Thursday, June 26, 2008

READ this scanlation: how to make toma love you in 10 days! <3 <3

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #12:


You're one in a million
You're once in a lifetime...

I've been looking for that special one
And I've been searching for someone to give my love
And when I thought that all the hope was gone
A smile, there you were and I was gone...

You're the one, the one for me.

(Bosson's One in a Million lyrics)

[random toma pic-- from 1 of those galleries i talked about earlier----toma looks so cute, cozy, and comfortable! ~_~]

[random pic again-- clearer shot of THAT KISS from azumi returns!!! credit: in the pic! =)]

U HAVE TO READ THIS SCANLATION (scanned magazine article with the english translation added to it 4 your convenience! hehe.) !!!! more clues about the kinda girl toma likes. i love the title!! *_* i bet a lot of magazines to interview toma...they'll have no problem selling them, with toma's lovely images on the cover/inside them!! ah....i want 2 buy a magazine with toma's interview in it!!! maybe i can try checking at yesasia sometime...but it's so expensive. =/
Scanlation: Popolo 05'08
and yes, kate_firefly is meeeeeeee!
i found those songs. ^_^ )


(my comment there):

ah~ toma...

why can't u have crazy high standards when it comes 2 girls u like?! seems like besides specifically wanting a girlf that can cook/tolerate your being busy a lot (he talked about this in a different interview), u could like any average girl!!! makes us fans crazy, reading things like this... thinking "I COULD BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND, TOMA! IF ONLY I KNEW U, U wOULD LIKE ME!!" =P hahaha. serioiusly though, i can't imagine how toma could possibly find a girl as cute as him...tomaki would be cool though!


Anonymous said...

you found all the songs!?
please, if you could help me. i haven't been able to find "to you who are trying harder than anyone", by HARCO.

random note: i like how he likes laid-back kind of girls (they're easier and more fun to be around). and he deserves someone like that. ^ w ^ ... *brain starts working* O.O wait! i wonder if he still likes those kind of girls since the article is 3 years old?

kate☂ said...

(if this is Princhiiz, thanks for all your comments! hehe. =P)

oh....sorry, but imeem doesn't exist anymore, so i dunno where to find that song. you can try looking at youtube?

me too...i'm glad he likes laid-back girls. well...i think he probably still likes the same kinda girls, so don't worry. xD

Anonymous said...

(no, it's not Princhiiz. sorry. just a random toma fan. ^ ^;; )

aww, but that was a good idea! and i think i found it on youtube. do you think this would be it in romanji? Sekai de Ichiban Ganbatteru Kimi ni - HARCO(?) (sorry for bothering you)

kate☂ said...

(oh, sorry. hehe. thanks for yr comments, anyway!! =P)

that sounds about right. xD
if u give me the link, i can check if it's that song. it's a folk-sy slow song, sung by a man, i remember...

Anonymous said...

(your welcome! ^ w ^)

Cool, so [url=]Here is the link[/url] (i'm hoping this will work. it's the first time i've actually made a link ^ ^; )

kate☂ said...

hmm...i dunno where your comment disappeared to, but that IS the song! =)

Anonymous said...

EHH O.o comment. that's funny. and cool. at least i know the song now, yay! Thank You!! ^ w ^