Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Arigato Toma-kun!

Dear Toma-kun:

Arigato Toma-kun

from the bottom of my heart...
when i see YOU
when i see u smile
when i see u pout
when i see u laugh
when i see u perform
when i see u dance
when i see u as Nakatsu(!!!)
when i see your funny faces/gestures
when i listen to you sing
when i hear your voice
when i think of YOU
it makes so happy!!!!! :-)

i found out about u only recently
but i will always always
support u from now on
i promise promise
and i'm so lucky i found you
when i was really down....
and then YOU
really brightened my days
and u still do
just by being YOU
even if i have never met you
and you don't know who i am
but i am really really REALLY
truly truly TRULY
so HAPPY and PROUD to be your fan!!!!!!
and you NEED to know
u R so important and so special
to us:
all your fans and your friends and your family
you really make a
difference in our lives!

once again:
Arigato Toma-kun!
i wish YOU all all the BEST

Love & xo,
kate `*

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