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letter & postcard 4 Toma / Maou ep.s 4-9 what i think, what i noticed...

smilie toma-ism #53:
Only you
Can make all this world seem right.
[ lyrics f/ Elvis Presley's Only You]


it's me.

check out the updated toma bday poll results at dear toma...!
again, i used some new hearts 2 fill in the gaps, so that's why some of the sections don't look like they changed much. wow. almost toma's birthday and luckily i still have enough room for around 1 week+ of new votes. it's almost over! it's looking pretty good, right? each heart stands for a little love from 1 of toma's fans from all over the Earth. ~_~

oh, this is what my postcard & letter looks like, that i sent in 4 the project scrapbook! i got the idea of using watercolor paint to make a pretty & colorful background for my letter, and the result is pretty good ne! and i really soaked the whole piece of paper, so in the end, the result is that the page has a slightly soft texture, slightly see through, slightly wavy! cool. ~_~ though i know scattie will laminate all the entries anyway, but that's ok. the messages on the letter and postcard are the almost the same as the one on the letters i sent toma, just that half the message is on the letter, the other half is on the postcard. i'm really happy with the picture i made for the postcard! found most of the pics quite quickly at flickr. ah~ i love flickr!! =) just needed to arrange them and fix the color a little & add "california" in my fav Demand font. wing goddess and scattie said my entries R pretty, and i was really happy to hear that. ~_~ i did spend quite some time on them, but mostly on what to write to him! lol.

well, let's jump back into Maou world for today,
cuz it's friday, though the drama has ended...

i have only almost finished watching ep.9. i stopped when i found out that stormy team's ep. 10 would be released later than usual. well, now ep. 10 has been released, so i should start watching again...but then i think maybe i should wait till the last ep. is released too?? sa! @__@ like last time, i'll also just write a bunch of comments...things i noticed/like/hate/think, etc. THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS, BUT I'LL TELL U WHEN THEY START.

i have finished resizing/organizing the screencaps for ep.s 5 and 6! douzo! =)
(if u R looking for screencaps from the start of the drama, those are in my 1st gallery, linked on the right.)

oh, i heard from a fan at the toma LJ that u can already pre-order the Maou DVD set now!! so fast! but it's not released until Jan. 9, 2009!! exactly 1 month be4 my birthday. haha~ though i believe most of us won't be buying it cuz it's very expensive & there R no eng. subtitles, but here R the links to go buy it, anyway:

episodes 4 - 9 ~ comments:

---- i think my fav episode so far is episode 5, because so many important things happened!! it was really great! after that, i really really wanted to know what happens next! things start to get really exciting!!
ah, Maou is really a great drama after all!! well, i still wish the supporting characters were more special...they are all quite boring and one-dimensional...but actually, after a while, each character has their great moments, that makes them more memorable. =) i'm looking forward to finishing this drama, but i'll be sad when it's over!!


[all screencaps CREDIT: TBS, STORMY TEAM. there were better ones, but i don't want to give too much away. it's better if u can watch certain scenes without seeing any screencaps of it before. this way, it really has a better, more surprising/refreshing/intense feeling to it when u see it for the first time!! =) ]

--- while i was watching these episodes, there were mostly grey cloudy skies & cool/cold/windy weather. the perfect weather 4 watching maou ne! haha~ if only it would rain!

--- i was so happy when i saw toma got to change his outfit!! not only does he look very cool in the tanktops + white shirt, but it must be more cool (literally) to wear this thin shirt instead of that big jacket! it's the funniest thing though, i have 2 fav tanktops, grey & black, and they look almost exactly like the ones that toma wears in this drama!! lol. so you KNOW i'm wearing them a lot more these days!! xD

[^_^ i'm imagining that toma's reading my letter now! haha~]

---i hate that stupid/annoying little girl, sora!! arrgh! she made me so mad, and she's not even that cute!! and she's a liar, too!!

--- I REALLY LOVE THE ART DIRECTION, is that what it's called? THE MANY INTERESTING, DIFFERENT ANGLES THAT THEY FILM FROM~ it's really cool. it makes the drama more interesting to watch, and i'm a kinda art-sy person, so i really notice things like this. i never get to see anything like that in the hk dramas i watch, it's like there's only a couple basic shots that they always use. and i love all the close-ups of toma!! don't they all film in HD now? yet toma still always looks so awesome, even in really close-up shots in the BRIGHT sunlight!! ahhhh~ he really is so good-looking naaaaaa. *__*

--- Maou's got great sad/dramatic bgm!! =] at first i didn't notice, but as there were more and more intense/sad scenes, i started to really like the background music and how it really complements

the scenes!

--- that creepy reporter guy really freaks me out each time he smiles!! actually, naoto's troublemaker friend, souda, too. he's got a really weird look when he smiles! but he's still kinda cute, i guess. haha. better looking than the geeky friend, kasai.

--- those COOL photos of toma taken by stalker naruse!! we get to see them in normal color and not in RED on his wall. =) it's kinda scary, but the person with the hk yahoo blog that i once linked to, s/he was using those RED stalker photo screencaps as the background of the blog a while back!! dunno if it's still there now, though.

--- I DIDN'T EXPECT TOMA TO BE TEARING UP SO MUCH IN THIS DRAMA!! HE IS COMPLETELY BRILLIANT IN THE ALMOST-CRYING SCENES!! his eyes just well up with tears & shine, and he looks so sad... bravo, toma! bravo. and of course he still looks so KAWAII when he almost-cries!! ~_~

--- ahhhh! toma's really cute when he's shy/nervous when talking 2 a girl!! there was a made me think of nakatsu & takemoto. hehe.

--- another UNREQUITED LOVE?! but thank goodness, this time it's quite subtle. i can't stand it when he's got that hurt look on his face!! ='( it reminds me of nakatsu all over again. shiori's always DISAPPOINTED 2 SEE HIM!! well, partly cuz he's always asking 4 help on the murder cases, but u know it's also cuz she would rather see naruse. aiya, all the girls he likes in dramas don't like him back!! isn't it ironic? in real life, there must thousands of girls that love him!! hahaha. to make up for this, they should have toma star in a drama where ALL the girls like him!! i mean, seriously like like him, not like in hana kimi, where u just see a bunch of fangirls and then there's komari, too.

--- drunk toma! i have never seen him act drunk before. yappari, he's good at it! =D very natural and realistic! not exagerrated or anything.

--- there was a scene where something important was happening regarding naruse & shiori's relationship... but i was distracted cuz ohno had on-- what?? it seemed like the same shiny lip gloss that she had on!! what the??? that was weird!! ummm. IMO, it's not a good look 4 a guy.

---- naruse's sister, was she blind AND had some other serious disease?? i don't remember them saying so. WHY IS IT NECESSARY THAT SHE STAY IN A HOSPITAL FOR HER WHOLE LIFE? i mean, blind people can take care of themselves and live quite normal lives too, right? it's not like blind ppl R completely helpless and hopeless! ummm... i don't get it!! but she is a pretty & talented actress. =)

_____________________ *WARNING* SPOILERS BELOW!!! _______________________________________________________________________

---- the scene that naoto was saying he just wants his father to believe him!! HE FINALLY REALLY STANDS UP TO HIM AND REFUSES TO DO WHAT HE SAYS. SO TOUCHING!! A REALLY FRAGILE YET POWERFUL MOMENT FOR NAOTO! i love love love that scene. probably will be 1 of my fav scenes from the whole drama. toma did such an awesome job in that scene! u can see his feelings just pour out!!

---- naruse & his sister's crying scene!! so touching!! both of them were so...!! i teared up a little. but i want to point out again, blind ppl r not hopeless!! she must have some other disease that makes her have to stay in the hospital and maybe it means she will not live that long?? so she was depressed.

--- I KNEW HE HAD A BACK-UP PLAN!! clever IKEHATA!! but why not send the CD directly to the naoto or the police?! aiya!! well, of course, there's gonna be a problem so naruse can get away again. then again...i suppose he wanted to really hurt naruse by having his "sister" turn him into the police?

--- the accident that day, when naoto became a "killer"!! it's almost exactly what happened with the first murder case in episode 1 that naoto had to re-enact!!! those brilliant, tricky, clever writers!! hahaha. wah...i did NOT see that coming. it's what really happened to him, no wonder he was so scared!! i never thought it was an accident. cuz it really looked like he stabbed him! but i was so happy to see that scene!! he wasn't really a killer! not even justified self-defense! it was all just an accident! ah, but his dad force him to lie and changed his life. =[ if he had gone to jail, he would have been a different, better person afterwards, not feeling so guilty all the time! poor guy!

--- what happened, why were the police not able to protect souda?! shoulda put him somewhere safe!! or had police officers right outside the apartment or inside with him!! damn it! though he was a jerk, i don't want to see him die!!

--- i was so happy/excited when he finally knew naruse is a bad guy!! YESSS!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??? and then they had that face-off! at night, of course! perfect! and then naoto just punched him!! YESSSSS! so cool. he's had it coming for a looong time!!! toma is so awesome in that scene! so intense/angry/frustrated/sad!
but then the end is coming.....will they really both die??? i'm afraid so, since that's how the korean drama ended, and the title of the last episode of Maou is:
The final showdown. A bond severed by death!!

--- BAKA!!! naoto and his police officer friends!! WHY DIDN'T THEY FIGURE OUT WHO WAS THE PERSON BEHIND ALL THIS SOONER!! they are always 1 step behind, even with shiori's help...well, but she was given misleading clues. if they were investigating the death of the older brother at the same time as ikehata, why didn't they think of going to the construction site to ask around, too?! (sigh!)
i like naoto, but seriously, he is not too bright! lol. naruse is always glaring at him, following him around, and yet all naoto does is glare back/argue with him or look surprised each time he sees naruse AGAIN. geez!! i mean, doesn't he have that evil, criminal vibe?? CAN'T YOU SEE?? get him!! catch him now before he kills someone else!! in that scene where he was asking why is naruse always around and how is he connected to what happened in the past! i was like "DUH!!! IT'S HIM!! THINK!! HE'S ALWAYS AROUND!! HE HATES YOU!! HE DID IT!!"
and it's funny, cuz toma's characters can't seem to keep their promises...nakatsu said he will win but, he lost to sano. now naoto keeps saying he will catch the criminal, but then ppl keep dying!! so frustrating to see how the police can't do anything!!! well, i know naruse is supposed to be maou/the devil and really smart & cunning, but still, can't the police DO MORE to stop him?? so unfair. =(
but then again, just the fact that this series brings out a lot of strong feelings in me...u know it's a good series when it can do that, right? even if it can be frustrating and makes u want to yell at certain characters! haha.


Anonymous said... opinion only - but I think you should wait for Maou episode 11 before watching 10. Because you will NOT want to wait.

Let's all vote for a future drama where 2 girls fight for Toma instead. LOL. But you know there is always one girl you want to be the 'one' than the other...and what if his character picks the wrong one (as they always do- at the start)...don't make me shout at Toma-in-character now ....and I will forgive Serizawa for finding out last - it's the script writer's

Okay, thanks for another link to your gif. I mainly curious to know what you wrote....b/c as I watched it move - I couldn't quite catch it.

savvy kate said...

hey UV! haha, can i call u that? 2 letter names R cool. mine would be SK! toma's would be IT. actually, IT doesn't sound good!

anyway... souka? ok, i was probably gonna wait anyway, but now 4 sure i'll wait!

YESSS! i want 2 or more girls 2 like toma! mmmm... that's true, but i don't think i'd mind too much if he picks the wrong girl, as long as he finally GETS a girlf! haha. that's true, i blame the writers/director 4 making naoto not so smart!

no problem! i know, i think every1 has trouble reading it! haha. sorry.

Anonymous said...

yeah - UV sounds cool. I do shorten my other idols names, and they makes sense...but IT doesn't make sense as much..hahaha...too Info Technology... want any girl...LOL...don't fear...some girl in the series have to find Toma's 'next drama' character adorable /lovable - but what if he plays a villain next time - and well, no girl - cos the villain doesn't get a good ending...*faints*

savvy kate said...

right! haha. IT is no good. neither is TI!

i hope so!
actually, seeing toma be the bad guy might be cool!! but it depends on what kinda bad guy. nothing TOO evil!