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eh!? toma's ningen hairstyle is unexpectedly weird!!

Oi! usashiibarii!! ^o^

iya~ though i am still posting on friday, but it feels like i've been away for a long while, cuz i've been completely in ★FAN ART★ mode since last week, so i haven't been doing anything else toma-ish these days. (and i really miss my toma time!!) thank goodness it's been quiet in the toma fandom, or else i'd have a ton of stuff to catch up with. *whew!*

let's see~ what have i been up to....i finally sent the 2 toma bday drawings 2 days ago, i went to mitsuwa♪ before that, and i also bought a teach yourself beginner's japanese book (goal: everyday communication) (have only bought a j phrasebook before), and i had a super vivid dream about me & toma!! *__* when toma leaned his head on my shoulder, when i kissed him on the cheek, it felt so real neeeeee.♥ ....umm, i haven't forgot~ i'll try to update the banners soon = summer theme!☀

[credit: careline18]

so, toma's new hairstyle!! wow. it looks...not good. haha. i didn't think ppl had this kinda haircut back in the 1940s? eh...but i guess it kinda looks charlie chaplin-ish?? which is good...?? this will take some getting used to!! at least it's black. and i really hated his majo hair at first, but i got used to it, so i guess i can get used to this hair too. well, check out the pics & video clip and other fans comments about his hair here:

i'm jealous of the little girls in his dramas/movie!! they all get to have such cute scenes with him/take pics/spend some time with him or get presents from him even!! he gave mai-chan (in majosai) a bday present, and she gave him a cellphone strap.

my toma fan art~ PART I: the 2 birthday drawings!

I DID IT!!! v ^_^ v

i finished my 2 drawings and sent them before the end of july. but it should take a week (the post office lady says 2, but from experience + what ppl said online, i think it should be 1!!) to arrive in japan, so they'll receive it on august 6th, around then. well, wink up says u should send it 1-2 months ahead of his birthday month, and potato says they recommend sending it TWO months ahead, so hopefully i'll be on time. *fingers crossed* i will draw and send the 2 regular toma drawings sometime this the end of this month, at the latest.

i really worked HARD HARD HARD on these drawings, especially the winkup one, which i spent a ridiculously long time on!! i literally drew until my hands hurt. i really think they look pretty, and considering toma fan art is rare (at least f/the magazines i have seen so far this year) and i don't think (??) a lot of ppl send in fan art, i think the chances are GOOD that they will print my art?! maybe...70%?? but then again, there's an insane # of JE Juniors who have a birthday in october!! i counted it from the JE calendar, and it's 21 bdays, including toma's! i just hope most of these jr.'s are not popular and won't get a lot of bday fan art. haha. i don't want too much competition. but of course, i hope some other toma fans will send in toma bday/regular fan art!! if it looks better than my drawings, i won't get too upset if they print someone else's toma fan art and not mine. (laugh)

also, myojo and duet also have a page for fan art, but it's in black and white, and it's a lot less than half a page. just FYI. i checked out all of the 4 major magazines: wink up, potato, duet, myojo, and: NO TOMA FAN ART. just the same ppl mostly...kat-tun, arashi, or certain johnnys jrs guys...i really think there's not much toma fan art usually. this makes me think, HAS ANYONE EVER DRAWN BIRTHDAY FAN ART FOR TOMA?? it would be so awesome if i could be the first, but most likely am not. at least in 2007, when he was super super popular as nakatsu, you'd think fans would send in a lot of fan art and bday fan art too?? i wish i could look thru the old issues of winkup and potato and see if there was toma fan art then...

i'll just upload a couple pics of my drawings now. more to come later!! ^_^
(OMG, I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN I THOUGHT I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE PICS I TOOK OF MY DRAWINGS BE4 I SENT IT!!! but i had just forgot to copy them to the PC cuz there was another folder, the last, and now i have it. jesus, that really scared me to death!!!)

about the WINK UP drawing #1 (which i finished first):

from the start, i knew i wanted to draw this picture, cuz: 1) toma looks soooo kakkoii and perfect, it's 1 of my fav 2009 toma pics 2) i have this magazine and can stare at it and draw; don't wanna have to stare at my computer screen continuously. but though i consider myself a good artist (but i'm more good at "copying" drawing = drawing something that exists than "creative" drawing = thinking up something and drawing it...abstract, too. not good at that), i haven't seriously drawn anyone in like...6-7 yrs!! and when u draw, u have to really stare hard at this person and objectively break down their face into lines and shapes...which is really hard cuz u know when i stare at toma i just go "kyaa!!♥" and feel a little light-headed. lol.

and u have to get the proportions right...i used a trick i learned f/art class, which is measure everything with his eye-length. like, how far is it from his nose to his forehead, in eye-lengths? that helped me out a lot!!

and it was hard to draw in such a small space. usually, i'd take up a whole page to draw like this, but cuz the usa limits the size of postcards, and winkup makes u draw on postcards, so i had to keep it small. i coulda drawn on 4 big postcards i guess, but then i didn't want to draw too big, anyway.

and i discovered that listening to maou's OST really helped me draw better. haha! listening to that fighting/sad/gentle music, it really kept me going!

but i gotta admit, i really wanted to quit when i got to toma's hair!! i thought drawing the nose and mouth would be the toughest (i had to re-draw both!), but when i got to his hair!! it looks cool, but it's insanely hard to draw!!!!! i think i redrew it like...3 times. but the end result is awesome, right?? i'm glad i spent a lot of time on it instead of just drawing it faster but look not as good.

but the text...well, that's all i could think of/had room to write. it says 'gambatte kudasai' at the bottom.

i actually taped a piece of thin plastic that covered the happy bday card f/last yr onto the front of the drawing, cuz i am SO DESPERATELY AFRAID OF IT GETTING DIRTY IN ANY WAY while it's being sent f/here to japan! i really hope that's enough to keep it clean, and the editors can easily remove it if they do pick it and wanna scan it. i almost got it dirty myself, and i freaked out, but i was able to remove whatever it was, a black lint-like thing, that got stuck on the paper suddenly!! whew!

about the POTATO drawing #2:

spent way way less time on this, but the result is pretty good, i think!! toma is wearing my fav toma outfit f/2009, that cool gray/red plaid vest/hooded jacket that he wore on nakai's winter drama competition show from january. i love this jacket so much, i wish i could buy one just like it, or toma would wear it in an actual photoshoot sometime! though when i draw it, it looks more like it's checkered. sorry!! that's the best i could do.

was gonna draw him holding flowers, with a cake in front of him, like aki or daiki while filming VOICE, but i changed my mind. remember the pic of him in 2008, the valentine's day photoshoot (oops, that was when he was holding a box of chocolates towards us, this was the pizza one f/ 2008) where he held out a slice of pizza to the camera? that's what gave me the idea for this drawing. =)

i tried, i really tried to draw his crossed legs correctly, but i couldn't see it so well in the pics (sorry toma, had to stare at your lower half for quite a long time!! xD) and no matter how many times i re-drew it, it didn't look right. so i just went with my original idea, only draw him f/the waist up.

it's cool to be able to be able to color in my drawing, but it's so tough to do it without having streaks/smudges!! like the right side of the vest, uggh, i tried to color fast so it wouldn't leave those marks, can't be helped. luckily, i discovered the red sharpie pen barely leaves streaks, it's all solid!! sugoi. though the smell!! i might have gotten a little high f/it. lol.

it's also hard to trace over what i drew in pencil with the pen. though it's a super fine pen i bought specifically to draw this, sometimes the lines would run over a little.

LUCKILY i bought that chu chu 7.2009 issue just for the 2 pages of toma pics inside, cuz i ended up copying parts of the drawing methods i used from some of the cute guys in there!! haha. i like this simple manga style though...i couldn't draw the kind where their eyes and hair is a lot more complicated, but of course a lot prettier too!! (i think the first time i ever tried copying drawings f/manga is when i tried drawing some characters from Doraemon when i was like...11 or 12, i think. yep, i liked to draw from an early age. but since college, i've only doodled sometimes.)

baka!! i acidentally got an ink smudge on the left bottom side of the drawing, cuz 1 of my stupid markers was leaking. i used white out, which didn't help much. but then i did it again, and this time i tried wiping it off with a damp tissue. BIG MISTAKE. it got the paper kinda soggy/the smudge got bigger. so i was forced to glue a piece of paper on it, i didn't know what else i could do!! =0 aiya, i hope they don't mind, that part...

i love you.♥
i did it!! i wrote it!! well...i hope they don't have any implied restrictions about what u can write on your drawing. i've seen other fans write short messages. but i figured i just HAD TO try!! if there's a chance they'll print my drawing, if there's a chance toma will see it, i've gotta tell him!! that i love him. well, it can be understood as 'like' or 'love'. either way is fine. i wrote "toma-kun, suki da." i chose that phrase specifically cuz nakatsu said it to mizuki! ~_~ and it's short and relatively easy to write. though i wanted to write "daisuki!" (like u very much/love you), but i don't wanna scare him, so...(laugh)

[8/12 edit: forgot to post the links to pics i took while drawing. u can see the whole process, how it changes as i drew more and more, here. douzo!]

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ningen promotional pics!! and some other toma weekend updates...


kate des.

it's friday again.
i miss having new ep.s of majosai to watch. =/

REALLY very little toma updates this time. haha. gomen~ of course, u know he's filming for the movie No Longer Human in kyoto. but that's all we know for now. no paparazzi pics or video clips of toma filming for it at all. and the official website of the movie ( still has nothing there yet.

here's a random, cool japan-related thing, though: there's this really AWESOME, HQ video clip of the Kuroshio Sea: the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world, and it's in okinawa!! it's so beautiful/peaceful to watch, and LOVE that gentle/sad song too. i'd love to see it in person sometime ne~ thanks to aniki 4 the link!

it is eerily quiet at the toma LJ these days, kedo...i'm really thankful for this break from constant new toma stuff posted there. haha. gives me a chance to catch up on watching TFS videos and reading/listening to other toma stuff and whatnot. and i'm also still working on the toma fan art i'm gonna send in. unfortunately, i've only got 1 almost done...i need to finish the 2 bday ones ASAP and send them in be4 the end of this month (the other 2 can be sent at the start/mid-august, i think). gambarimas!! ^-^

there are lots of icon posts at the LJ, u should check them out. =) and the links below. douzo!

[credit: hpswf1]
myojo scans. oh, there are some other magazine scans there too, go to the LJ to check them out.

[credit: stawberry_gemm]
Ningen Shikkaku Pics! some promo pics. sugeh.*_* kakkoii~♥ but the pic is not new, we've seen it used when they first announced that toma's starring in the movie a couple months back. there's an almost identical pic of toma, but he's smiling in this one. sorry, don't remember where i got it though!

a translation about his POTATO photoshoot with that cute white toy poodle!! and toma talks about how kawaii and lovable jam is. yappari, toma really loves jam-chan and really was so caring and protective of this white poodle, too!!♥
a fan that visited the ningen set took a pic of the movie set chair especially made for toma!! ^o^ i'm so glad we get to see what it looks like!! awesome.

that's all for today.

i'll see u next time. have a cool weekend!

ja ne.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

majo saiban -EPISODE 10 (CONCLUSION)- notes

happy belated OCEAN DAY!!
it was ocean day in japan (july 20). ^_^

it's over. =(
i finished majosai yesterday.

it was shocking!! (kinda) it was a little disappointing/incomplete, the way things ended. i wish there was an ep.11!! but i kinda expected it to be like that. ma, it's only 10 eps long, they had to leave some things out. if only it was 11, sure they coulda wrapped up things better!!

this time, i'll also sum up my thoughts for the drama as a whole, first. cuz i'm in the end-of-a-drama, reflective/nostalgic mode.

"ano hii...boku no saiban-in nata." which means "one day, i became a lay judge." toma said it in the CM for majosai, a couple months back. eh...i remember toma's messy perm~ this strange new hairstyle got us all distracted from the fact that this is toma's first real leading role in a drama!!! hahaha. (i'll actually kinda miss his big, wavy, highlighted hair a little, though. i'm so used to seeing toma with this hairstyle.)

i had high expectations 4 this drama, since the plot sounded cool and it was a big deal, since it preceded the real life lay judge system. but i wasn't that impressed with the drama or toru at first (as i usually am!). but it quickly got more interesting and exciting, and i liked learning about how the lay judge system works in japan...and i liked seeing toma as a boyfriend for the first time.♥ such a sweet, caring, cool boyfriend!! and that first kiss was ♥!!!! but a lot of times, majosai reminded me of Maou. especially when toru is so determined/brave and investigating. *_* toma is so kakkoii when he's in detective/hero mode, right?? ♥ the supporting characters were just ok though...i really didn't like anyone except izumi and blue-san, i guess. haha. of course, i love toru. and though it's his first leading role, toru is still completely toma, the toma i've always liked. so cute and lovable, but also so serious, tough, and cool when he needs to be. *_* just that he's more fashionable and a little stronger (look at his arms!) cuz he's fighting hard to find the truth!!

but some firsts for this drama were like, half-way, for toma. it was his first leading role, but not for a real, regular nighttime drama. cuz it was a late night drama, with only 10 episodes, and each episode is about 10 minutes shorter than a regular drama's. he got his first girlfriend, but cuz of the plot, they were not together much. so it's almost as if they only count half-way....but it was certainly the first time he's in a drama where the main characters were all female. though he only spent the most time with izumi. =)

well then...i enjoyed watching majosai! mostly cuz of toma, but the plot was also often dramatic and suspenseful. shocking, too! i just hope it doesn't make the viewers in japan more worried or scared of being a lay judge, though. haha. i'm sure they're already nervous enough about it as it is. judging from the just ok ratings, i don't think i have to worry about this though. :P

so~ here it is.
episode 10: 衝撃の評決! 最後に微笑む女
(Decision of impact! The woman who smiled last)
LOTS OF NOTES THIS TIME. please read~ for the last time...

kate's majosai -EPISODE 10 (CONCLUSION)- notes:

-haruka is creepy, but is she really the killer?! now i'm changing my mind...

-WHAT IF KAORI IS STILL BEING CONTROLLED BY THE WITCH, WHETHER IT'S KYOKO OR HARUKA??? KOWAI!! (though that would be cool if she's still crazy and won't be toru's girlf anymore in the end. lol...)

-why does he still have to force him to vote guilty, they already have enough votes!! @_@ poor toru!! i hate kurokawa!!! but toru shouldn't be so worried about how to's more important to protect yr girlf, after all!! but really, why didn't kurokawa think of threatening him this way from the start?? i guess cuz he said he doesn't like to use violence...

-though he keeps saying it, but hearing toru say "i want to be by your side" to kaori is still so sweet!!!♥

-judge #3: that jerk!!! he's the bribed judge that knocked out toma!! =0

- they have a cool way of showing how many ppl vote for G (guilty) or NG (not guilty)!! haha. though i don't understand why do that instead of just marking I, II, etc.

-it's cool that Blue-san is the only one that calls him orange-kun. haha. wait, did donperi pink call him that? or just orange-san? mm...

-WHO'S THE ONE UNDER A SPELL? EXACTLY!! think twice, toru!! u're even wearing it on yr orange shirt!!! -__-

-"i had an insincere attitude at first, but now i'm serious about being a lay judge!" toru said this. i like how they showed those flashbacks. wow... almost seems like a long time went by...but the trial only really lasted 2-3 wks or something?? toru has gone through so much during this trial (outside of the courtroom)...but he's wearing almost the same outfit from the first day. =D if u are ever a juror/lay judge, you'll realize the importance of your one vote,'s a lot of responsibility, a big burden!!

-their friendly handshake, the way toru and izumi said goodbye... =)

-the ending!! i knew this would happen!!! x__X i was tricked too.


i'm here!
( *_* dunno if i said this be4, but every 21/22 of the month, i listen to some romantic songs and/or re-read some parts of my "Close to 4 hrs" story. haha. so this is kinda weird, i'm in *daydream* mode right now, but still, i wrote this earlier anyway, just need to edit/post it up now. DOUZO!!

oh, forgot to say a BIG, HUGE, THANK YOU!!! to everyone at Tomalicious!! ^_^ for subbing this drama so fast and the subs were just excellent!! i love you all!! ~_~ this is the 1st time i was able to finish toma's drama about 1 week after it aired in japan. sugeh!! it's all thanks to TFS's super fast releases!! yey~

------------------ SPOILERS:


-what was the point of having the excerpt of the law, saying that anyone that threatens a lay judge will be punished with blah blah blah at the start of each ep.?? is that just to remind any blackmailers watching that they better not threaten the jurors?? haha. or maybe to make the audience feel more safe if they are ever a juror...

-haruka confessed!! wait a minute, it cant be this easy. maybe kyoko DID KILL HIM AND THEN CHANGED HER CLOTHES B4 JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW. by making toru think haruka killed him, she's trying 2 get an innocent verdict!! evidence not enough to help her, so this is her new plan...

but why kill him...unfaithful? he was gonna leave her?? really 4 $$?? eh...

the killer can't be izumi?? that's not fair, we know nothing about iz's bg...

-they coulda just threatened him using kaori f/the start!! funny that she thought of that be4 kurukawa himself. lol. but he already said he doesn't like to use violence, so guess thats why...


neither kyoko or haruka did it. the brother, hideko. he's the guy!! only...kyoko just realized he's the guy when the little boy witness said he saw some1 in white there. BUT kyoko knows there's not enough evidence to say he did it, so she told haruka to trick toru into thinking she did it, so toru will fight for an innocent verdict....i hope this is it. i can't see kyoko as a cold-blooded killer...AND the person the boy saw looks like a man (OR Kyoko WITH HER HAIR TIED UP, POSSIBLY....


-their friendly handshake, the way toru and izumi said goodbye... =)
ma, they really are just friends after all. no tension or awkward/sad goodbye at all!! oh well. haha. they are not meant to be, i guess...UNLESS SOMETHING BAD SHOULD HAPPEN TO THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS/find out their significant other is EVIL?? *fingers crossed*

--kurukowa just leaves?? oh, right, probably afraid hideko [is that tojo's brother's name? i forgot...i think so.] will go after him. or has new ppl to threaten/, that's it 4 him, the last we'll see of him?!

--*_* YES, SHE KNOWS NOW!! SHE'LL LEAVE HIM!!!! izumi finally knows!! i wish i could see how she confronts him about this. all the terrible things he did to the jurors and her and toru!! unforgivable!!


------.OH NO, SHE DID DO IT!! *DAMN THEM AND THEIR MIND GAMES/REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!!!* it's not fair, they really tried too hard to make us think she was EVIL, so of course, i automatically thought she was innocent. THOUGH I SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO KUROKAWA, WHEN HE SAID SHE TRICKED BOTH OF THEM. *sigh* but kurokawa was right, he did get retribution for messing up the pink jurors' lives and being tricked by the witch---THIS, voting NG instead of G, freeing a murderer. -___- he'll feel bad about it for the longest time...poor guy!!

------ DAMN IT!!!!! this is so stupid, i hate endings like this, though i could see it coming halfway thru the ep. i was so so hoping she really is innocent despite everything so toru wouldn't feel bad that he convinced everyone to vote NG. (and so that my prediction would be right!)'s not his fault. being threatened by kurokawa and being under all this pressure all this time, it does things to your brain. u can't think straight. hahaha. AT LEAST toru was right about halfway thru the drama, thinking she's guilty. =/ it's not your fault, toru!! i was tricked too! we were all tricked...damn you, u witch!! you murderer!! u make me sick!!! =[

they might as well make her a REAL WITCH at this point! have her do some magic to taunt her (in flashbacks) making potions to control kaori, controlling the weather, flying around at night. lol. at this point, i think i'd actually be glad to see that. cuz then toru wouldn't feel so bad. if it was him vs. a real witch, what chance did he have??? of course she'd win!!

--------- seriously least kaori is still ok. kurokawa didn't follow thru on doing anything bad to her. =) i know i said i wanted toru and kaori to break up cuz she's still evil, but this is better. it would be too devastating if he knew the witch is the real murderer AND kaori is still under her control. STUPID KAORI THOUGH, TORU WOULD'VE PROBABLY VOTED GUILTY IF NOT FOR HER!!!!!! =0 IT'S ALL KAORI'S FAULT!!!!!!! ah, i feel better now. =P blame everything on kaori!! she was also a "witch" for some time in this drama. caused so much trouble for toru. @__@ I ALSO BLAME IZUMI, CUZ OF HER, IT WAS NG!! STUPID IZUMI!! baka baka baka, both of these women and toru, too, for listening to them!!

well, at least this way, izumi knows the truth about her husband!! but i guess no matter what the verdict, kyoko would still tell her, to get back at kurokawa.

At least this way, kurokawa won't get the satisfaction of winning, successfully controlling the jury. i'd hate to see that smug (super bright!) smile and hear that ridiculous evil-guy laugh again. -__-

---------- BUT NO TORU/KUROKAWA FACE OFF?? and i wish toru knew kurokawa is izumi's husband!! and i wish kurokawa got punished for threatening the jurors and ruining the lives of the pink jurors!! WELL, I GUESS HIS WIFE DISCOVERING HIS SECRET AND LEAVING HIM IS HIS ONLY PUNISHMENT. he must really love her then, though? only if that's true, then it'll be a good punishment.

still....why couldn't the killer have been the brother?? oh well...they really wanted to make her the evil "witch" all along. they really did a good job of alternately making her seem innocent and guilty through out the drama, right?! so tricky!!!

WELL, it's not like we know that tojo was a super good guy or anything, so maybe it's not that bad. haha. i mean, we don't know if he was a really good husband or anything. maybe he treated her badly? i hope he was emotionally and physically abusive!! even if he wasn't...well...that's what u get for marrying a young woman with a shady background, u gotta expect that she only really wants your money?! baka!!

------------- was any of my predictions (that i posted at the end of my ep.7 notes) right?? parts of scenario #1 and #4 did happen/is true. =) but my predictions only focused mainly on everyone BUT the witch. lol. i wish they had done it that way, instead of focusing so much on the witch and the trial in the end. i'd like to see more of what happens outside the courtroom/AFTER THE TRIAL between these characters, especially toru/kaori/izumi/kurokawa!! i hate that they just leave it all in the open, don't really give us closure this way. -__- but then again, i guess there's not enough time to do all this...

--------------damn it, i hate to think that from now the witch and haruka can live happily, they're rich and have no worries at all...somehow, they will get their retribution too??? THEY'VE JUST GOT TO!! maybe hideko will hire someone to beat them up at least... lol. or some young guy will marry kyoko and kill HER to take all her money. that would be perfect, right?! lol. nah, maybe just cheat on her and take all her money. and haruka...uh...she will just become a rebellious teenager and mess up her own life with drugs and alcohol. yes...i'd like to see that!! i think this is what will happen. xD definitely!!

also, i think toru will stay with kaori for now, but eventually they'll grow distant cuz toru blames kaori for convincing him to vote not guilty. they'll break up. one day, toru meets izumi and mai in a park. she tells him she found out her husband was kurokawa all along and they've gotten a divorce. toru and izumi comfort each other and spend more and more time together, eventually becoming a happy couple!! YEY!!! now THAT WOULD BE A GOOD ENDING, right?? ^_^

actually, for the trial i was a juror (juror #3!) for, the verdict was also NOT GUILTY. like toru, i was for GUILTY almost from the start, for so long, i thought that was true. but during the discussion, looking at the evidence...i finally changed my vote. and with my vote, we had a majority of 6 to 4. being the person whose vote made it NG (it kinda feels like how izumi must have felt, but a lot less pressure cuz we just raised our hands to vote all at once)...i still feel bad when i think about it. and this was from 3 yrs ago. cuz it was a medical malpractice case. an NG means the victim gets no financial compensation. but i'm 90% sure that NG was the right decision! i hope he's doing ok without that money... toniaku~ in order to avoid all the pressure and guilt (and time it takes up) that comes from being a juror, i hope i never have to be one again. haha. once is enough. though i believe it's important to have jury duty, but i just don't wanna be one again. i think toru feels the same way, right? *sigh* please spare us!!

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majo saiban -EPISODE 9- notes

hi there!

just checked~ TFS has released ep.10!!
i'll definitely download and watch it soon... *_*

guess what, i was @youtube yesterday, reminiscing, looking for some maou videos, and discovered that the most awesome-est MY WORLD maou mv has been reuploaded!! sugoi!! i love love love it, and just watching it stirs up many feelings in me!! sadness! =,(

so~ episode 9 was a little of a letdown compared to the excitement/build up in the last episode, but it was still quite a good one. but the end is not shocking at all, cuz i think a lot of us could already guess that person is the true killer! but now i'm not sure what will happen at all, cuz the preview doesn't show much. that's better than knowing too much about the last episode, like the last couple toma dramas, though! what kinda dramatic faceoff between toru and kurokawa will occur, after the trial's verdict is announced??? i hope there will still be some exciting/shocking moments left in this last episode!! *_*

here are my notes.
and some spoilers/more of my theories of what happened. douzo~

kate's majosai -EPISODE 9- notes:

-toma's maou grey tanktop! ^^ actually, saw him wear it in real life too, and be4 maou, even...he must really like that tanktop. heehee~ i do too!

-the 4th card belongs to hidehiko?? but haruka cant be trusted, duh!! BUT IT DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW KAORI GOT IT??? F/THE WITCH? THE LAWYER?? EHH...

-^_^ it's smart of him to hide the key THERE!! (and it's true, toma looks so cool even when just walking around. heehee~ it's like a model-y, but more casual/cool, kinda walk!)

-TORU DECIDES HE WILL ONLY FIGHT IN THE DISCUSSION ROOM F/NOW ON...let's find the truth in THIS discussion room only.

-they need at least 1 judge 4 (forgot to say- only if it's for a guilty) verdict to go thru. yes, i mentioned this in my last post!! but i didn't connect the 2 together...that he'd actually be able to bribe a THEY ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH VOTES FOR A GUILTY VERDICT!! poor toru...can't trust the judges, can't go to the police either. he's on his own...no1 can help him. well, BLUE'S DAD WORKS FOR THE POLICE, POSSIBLY BLUE MIGHT BE ABLE TO SECRETLY HELP, IF TORU TELLS HIM WHAT'S GOING ON?? OR MAYBE THE POLICE ARE ALREADY INVESTIGATING THIS CASE (know all about the jurors being threatened) FROM THE START, JUST THAT THEY STILL NEED MORE EVIDENCE TO CATCH KUROKAWA??

-according to japan's lay judge system, the lay judges r also allowed to ask questions during the trial. but i guess only at certain times...anyway, good 4 toru 4 trying to ask a question!! =] at least u gave it a shot!

-toru forgives kaori. of course. even AFTER WHAT SHE DID IN THE LAST EPISODE!! wow. she is so so lucky to have such a sweet and forgiving boyfriend!!♥ well, she did get seriously injured and he was so worried...and i guess he figures she was "not herself" then and will get back to normal. and seems like she is already back to normal. already?? eh...i guess i'm happy for them....o_0 *envious*

-really...the witch was really controlling her?? eh....maybe they are both to blame. kyoko influenced her, but kaori also doesn't trust toru enough. to me, it feels like kyoko is just a regular woman. she's just a little weirdly persuasive and emotional/too empathetic when it comes to how she talks with kaori. she surely didn't kill tojo. but she IS GUILTY when it comes to making kaori think that toru cheated on her. and allowing her lawyer to hire a sick freak to blackmail/threaten the jurors. -__-

-toma's eyes seem so BIG in that dark hospital room scene!! wow... btw, toma's hands r quite big too, with such long fingers. though sometimes the closeup shots of his hands when hes holding something. =/ his fingers look quite...rough, right?

-just FYI: though i suppose "witch trial" sounds cooler, but in the usa, mostly ppl only use the phrase "witch hunt". when talking about any situation where a group/bunch of ppl are trying to wrongfully blame one person for something bad that happened. but now, each time i hear this phrase, i'll think of majosai. ^^

-why does he suspect izumi too, right then?? just cuz she wears white a lot, or cuz she was 1 of the ppl that knew she'd be there with him in that room that day, or cuz she seemed nervous in the summer house?? ma, but she's always skittish...though i did suspect her for a moment in the last episode too. haha.

-------------------------- SPOILERS/ THEORIES & PREDICTIONS:

-i really love that visual effect of haruka's violent image flashing in front of kyoko's motherly, kind eyes. sugoi!! *_*

-duh!! yappari it IS haruka!! i knew it!!!! just not sure why. was he having an affair? did he harass/hurt haruka?? what...


why haruka killed him:
umm...he must have been having an affair. or haruka misunderstood somehow and thought he was having an affair. the gift box she held in their family picture...the 4th key is in there. he must have given her the key for her birthday recently, and so the housekeeper doesn't know about it? so she got in the summer house using that key and killed him, not knowing her mom was there too. kyoko must have not known haruka killed tojo until now, or else she would have plead guilty from the start, to save her daughter.

haruka is the 'witch' that made kaori crazy??
did she put some kinda weird medication in kaori's drink/food to make her go nuts? she met her many do the interview, at the hospital...she could have had many opportunities to drug her, right? this would make a lot more sense and explain why kaori went psycho so quickly!! she did it cuz she wanted to control kaori to help her mom get a not guilty verdict. so she had to make her distrust toru (not listen to him when if he says he thinks she's guilty) and turn to kyoko for advice/comfort. and maybe cuz haruka does think toru is cheating on her, just like many of the men that were cheating on her mom??

TORU AND KYOKO GUESSED WRONG, AND TURNS OUT IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE WHO KILLED HIM AFTER ALL!!! it still could be the brother...i mean, the person the kid saw in the window looks more like a man. or maybe the brother was just there right before haruka killed him?? eh.... but from the start, i knew there was something wrong with haruka. she's just too...calm and cold and gives off a scary vibe!! i really think she's the guy (the murderer. adrian monk always says "he's the guy" when he guesses who committed the crime. haha.)

now that all this happened, not sure how the last fight between toru and kurokawa will happen. it can't be that everything will be settled in the courtroom only?? if the verdict IS not guilty, won't kurokawa get revenge on toru for messing up his plans?! i hope it turns out that the police has been tracking him all along, and they'll jump in at the last minute to save toru?? how else can toru beat him...unless if izumi already knows who her husband really is and saves toru at the last minute, but that will cause kurokawa's death??'s possible!!

and if somehow, the verdict is still guilty, then of course, toru is not in danger at all, except he and izumi will feel bad for the witch, who is actually innocent...

and kaori. she seems back to normal already. well, i was partly right. but she tried to hurt toru AND izumi. and she realizes she was under a "spell" and she will still be with toru from now on.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

nothing much to talk about. gomen. ^^;

♥ toma-ism #106:
you are my weakness.
(got the idea f/pi saying he is toma's weakness. :P)

hi~ minna genki?
try to stay cool ne~

it's too hot these days.☀
it's definitely hotter than it was last year!!
i really can't stand hot weather...
these days, i wish i could live in an ice hotel, sleep on an ice bed.
that would be...SO AWESOME. ~_~

(i think i said the same thing during last summer. lol. about the ice hotel.)

anyway~ TL's got 26 followers now!! sugeh.
everyone, thank you for following!!♥

finished majosai ep.9 yesterday. i'll post my comments about this ep soon...just checked, and TFS has not released ep 10 yet. *anxious* ep.9's rating was 7.2 and the last ep. was 8.7!! it didn't get back up to 9, but at least it came close. =) so the average rating was 7.3. not bad for a late night drama, i guess?

dewa~ there has been no new toma news or tv appearances or anything. it's rare. he's busy filming the movie, of course. i am actually enjoying this break from the almost continous stream of new toma stuff to watch/read/listen/look at, though. hahaha. really...sometimes there's just way too much, right?? so 4 this post, just a few LJ toma-related things, and 2 links completely unrelated to toma, but i think are cool/important, so u should also take a look at it!! :D kudasai~

oh, toma's most recent message. he says despite the hot weather, he's working hard and hopes everyone can enjoy the summer. and he plugged yamashita's Buzzer Beat drama (meaning to 'beat the buzzer'?? sounds funny!), saying he'll watch it. haha. (though i checked out the opening for the drama, it looks just ok la. but it's getting high ratings.). and in toma's message before this, he said filming for the movie is going smoothly, and everyone remember to watch majosai ep 10, the final episode.

have a good weekend, everyone!
i'll see u when i see u. (when i post again, i mean~ *_*)

[a while back, xdustbunnys talked about manami thanking toma 4 recording a video clip of her talking with kato 4 her blog. this where u can watch that video clip. i have no idea what they're talking about, but manami is so happy and laughing so much. :P she's really a lot more kawaii/likable in real life than as kaori!]
[[scans] VOICE dvd box + caps. ^__^v]

[Majo Saiban DVD pic, DVD info, where to buy (release date: nov. 11)]
(sign the BIG TOBACCO DISEASE petition. literally, u can SIGN it!! so cool.)
(25 things about water that u should know. for instance, WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF WATER, SO PLEASE HELP CONSERVE WATER!)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

majosai music!!

thanks to janinamedina 4 the links!!
but get it fast, **f-locked in 3 days!

the drama's OST:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bday post~ update

updated the bday post!
more info about project #1 and 3,
and some h&c artsy pics, of course!! ~_~

only 2 ppl want to do something for toma's bday so far??
ma, it's still early, but i hope there will be more ppl soon...

please check it out! yoroshiku onegaishimas~

Monday, July 13, 2009

majoSai -EPISODE 8- notes

episode 8! just watched it yesterday. another awesome episode!!
kaori continues to get worst, toru keeps investigating, izumi's husband brings mai home, izumi is tricked, a new witness & a visit to the crime scene (the empty, ghostly mansion!)!! only ep.s 9 and 10 left. tfs will probably release ep. 10 this friday or's really gonna end soon!!! =[

i'm anxious/excited to know how it ends, but kinda sad that i'll have to say goodbye to toru, izumi, majo world so soon. ma, it's not an exceptional drama, but it was still quite enjoyable and thrilling. =) and it's toma's 1st lead role after all, so it'll always be a little more special to me cuz of that.

well then, let's get to the notes!!
it's getting close to the end, so more spoilers too. don't read them if u haven't watched, but remember to come back and read them later if u can. =P thank you~

kate's -EPISODE 8- notes:

-toru's promise!! "i'll never leave your side again." ♥♥ though it's quite a cliche line, but when toma says it, and with so much feeling and such a sincere look on his face!!! ahhhh~ he really is so worried about her, even thought of quitting jury duty (though he can't) to take care of her!! awww.

and when he asks her to stay♥, but when she says it's ok, but then he still says, then i'll take u home.♥ just makes me think, how lucky a girl would be if u she were his girlf in real life, cuz i'm sure he'd be so sweet and caring to her, like this!!!!! and manami is sooooo lucky, getting to hug (and kiss!) toma so many times in this drama! kutchii!! (so irritating!!)

-wah!! sugoi, toru tries to find their headquarters!! i really love the cool/sneaky/investigating toru!!

-that boy's haircut makes me think of toma when he was a little kid.^^ and his voice too! i guess most boys look and sound similar at that age though. haha.

-good grief, THAT'S how they are controlling the old man?! it's that easy??? geez, i feel sorry 4 her though. couldnt SOMEONE else have done THAT? what a dirty old man! well, i can't say i'm surprised though. ughh.

-we have to fight back with the one vote that we each have...good idea, toru!! gotta try their best to keep the case fair, really analyze the case better while in the discussion room. if he can really make a good argument that she's innocent, but the others all still vote guilty, then the judges will have to know that something's wrong. wait, are the judges also bribed?? i guess not? well, if it was in real life, they wouldnt need 2 go thru the trouble of threatening jurors to vote guilty!! haha. w/the 99% conviction rate in japan. and he says: I WON'T GIVE UP TILL THE END!♥ gambatte, toru!! we support u!! ^_^

-i'm getting very annoyed (and toru is too!) at all the threatened jurors saying all sorts of nonsense to show that they think she's guilty. geez, they're so annoying and desperate, i'm GLAD they've been blackmailed, they deserve it. (ok, i know they can't help it, but still!!) sheesh...

-izumi looks so angelic, standing at the window, light shining in, in all white like that~

-at one point, i suddenly thought, what if izumi killed him??? haha...nah. that wouldn't make any sense (except if there are some secrets to her we don't know??)... must be the daughter (who i suspected from the start!), who also often wears white?! but the person the boy saw in the window looks like a man, though??

-EVEN NOW, i'm not sure if kyoko, the witch, is really evil or not. now i'm sure she didn't kill him, but about manipulating kaori or doing other stuf to control the trial or having some kinda supernatural MAYBE she is good at persuading others, like almost like she's really good at sympathizing with others and making them believe least for kaori. but seriously...right now, i still don't think she's doing all that it seems like she's doing. AND SHE CERTAINLY DOESN'T HAVE ANY WITCH-LY POWERS. i think...

----------------------> SPOILERS:

-when izumi says u need be careful and looks at her husband, in a kinda scared way...DOES SHE SOMEHOW KNOW WHO HE REALLY IS?? hmm... HE ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BE QUITE A NICE AND SWEET GUY WHEN HE'S WITH IZUMI, THOUGH (and actually looks quite decent/KINDA handsome)...oh, now i get why he wanted mai to go to that school. =/ but does his assistants know izumi is his wife? i don't think so. doesn't matter.

does he know kaori's been going crazy?? just letting her mess up izumi's house, HIS house, like that, in ep.7? maybe he figures it's good that she keeps toru distracted and freaked out, while he figures out how to blackmail brown and silver and maybe think of strategies to deal with the witch. AND straighten and dye his hair back to black, too. lol. it's just not the same, seeng him do evil things f/a well-lit small room, dressed like a regular businessman. hahaha.

-YESS!! HE CHANGED THE SCREEN, SHE DOESN'T KNOW! (i'd hate her if she knew from the start and lied to toru all this time, while helping kurokawa) from the preview in the middle, i thought she knew! OR AT LEAST HE DOESNT KNOW SHE KNOWS, IF SHE DOES KNOW. if u know what i mean~ haha. that i think of it...maybe halfway through, she somehow found out it was him?? now she's pretending she doesn't know, to stay safe...

- OMG!!! *screams* kaori!! o__o kowai!!
how the hell did she get in?! 4 some reason, she's good at breaking into houses, even this mansion!! lol.

and she hits him (not that hard, luckily!)!! HOW DARE U HIT TOMA, U PSYCHO!!! but wow, toma even falls so beautifully!! ~_~ (love how it was deadly silent when this happend, as well as when she fell f/the window!!) izumi saves toru, yey!!! thank goodness!! and kaori is so angel-like when falling. wow... that was cool how they made it like she was flying almost. also cool how the witch fell too, of course.

-kaori got what she deserved!! that's what u get 4 doubting, hurting toru!! SHE COULD HAVE KILLED HIM (and izumi) or at least hurt him very badly. did she wanna kill him the same way that tojo-san was murdered?!!! even if he had cheated on her, doesn't mean he deserves to die!! what the hell is wrong with her?! i feel that kaori is crazy cuz of herself, not the witch making her so...i mean, maybe the witch puts certain thoughts in her head, but SHE is the one who's nuts and doing all this herself, right??

but, actually, i'm kinda glad that kaori went insane. lol. i know it's silly, but of course, i'm jealous of her, being toma's (i mean toru's!) girlf, and i don't like manami's acting, anyway. it's not like i really want her to die or anything, but the more problems in their relationship, the better!! haha. come on, i'm sure some fans feel the same way as i do??

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Friday, July 10, 2009

about the real saiban-in system / -toma weekend updates-

hi everyone.

how are you...

today (in japan time), the last episode of majo saiban will air, ep 10!! it's that time it's been a pretty great drama, and toma's awesome as toru...i'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends...

ep9's ratings was 7.2. hopefully for the last episode, the ratings will go up to at least 9? remember how we were all so disappointed ep1 only got 9. who knew, it would turn out to be the highest rating majosai got?? =/ oh well. it's a late night drama and maybe cuz of the topic and (except for toma) not so attractive/famous cast, so...

u know what, although the saiban-in (lay judge) system went into effect on may 21, 2009, the first trials that will actually use lay judges/jurors will start in july. so right about now! after 65 yrs, the saiban-in system is back in japan. with this change, japan catch up to the other G8 nations, in terms of how their justice system works now. it's a big deal, right?? so i was curious (as i often am) about what ppl are saying about this system, and if they mentioned Majo Saiban at all (they didn't!), so i looked it up, and i found some interesting info!! turns out, in japan, they have a 99% conviction rate!! mostly cuz the judges are chummy with the lawyers and police...and also the police often force the suspect to confess. seems like police abuse is a common thing there. hmm. i would not wanna be a criminal there. well, anywhere, i don't wanna be a criminal, but now that i know all this, especially NOT IN JAPAN!!

seems like with this new jury system, trials might be more fair and quick... but then again, ppl are afraid the jurors will feel like they have to listen to what the judges say during deliberations and end up deciding the same way as they do anyway. i'm afraid of this happening too, but hopefully ppl will try to be fair and not just agree with everything the judges say. (in the usa, the jurors discuss and decide by themselves. but the judge can overrule it and change the verdict/alter the specifics of the sentence if s/he thinks the decision is wrong for certain reasons, i think?? not sure about this part. and i don't think i've ever heard of that happening...) and they can NEVER talk about the case ever, till death and beyond?! (in the usa, it's only DURING the trial that u can't talk about it.) ehhh... and about 65% of the public are against this system, mostly cuz they don't like judging others/they think it's gonna cause trouble for them. (here in the usa, i'm pretty sure we don't have problem judging others, it's just a pain in the neck for most of us cuz it takes up our precious time that could be better spent working or whatever.)

though i also don't like jury duty, but i have been a juror, and i do agree that jury service is so important to our justice system and our system of government. hopefully more and more japanese ppl could feel this way as they learn more about and take part in jury duty. (the picture on the right: this is how a jury would sit in the courtroom in the usa, off to the side, and taking notes. i like it this way better, rather in japan, where u all sit next to the judges up there, as if u are on the same level with them, if u know what i mean. and when u sit to the side, u don't have to be worried that some1 sees u almost fall asleep when it gets boring. lol. also, i don't need all the fancy computers and evidence shown on computer screens like in japan...not necessary.) well, if u wanna read about all this, here's some news i found. all the info i mentioned above, credits to these sites:

[has a cute little chart that explains the process in very simple terms, and a pic from a cartoon that explains the system. haha.]
["Challenges Abound For Japan's New Lay Judges." news about why this new system is controversial and hard to implement]
[ppl in japan blog about why they don't support/do support this jury system. some of these ppl's comments are so negative or they don't understand how their participation in the justice system will actually improve it, help give the defendents a more fair trial... =/ ]

[very long article about how japan's justice system is flawed, how this jury system might help improve it, etc. **AT THE START IS A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF EXACTLY HOW THE SAIBAN-IN SYSTEM WILL WORK.** notice that at least 1 professional judge must agree with the majority vote!! geez...they really thought this through, huh...they don't trust the jurors/want to give them too much power. haha.]
[for info about jury duty in the usa, go here. this is how it works in california, at least. might be some slight differences within diff states.]

ok, now that i got the boring stuff outta the way--
toma updates!! cool toma stuff from LJ this week. let's see...


hi hi! i'm back.
before talking about toma stuff, just wanna mention...


and i read in the news today, HERE, that tokyo is the most expensive city for expatriates to live in, in the whole world. o__o whoa... living in 1 of the coolest cities in the world comes at a big price ne.

now for some cool toma LJ things!!! ^o^/
zehi~ please check them out.

[subliminalicon: Well, my fangirling has apparently reached epic proportions, because I actually made a mood theme for Ikuta Toma. If you don't know who he is, what rock have you been hiding under?! here are links to the Wikipedia page on him, as well as the DramaWiki page on him. He's one of the boys of Johnny's Entertainment, and he's friends with Yamapi. He's been in a ton of Japanese dramas, currently Hachimitsu to Clover, where he plays the lead role. He also sings (pretty damned well), and he even acts in stage plays. Adorable! He's an amazing actor, and he's really expressive, so he was perfect for a mood theme subject. ;D]

this is awesomeness!! seen some LJ ppl use it, but not until now did i actually remember to try to find the source. though i don't have a plus account and can't use it at LJ, but i still downloaded to check out all the toma moods. heehee. and i can use it here!! sugehhhh.

[Wink Up, Duet & Potato August 2009 scans]

toma + poodle puppy = ♥♥♥!! ~_~
[about toma's guesting on VVV6 (1st johnnys to be there!), he likes women like Ishida Yuriko (the majo in majosai!), etc.]

[Ikita Kotoba 0908 Vol 70. toma's encounter w/a dazai fan; why he didn't tell her who he is; why he went into maou mode!! ^_^]
[saladesu: Myojo (Jul 09) - TOMA "When it comes to fashion,
let's fight with intuition rather than trends!"]
translation of a magazine article. toma is always so fasionable ne.
i learned some new things about toma. =D

also, here's some general news about toma's movie, No Longer Human. oh, i didn't know his character is supposed to be from a rich family! no wonder the filming location pics i've seen look so nice...toma, u would really read the novel 100 times if the director hadn't stopped u??? ~_~ he's so dedicated neeee~
Johnny's talent Toma Ikuta gets big chance with 'No Longer Human',
Friday July 10, 2009 Japan

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

about the VOICE dvd set...

[ahhh~ how are u these days,
ryosuke, daiki, aki, teppei and hanei?? :D]
toma-kun talked about receiving the VOICE dvd already, since last week, but i didn't remember to check it out at yesasia and cdjapan till now. the dvd was released july 1...u can read his message about it at the above link. he also talks about how super busy he is now, but he's very happy and there are still lots of things he'd like to do... ^_^V toma's so ambitious ne~

i wish toma's dramas were released in DVD ALL format and also with english subs!! but since it's only region 2 and no subs...oh well, it's not like i can afford to buy them, anyways. i'm just happy i at least have the official hana kimi dvd set, with all the extra goodies. ~_~ Voice is my 3rd fav toma drama ever (eh...maybe tied with @Deep, though i still haven't finished that one! of course, #1 is hana kimi, #2 is Maou.), though, and i still listen to the Greeeen themesong a lot, as well as the soundtrack. it's really so inspiring!! and it reminds me of many special moments from Voice world.

at yesasia, the dvd box price is: US$252.49. yeah, it's expensive. as usual. but i'll just post the dvd description in case some of u are wondering what's in the dvd set. (i hope someone will buy it and upload some pics of what the dvd box and things that it comes with looks like!! I'M ALSO CURIOUS ABOUT THE H&C AND MAOU DVD BOXES...what they look like exactly...) VOICE was 1 of the highest rated dramas this winter?? hmm...actually, i guess that's true, remember how i compared its ratings to the other actually did pretty well. =)
One of the highest-rated mini-series of the 2009 winter season, the hit Fuji TV drama Voice revolves around five forensics medical students as they grow and learn through different cases, and try to find the final voice of the departed by solving the mystery behind their deaths. Popular stars Eito (Last Friends) and Ikuta Toma (Maou) lead the cast along with Ishihara Satomi (Puzzle), Endo Yuya (Nodame Cantabile), and Sato Tomohito (Giragira). Tokito Saburo plays the professor who guides the young students.

Comes with special booklet plus pre-broadcast special, unreleased footage, production presentation, birthday album, Q&A, and TV spot.

Special Features: deleted scenes, press conference footage, birthday footage, table-round talk, trailers.

P.S. and here's some funny news about Aki-chan (Ishihara Satomi) throwing the opening pitch for a baseball game in the Tokyo Dome!! kawaii na~ i like her hairstyle and outfit!! ;)