Monday, October 15, 2007


[above: nakatsu's reactions to mizuki. but it is probably how most girls and especially his fans react when seeing him!! ~_~ me included!! haha. i think my face had a similar awed look (middle pic above) after watching a nakatsu fan-made MV that started my crush on him!!! and the bottom image, just how i see toma everytime i think of him now. hahaha!!!]
[i also made the image above. seriously, toma is simply irresistable, and i think a pic of him should be next to the definition of IRRESISTABLE in the dictionary!!! =P ]

ah, how should i put this? =) i think i'll have 2 quote some parts of avril's "Girlfriend" song to accurately describe how i feel about toma-chan: "Hey hey, you you I could be your girlfriend ... Hey hey, you you I want to be your girlfriend ... You're so fine I want you mine You're so delicious I think about you all the time You're so addictive" and also, from the "Sinful Sun" by Orange Range: "Your sexy pheromone melts me"!! hahaha. ok, i was just exagerrating, but really, i have a HUMONGOUS crush on him. ~_~

SO, here's a bunch of reasons why i LOVE toma-chan!!! =D

-WOW, toma is really so charismatic and a really good performer/entertainer!!!
he's so natural in front of the camera and always so hyper/cheery!!! ^__^

-though i first started liking him cuz of his good looks (he is SOOO cute when he smiles, pouts, or makes funny faces!!), and how cute/funny he is as the nakatsu character, after watching his various performances and learning more about him, i like him almost equally or more for his PERSONALITY and his TALENTS, how he's such an awesome singer, actor, he's so friendly, a good friend, a good son, surely a great boyfriend, too!!
and he's persistent, down-to-earth, funny, cool, adoreable, super-charming......i could go on and on!

there R some ppl that have good looks, but R not really talented or have a bad personality....or is arrogant....
but not toma, TOMA'S GOT IT ALL!!! he's just....PERFECT!!! *__*
i have a feeling he is a lot like nakatsu in real life...such a cool, SWEET, & nice guy!!!

-and what's cool about toma, he has so much charisma!! it's like TOMA = CHARISMA!! he is sooooo charming. this made me make another graphic of him 4 charisma. haha. check out the longer description of charisma here, it's exactly what toma's like, he's so magnetic!!!! he's just amazingly charming and confident and cool when he's singing, too.
-toma is soooo adoreable/cute/likeable, and it just all comes to him so easily!! i mean, he can be totally cute without even trying, u know?!?! hahaha. and there R some ppl who try to act cute, and it's annoying...but when toma is acting cute on purpose, like in hana kimi, MAN, IS HE CUTE!!! he's....TOO CUTE! lol!!

-and he's SO GENUINE!! i mean...when u see his smile, when he's really happy, it's that wide, BIG smile...he always seems so...REAL, not like he's pretending 2 be something he's not. especially when he's singing...he's just so relaxed and into singing/dancing, he really is having fun on stage.....he's like a born entertainer, he's so great when he's performing, whether singing or acting on stage!! HE IS SUPER TALENTED!!! i love love love his voice.

he sounds awesome whenever....just regular talking on a radio interview, as nakatsu (the funny exagerrations in his voice sometimes, or the screaming!!) or when he's singing!!! especially when he's singing romantic slow songs, though.
it just completely makes me MELT!!!!!

-watching toma as nakatsu in hana kimi!!!!
WOW. he is just...... AWESOMELY CUTE and FUNNY!!! so boyish and silly, but also so sweet and COOL. he's got the funniest dialogue, scenes, funniest faces and gestures. BUT also the most intense fiery scenes, and also some sad ones....he's just such a FANTASTIC ACTOR!!! he really made nakatsu an UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTER!!!! i really hope he'll win some kinda award for this role! he just entirely stands out from every1 else, and i'm so happy cuz of this role, a lot more ppl are becoming his fans!!!!

though sometimes he exagerrates TOO MUCH or acts a little
effeminate, but somehow, it all works for him!! haha. NAKATSU is always so CUTE AND COOL no matter what he's doing!!!!! u know how some ppl try to act cute a lot and it's so unnatural and fake, and SOOOOO NOT CUTE (i mean u, C. S.!!!), and it annoys the hell out of u.... but when toma does it 4 nakatsu, u just GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!! hahahaha. it's really rare to see some1 so extremely charming and magnetic, yet also has a great personality, is really TALENTED, and yet still down-to-earth and is an all around GOOD person!!!! as nakatsu, he's so cute...he's cuter than even maki as mizuki, though she is awfully awfully cute too, her character and of course, she's so good-looking too!! =P

all the above reasons,
that's why

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