Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TRUTH~ by Arashi / toma's name is TRUTH / Maou's ratings

smilie toma-ism #47:
your english name should be Kevin or Tony,
cuz Kevin means "handsome" and Tony means "worthy of praise"! ;)

the truth is out there. -X-Files show motto

Falsehood is easy, truth so difficult. -George Eliot

Truth is mighty and will prevail.
There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain't so. -Mark Twain

Kaffee: I want the truth!
Col. Jessep: [shouts] You can’t handle the truth!
[from the movie A FEW GOOD MEN]

The truth will set you free.
But first, it will piss you off. -Gloria Steinem [lol!! xD]

i completely forgot to look for the full version of Truth, though i hear it in every episode of maou. i still have not finished Maou, waiting 4 Stormy Team 2 release ep.s 10 & 11. i've watched their version of it this far, i should wait 4 theirs to finish maou right!! and cuz their translations R excellent & clear, of course also cuz the video quality is the best!

oh, Maou's ratings! it jumped up the most from ep. 6 to 7 (7 to 12), but after that it dropped to 11 and stayed there till it ep.10, which got 12. then the last, ep. 11 got 14! =) but the average is 11. well, that's better than H&C, which had an average of 8.9. but i want toma 2 be in a drama that can get an average of 17 or higher!! that was hana kimi's average. and i think and average of 17 is considered pretty good-- a popular & successful drama. since Last Friends also had an avg. of 17, and i heard it was quite popular...

[credit: TBS, Stormy Team]

only recently, i heard the full version of TRUTH!! sugeeeeh!! ^_^ i got tired of the song a while back cuz i listened 2 it over and over, but now i'm hooked again. haha! but the MV is...ummm...i thought they would make it serious, but it's kinda funny 2 me, what they did with it! IMO, it doesn't match the mood of the song much, and definitely does not do it justice! u can watch it here.

u can read the translated to eng. lyrics here. many thanks to taijiproject!

A single trembling light, disappearing before it can ease the pain
A single falling tear, disappearing before the feelings in it are known


Love will surely pour down like the rain
Memories I can't return to drift around me


my wishes are clear (this is the version from Stormy Team, in the Maou opening)

i love these parts!
the lyrics R so cool and really draws a vivid picture,
though i'm still not exactly sure what it means...

[credit: TBS, Stormy Team]

ALSO, i just remembered PART OF TOMA'S NAME IS TRUTH!
to = truth. also, iku = live! that is so cool~ toma is the truth that u look 4 in life??? *__*

toma has no eng. name. but actually, it would be funny to think of calling him anything other than toma, now, cuz i've always known him to be toma, and only toma....though i do have an eng. name and lots of HK stars have an eng. name and i'll refer 2 them by their eng. name almost all the time. haha.

but shun and toma came up with some eng. names for themselves on 1 of the All Night Nippon shows. i think it was Ikuta-rian, Toma-ri (should be Toma-ry, right?), and Tooman. =D (found the nicknames here: i can come up with some!! how about Tomad or Tomar? lol, it's hard 2 come up w/anything good. the closest and best would be thomas.
i looked it up ( and it says:

Gender: Male
Origin: Aramaic
Meaning: Twin

that kinda suits him, cuz toma resembles lots of different guys, ne!
btw, i wonder if toma's brother looks like him??
i doubt that he could be as kawaii as toma, but he's only a couple years younger...they must kinda look alike. though i've seen some HK stars are much prettier than their siblings / look nothing like their siblings! it's as if all the pretty in their genes went into only that 1 person in the family who's a star!! lol~


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thanks 4 telling me!! i've voted. =)