Wednesday, April 15, 2009

toma's Wink up messages~ / about J magazines...

ah~ i love the smell
of a fresh issue of Wink Up!! ^_^

(i bought the 5.2009 issue! ~_~)

but actually...what kinda name is "Wink up" for a girl's magazine?? is it cuz the guys in the pics are often winking up at the reader? :P what about Potato and Duet...i don't get it. what does it have to do with the topic of the magazine...which is mainly cute guys! i guess it makes sense to japanese ppl though? and could someone tell me...what does Myojo and Popolo mean?

u know, there's actually one magazine called Fine Boys??
what a simple/perfect name for a magazine full of ikemens!!

i was looking up japanese magazines info and i found some ppl talking about which magazine is the best here. hmm...i always just grab the Wink up, i forget to look thru the other ones. haha. mental note: check out the other magazines next time, even if they don't have toma pics in them! well, whichever magazine toma's often in, is the best for me. and so that would be... WINK UP!! :D

if u wanna buy these magazines but don't live near a place that sells them, u can buy them online. but you'll often have to buy a whole year or half year subscription (though yesasia and mitsuwa sells some single issues). u can search for them at the links below. but seems like u can't find Wink up at any of the links below, only Myojo or Popolo, mostly...

anyway, i just wanted to share closeup pics of toma's messages @the Wink up message board from the march and may 2009 issues. =) his message from march has been translated, this is what he said:

To Ohno (Satoshi)-kun
Please work hard for Uta no Oniisan. As Team Maou, I'm working hard too. You probably can't go fishing for the days to come, but please bear with it.

To Maruyama (Ryuhei)-kun
If you give Oh-chan fishing lures, he will be very happy (laughs).

[credit: change417,]

but i was wondering what toma said in his May 2009 message, and also what were their questions and his answers for these 2 issues? it's on the bottom. turns out, each time, Wink Up will ask the guys a random question, and they will reply to it. i was just curious what they asked and what toma's answer was (especially cuz the March question was female-related, i think??).

carly, if u could translate it for me, that would be cool!
(but u don't have to~)


(5.2009 messages)

(3.2009 messages)


Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll translate it. I'll try my best! it's the question rite? Here it goes:
When you were Jr high and elementary, what types of class jobs or student council jobs did you do?
(srry,no English words so I'll explain it) I used to do a job like making the class clean and making it beutiful(?). When I started that job, I was asked at Winkup and I answered I did the job( the one explained earlier)and then, when I looked at the next issue,it said in bold letters, TOMA BECOMES A CLEANER( something
like that)(laugh?). I forgot what I did in that job, but I still can't forget the title on that issue(laugh).
(waring from the editorial departement: We remember writing that in 1997, 11th issue)
ok. That's it. Tell me if it's wrong; I'll be glad to fix it. But I did the answer and question, so I think it is this one. There might be some spelling erorrs! Try ur best to read it please! But I'll always fix it; if u want to! :) BYE!
Carly AKA Teddia66

kate`* said...

hi carly! =)
thank u for the translation, i understand it!! :D it's funny that they called him a cleaner/janitor type person.

could u translate the other question/answer, too? the one from March 2009? onegaishimasu~

Anonymous said...

Ok. Sure. But it's not a question so it would be much easier 4 me. Here it is:
(mini title) Where Girls are Mysterious!
I don't know why~(thinks a lot). I don't understand about girls a lot~. Where I just can't understand them is where they are mysterious. Oh. Why does girls like avocados? They don't even taste anything right? (All girl staffs who where there said THEY ARE GOOD. and disagreed) Hm~. oh really~.(laugh)
Here is the other part of it. Also, Toma-kun's job was like to make the schools and stuff more clean and make it preety with decorations and stuff. So, he isn't quite like a janitor, but he just made the school super pretty and clean( that's a good thing<3)

kate`* said...

(btw, your avatar is really CUTE and MEANINGFUL!! ~_~)

thank u very much, carly! haha. toma should spend more time with girls to understand them more!! well, in this new drama, the main cast is all female! haha. he should be able to learn more about girls this way. mm...i don't like avocados (they hardly have any taste)! what about u, carly?

oic~ like keeping the classroom clean and decorating it...ii ne!!

kate`* said...

um...carly, do u mind translating toma's message from the May 2009 issue too? =)

Anonymous said...

oh yes. that one is the Q and A. It's the Janitor one. Yup:] I think u translated the top message. Tell me anymore translations any time! I"ll be happy! Srry I couldn't check anything; I had spring break and I was at Vegas. Wynn took $14 just to use internet for 24hrs. So, yeah. Well, ask me anytime!!! BYE!

kate`* said...

carly, the translation i posted is for the 2nd pic i posted. i still don't have the translation for toma's message in the 1st pic (the 5.2009 one). could u translated it for me? =)

cool~ i've only visited Wynn, but never stayed there...yeah, everything's so expensive there!

kate`* said...

oh, nvm, carly! enshinge has translated it here. =)