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jan.31....toma's documentary show aired on that day!! (updates...)

this is kate.

ja, it's sold out again (within 3 days?!). =T
the magazine i want to buy. the popolo march 2010 issue (CUTE pics of toma and the little girl!). nande??! but then i asked if they could order the +act. one for me (toma in the field...toma on the cover!!), and they said they'll try...i forgot 2 ask the price, and turns out it costs about TWICE as much as the other magazines!! EHH!! now i kinda hope they won't be able to get it 4 me. lol. ya ya, i want i couldn't buy anything, except i got a sweet an donut. haha.

TODAY!! (well, yesterday, in japan)
i remembered something special was happening!!

show! *_*

i haven't watched, but u can dL it at LJ. probably it'll be at hisatopii's youtube page soon, too. i'll watch the low quality version online and wait for TFS's subbed version and then dL. ~_~

toma crying!! =( toma....he really did so many things in 2009!!
[Toma on Jounetsu Tairiku~ SCREENCAPS]

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TOMA'S LIFE, YOU'VE GOTTA GO TO XDUSTBUNNYS' LJ!! all about toma, completely!!! not just what he's been doing/saying in interviews and fan sightings of him, but also of what his friends say about him, etc.

I LOVE THIS LJ, AND I REGRET NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT SOONER!!! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT HIS GREAT LJ ABOUT TOMA?!!!!! haha. i recently read about how when he was in hokkaido filming, toma forgot his hotel room keys at a restaurant!! and the person that worked there got to hand deliver the keys to him!! lol. really...where else can u get such random toma info???? (except from toma's room/ikita kotoba, i guess...)

and also from here, i found out this info about hanamizuki:
- crank in was on September 26 in Kushiro, Hokkaido
- crank up will be in the Spring of 2010

(credit: you probably already know, but the official ningen website has a lot of nice BIG, PRETTY pics of toma there, and also some wallpapers, a screensaver...WOW. good idea, to put pics of toma all over the website!!!!!

geez, i'm running out of time again...but i'll continue this post tomorrow, i guess. but for now, i'll just post up some toma pics. AH~ TOMA CUTENESS!!! HE'S SO SO ADORABLE neeeeeeeeee.♥

this is the part i love most from the preview of the documentary show!! toma looks so cool, in fisherman mode here!!

some recent toma magazine pics... (credit: strawberry_gemm)

toma's such a cutie!!! this is from a tv show, jan.29, Miyaneya.
he's all smiles and is so modest...kyaa!! ka~waii!!!!

but they changed the official poster?? i like the 1st version better (credit: strawberry_gemm)'s a little...weird to have the RED pic be the background....

............................. some news J entertainment news, kinda related to toma.... [JOHNNYS LET THEM USE THEIR REAL PICS 4 WEBSITES!!!!!!! YEY!! well, like i said though, it seems to be for only the drama/movie sites...but i guess it's better than nothing!! haha. ppl talking about toma's pic missing f/the hana kimi poster...i was mad/confused about that too, back then. lol.]
In Japan Illegal downloading remains rampant due to lack of punishments [they want to stop illegal downloading of music AND images...aiya...a little worried about this...hope it won't affect ppl who upL/dL toma's magazine scans...]
[just FYI, before the jury system was used in japan, 99% of cases turned out with a GUILTY verdict. and now it's the same. lol. by October, out of 47 trials, it all ended with a GUILTY verdict!!]

TO BE CONTINUED...........

i'm back~
yaparri, hisatopii has posted up toma's documentary show @youtube!! YEY.
but i haven't watched it yet cuz i'm busy posting all this stuff up for you guys!! =T
ah, i'll watch tomorrow. seems like it's only around 30 minutes long?!?! i thought at least 45???? SO SHORT!!! o_o

the poll is done.

are you a girl or guy?
i'm sure toma's got some guy fans too?? don't be shy! ^^

girl 56 (86%)
guy 7 (10%)
intergender 2 (3%)
Votes so far: 65

wow. 7 guys here???


10%! wow. bikurishimashita! i'm really surprised!!
but it makes me happy, too. and 2 intergender ppl, too. interesting...

i'll try to's not only us girls here...some guys too...haha.

they changed the pic at hanamizuki's website to a winter version!! ii ne!! i guess filming won't continue will march?? since toma's super busy promoting ningen until the end of feb. at least....
ANOTHER COOL TOMA SITE I FOUND JUST TODAY (some1 linked to it at the toma LJ). u can dL the tv shows toma comes on, see pics, etc. here!! and check out all the toma pics on the right side!! is THAT what the banner of the toma's room blog entries look like?? sugoi!! UWA...HOW MANY MORE COOL TOMA SITES DON'T I KNOW ABOUT?!!! EVERYONE-CHAN, PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR, AND TELL ME IF YOU KNOW OF ANY AWESOME TOMA SITES LIKE THIS, OK??? :D ARIGATOOOOOO.

........................ ningen things....
[gotta remember to go here sometimes to check for ningen updates!]
[Ningen Shikkaku OST tracklist with translations!]


BUY THE NINGEN SOUNDTRACK: [funny missing pics of johnnys guys]

just a cute pic of toma and yamashita from a long time ago. just saw it at the tomalicious forum, it's Rei_Mibu's avatar. haha.

--------- THIS IS SO LATE, BUT HERE'S THE PREVIEW OF his documentary show @youtube! [at this same page, u can see the whole documentary too!!]
[all the lovely toma pics f/the ningen website!! get them here!]
[xx69rabbit69xx kindly translated the ningen trailer for me. ~_~ ah, it's nice to know what he was saying!! "Horiki, let's die together." !!! and "I'll kiss you for it."!!! and the "everybody always wants him"!! ^_^]
[SUPER CUTE gifs of toma f/that cooking show he was on at the end of january.]
[14 HQ Ningen Shikakku photos, most f/the pretty...]
[list of tv shows toma will be]
[Photos: Various Upcoming Magazines + TV Fan 2010.03. *_* TOMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! KYAA!!]
[[video] UPDATE: Ningen Shikakku press screening/red carpet]
[Toma's article in Duet's February issue translated here, mentions of how his appearance in Yamapi's concert was set up♥]
[Ikuta Toma to appear in the TV documentary program "Jounetsu Tairiku". it's nice to read fans' comments to this news...] [the same news, but a little bit more at the end!!]
[more pics!! magazine previews, tv show preview clip, and PICS F/THE NINGEN PRESS SCREENING.]
[more magazine pics and tv show video clip!!]
[dunno how they find all these things....this person is selling toma (and other johnny's guys)'s accessories. one of the things there is TORU'S CRISSCROSSING RING IN MAJOSAI!!!]

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[credit: subliminalicon]

Saturday, January 30, 2010

new banners!! meiji shrine theme...


new banners!!
i was gonna use some kinda ningen pics, but then...
somehow, can't find the right pic, so...

both pics R from meiji jingu~ the beautiful & majestic meiji shrine...ahhh!! LOVE IT!
i did try 2 find kyoto pics, but too hard...but i think this traditional japan kinda look is good 4 the blog, while ningen promotion going on, right? and the other pic, are of ema (wish) boards. i'd like to think that they represent the idea that many many toma fans are wishing that his movie will be a big success!!! ~_~



Friday, January 29, 2010


from now till the movie is released on Feb.20,
toma's gonna be everywhere...!!
(ehh...i hope i can keep up with him!!) a good day!!
for many different reasons.
1 of them is there's a bright full moon today. heard on the radio it's supposed to be the brightest full moon of the yr or something like that?! sugoi! another reason is cuz my ningen photobook was shipped today!! yey!! and the BIG reason...but i can't tell u (yet), gomen! xD

after the BIG news of the press screening + red carpet for ningen yesterday (jan.27, i mean), today, there's more videos/pics of him on other tv shows, and more of his magazine preview pics...

(and toma's wearing A LOT of red plaid these days 4 his tv appearances!!! sugeh!! i love toma in plaid clothes, u know~)

(edit: i think the bottom left, that's the ningen photobook??!! kyaa!! ~_~)

most of these, i don't think they have it at the bookstore i go to, but I SOOOOOO HOPE THEY HAVE THE +ACT!! I THINK THEY DO??!! TOMA ON THE COVER!! GAH!! AND THOSE TOMA PICS ARE LOVELY AND COOL, AND I LOVE LOVE OUTDOORS SHOOTS. and especially...i have a weakness for toma pics where he's sleeping/lying down.

but look at the official website...they have removed toma's pic f/the cover!! lol. i thought johnny's has started allowing their guys' pics to be used on websites?? i guess that's just for dramas/movies for now, then??

MANY MANY THANKs to gemm-chan!!

soshitte...i promise~ i'll post up a bunch of toma news and links and stuff SOON, but for now, please enjoy these beautiful pics of toma-kun. douzo~!

(toma at the ningen press suit, but his hair is a little...ehhh...curly! ^_~)

(kakkoii....toma totally rocks in these suits!!! he can look young, he can look mature, he can look SO HANDSOME in them....)

(more suits.... he's so gorgeous~~ and kawaii neeeee~ ah!! tie!! )

(GAHH!!! akjdfie395@*$*!!! *melts* )

[credit: strawberry_gemm, XQ, last image: kyara.
remember, go here to dL all of these pics and

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IT'S MINE! ALL MINE! xD Yes, i ordered the ningen photobook today.


i ordered it at yesasia. i just saw it appear there today, and i quickly changed my mind and decided i should buy it. lol....within, like...30 minutes. there's not even any description at both sites, yet, about the book!!

and the book was released on jan.26, yet cezie told me her friend checked around in shibuya and tokyo on jan.27, and there were none left in stores!! ppl must have pre-ordered them from the book stores too?? or they all just went and bought them all in 1 day!! wow... i'm happy that toma's so popular, his ningen photobook is selling out FAST, but i hope all toma fans who want to buy it are able to...EVERYONE, QUICKLY BUY IT BEFORE IT'S SOLD OUT!!!

arrghh!! baka!! if i had waited a while longer, i could have ordered both the CD (hacken's new one) and this photobook at once gotten free shipping (would have saved $10!) geez...but at least this way, both will come faster, i guess... i hope at least the CD comes in time 4 my birthday (feb.9, minna-chan! you're not allowed to forget it, u know~ xD stealing toma's words again. gomen!).

~_~ and YES, i'm using my bday as an excuse to splurge on expensive toma merchandise again. TOTALLY~! but's his first movie after unforgettable time in his life, i'd love to be able to have a book that captured all (or at least many) of those moments. and like i said, i'd like to have something OFFICIAL from the movie...since i'm not sure if i can buy the DVD...

ja, i have to admit, i was kinda influenced by what toma-kun said when deciding whether to buy this book or not, too. ( weak!! i'm so weak!! hopeless. when it comes to resisting buying toma stuff. ESPECIALLY when he asks us so nicely to buy it. ahhh.♥)

this is toma's whole message. i usually summarize it, but this time, it's hard, cuz his message is cute and he talked about the photobook in detail...(PLEASE don't tell anyone at Tomalicious, or i might get in trouble...! translation credit: inseiko)

(kyaaaaa! so cute!!!!!!♥preview of new toma magazine pic,
credit: strawberry_gemm,

(probably from jan.24?)
Toma's Room (toma no heya)
Vol. 312

i just found out...

the "Ningen Shikkaku" photobook will be out January 26th! seems i'm allowed to say so (laughs)

i saw the photobook and, it looks qu-i-te! good.
just as u can understand if u saw the book covers, the ningen shikkaku photos are all good.

in addition to photos from in the movie, there are also some like off-shots, so i think you will be able to feel the atmosphere on the set even more. please look.

for me i think i would like to keep it safely at home as a very luxurious album of memories.

look forward to the 26th!

with that in mind, i have something to say to everyone.

magazines and television...i'm doing a lot of things so please keep up with me.

do your best!! (laughs)

toma, you had better not be exagerrating. lol.
no, i believe you!! the pics on the dazai book covers are really nice!!

i hope there will be many off-shots....of toma's chair with his name on it, toma being cute and silly, laughing, etc, on the set...i wish they'd have some pics that toma took himself too, but i guess that's not necessary, since ppl who subscribe to his blog can already see those... =T

sa...i bought the hanazakari no kimi tachi e-Ikemen Paradise Making Book for US$19.75 back in october 2007. i guess cuz toma's so popular, the price steadily went up to US$25.99. and this morning, i thought i could have sworn, i saw it as $27.99?? but it's now back to $25.99...weird.
u can still order the hana kimi photobook here if u want. it's quite nice!! but i wish there were more pics from the WHOLE drama and not just mostly the later episodes...

oh, good grief!! O__O this place has tons of photobooks u can download!! just found it by accident. wow....
WOW. the hana yori dango Final movie photobook has TONS of stuff in it, even virtual dates with 2 of the characters?? WHAT?! EHHH!!! really really curious about that!! haha. "Making-of photobook for the film "Hana yori Dango F (Final)," featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and plenty of photos of Mao Inoue and F4 (Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe) in Japan, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and more! Includes photo story, behind-the-scenes photos, relation guide & story outline, interview, special F4 shots, virtual date with Tsukushi Makino, and virtual date with Tsukasa Domyoji in Hong Kong. Size: A4, all-color, 116 pages."

i don't expect the ningen book to have tons of cool stuff like this...but i hope there will be a lot of interesting off-shots, pretty pics of kyoto, and of course, MOSTLY PRETTY pics of our toma ne!! ^O^

[credit: zomboid]

and it seems like, on jan.27th (yesterday, in japan), the day after the ningen photobook was released, toma went on a show, Guutannuubo. and the type of girl he likes is still yuuka-san (naruse's neesan f/Maou), and i think he said something about liking girls that say "kono wa hajimatte"?? i think that means "this is the first time" eh??? and i think he said he likes girls with a husky voice? lol. and he was sitting right next to this really pretty mixed(?) girl. just a personal observation. haha. I LOVE HIS OUTFIT!! red plaid + tie, with a small necklace in front of the tie. ii neeeee. ~_~ u can dload it at the toma LJ, but hisatopii will probably soon have it up at her youtube page! only around 5 minutes, but so much toma cuteness squished into that short video clip. xD

whew, this post turned out longer than i wanted. gomen~.
ja ne!

kate deshita.

Ave Maria...




i'm sorry for this off-topic post, but i think even if u're not catholic or christian, you'd find this interesting...amazing (and her messages...!! pray more, everyone! kudasai!), actually, Mary's appearances...

so, u know that ningen shikkaku is using the song Ave Maria (Hail Mary) at the website and in the trailer. it sounds beautiful and haunting....and the movie's tagline is The Fallen Angel (again, to me, doesn't really seem right to call him that, though it does sound very cool and really catches your attention. lol.).
Ave Maria means Hail Mary. the song is actually just the Hail Mary prayer in latin. it is a prayer that asks Mary to pray on our behalf, to God.

this is the prayer:
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

i guess this is the part that relates to ningen:
"Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death."

thinking of religious songs...i remember i thought it was strange that they used the song Amazing Grace for the school dance competition in hana kimi. though it's a such a well-known song, it's used in non-religious situations, too, but it seems like such an odd choice, using a song that sounds so sad and depressing...why not a romantic song for nakatsu and mizuki to dance to??! maybe it's referring to how even though sano's not a good dad, eventually sano will forgive him...

just in case u are wondering:
"Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn written by English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725–1807) and published in 1779. With a message that forgiveness and redemption is possible regardless of the sins people commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God, "Amazing Grace" is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.
by the way, christians are a minority in japan. they are mostly shinto or buddhist. i'm guessing toma is too.

[pic credit:]

Mary, Mother of Jesus (and all of us as well), appeared in akita, in japan in 1973!! and her statue cried real tears (she cried 101 times!) and her hand bled. many people saw this too...and the tears and blood were tested, and the results showed that it was human tears and blood (and sweat, too). Her message to the world, similar to what She said in Fatima, is that everyone needs to repent and pray, or else God will punish us (a rain of fire that will kill sinners and innocents alike)...also, that the devil and demons are trying to make us leave God.

info about the appearance:

She appeared in egypt to thousands of ppl in august 2000/2001!!
[video some1 recorded of Mary, Mother of Jesus, appearing in egypt in 2000/2001!!! seen by thousands of ppl....the 1st time seeing Her, even if just as a bright light.....gave me goosebumps!! amazing...]

info and pics and video clips about Her appearance in egypt in august 2000:
news about the apparitions.
[about her most well-known appearance in 1917 in Fatima, portugal. and the miracles and secrets (messages) that came along with her appearance!!]
[about Her]
[about other places She has appeared and Her messages]
[if u want to learn more about christianity, go here...a lot of interesting facts and explanations...very succinct and nicely written, just like BBC news articles that i often read. =) ]

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i saw a rainbow... (some misc. toma pics...documentary show preview!!)

happy birthday cezie!! =)

(and happy birthday, ellen!!)

today's post is just to share some pics...
i'll try to post about toma soon, though!!

oh, u can watch the preview of his documentary show (that will air jan.31) here: but they followed him around for a whole yr and the show is only 45 minutes, i think?? no way!!! it's gotta be longer!!

i saw a rainbow today,
but not as pretty & clear as the one i saw last week.
i don't remember the last time i saw such a pretty, BIG rainbow!! sugoi!!

what's really cool is that was the day of conan's last tonight show taping, and the rainbow appeared right before filming started!! ah, i hope it is a good sign for conan and all his staff...

here's the pic that aaron (the always hyper and hilarious) tonight show blogger posted. (credit:

and below are the pics i took. what some birds flew by right then too!! sugeh!!

i forgot where i found this pic, some1's LJ....toma's ACUO gum, w/his pics right there. heehee.

this is another extra pic f/the Potato end of the year compilation of pics thingy....u've probably seen it be4, but it's just a little bigger this time...^_^ they should have made this pic into the poster instead of the other pic, cuz i like this one more!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

cuz toma would surely be a good daddy...♥ (400th post!!!!^^)

this is my 400th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xD omedetou, kate-chan!! (laughs) smiliesmiliesmilie

(by the way, the 2nd pic, at the top (kakkoii!!), it said "he was soaked in nostalgia". somehow, that sounds dirty. lol. credit: suoncom and hpswf1,

just a quick update, cuz when i saw that pic, i just went "ahhhh!!!".

so adorable. it's my new cellphone wallpaper. haha. though toma says he wouldn't want to have a daughter in the future (worried when she'll be dating/getting married), but i think he'd be so sweet to his daughter neeeee.

and this girl isn't the little girl f/ningen (that lucky girl he was playing with and who got his autograph). toma's got to work with so many little girls ne!! (maou, majo saiban, ningen) hmm...this is just a random girl, i guess.

many years from now, she'll realize how lucky she was to take pics with this handsome guy!! *_*

i couldn't buy the SEDA Feb. 2010 magazine (w/him in the glasses!! kyaa~) cuz it was sold out, but then i's ok, there will surely be cuter toma magazine pics soon, cuz there always is...haha...toma's cuteness knows no bounds!! and those clever photographers always have awesome new ideas of how to dress him up or cute things 4 him to do...well, they did it again!! ^_^ i rarely see toma pose in pics with little kids though, so this is really really cool and the pics are SWEET!! gonna try to buy this issue...

Warakora January 20, 2010. download it here!
thanks to strawberry_gemm! (will be locked soon!!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it still hurts so much. =,( .... (my thoughts after finishing Maou...again)

hi all~

(~_~ especially to the girls who have been leaving
lots of comments for me these days! *waves* *hugs*
i'm always happy to read yr msgs and it really makes me feel loved...♥
arigatou ne~! ) i finished watching Maou again a few days ago. it still hurts so much!! =,( but i'm really glad i could re-watch this drama...i haven't really rewatched any of his dramas before...not even hana kimi (though i did rewatch some episodes with neechan and my mom, and i also watched a lot of my fav scenes on the dvd...).

I THINK by now, everyone has watched Maou, but if you haven't, *MAJOR SPOILERS* coming up!!!!

and if you wanna know how i'm feeling right now, just watch this Maou FV, My World....watching this MV always brings back all those strong emotions i felt while watching the drama!! (but....who was holding whose hand in that scene at 2.36 in the MV?? can someone tell me?? totally can't remember!!)

btw, to read my comments about the ending from 2008, go here:
[oh, i also did a maou and ma wang long comparison post, but i forgot the should be around the same time as these posts...]


i cried a lot. =,( not as much as the 1st time watching it, but hurts your stomach when u cry hard ne... it makes me so sad and hurt to see toma crying..... and i remember how in an interview from 2009, he said that even filming ningen (BTW, HE SAID MOST SCENES ONLY TOOK ONE SHOT FOR THIS MOVIE!!! AMAZING!! it'll be more natural this way, too!!), he didn't have as hard a time with it, as when he was filming maou!! cuz in maou, it's so tough for him, physically, and emotionally....his character kept getting cornered more and he was a little quiet during his interviews at that time... really...naoto is an unforgettable role for toma....and toma, i'll always keep a part of Maou in my heart... i actually went out in the rain and just stood there for a while that day, and i got really wet and cold. but that feeling of being rained on...can also be nice...

here are just some of my thoughts about the ending...

the scene that hit me hardest...was the one in the hospital, when his brother died and his dad was devastated.
i didn't really talk about it much last time....but!! this time!! seeing naoto so sad. but he tried to be strong for his father!! he tried to not cry in front of him...seeing him looking so looking so fragile, vulnerable, gentle...his eyes welling up with tears.....!!! *cries* it just broke my heart!! makes me want to jump in and give him a hug!!! =( and when his father said, you two will always be my sons na~, and he tried to smile and his soft "hai."!!!! toma!!! heartbreaking. kanzani. and THEN he just broke down outside....*cries*

and i like that phrase his father was talking about....something like "in the shadow of someone's happiness, there's always someone's sadness."

and i realized this time...when he called naruse to meet him there, he was leaving the police station!! just got his gun!! and in the dvd extras...he was sitting there, in his grey tanktop, doing the interview...and really...he seemed a bit quiet/tired then...

and this is really stupid of me, but i totally did not notice them saying yamano died, shot by a police officer!! lol. BAAAAAKA. i guess i was too distracted by everything else going on right then....i THOUGHT they said something like some guy stabbed a man, and that man is dead (kasai)!! but i'm glad he died!! i hate him!!! if not for him, naruse might have stopped his revenge plan!! and it's good that naruse heard the news as he was walking by, too...

listening to the maou soundtrack and remembering all this made me tear up again....
everyone, please, do live with all your strength for all the people who care about you...

i wish toma had won an award for his role as naoto. if he wins any awards for ningen (and i'm sure he will!!), then i'd like to think that, in a way....part of them are for naoto-kun...

and lastly, here are some of my thoughts about the ending from when i first finished it in 2008.....

i've come to think of naoto=toma, especially cuz toma really seems to FEEL everything that naoto feels, his acting is so passionate and genuine!! so it was super hard to watch him's like a part of toma dies. in the cat in the red boots play, toma kinda died, and that was already tough for me to see! i've never ever wanted a character in a drama TO LIVE more than this time!! i so so so wanted him to survive naruse's revenge and LIVE ON. AND i've never been so devastated that someone died in a drama. even though i know he's not real, but on a certain level, in the world of Maou, he's real...

i loved it when naoto said "your revenge will end unfinished!" and pulled out his gun! but when he was so conflicted, crying, really didn't want to shoot him!!! and especially when he was crying more, shaking his head that he can't kill him!! TOMA DESERVES SOME KINDA AWARD FOR HIS AMAZING PERFORMANCE IN THAT SCENE!!! and of course, ohno was so amazing too, but really, i was just so proud of toma's performance!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

just curious....ARE THERE ANY GUYS HERE???!


kate desu~.

it rained a lot today.
i mean, A LOT. some thunderstorms too.
rain rain rain!! crazy rain...ah, i should listen to Yokubou No Rain, right? haha.
but...i freaked out....water everywhere in the streets...
*keeping my fingers crossed* afraid of flooding...
we might have to get sand bags....?! in the almost 28 years (my bday is feb.9, everyone, remember to give me something!! lol. kidding.) i've been alive, i've never seen so much rain....geez. (but my mom said, on the day that i got baptised, it rained so much, water flooded into the church a i guess we have sometimes gotten a ton of rain like this in california...)

sa...toma's gonna be in some tv shows. i think u can watch the one about cooking on youtube already, but not sure where...if u know, please tell me!! ~_~ and his documentary show is gonna air january 31!!! feels a little boring here lately, so i've set up a new poll!! please do vote!! you see, i started this poll at the Tomalicious forum on dec. 26, 2007. this is what i said:

i think toma's fans R almost certainly 90% female, but i could be wrong... R there any guys here?? =P

and this is the results as of today:

Female [ 158 ] [94.61%]
Male [ 9 ] [5.39%]
Total Votes: 167

I KNOW THERE MUST BE MANY TOMA FANS OUT THERE THAT ARE GUYS, JUST THAT THEY'RE IN THE MINORITY, FOR SURE....i think it's awesome that toma's got guy fans too...and i think he was saying in his ANN, he was happy to get a letter from a male fan?? doesn't matter if you're a guy and u like him or u really like him, i think that's cool. i know at least 1 person that comes here that's a guy.....

but i wonder if there's many more??? actually, being a girl, of course i'm more comfortable around girls, and i'd like to think mostly only girls come here....but of course, guys are welcome too!! (i'd just feel a little embarassed if lots of guys also come here, but then i really doubt it....)

so~ please vote!
and please vote truthfully!!
thank you! ^__^

and just in case some ppl don't want to choose between the 2, i've also added intergender. =) ehhh...i think some johnnys boys can fall into this category??!! lol.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

finished writing comments about the "making of" my fanfic today!!

finished writing comments about the "making of" my fanfic today!! please do read some of it....i wonder what were your favorite moments from the story??? I'VE LISTED MY TOP 10 FAVORITE *DOKI DOKI* MOMENTS THERE.... xD

u know what this means...i'm finally gonna watch last episode of maou's gonna be a rainy day too...ah...i wanted to finish everything relating to the fanfic be4 watching the ending of Maou, cuz i want to keep this happy, dreamy feeling a little while longer...u know i'll be so sad and crying and crying after i watch the Maou ending...ah...=( weirdly, i also had to wait a long time till i could watch the last episode, the 1st time i watched maou (more than a month, i think). this time, took almost a month to watch it...

also, i added some pics @the fanfic! before...thought i shouldn't to keep it secret and all (where u open the xmas presents) u don't see it when u scroll down...but now that the story is finished, i might as well...i like seeing pics of the locations i spent time looking for there at my storie's page. especially the library. i found TONS of japan library pics, i'm telling you...whew... -__-

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Ladies! i really worked hard this year!" -toma ^o^



sorry, no new post here yet....
it's coming soon, though, so pls be patient. for now though, here's a preview of new toma pics!! KYAA!! i think i'm gonna have to buy this magazine. heehee... (credit: janinamedina!)

kate desu.
today is jan. 16.
minna genki? ~_~

finally, a new post, right??
sumimasen. but there's also been no new toma news lately...just toma pics. *_*

ja...i've been daydreaming about toma way too much lately. (laughs)

but then again, i've been bummed out lately, cuz my fav talk show host, he's so funny and kind and brilliant and smart...conan o'brien!! well, his Tonight Show will be taken over by jay leno soon. it's SO UNFAIR and it's all happening so fast...just 2 weeks ago, i thought it was just a rumor. and now he's gonna be forced to leave soon. *cries* but hopefully his new show will be even better and he'll be able to hire most of his current staff or something....ehh...i hope everything will work out ok for him and his staff who moved all the way from NYC to be here....but it's been wonderful to see so many celebrities and fans stand up for conan and support him at this time!!! TEAM CONAN!!! ^0^ anyway...if u don't know about it and want to know why this is all happening, go here for more info: case u didn't see my post @the cbox, TOMA WENT TO HAWAII FOR VACATION WITH HIS FAMILY IN DECEMBER!!!!! ehhh!! =O he didn't mention it in tomagoto at all, but he did talk about it in the feb. winkup ikita kotoba. i found this out at i haven't read more...i'll check back soon to see what he said about his trip. ^_^ i'm glad he finally got to go on a trip with his family!!! it feels good to know that for a short while, i was in the same country as toma...haha...but it's not like california is that close to hawaii, or anything.

So toma... ^___________^

[credit: hpswf1]

THE KISS!!!!! got me so jealous, but still...KYAA!! never seen toma kiss anyone so intensely before. o__o

seeing that kiss, then seeing this pic!! EHHH!! how can this be the same guy?! he can be so sexy, yet so cute and adorable too....mou..... this is from the feb. ikita kotoba. WHAT IS THAT ON HIS TONGUE??? xD he looks so young...i said it in a's almost like he's not aging, he's getting younger! lol... ah, really love how he can look mature/sexy when he wants, but also still be so cute/innocent too. SO KAWAII neeeeeeee, OUR TOMA!! [both pics~ credit: strawberry_gemm]

NINGEN KISS CLOSE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O__O *jealoussssssssssssssssssssss*

i love the comments, though. lol.

7th-Jan-2010 12:01 pm (UTC)

This movie will destroy me!
Thanks for sharing

7th-Jan-2010 12:11 pm (UTC)

ok, what in the name of hotness is this??



7th-Jan-2010 12:13 pm (UTC)

*gasp!* O_O
i don't think i'll survive watching this movie.But i'm so watching anyway xDDD


7th-Jan-2010 01:43 pm (UTC)

OH MY @#$%&*(aks lgri093u9nq;o!!!!!!! (*screeching like a banshee*)

................(and here's what i said):

8th-Jan-2010 04:15 am (UTC)


this movie is gonna kill me....
but i'm so gonna watch it!!!

toma's new blog name! (and i think it's got a new format or layout or something too....sugoi!! though i can't see it. haha. it's good to know~)

TOMA'S ROOM. sugoi!! love this new name!!♥
who wouldn't want to see his room?? ~_~
so it's toma no heya now...but seems like the official name is Toma's Room, just like that, in english. ^^

this is the kawaii welcome message!! (credit: Tomalicious Forum, translated by inseiko.)

☆★To Ikuta Toma's Room★☆

This room is
where you can
find out
lots about
Ikuta Toma

take your time

Now then
the door


*THIS IS NOT REALLY TOMA'S BEDROOM, OF COURSE. it's just a nice room @Nikko Narusawa Lodge. [credit:]

so here it is at long last, kate's summary/quotes of interesting things toma talked about at his blog, tomagoto (since the new year, it's become Toma's Room) from mid-december till now, mid-january. DOUZO~! (credit: Tomalicious forum, translated by inseiko)

-by mid-december, he posted his 300th post! (subscribers could read back entries during that time) it's over 700 entries, if you count ALL the tomagoto entries he's ever made, from all 3 rounds and this current one. tomagoto (nov. 2005-feb.2006), tomagoto hyper (sept. 2006-march 2007), tomagoto (june 2007-oct. 2007)!!!

[kate: wow...713 entries now!!! i think i have read most of these 713 entries??? lol. thanks to all the translators for translating!!♥]

-toma looked back at his entries. he remembers writing he could do something with yamashita in a post at the start of jan. 2009 (whoops, he corrected himself. he meant at the end of 2008. :P) then he finally got to sing with him in nov. 2009. ah~

-toma had fun at the Guns concert (end of dec.)
[glad he had fun. haha, i looked 4 that entry and couldn't find it.
but dec.31 was when he talked about yamashita.
toma, so forgetful!! lol.]

-"this year's ikuta toma...
don't u think he worked quite a lot? (laughs)


-he went to the 1st press screening for Seaside Motel. it felt weird cuz it was the first one. the movie was "interesting".

-"merikuri. merry christmas!!

have a wonderful night, please..."

-end of the year message:
this year, he owes everyone a lot. he thanks everyone. he rushed through 2009. in 2010, his 3 movies, pls look out for them. so that he can entertain everyone, he'll do his best again next year. "everyone, let's do our best!

and of course have fun!"

-happy new year! asks how we spent new years. first time he wore such a sparkling costume for tokyo dome. he did his best. it was nice to meet his friends and sempais there. he's gonna eat dinner with jun'ichi-kun.

"now then.
in 2010 as well, let's work together to make it a good year for each other.
i'm counting on you."

-how is your 2010? he doesn't need to work yet, he's been having a relaxing time. =) but when time comes to promote ningen, there will be "television festival" and "magazine festival". if you have time, please email J-web.

-he posted up some pics from the ningen filming set. the chair with his name on it, on a deserted road. and the Cafe Hollywood, a moulin rouge-like place, decorated to look like a cabaret in osaka. (WISH I COULD SEE THESE PICS!! *___*)

-he wishes new year came 3 times a year, so you could have an excuse for being lazy. xD

-coming of age day (jan.11)...he hopes everyone celebrating has a wonderful day. remembers his own day...he had blonde hair cuz he was in a musical. didn't fix his hair properly. it was embarassing. so do your hair and makeup nicely. and be grateful to you parents, too, ok. (ah, toma, such a filial son, i'm sure!! ~_~)


new ikita kotoba scanlation at TFS!! please check it out (there's another new one now, actually!).

and that's where i got the title of this post! (laughs)
you're like "eh? ikuta toma was that busy?" don't be silly~! ladies! i really worked hard this year! i love how he said LADIES, i was busy this year! lol. like...specifically addressing us girls, his fans.... *_*
oh, so Kushiro, in hokkaido, is where he was filming for the movie Hanamizuki. en-chan translated a bit of extra info f/Duet's interview. turns out there was a typhoon the day of the photoshoot!!! poor toma, it was so cold...but the pics turned out pretty!! thanks, en-chan! (@_@ ack!! noticed a mark on toma's face in the duet issue i bought. i thought it was a pencil mark and tried to erase it. it wouldn't go away, and now it erased a little color f/toma's face!! o__o *sigh* sorry, just needed to complain to someone. *cries*)
[[Translation] Duet January 2010: Toma's story about his past in Hokkaido when he was small and a small info about the three movie he's done]

hiding his face as he watched his movie!! lol. as expected of our toma. ^^
ah, his name in the movie! gohei! i want to meet some1 like gohei, 4 sure. haha.

wah, shooting stars!! why didn't toma go watch?! i guess he was really cold...
[[translation] Potato - January 2010: Toma talks about how playing the lead role in Ningen Shikkaku has brought a change in his perspectve ^^]
ah, toma has become stronger this yr, though he admits he is a fragile person. ~_~
[holiday greetings f/Ai Zutto!] :D remember if u write toma fanfics, u can link to them here!
[ANN #138, 09.12.30 Shun's ANN with Toma!]
wow, i'm surprised, cuz toma didn't mention it at all in tomagoto and no1 else mentioned it at the LJ...
bday surprise guest 4 shun?? wow!! sure toma was very happy to come back to ANN after so long!!
[[Translation] Yokoyama Yu's Jweb] toma went to eat and play games w/yoko recently!! ^^
[2010 JE countdown - Toma parts. oh, it's f-locked by now, though...]
[ 30 Toma Icons.] REALLY, SUPER CUTE AND GOOD. ^-^

icons of toma's latest pics, the one, he's wearing a cozy grey sweater and has the ningen book w/him. AHHH!!! LOVE IT!!!!
[filming/promo pics f/hanamizuki and ningen.]
kyaa!!! so kakkoii and beautiful, our toma... he looks almost the same as in VOICE, in some of the pics, such awesome hair, so young-looking!! ^_^ and the ningen poster is WOW!!!!
2 gifs of CUTIE toma at the countdown. ALSO, notice meimei's icon!! a clear angle, jun covering toma's eyes!! lol.
[Preview Papapics Johnny's Contdown 09-10]
toma/jun/yamapi, and toma hugged ohno, too!!! awww. MAOU TEAM RULES!! YEY. just noticed, even his boots were shiny & silver!! uwaaa!! :D

mood: naughty [credit: subliminalicon]
music: HOT (avril lavigne)
(ahhh, the lyrics of the song...really (mostly~) describes how i feel about toma-kun. xD *doki doki*)