Sunday, September 30, 2007

some ppl that toma looks like!!

when i first saw toma in a fan-made MV about the hana kimi series, the scene where he was running on the track when maki fell, and also the video clip where shun & toma kiss, i immediately thought he looked A LOT like john tang yat gwan, a former tvb actor!! and a lot of times when i see toma now in pics or video, i still think he looks A LOT like john from certain angles!

but then after looking thru a lot more pics and video of toma, i remembered he also kinda looks like a current tvb supporting actor, but i dunno his name! and couldn't find a better pic of him...but if u've ever seen him in tvb series, u will see that they do resemble each other a lot!!

sometimes he reminds me of andy lau, just cuz of the nose. haha.

sometimes he also looks like leo ku!!

but of course, TOMA IS CUTER than all these ppl!!! :)
just thought it was interesting, how he looks like so many ppl...
i've read about other fans saying he looks like another japanese singer...
haha. toma's just got that kinda face....
he can look different from each angle/picture....maybe that's why he can look like
a lot of ppl. haha.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


of old toma
video clips i found on youtube.
mostly of him & the other guys singing at various concerts/shows!
got a headache, almost.....
the MV about him & yamapi since they were lil sad but
also nice 2 see how close they were since they were kids!!
reminds me of the relationship TWINS must have....
except x 1000000 cuz they worked together
since they were 11 or something!!

toma is really so charismatic and a really good performer/entertainer.
he's so natural in front of the camera and always so hyper/cheery!!! =D
how do all of them remember the tons of diff dances they do 4 each song?!?!

there's so much still that i
HAVEN'T watched, but 4 now, i gotta limit myself
to the bunch i watched today
(haha, each time finish 1, there's like 3
more (related videos) that appear that i end up watching a lot
more than i planned!!
CAN'T... STOP....MUST....
cuz i really really gotta finish the hana kimi series....
only about 1 week left till toma's 23rd b-day!!!!
so fast!!

ANYWAY, above R some cute screencaps of toma singing.
and there's A LOT more, but i'm just not gonna be able 2 post them all here.
way too much...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

small banner i made 2day (he's just TOO CUTE!!!!)

i might make more later, whenever i finally get done watching this series...
stuff keeps getting in the way. hopefully i can finish be4 toma's b-day so i can finish the MV by/be4 then!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


i hope it's ok 4 me 2 use it....

here's more graphics by Elite Jean:

[don't remember where i found the image on the right (under TOMA LOVE),
but i didn't make it!]

i found online. some of the screencaps are mine. ***]


[above: i made this slideshow real quick 2day...will make a better one a bunch of toma-related stuff i want 2 do.....make an MV, slideshow, etc.... =)]

i made this blog
2 have a place where new toma fans
can learn more about him,
find out a lot about him,
all in 1 place.

cuz i'm a new fan.
i'm not japanese & can't read japanese.
so it's been kinda hard 4 me 2 find out more about him...

being the obsessive super fan that i am, though,
i've managed 2 find out a lot about him....
and i will share what i've found (links, pics, news, video clips, etc. etc. )

hopefully this will help ppl find out
how he's such an
AWESOME person!!! :)
and help promote toma....
SPREAD THE TOMA LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!