Monday, December 24, 2007

CintheRB screencaps/ he's too good 2 be true! / crazy fans/ TOMA'S BLOG! / etc.

i'm uploading the screencaps (49!) i got from the musical. u can see them at the last pages of my gallery here:

I HAVE 2 REALLY THANK A VERY KIND PERSON AT THE TOMA Livejournal site that upload the whole CAT IN THE RED BOOTS musical for everyone a while back! i only recently was able to watch it, and i thought it was pretty cool!
of course, i don't speak japanese, so if i understood it, i surely would like it more. haha.

i really liked watching toma... it's got a really strange story and some really weird characters! but nora the cat is really really pretty and cute, wow. she and toma R the most good-looking and most likeable in whole cast, and i love both of their costumes! especially toma's simple white shirt & jacket and gray/blue jeans. haha! wow, didn't expect so much shouting from toma and every1 else. really wish i could understand what they're saying! i fast-forwarded thru most of the non-toma parts...but every1 is really good at acting out their characters, though everything is exagerrated, but i guess it's supposed 2 be that way. i wasn't gonna get any scaps, but then i back-tracked and got some anyway. haha. couldn't resist.

ANYWAY, of course toma looks so awesome, though he is shouting way 2 much. but every1 was shouting a lot...haha. they must really get tired f/all that shouting! and some parts, u can see how toma is sweating so much--the close-ups of his face! poor guy!
i think i've said it be4, but it's really cool how he's SO GOOD-LOOKING, but he also doesn't mind making funny/weird faces, and he can also act so dorky sometimes, but it's still believable!! haha. i recognize some of his gestures/faces that he uses often as nakatsu and some other characters. ;) he especially looks soooooo cute + cool with his hair all messed up and covering his eyes!!!! waaah!!! ok, ok. that's enough. hehe...

overall the play was pretty good! i'd like 2 watch it again with subtitles!!! i loved how most of the costumes looked great, and had some kinda flowy fabric. toma's sword-fighting scenes were very cool!! but less spinning, more fighting! haha. the making-of was fun 2 watch, all the preparation, the hard work that went into this production!!! got 2 see silly toma as well as serious toma, nervous toma, casual & very young-looking toma!

(above screencaps from the Toma Ikuta - Sexy Back by yingadingding. it's been deleted, but been re-uploaded here. haha.:

don't u sometimes look at toma and think he's too cute to be real? lol!!
too good 2 be true!!
but he is! but sometimes when u look at him,
u almost think he's like too perfect 2 be real?!?!
i gotta keep reminding myself sometimes,

don't get me wrong though,
i really like toma,
but i'm not 1 of those extreme fans that
get a little too crazy...i'm more like the
fan that just wants 2 support him and i'm happy
if he's successful and i get 2 listen 2 his music/
see him in dramas/ etc. if i ever got a chance
2 meet him, i'd probably freeze up and get really quiet...
instead of like some fans who would scream or go crazy or something. haha.
i sometimes read news about fans that practically attack their idols or
chase after their cars or even propose 2 them! i guess my point is that
fans should just calm down and not get too crazy obsessed...especially when they meet their idol, or else ppl could get hurt and u would definitely scare your idol!


it's really frustrating 4 me to listen/watch toma and not understand what he's saying.....i'm gonna try 2 learn some basic japanese or maybe more later. if any1 knows any good online sites where i can learn basic japanese 4 free, pls tell me! THANK YOU! i mean, ARIGATOU! =)


YESS!!! TOMA'S BLOG IS GONNA BE BACK SOON, 4 GOOD! and more good news below:

[credit: kouzo at]
[jweb] Toma's J-Web turns Regular on 7 Jan

Just announced on ANN by Toma himself.

From 7 Jan '08 onwards, TOMAGOTO will be starting as a regular J-Web diary.
Meaning, it's no longer restricted to just a period of time.

トマゴト復活 YAY

Toma's business report XD
12/24~  "Hana Kimi ~IKEMEN PARADISE~" Re-run
12/25~  "TOMAGOTO -NEO-" Back Number
1/7 21:00~  starts the new "TOMAGOTO"
1/8 21:00~  starts "Honey and Clover" (first episode 70 min, 10 min extended special)
1/9  "Hana Kimi ~IKEMEN PARADISE~" DVD (First Volume) On-Sale


degrunge( said...

thanx for crb links. however i cant dl fr megaupload.. is there any way u can pass me de files or is there any way i can view the whole. i know has one but i wish i can dl it so i can view it loads of time w/o havin to go online.
pls reply, u help me de other time wif de photobook.
thanx again.

savvy kate said...

umm...i think some other ppl at LJ were gonna re-upload it 2 a non-megaupload site 4 ppl like u that can't dload...but needed the uploader's permission....i dunno if she said it was ok...did u check in the comments of that page?

but i think i remember her saying she doesn't want any1 2 re-upload, though. so i'm sorry, i can't help u.