Saturday, May 31, 2008

more random toma facts / start of TOMA-ISMs/ toma rocks out!! / cut & paste 2 be his girlfriend!

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #1: there's no one like ikuta toma!
how's it going?

i finally finished h&C recently!
haven't finished screencapping though...i'll try 2 post about it soon!

i find myself often seeing/hearing things and it makes me think of toma...
like from songs or any description of a really attractive person. haha!
so i thought 4 each post from now, i'd start it out with a toma-ism....
some kinda toma-like trait or it could also be a phrase or song lyric that describes how i/toma fans feel about him! haha. i think it'll be fun...i think u'll like it! =D
(oh, i got the hearts emoticons from the Tomalicious forum!)


more random toma facts:
[short list]
[long list at Enthralling, the only toma fansite in english!]


(toma COOLNESS!! pic credit: coffeeprincefan28 re-posted, got it from ikuta toma LJ community)

it's funny that toma likes sunglasses and collects them, but i don't see much pics of him with sunglasses on!! in fact, i only saw him in sunglasses in hana kimi and akihabara@deep! not in real life!! i don't think...

here's my new fav toma pics, toma rockin' out!! xD i love rock n roll, too, toma!
(same pic credit as above, see more pics from this set here)

also, here's a great pic 2 cut and paste your pic into 2 make it look like toma's hugging u, his beloved girlfriend!! thanks 2 Anjin@LJ (pic credit:
Anjin@LJ ) for the idea!
and here's a bonus toma-ism 4 today!! =P

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #2: toma-kun...ridiculously beautiful ~_~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

fixed toma's wiki page!!

quick, go there now and check it out be4 some1 reverts my changes!!
geez, i hope no1 notices anytime soon. i really tried 2 follow the rules and everything.

i just WANT TOMA'S WIKI PAGE 2 HAVE HIS PICTURE THERE!!! and 4 it 2 look less messy. at first was gonna add my toma love! and dear toma... links there, but that will probably be taken down very fast...i added it 2 the dramawiki page instead. haha!!

I NEED MORE TRAFFIC 2 THIS BLOG, AND THE DEAR TOMA... ONE DESPERATELY NEEDS MORE TRAFFIC!! really so few hits a day!! (sigh!) how will toma find it if it doesn't even show up on pages 1-5 of google or yahoo search?!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

if u've ever wished u and toma were DESTINED 2 BE TOGETHER...

hi there!! i've noticed there's a lot less ppl here recently...i think this might be cause lots of toma fans R having final exams 4 the year, be4 summer? but if the numbers don't go back up 2 around 70 visits a day by the time most schools start summer vacation, around mid-june, i'll know something's wrong. haha...nah...i'm sure it'll go back up!!

anyway, been catching up with various toma stuff, so didn't update sooner...
but i hope u'll like this. haha...

it's 2 pics where i've digitally altered it 2 make it look like u and toma are destined 2 be together/getting married. =D even though it's a red ribbon, pls think of it as the red thread that binds toma to YOU. =P

"The [red thread] seems like a made-up dream,
but I want to believe from the bottom of my heart that...

I am right for you, you as well are right for me

There's no need to care about anything else."

[translated lyrics from Ikenai Taiyou,
translation by: eternalsnowyugi]

i, of course, think that toma and i should be together, so i inserted myself into the pics first. (and it looks....OK...but oh well, it's cool 2 see me next to toma!! haha. if i squint a little, it almost looks like we really took these pics together!) but then i thought it'd be cool if other toma fans could do the same, since i'm sure in each toma fan's mind, at some point or even right now, YOU JUST KNOW TOMA AND U BELONG TOGETHER!! haha.

even if you can't be toma's girlfriend anytime soon, cut and paste your pic into these pics and
VOILA, your wish comes true instantly!!! *__* YOU'RE WELCOME!!!
(well, not instantly, it can be pretty tricky 2 make it look like u're really right next 2 him, right there....took me a lot longer and many more tries than i expected!!)
sorry, my photoshopping skills R not that great....but i think it's pretty good....all in all...kinda does look real, doesn't it?? =P Yes? thank u, i knew u'd agree with me on this! ~_^ )

u can use adobe photoshop like me, or gimp is good too....or if u don't know anything about this kinda stuff, u can still use Paint to resize, cut and paste your pic!

u can check out the pics in better quality here!
the first one, i also included the empty spot next 2 toma with the hand holding the ribbon in case u have a pic of yourself that can fit there nicely. =) the body of the girl is actually niki chow. and it took me quite a while 2 find a pic that fits into that picture!! the 2nd pic, the original pic, i've posted below so u can see what it looked like be4 i fixed it up.


Friday, May 16, 2008

DONATE! / new drama poster v. clip/ hana kimi SP pics!/ old drama NEVERLAND

everyone, if u can, pls donate $$ to help the victims of the recent earthquake in China and the hurricane in Myanmar. THANK YOU! go here for a bunch of links to different organizations in different countries where you can find out how to donate and help these people.


another version of the taking pics 4 the new drama poster video clip.
[thanks to ky_rin @LJ 4 the link!! toma looks cute even when yelling! =)
i love how he immediately returns back 2 the normal, nice guy-toma right after fake-yelling. haha!]

[pic credit:]

[more hana kimi SP pics!! toma in the pool!! wah!! i'm glad toma's gained some weight, he was too skinny be4! i wanna jump in with them! especially cuz it's so hot now. x_X]


thanks to Jisatsu @LJ 4 the post with download links to NEVERLAND. though it had no subtitles and the links no longer work, i got curious about this drama and i looked 4 it, and found the subbed version at crunchyroll!! hehe, i love toma's arms-spread-out-like-imitating-an-airplane gesture!!! he's been doing it since he was a kid till now!! =P (what a coincidence, he's wearing very similar clothes in the 2 pics!!!) i copied this motion when taking pics recently. hehe. toma looks cuter doing it, of course!! toma was good in the drama Neverland! but it's too depressing and weird....maybe i'll try watching again sometime, just the toma parts, though... but it's cool 2 see him then...he was around 16 years old only! already kawaii and pretty good at acting!! seeing him cry!! ='( and he already had those certain toma mannerisms that u see him display all the dramas or in real life. heehee....
(oh, toma appears more in episode 4 than the first couple i only watched that whole episode. the screencaps R mostly from that ep.)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mostly old, some recent TOMA pics/video clips....

[cool pic of them from the hana kimi days! i saw it at a hana kimi friendster page!]
[sleeping toma, so kawaii!! =) credit: ryther @LJ]
[awww!!! ~_~ credit: Jisatsu @LJ]
[cute!! credit: kamenashi_ohno @LJ ]

i was curious what nakatsu sounds like in the cantonese-dubbed version airing in HK, so i looked 4 it at youtube. u can watch the cantonese-dubbed commercials for hana kimi here!

nakatsu's voice is least he sounds... ok and young...mizuki's and shun's voice sound lower and older!! haha. the first one, they were saying something like they'll teach u how to do of it is teach u how to perform. that's all i can understand with my poor cantonese.

the 2nd one, the nakatsu part, he said something like "i definitely won't give up", and shun's part, he's saying something like "i'll be able to jump" and mizuki's part, she's saying "try your best!" (gambatte!).

i hope this person will upload some nakatsu scenes in canto later...

i was looking thru the 2006 posts at the toma LJ community, and i found some really nice toma media, so i'll post it here 2 share with everyone!! i'm really behind at the LJ site, so many posts from this year and last year i haven't looked at.....

wish i could just freeze time for a long while, and all i'd do all day is catch up on looking thru all these posts about toma, read/watch everything about him, watch all his old dramas/stage plays, etc. etc.!!! hahahahahahaha xD

ok, here u go! =0)
[very NICE banner: tomapi walking on a road. beautiful scenary...]

toma's b-day post...A LOT OF VERY KAWAII pics of toma with other JE guys when they were younger!!! =)


[thanks to chazelle 4 posting this!]:

07:24 pm - There Is None Like Tomapi!
eyes on you, tomalicious, toma-chan, drink moderately, ToTeZ, tomapi, waii!~, smudged!
OMG!Look at what I found!XD This is super cute!You guys shouldn't miss this,it's like missing a big portion of your TomaPi fandom!XD

Toma blowing on Pi's Ear!XD



[download the West Side Story musical recorded by a fan! thanks 2 chezita!! i haven't downloaded though, um...i've seen some clips on youtube though. but the files R so big, and i haven't even finished hachikuro or akihabara@deep!! ]

i also found some other toma clips while browsing around...
[toma's kfc commercial from a couple months ago, i think!! but since he loves hamburgers so much, he should be in a commercial 4 mcdonalds!! =) ]


i just noticed the other day that the "hero" toma MV at youtube has been deleted!! x__x

it's my fav toma MV ever, cuz it so nicely shows toma from when he was a little kid until around 2007---so many cute/cool toma moments in this 3 or 4 minutes!!
download the "hero" fanmade toma MV here!! really, the BEST fanmade MV about toma EVER!
it's in .flv format, but i think if u have the newest version of realplayer, u can watch it on that. =) or else u have to download the gom player or the flv player. search for it on google!

...baka!! i forgot that that MV i uploaded is the featured video here!!,toma_ikuta_fanclub/
BUT u have 2 be registered at imeem 2 see it.


THIS IS OFF-TOPIC, but i thought it was interesting, so i'll talk about it anyway.
i was watching Scoop (this Hong Kong entertainment news show), and i was shocked to see MORITA!!! well, the actor that plays morita in H&C, Narimiya Hiroki!!! it was really so out of place...2 see him on this show and in HK, and then i thought, it'd be so cool if i see toma on it someday! ~_~
but he'd have 2 be working in HK in some way 4 that 2 happen....seems like hiroki is acting in a drama with a HK actress?? or is it a radio drama? i just know he's working with RTHK, a major HK radio station...and they have both radio dramas and mini-series.... i don't understand how this will work it half in chinese and half in japanese or something...cuz he only spoke a few words in mandarin and she only spoke a little in japanese...seems like they both can't speak the other's language?? anyway, u can watch the video clip here (i think...used babelfish 2 translate the chinese titles of the news clips):
[the 6th video of that day] or here:

Friday, May 9, 2008

toma will be in a new drama this summer: remake of The Devil!

wah!!! *__*

i've been wondering when toma will act in a new drama or play!!
thanks 2 [.anna.^^] 4 telling me! cuz i haven't been going 2 LJ 4 a long while...i really will catch up there soon and gotta remember 2 go there everyday 2 keep up with all the toma news/stuff!!

the story seems exciting! i looked 4 info online about the korean drama it's based on and seems like a really dark/exciting drama:

go here 2 read the news about this production and some comments from toma about this role! =)
thanks to nieva_mae 4 the news and also the link to watch a short news clip about the series, where u can briefly see ohno and toma taking pics 4 the poster. BUT if toma is the detective, according 2 the info at the link about the original drama above, then he will once again have an unrequited love story!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!! x__x

toma looks cool, but he looks cuter with bangs across his forehead. hehe.
nevertheless, he looks good and i think it's good 4 him 2 act in a serious role 4 a change. =)
he can show every1 he's not just good at the youthful student roles.
though they're both so young-looking, i'll have a hard time believing they're a lawyer and detective, but anyways...

(chanting) TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA TOMA!!! ~_~
this news definitely made my day. ^___^
something more 2 look forward to this summer besides the hana kimi SP and the beijing olympics. hee hee. ~_~

have a great weekend, everyone!
see u later! -kate`*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hana kimi SP release date/ hana kimi in HK! / "toma" emailed me!

i saw this at the AF gallery. it's such a cool pic, and i think it nicely expresses how toma has 2 sides 2 him. u know, a cute/funny/hyper guy onscreen and the quiet/gloomy, serious guy offscreen. =) like yamapi said in the recent 17 interview, u see the true side of toma in Honey and Clover! of course i love the happy cute toma, but i think a cool/quiet toma is also very likeable and loveable. =)

some hana kimi related news:

i heard from [.anna. ^^] that Hana Kimi SP Rumoured Broadcast Date is 12th July 2008 Saturday, and that the ~ Ikemen Paradise SP (Tentative) Broadcast Hours 21:01~23:30
(credit: unleashthegeek @ blogspot).

still have 2 wait a long while!! @_@ well, at least i have something 2 look forwards 2 in july besides the start of Monk's 7th season!

chibi15 at the toma LJ says hana kimi is airing in hong kong! any1 here from HK??
remember 2 check it out if u R! i hope some1 will upload some clips from this dubbed'll be funny 2 see how differently they sound in canto!! =P

"Just want to share the good news that Hana Kimi now airs in Hong Kong on Sundays on TVB Jade! (Channel 1)! This is so exciting! You get to hear the Cantonese dubbed version of Toma!

So spread the news! And if you happen to be in Hong Kong right now or have a friend who does, don't miss this chance to see it on TV! =D"
the other day, i got an email from toma!! *___*
of course, not the real toma! just a "toma" at imeem, who's 1 of my imeem friends. haha.
she/he sent me a pic, actually, i guess it's a scan of a drawing by toma of his bedroom!
i think so...haha. anyway, just seeing "toma ikuta sent u a photo..." in my email inbox is priceless!! haha....though i know it's not really him, but for a second there, i was like "HUH??? EH???" 0_o
hee hee! here's what it looked like:

WELCOME new toma fan map members / toma's in a cool dance-off in Endless Shock!!


? (USA), kua_prince (USA), anna.pOt_o013 (Philippines), danielle_1d1,
sbayonon, franzelle_padilla94 (Philippines), loveseg (USA), and girlish_07!!!

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up, if they wrote one.)

[i'm sorry if u don't show up on the map, i HATE this problem that Frappr has been having for months now. i'm hoping that whenever i finally get the code 2 my new platial version of this map from that lady i talked to at frappr, that by then those of u that don't show up will show up on the map. but then if u still don't by then, u can try 2 join again using a different email? sorry! it's random, seems like it...on which new members can show up, and which don't!]


[the screencap below: is just a cute moment from 1 of the video clips---toma and another guy from the play hug. =)]
watch this dance off, toma vs. another guy, from the musical Endless Shock! i think this is from 2007.

toma's incredibly fast/smooth/graceful/nimble when dancing!!
he's really amazing!!

i watched some video clips of him performing in the Endless Shock musical... and WOW, i was shocked at how SOOOOO GOOD he is at dancing in the video clip above (actually, he's always been really great at dancing, just that in this video clip, he's SUPER GOOD! haha)...he was so fast and yet so graceful, quick and light in motion!! pleasing or attractive in line, proportion, or movement!! =D TOMA: NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE!! he's chock full of talent, this guy!! i really have a lot of respect 4 him, so much talent and cuteness, this guy...

Friday, May 2, 2008

pls join us at the AF thread about toma! =)

all toma fans!
want to chat about toma?
go to this AF thread about toma and join us! hehe.
the thread was quiet 4 a while, but recently, more and more ppl have been coming there 2 show some toma love!! =)
of course, the TOMALICIOUS INTL FORUM is awesome, but there's a ton of fans there, and a ton of's hard 2 keep up. it's easier 4 me 2 keep up with what every1's saying at this AF thread, so i go there often, these days...

so, do come! =)

here's just some random comments i posted there recentlythat i wanted 2 share with every1 here, too. hehe.

really so many very witty and cute posts here, it cracks me up!!! ~_~ *****


THANKS SO MUCH 4 re-posting all those toma interviews!!!! my brain is filling up with more and more toma info!! it's true, the more u know about his personality, how he's honest, down-to-earth, straightforward...u do like him more. =)

"Especially in the scene in H-Kimi where he hugged Mizuki, ohmigosh! He was like, "I will definitely never make you sad." AHHHHHHHHH! Gosh! I seriously have no idea how Mizuki can still pick Sano after that. I suppose the actress who played Mizuki was totally swooning and wishing that her character could end up with Nakatsu instead."
---I KNOW!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, how mizuki doesn't like him even A LITTLE, only as a friend, even after that!!!!! but now that i think of it, the girls who play his love interests in dramas have the best of luck!!!! they get all the toma CUTENESS/TENDERNESS/CHARM
without having 2 fulfill all the housework/have the loneliness (him working/going out with friends all the time) of being toma's real girlf!!!!! LOL!! no pressure, just all the romance and being close 2 toma without all the real work that goes in a real relationship. PERFECT!!!! some girls have all the luck!

"Toma is a guy with many faces...
when i browse his pictures on the internet,
in some shots, he looks like matsumoto jun, all of his pics from Hanakimi, he looks like Teppei's twin, now that Kuramapica posted Wentz's pic together with Toma he looks like Wentz.
(is it because of different hairstyles?)


but nevertheless, Toma is still handsome..."

--EXACTLY! i noticed that when i became a fan, right away!! he's got 1 of those faces, he can have tons of diff looks, but still look good!! so cool!!!! he's like A LOT OF HANDSOME GUYS in 1 person! and he can use diff guys 4 diff photo shoots/roles. lol.


"Toma was totally Nakatsu. No one does it better than him! Ahhh~it's like he was pulled out from the manga."
--YESSS!!! toma was such a perfect combo of cute+funny/silly!!!
i became a toma fan after watching a fan-made MV with video clips of toma as nakatsu!
i think i started my crush on him around after a minute of watching that MV, so u could say it took me a minute to fall in love with him! haha.
it was this one, btw:
but i think the FIRST FIRST ever time seeing him was in a super-short youtube clip of him and shun kissing in that hana kimi scene, and i instantly liked him and looked 4 more info about him. little did i know i would fall 4 this guy so hard!! haha.


(be4 i start this post, i want to say real quick, to all those wonderful people that come 2 this blog often:
Domo arigatou gozaimasu! Merci boucoup!
多謝 (dòjeh)! 謝謝 (sheh sheh)! Gracias! Danke shoen!

but i have a favor 2 ask of u all:
*** COULD U PLS REMEMBER, EACH TIME U COME HERE, ALSO GO TO THE DEAR TOMA... BLOG? (or LINK to it from your blog/other sites)
even if u don't have anything 2 write 2 toma...cuz each day, i often get less than 10 hits to that blog. it'd be cool if we could raise the # of visits there so that it'd get moved up in search engines and more toma fans could find more messages to toma....more traffic....more chances of toma finding the blog. ^__^ also, it's fun 2 read messages for toma from his fans...lots of them write the cutest/funniest messages!! hehe.***

i'd be really grateful if u all could help me!! ~_~

i checked the cluster map...i actually counted the big dots and i see that:
[and i'll just assume u all will keep coming here. =)]
86 ppl come here a lot! (10-99 visits)
17 ppl come regularly (100-999 visits)
2 ppl come daily or more (1,000+ visits!!!)

so that means if even just 1/3 of u all go to the Dear Toma... blog each day, then i'll get around 40 hits a day there...pretty good!! =) though i usually get around 60-70 hits a day at this Toma Love! blog.

anyway, it'd be awesome if u could help me out! thanks in advance!!)



[pic credit: baidu]
[news credit:]

Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Ikuta voted Best Supporting Actor,
Wednesday April 30, 2008 Japan
[posted by meoinkie2]

On Wednesday, Nikkan Sports revealed the winner of the Best Supporting Actor prize in its 11th Drama Grand Prix. Following up on the previous day's announcement of Maki Horikita as Best Actress, the drama series "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" found its second winner in Toma Ikuta, who had his breakthrough role as Shuichi Nakatsu.

Ikuta has been gaining in popularity since that drama. Last season, he co-starred with Riko Narumi in the high-profile adaptation of the hit manga "Honey and Clover."

source: tokyograph

btw, this award is voted on by magazine readers (mostly female, in their twenties), more info about it here:



speaking of hana kimi, the special (they're done filming, but dunno when it'll air)... i posted news about it be4, but it was a little confusing. i read from the AF toma thread more details about the special, also fans have been posting up some pics from the filming of the special! =)

[posted by shintaseth03,
all credits to teacup79@lj]:

Hanakimi SP fuji announcement

This is FujiTV's popular series "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~Ikemen Paradise" SP report. (The broadcasting time has not been set.) As a youthful drama set in a boy's school, Horikita Maki experienced her first time role as a boy and all the male actors were deemed "handsome men," including Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma, amongst other hot actors.

The story is set half a year after Ashiya Mizuki (Horikita) left Osaka Gakuen due to her identity exposure. The school is hosting a Valentine's Day event. In the interim, Sano (Oguri) and Nakatsu (Ikuta) recollect the last week of vacation that they spent with Mizuki. The story expands on this blank week. It will also explore Mizuki and Sano's love.

Having once again cut her hair, Horikita, who is challenging the role of Mizuki, said, "Although I felt nervous about whether or not I can find Mizuki's spirit again, this feeling evaporated after my hair cut. I will work hard at portraying the lively Mizuki again."

Oguri said, "I will once again act as a high school student, and I will utilize skills that had not been exposed in the series. I will work hard!"

Ikuta confidently exclaimed, "I was certain that I would meet this cast again. After the series ended, I was very happy to find all the actors lively. Because I experienced a lot of excitement in this drama, I can't wait to see everyone again and reaffirm the experience we have all gained from acting together. This show will be a holiday! When it airs, please join in on the Ikemen Holiday. I'm waiting for you, Baby!"
^_^ i love how toma was so excited about being Nakatsu/being in the hana kimi world/ikemen paradise again!! hehe. his love 4 this character reminds me of johnny depp's love for his captain jack character from the Pirates movies.

oh, i got the pic above from the AF toma gallery. u should check it out, AF toma fans started uploading a lot of tomalicious pics there recently, so there's around 10 pages of toma cuteness 4 u 2 see here: