp! but i guess by definition, a JE guy has to be a teen idol! well, i just want ppl to take him more seriously and respect him more (it would help if he could finally debut!! WHEN??), i guess...maybe this will change after Maou!

ANYWAY, toma's Naoto character reminds me of johnny's Tom Hanson character in this show! well, from the video clips i saw of him on youtube, anyway. here's a description of his character. he's got some similarities to Naoto, right? the cynical, rebellious loner. except tom is more funny/smart aleck-y, maybe. haha~ it's still too early to say. but 4 sure, they R both very tough, impulsive, quick-tempered guys!

"Officer Tom Hanson (Thomas) - Idealistic, intelligent, passionate and introverted rookie who becomes increasingly outspoken, disillusioned and cynical about police work and life. Father was a cop killed on the job, mother lives in the local area."

WATCH THESE 21 jump street MVs about tom~
[21 Jump Street - Dirty Little Secret]
[21 Jump Street - I Fought the Law]

[Johnny Depp-CrAzY 21 Jump Street!]

[21 Jump Street- Sing for the moment] (intense/sad moments!!)

Maou EPISODE 1: my thoughts/comments

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #25:
toma-kun...not just a pretty face!

yes, it's friday, maou day again!
(btw, it's also X-FILES 2: I WANT TO BELIEVE movie day! this x-phile hopes lots of ppl will go watch!! though i'm afraid it might be not so good...but we'll see!)
so i'm using red text again.
i'm even wearing red today. haha.

i changed the bg song here to tatu's 30 minutes. i hope u'll like it. it's the remix. the original version is more haunting and sad, so i decided 2 use the more energetic, "urgent" sounding one instead. the lyrics goes well with maou's naoto's theme of running away, no? =)

i've posted the lyrics at the song's imeem page, too.
(here's 2 other tatu songs that reminds me of Maou!

i've finally watched ep. 1 of maou!! i thought it was ok...
it's cuz i usually don't like dark dramas, especially ones about revenge.
but i hope, like H&C, it will get better as the story progresses...
but it's good to know that this series is not mainly about love. it's really something different and it'll be an interesting challenge for toma.

i've checked the ratings for maou's episodes 2 (12.6) and 3 (9.2), and they are going down!! not again! =/ STRIKE TWO 4 toma! (baseball talk--u are allowed 3 strikes, then u're out) strike one was H&C, of course. its average rating was only 8.9! he's so popular, yet his dramas still get such low ratings???! i understand with H&C, cuz it was kinda boring/sad, but i thought more ppl would like maou. then again, after watching the 1st episode, i could see why ppl don't like it....i guess it's also cuz there R better series airing now?? i only remember that yamashita's Code Blue is also airing now and getting a lot higher ratings. maybe the tough competition during the winter season also affected H&C's ratings, cuz i remember hearing about other really cool-sounding series that were airing at that time.

anyway, i'll just post some random comments of episode 1. (i probably won't be posting comments 4 each episode. it'll probably be like with H&C, where i'll write about what i think after a bunch of episodes, unless i run out of material 2 post at this blog. haha.)

^_^ HEY, thanks 4 voting in the poll, everyone! actually, i didn't really expect more than 10 votes. haha~ so i'm happy we've got 17 votes so far. oh, 1 person hasn't watched yet? i'm not the only one behind, then. haha~ good.
can we get 20 votes be~fore the poll ends, please? that would be nice, wouldn't i-t? *martini glass*
(lol. sorry, i switch to toma-mode a lot and start writing like him. but i hope u don't mind, cuz after all, they say imitation is the highest form of praise!!)

[credit: TFS. hahaha~ toma was saying how he and ohno are not "maou" at all! they look like 2 kids here!!! how am i supposed 2 take u seriously when u show us such a photo that makes u lose all credibilty as a police officer and lawyer?! xD they're so cute here, though. KAWAIIII NE!!! *__*]

EPISODE 1 - thoughts/comments

(*no worries, there R no spoilers!* =] ):

-- the main girl lead is ok...she's pretty but her character doesn't particularly stand out...she's an ok actress...but she reminds me a little of hagumi/riko from H&C! of the cast, only the 3 of them R the young ones, every1 is's kinda funny like this, cuz i'm not sure how well this works out...shouldn't there be a couple more younger supporting cast members? wait, i think maybe there will be, but since i'm only on ep. 1, i haven't seen them's also a little hard 2 accept that they are who they are, cuz they look so young still, but i guess i'll get used to it.

-- ohno. his acting is great! i'm surprised this is his first time leading in a drama. but he's always got this blank/pained expression on his face! haha. actually, i have a cousin with a similar kinda facial expression, even when he smiles, it seems forced! ohno really reminds me of him. i don't know anything about the japanese entertainment world, so i never saw ohno (besides in some arashi MVs, where i didn't notice him) be4 this. he's a really funny/interesting guy in real life! artistic too! haha. his personality is very close to mine...the kinda quiet/sarcastic person. it's funny that he's kinda weird like this, yet he's in a boy band. hahaha~ more info about him here:

-- they make toma run so much! it's like a running gag (literally!)! lol. poor guy. all the running & screaming. exhausting! in the summer heat, too!! he runs kinda funny! =P his arms R really straight and he swings it out really wide. i kinda noticed in H&C, but now u really see it clearly cuz he's running so much.

-- again, i'm annoyed by how they're making it too dramatic. i was annoyed by this in H&C, too. but already, it's only ep. 1 and there's all...THIS!!! i know it's cuz the main themes of revenge and murder are dark matters, but still---they really over do it a lot, especially with all of ohno's scenes! i know he's the "devil" and he's evil, but it's not like he's really a supernatural entity! can't they be more subtle about his character? LESS IS MORE!

-- it's nice 2 see a different, more mature toma for this role. his haircut and clothes does make him more tough and cool, but i actually like it better when's he's smiley and funny, so... haha...i'll have 2 get used to this more serious toma.

-- a lot of toma's scenes R so intense! i feel tired just looking at him running/yelling!
he's yelling a lot, glaring a lot, running a lot. filming this series is seriously very emotionally and physically draining 4 him! i really hope he gets some kinda award for this role and the ratings go up so that it's worth all his hard work! of course, just cuz a series has low ratings, doesn't mean it's no good, but then it's just a waste, that not a lot of ppl appreciate it. but i'm sure no matter what the ratings is, toma will still have a great time filming it and hanging out with ohno and the cast and crew. he always gets along with everyone so well. =)

-- toma's acting is great, as always...but. LOL. he's still too cute 4 me to take him seriously a lot of the time!! ~_~ i guess he can't help being cute. but i mean, when he's pouty or has these certain looks/gestures, it suddenly makes me wanna laugh, even though it's a serious moment!! don't get me wrong, though, he is really brilliant in this role, especially the angry/freaked out/scared/guilty feel scenes!!

though i didn't like toma's hairstyle 4 this role at first, now i'm more used 2 it, and toma still looks so cute all the time in this drama!!! hounto kakkoiiii~
i already got a ton of scaps. way way too much. i'll upload later...but hopefully this will just be cuz of the 1st the 2nd, it'll be like...i already got this toma facial expression! like that! i hope!

Toma-kun, could u please tone down the cuteness/coolness even MORE??

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toma stuff u can buy / hana kimi SP might be airing in sept.?? (& some SP goodies) / (*EDIT added below!)

toma-ism #24:
toma-kun... i am kinda living vicariously through you! haha~

hi there!
i see 4 ppl voted already! thanks!
i'll vote after i watch ep. 1.

so today's post is the following. :)
thanks 4 coming!
thanks 4 reading!


recently made a simple new gif using old scaps from H&C promotion. toma is completely cheery & kawaii, i love his shy mannerisms! he is SO much cuter than riko here. haha~


i was checking out the H&C stuff @yesasia, and i suddenly remembered that hana kimi had a "making of" photobook. i tried 2 find 1 for H&C there, but nothing turned up. even after searching online. so i guess there isn't one. that's a shame, cuz since i'm not buying the DVD, i still wanted 2 buy something as a kinda souvenir f/the drama...

yappari (as expected), toma shamelessly plugged the H&C DVD several times at his jweb a while back. haha~ and he said he already got it and it comes with many extras! ah~ i hope some generous fan will tell us about the extras or upload some of it.

u can see a description of the Honey and Clover DVD Box here. the first press edition (sold out!) comes with original omamori sticker and booklet. dunno what those look like!! if only i came be4 first press sold out, i could see! darn.

[toma's pic was the only preview pic. i adjusted the color a little... looks like a fall month, maybe october, his bday month! :) ]

well, i looked thru the other toma stuff @ yesasia and they're selling the johnny's jr 2008 calendar!! notice that they point out that the photograph collection that comes with it has lots of toma's pics! haha! they know we're just buying it 4 toma!! but the price is quite high 4 a calendar! (sigh!) but wouldn't u love 2 have this calendar & have toma looking at u 24/7?!! (of course, u'd keep it on toma's month all the time, and then it would only be useful 1 month out of the year! lol. no. u could just cut and stick on the other months over his month's part. =P ) sa, maybe i will buy it after all, but as an xmas present 2 myself later on, if i can save up more $$$...

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: hana kimi SP release date? behind the scenes SP goodies! ::::::::::::::::::::::::

was checking the HK hana kimi ratings here.
ep. 10 got 15 and ep. 11 got 14. really can't get higher than 15, even near the end! :(

but what surprised me was that some1 posted up the hana kimi SP date right underneath!! and if it's correct, it's not till SEPTEMBER 16 that it airs!! i thought it would 4 sure air this summer! maybe cuz toma, maki, and shun aren't free 2 promote it during summer, so they pushed it to september? hmm... well, actually, i guess september is still sorta summer, but it's not the same. it's ok though, cuz the series ended sept. of last year, it should continue, in a way, during september, too. seems like the title is something to do with "VS", but babelfish gave me a nonsense translation result, so i dunno. just more of the dorms VS each other, probably. =)
i can't wait 2 see nakatsu/toma playing soccer!! they both love soccer lots! hehe~

there's some short behind the scenes video clips of the cast filming for the SP here!
toma's not in any of them, probably cuz of some kinda stupid JE rule similar 2 the one that kept him off the poster.

(direct links to 2 of them (4 in all) here:

[slumber party! credit:fullmetalbadger]

AND check out some more wacky pics from the SP here!! lol. i wanna see more of toma and maki together, though!!
[Hana Kimi SP feature in Myojo! (check out the comments, there's a better quality scan posted!)]


* 7.22.08 edits:

-oh, it's actually a weekly calendar! who am i kidding, i'm totally gonna buy it!! lol. i almost never splurge, but when it comes 2 toma stuff, i just can't resist!! *_* but this is the last time in this year!! (most likely!! yappari, i'm so weak when it comes 2 resisting buying toma stuff! it can't be helped. i'm completely addicted. hahaha~ but 4 sure, the awesomeness of the hana kimi dvd box sets and this calendar is worth spending $$$ on!!! definitely! ~_~

-HK hana kimi's highest rating reached was actually 16, not 15!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

quick update

hi hi.
it's me.

did u notice it's a little different here?
yeah, i moved some things around and i removed some flash thingys that i don't really need, or cuz i don't like how it looks right now (imeem's new player, the platial map is too big now...i'll wait till there's a compact version and embed it @ the Dear Toma... blog). AND more importantly, so this page can load up faster & take up less bandwidth!! haha~
i added a button that links to please check it out & JOIN NOW! YOU can make a difference and help save our planet by doing so! ^_^
yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (i'm counting on you!)

i also added a poll 2 see what u all think of maou...
please do vote! ma... maybe by the end there won't be much votes, but i thought i'd try posting up a poll anywaz, cuz i've never used that function be4.

i'll update soon...
i'm looking forward to watching ep. 1 of maou!! soon!!



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random things...(CITRB changed toma's life!) / maou drama icons, etc.

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #23:
toma-kun...he's a good-looking sunshine boy! ^_~

hi there!

do u know what day it is??
it's friday, Maou day! i know it's already 1something AM of saturday in japan, but just pretend. haha~
like i said, i'll try 2 post something each friday 2 support toma's current drama, Maou. pls support toma & watch it!

and have a good one (weekend)!


P.S. to those who R reading this from AUSTRALIA: i really envy u!! (& other ppl whose season is winter right now) but then again, xmas wouldn't feel right if it wasn't cold, so i suppose i'm still glad i have summer now instead of at the end of the year.


R u, like me, wanting 2 save space on your hard disk, but can't stop yourself from continuing 2 download more and more TFS toma videos (often big files!)?! hahaha~
well, i was looking 4 video converters, and luckily found a good free one! BUT here's the thing...sometimes there will be glitches or problems with the resulting video. i just tried it once and there are (i think) only 2 parts in the video that it stops and there's around 10 seconds missing each of those times. so make sure u make a copy of the video be4 trying it. BUT it's still a very handy program that can really free up a lot of space on your hard disk for u 2 download even more TOMA stuff! lol!

[u can read some reviews of the program and a person describes how a 1 episode of The Simpsons = ~150MB
Can be compressed down to: ~45MB
Time required to do so: ~15 minutes]

[this hk fan's blog has lots of cute animated .gifs of toma f/ the recent tokyo friends park II show! =) and lots of recent toma scans and maou pics...*WARNING* this page will load up a ton of things & could slow down/heat up your computer briefly!
so here's the direct link 2 their pics gallery:]


Here's a translation and pic of Toma's interview from I Weekly issue 556
Credit: thesweetnote from LJ]

But it was when he took up the leading role in the "Shinkansen*NEXUS" stageplay "Cat in the Red Boots", that made a change in his life.

"That performance was the turning point in the life. Looking at the sen-pais twice my age being so engrossed in acting, makes me want to be devoted to acting my whole life. Looking at the eyes of the spectators from the stage, receiving letters from my fans, all these has made me realised that I am doing something meaningful in my life, and an important job that will affect the life of others."

[waaah! i didn't know this play had such a huge effect on him! really changed his life in a deep and profound way! toma is really an amazing actor, i'm happy that he discovered that this is what he wants 2 do with his life. ~_~ and in doing so, he certainly brightens up our lives!!! :) watching CITRB, seeing toma's passion 4 acting, is really wonderful!! it's a great play, even if i didn't understand most of the dialogue, i loved it. ^_^]

............................................................... MAOU STUFF

[preview of nday_ucul's icons!]
[check out the cast, episode titles (long, ominous ones!), and ratings here]
[u can dload ep. 1 of maou w/hardsubs now! softsubs R available here too. keep checking back 4 more new episodes! DOUMO ARIGATOU, STORMY TEAM!! *___*]
[Maou Press conference, thanks to Careline18@LJ! toma & ohno look so cool, walking out on the catwalk!]
[COOL MAOU EP. 1 ICONS! made by

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

toma's a GOOD-LOOKING SUNSHINE MAN! / some special messages from toma

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #22:
toma-kun...handsome, tender, soft.
(lyrics from t.A.T.u.'s song, Malchik Gei)

hi hi!
i still haven't watched Maou, but i've heard mostly go~od things about it. =)
i guess like most remakes, ppl who watched the original might think this version is not as good... but besides that, i've mostly heard ppl saying they lo~ve it, and love how cool toma's character is in it! (haha~ i'm copying the way toma stretches out certain words when he's writing, if u were wonder~ing. =P)

btw, the ratings for Maou's episode 1 was 14! that's just ok...hope the ratings keep increasing! (thanks to careline 4 the info)

since Maou's airing each friday night, recently, tomagoto's ("toma's words" blog) got a red-text-on-a-black-bg look each friday, 2 remind ppl 2 watch. so i'll try 2 post something each friday f/ now, and i'll also post w/red text 2 support the drama & toma, in this way... so pls remember, do come here on FRIDAYS! (friday in my timezone, remember! u might have 2 come on your saturday if u're way ahead of my timezone. mostly every1 is way ahead of my time. that's 1 annoying thing about living here. haha~ i think every1's ahead of us.) & if u're in japan, OF COURSE, pls pls REMEMBER TO WATCH MAOU & ASK ALL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY TO WATCH! thank you, thank you!!

P.S. ano...i haven't gotten any comments here 4 a long time! no1 feels like commenting anymore?? pls leave a comment sometimes, it would really make me happy and not feel like i'm just talking 2 myself here...doumo (thanks)!!

p.p.s. also, 4 those of u that wonder why i don't update this blog more, i would like 2 quote toma when he was explaining why he doesn't update:
"i apologize.
i thought that if i forced myself to write,
and ended up w/entries w/no point it would be a shame."
i feel the same way as toma! (but also, cuz i'm behind in toma stuff, so i have less things 2 write about. i'm slowly catching up...) so please understand this and be patient when waiting 4 new updates, yeah? =)

"I like setting off without a destination in mind. Because it feels like the end of the day will never come." - toma ikuta ~_~

the following R links to some of toma's translated messages that you just HAVE TO READ, cuz they're just such cute/funny/random/touching messages!!
of course, u should always try 2 read ALL of toma's messages ALL the time, but if u can't, at least read these & remember 2 check out his messages once in a while!

but be4 that, i wanna show u what a Maou producer wrote in the blog about filming this drama, about toma! it was raining a lot, and they were having trouble filming... (^__^ thx to Ultra Violet 4 re-posting this!!)

"BUT we have a strong alliance...
His name is Ikuta Toma.
I call him "good looking sunshine man"

Ikuta kun attracts sun.
Even if it is very cloudy, when Ikuta kun appears, the sun shines and becomes sunny. Filming staff feel almost awed by his power to attract sunshine."

*___* SUGEEEH!! even the sun is attracted 2 toma's awesomeness??? hahaha~
ohno is opposite, he's RAIN MAN! lol.

[sorry, i 4got 2 save the link so i can credit, but here's another version of the translation of the entry (*YOU SHOULD READ THE WHOLE ENTRY!* =P), by teacup:
~Maou Filming Report, "His name is Ikuta Toma. I call him the Sunny Day Handsome Boy."~]

....................................... some special messages from toma

this first 1 is completely tomarrific!!!
ah-hh~ toma writes such beautiful entries sometimes!
here's a quote of what he wrote after H&C ended, in Tomagoto volume 67 (3.19.2008):

" 'There's nothing that doesn't have any meaning'

In life, there are setbacks, and there are difficult times. There are also moments when you feel as though your existence is one where it wouldn't matter if you weren't alive, however...
There is surely someone who is looking at you. You are being supported by someone.
Somewhere you don't see.

shitsuren (broken hearted) is written with 'love' and 'loss' but, the "reality" that you loved that person is never lost.

By Toumaiya-sempai"

tomaaaaa!!! u R really SO...!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
thanks for your ENCOURAGEMENT=ENERGY 4 us 2 keep going!! *__*

[read the rest of the entry, where he also thanks all that watched H&C and were touched by it/learned from it. awww~ ^__^ I WAS/I DID, TOMA!!!]

[ =) takes a pic of sleeping yamapi / Tomagoto vol 129, Translation by inseiko/ Jun 26 2008]

[yells at yamapi 4 typing his name wrong =P / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 102, Translated by inseiko/ May 9 2008]

[needs 2 clean his room / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 93, Translated by inseiko/ Apr 25 2008]

[toma won best supporting actor award for hana kimi again! / JWEB: Tomagoto vol 97, Translated by inseiko/ May 1 2008]

Friday, July 11, 2008

old crunchyroll videos / where to watch MAOU

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #21:
toma-kun...he is made of awesomeness!
(Scattie's comment on the toma fan map! =P)

hey hey!

sorry, i'm not updating as frequently.
but i'll really try 2 keep the gap between each post less than a week...
not done catching up w/toma stuff...
i hope toma + every1 reading this is doing ok in the hot weather.
thank goodness it has cooled down for awhile here.
everyone, take care, be cool. =)

i found some more cool (mostly f/when he was younger) crunchyroll toma video clips:
[toma explains why he likes girls' knees!! why?? wish i understood. haha.]
[the end of the clip!!! toma in a very provocative pose with another JE guy, but it's not yamapi!]
[ toma cries at the end of a concert performance!]
[AWESOME MV, LOTS OF CUTE TOMA EATING/ toma rehearsing 4 CITRB / singing/ in diff dramas/ etc. moments!]
[cute toma... him doing the limbo... the part where he says "come here"!! lol.]
[ THANKS TO siaoliao@AF's translation:
T - Toma, I – Interviewer, Y – Yamapi

Johnny’s Junior Ikuta Toma high school graduation in September attracted widespread media attention.

T: I’ve been busy with my butai performances so I didn’t have much feelings regarding graduation until I got my graduation certificate and felt the “graduation” feeling.

I: Did you miss classes?

T: I missed more classes in my second year, but the school has been very helpful. My principal, teachers, company, and parents have helped me quite a bit. Also, I had help from many friends. On my own I would never have been able to graduate.

Other Johnny’s members Yamashita Tomohisa, Tanaka Koki, Hasegawa Jun, (and some guy I don’t recognize) congratulated him as juniors (as in, his juniors in the school).

T: This morning I got a mail from Yamashita

I: What did it say?

T: “Congratulations on your graduation!” Plus it had a heart.

I: He drew you a heart?

T: And it still said, “After this, let’s have graduation from Johnny’s Juniors as our next goal.”

Y: Don’t say anymore!

T: I saw it on the train.]


MAOU stuff! =) where to watch it...

[credit: tomalover @Flickr]

check out Maou's super co~ol opening theme and trailer here!
IMPRESSIVE!! i love how toma is literally running 4 his life! haha~ he looks so cool when he runs.

i LOVE THE THEMESONG! FOUND OUT IT'S ARASHI'S TRUTH. of course, i'm using it as the bg song here now. hahaha~
[maou opening theme, with translated 2 eng. lyrics / links to WHERE u can 2 WATCH THE DRAMA, ENG. SUBBED!]

[download & watch it w/softsubs. no hardsubs yet, STORMY Team @LJ is hardsubbing. =)
i'll wait till hardsubs R available till i watch, so the video quality + subs R of better quality.]

Sunday, July 6, 2008

misc. updates / WELCOME NEW MEMBERS OF THE TOMA FAN MAP/ banner contest? =)

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #20:
[i forgot where i saw this great gif!
probably some1 used it for their AF avatar...
so i can't credit. sorry!]

i made a new small banner 4 my AF & tomalicious signature! =)
as usual, u can use it if u want, but it'd be nice if u could give me credit! thx.
there's some slightly diff versions of it here:
(i got the pics from the toma thread at AF. forgot the credit! sorry again.)

hmm... still not getting as much visitors as i used to. i used to have around 70+ each day, now only 40+ at most...oh well. maybe many some toma fans R still in school or on vacation.
well, thanks to those of u that still come here often or everyday!!
PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO GO TO THE Dear Toma... blog, even if u don't post anything, so that it'll get more traffic and hopefully get a higher search ranking and then more toma fans will know about it, and that will increase the chances of toma knowing about it! thanks!
minna ga daisuki desu!
(i love everyone very much! hope i said this correctly. =P)

seriously, thank you for your continued support!!! =)

well, at least i see my blog is in 17th place (2nd page) at yahoo search! =) but it's not in the 1st 10 pages @ google!! i can't even find it there. =/



kamille_decastro18 (Philippines), tehyiling8 (Singapore), joyzzurav (Thailand), katsureno (France), honghuiying- (Singapore), extra_voldemort (Finland), azzil_euqinu139 (Philippines), mhinxlovetoma (Japan) [**WAH, THIS IS COOL! CUZ IRONICALLY, WE ONLY HAVE 2 MEMBERS F/JAPAN SO FAR! NOW WE HAVE 3! THX 4 JOINING!! =P], and SER SIR (Hong Kong) [HOORAY!! HANA KIMI AIRING IN HK HAS HELPED TOMA GET SOME HK FANS!! =) ].

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up, if they wrote one.):

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, once my Platial map (new version of the current map) is all fixed and working, maybe u should join it and u'll show up on the map! u can check out how the current Platial map looks, i've just added it the the blog today. full version here: u can still see the old version of the map at the Dear Toma... blog. BUT U CANNOT JOIN THE NEW MAP YET, PLS BE PATIENT...WHENEVER TRACY IS ABLE TO FIX IT, RIGHT AWAY, I'LL TELL U ALL WHEN U CAN JOIN IT!]

(***speaking of new HK toma fans, u should check out mt's funny message at toma's GUESTBOOK! haha...u better keep your promise, mt!! ^__^ ***)


hana kimi @HK ratings update:

oh no!! ep.9's ratings dropped to 13% (aired june 29)!! :( compared to 18.2% when it first aired in japan. i don't was rising be4! EH?!?! 0_o now the average is 14, compared with japan's average, which was 17.

speaking of ratings, i wonder what the ratings were for Maou's 1st episode?
found out f/Tomalicious that toma asked fans 2 wear RED to support the drama on it's premiere day!! aiya...i didn't know about this and missed out on participating in this united effort!! oh well...i did see some pretty cool fireworks on july 4, so in a way, that's how i celebrated the drama's premiere! haha.


since it's summer now, i started thinking how last summer was when it all started...
when i discovered toma and he changed my life!! ~_~
i think it was august 30 that i first became a fan?
i'd like 2 celebrate this day by changing the banners of this and the d.t. blog, but then i am not that good at making them, so i thought i'd ask if anyone would like to try making one for me? haha. we'll make it a enough ppl want to participate. u can submit as many banners as u want for both blogs! and how to decide which to use...well...first of all, if i get more than 10 that i like, it'll become a contest where everyone can vote on which banner they like most. if it's less than 10, i'll just pick one myself....and if no1 sends in any or if i don't like any that u send, then i'll just make my own new banners then. haha. if u want to participate, pls add a comment 2 this post, so i'll have an idea of whether no1 or some ppl wanna do it. thanks!

remember be4 u make a banner:

1. the size should be 607 x 206 or around 600 x 200 at least.
2. it's best if it's in .png format
3. it should have the text that i currently have on it on it. so, "Dear Toma... Send Toma a message!" or "Toma Love!".
4. it should have your name in a corner, so u'll get credit for it! =)

P.S. it's hot in japan & most other places in the world now! some staying cool tips if u don't have AC or u don't wanna use AC cuz it uses a lot of energy and further pollutes the earth:

--get the sleeves/back of your shirt wet & sit in front of a fan (have a damp paper towel or washcloth in a baggie next to you, so u can dab it on yourself sometimes. or get a small spray bottle!)

--use a snowy/icy/any place cold scenary pic as your desktop background

--go to places that have AC like the mall or library and wait for nighttime.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maou is coming soon!!

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #19:
toma-kun...i am "Fated To Love You"!
(title of a Taiwan drama)

it's only july 3 in my timezone, but in japan, today is july 4, and that means toma's new drama, MAOU is airing tonight @10pm!!! =) exciting!!

*crossing fingers* pls, pls, lots of ppl in japan watch this series so it can have high ratings and toma will be happy!! i'm sure it'll be good (but not too sad/dark 4 my taste, i hope!!)'ll be more exciting than H&C, that's 4 sure! and it'll be nice to see toma as a really cool/serious, tough guy for a change. anyway, 4 sure i'll watch it whenever the subbed version is available...


check out the official website here!
(1 of the pages is a cool tarot divination, but unfortunately i can't understand anything it's saying. can't even copy and paste it to babelfish 2 translate!)

p.s. speaking of ratings, the ratings for ep.8 of hana kimi that is aired in HK on june 22 is up (f/13 the week be4)! =) it got 16%, compared to 17.5% when it aired in japan. the ratings from june 29 are still not up yet.

comparing the different versions of H&C / if u wanna watch H&C.../ H&C fanmade MVs

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #18:
toma-kun...because of you, i believe in love at first sight.

there's many different versions of H&C...i tried watching a little of the start and end of both the anime and movie, and also watched some fanmade MVs to see how they differ from the drama version that toma starred in...
it's very interesting to see how the same characters and story can be portrayed in such different ways!

of course, the anime version is probably the most fitting and best way to bring the manga to life, but not all the way to real life. haha. cuz a unique character like hagu is hard to portray by any girl in real life!! and the artsy, beautiful, colorful world of H&C is best seen through anime! also, cuz the anime lasted 2 years, allowing more time for character development and story telling. i mean, the manga lasted 6 years!! (btw, the hana kimi manga lasted 8 YEARS!! it's mind-boggling, all the storylines they had to leave out in order to fit it into 12 episodes!!!) also, cuz H&C is quite meandering and wanders in the plot, not like hana kimi, where everything is much more straightforward and there's less main characters to focus on (3 vs 5).

the taiwan drama version, i know the least about, but i think it's probably furthest away from the manga, in terms of characters and "feeling" of the manga. first, cuz the actors look way older than the characters are supposed to be. second, cuz i've got a gut feeling that tells me that it's just not a very good series and not a faithful adaptation of the manga. haha... well, i've read some negative news about it also...

the japan movie version looks quite good, though the cast also looks older than the characters are supposed to be. BUT i wonder how they could possibly cram all the angst/love/friendship/loss/humor of 6 years worth of the manga into around 2 hours!!! i mean, the drama was certainly not long enough to do that, how could a movie accomplish that?!?! but the movie was quite popular and from what little i saw, it's quite colorful and seems quite good....maybe i'll watch it sometime...
the movie's version of how takemoto first meets hagu is quite cool!

however, of all the versions, the best how-takemoto-first-meets-hagu-and-falls-in-love scene is definitely the drama's version, where they meet in a magical, beautiful setting of the scattering, flying cherry blossoms! though flying sakura in anime/movies is quite arbitrary and been done to death, but in that moment, i thought it was a pretty cool way for takemoto to see her for the first time. also, cuz not being able to grasp the flying sakura is a metaphor for takemoto's life and so it all fits in with the storyline quite well!! it's such a beautiful moment, it's burned into my mind, this scene! haha. (though i'd like it better if this scene wasn't so darn BRIGHT!!)

of all the different takemotos, without a doubt, toma is the cutest! toma's too cute to be takemoto, actually! haha. cuz in the manga, anime, movie, takemoto is quite plain looking.
also, i like toma's gentle/serious voice more than the person that voiced takemoto in the anime, who sounds younger but his voice is kinda grating/annoying 2 me...
(u can watch the anime at crunchyroll!)

the 2 real hagus, they R very similar!! i mean, both look young yet also serious/mature at the same time. the movie's hagu looked more like a girl f/the country to me, though. with black hair and those clothes...she is also pretty, of course. but she's more petite than riko, so she looks more like hagu, in general. but if u pair her up with toma, then she would actually look like an older sister, almost! she is quite likeable, though, with a cute voice, and i think i'd probably like her more than riko's hagu if i watched this movie...

[not comparing the other characters, cuz i didn't pay much attention to them]

...i really liked how in the anime, takemoto and hagu seemed closer and at least they held hands 1 the drama, toma and hagu didn't really have any romantic scenes together at all!! only hagu and morita....arrggh! also, it was cool, how in the anime, takemoto said he liked her under a beautiful, fireworks-lit up sky!! that was better than the way toma said it in the drama. but i liked hagu's reaction to his love declaration in the drama a lot more than in the anime or movie version!! she was much more honest/kind/sweet in her reply than the other hagu's! =) and toma's takemoto was a little more awkward/less confident than the other takemoto's, but i still think it was quite straightforward/sweet, the way he said it. =)

FYI, here's links to reviews of the drama (watch out for spoilers!!) and the movie:

[reviews by viewers]
[i completely agree with what they said here!!! :
"Based on a long running manga that stretched from 2000-06, Honey & Clover suffers from what quite a few series suffers from when based on a long running manga: crushing too many characters and storylines within a limited time space. However, being that there are also an anime version and a live action drama of the series, a number of these problems can be overlooked. Yet, the film, although quite comedic, is pretty prosaic and sticks primarily to the themes of love triangles and unrequited love. On the other hand, the film is lovely and the acting is well done with a number of well know stars. Aoi Yu as Hagu is adorable, but her childlike innocence makes her involvement, albeit unbeknownst to her, a little uncomfortable at times."

...............IF U STILL HAVE NOT WATCHED H&C (the drama with toma)/HAVEN'T FINISHED and u wanna watch H&C..............

besides the LJ link i posted months ago, u can also watch it ONLINE here! =)

u can also pre-order the DVD!! (i like the design of it, like a journal/diary! nice!):
[but i've gotta say, i don't like H&C enough to buy the DVD, even if it was available with eng.'s just not the kinda series that u'd really wanna re-watch, at least for me. unlike hana kimi!! but that's just me!! ANYONE THAT WANTS TO/CAN BUY THE DVD, PLEASE DO AND MAYBE IT'LL COME WITH SOME COOL DVD EXTRAS...BEHIND THE SCENES STUFF!! =)]

.................................. SEE FOR YOURSELF---WATCH SOME VIDEO CLIPS F/THE DIFF VERSIONS OF H&C: ...............................................

--------------------------h&c, japan drama with toma:

************ THESE 2 HAVE SPOILERS! ***********
Ikuta Toma as Takemoto Yuta
Mr. Brightside --- Honey and Clover AMV


Honey and Clover MV

--------------------------------h&c, anime:
anime -- Honey and Clover AMV - The Rose
Honey and Clover amv. Tribute to Takemoto and Hagu

---------------------------------h&C, movie:
Honey and Clover live MV
Honey And Clover CD1 Part 1/12 [start of the movie]
Honey And Clover CD2 Part 12/12 |A| *FINALE*
Honey And Clover CD2 Part 12/12 |B| *FINALE*
[end of the movie]

---------------------------------h&c, taiwan drama:

joe cheng .. Honey and clover preview part 1 ( april 14/08