Wednesday, November 21, 2007

good n evil toma in Hana Yori Dango Season 2!!!

finally got to watch all of toma's scenes in HYD2, and it took me quite a while 2 find a place 2 watch/download it online!!

[U MUST WATCH TOMA IN HYD2!! here R some useful links if u have not been able 2 watch him as Junpei yet:

***notice that ep. 1 of this series is 2 hours long, so in some places, like mysoju, they count it as ep. 1 and ep.2!! so u have 2 make sure u watch ep. 1 and 2. but at the 2nd link i posted above, they correctly count it as ep. 1.***

also, here's a really great MV that captures a lot of the best moments of Junpei!! =)
[Oribe Junpei MV (Hana Yori Dango 2)]

toma takes on 3 different roles,
the geeky nice guy, the model, the evil guy!
and he did such a great job with this character,
i thought it'd be hard 2 see toma as an evil guy, but his performance is really convincing, he really looks very scary and intense when he's evil!!
he was nervously twitching, too, scary!!

but actually, he was not THAT evil and he had a good reason 4 tricking
her, though seems like he also really did like her. =(

..but i love how he has certain gestures and facial expressions
that reminds me of nakatsu and the real-life Toma (even when he's evil)! haha...
and of course, he looks cute whether as a geek or not!

and i loved how it was kinda like he was superman,
only when he took off his glasses and pulled his hair back, did ppl recognize him. very very cool!

though he is only in episode 1 and he doesn't even have a lot of scenes, each scene with him, what he says & his acting is GREAT and worth watching!! lol, i just fast-forwarded 2 the scenes with toma! toma is really cool and talented, good at so many things! i think he's actually a better actor than singer! though he's an awesome singer, of course, but he's a really really good actor, too!! can't wait 2 see him in his new tv series in jan. 2008!!! =)

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