Monday, March 8, 2010

SEASIDE MOTEL!!!!! ningen in asia, enshinge's translations, & other toma updates...


kate desu.

took a break f/posting here to work on my fanfic, and also, not much new toma news to talk about. *whew* i'm really glad though!! more time to work on my fanfic. haha.
and of course, good to know toma gets to take a break now, after all that exhausting ningen promoting.

AH, HAVE YOU STARTED READING MY 3RD FANFIC YET?? please remember to if u haven't!! xD it's more exciting if u read it little by little, right?? i'm gonna try to update it EACH DAY, even if it's only just a little update...hai. ~_~


after so much GOOD NEWS we've been getting lately, suddenly this sad news...... (thanks to zoe for the news.)

no more ikita kotoba??!!!
nande??? (>__<)

but maybe he'll have a monthly column in some other magazine soon?? ehhh.... maybe toma just doesn't have time to do it anymore though....hmmm. =T I'LL REALLY MISS THOSE CUTE PICS OF TOMA THAT IS PUBLISHED ON IKITA!!!! SOME OF THOSE PICS ARE MY FAV TOMA PICS EVER....the pic of him rubbing his eyes...the pic of him and ohno...the pic of him sticking his tongue out f/recently...! he sometimes posts pics in Toma's Room, but we can't see them. -__-
(edit: totally forgot to say that i'll really miss toma's cute random stories and also his talking about his various projects fact, THAT was where he talked about that "little bed scene", i think!!! awwww. i'm really gonna miss ikita kotoba (Toma Ikuta's Words to Live By)!!!!!!!

(the last ikita kotoba. credit:

BUT....I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEW TOMA PICS F/THE 4 MAIN MAGAZINES, at least...THEY SHOULD BE POSTED UP SOON (sorry, dunno why i used all caps for this. xD)...i'll really try to not buy any, still, but i already really really want to get the wink up cuz it's the last ikita kotoba!! =T

and so...about ningen/toma coming to other countries in asia...

i already plugged toma's movie to a friend in hk. haha!! asked her to please tell me if she sees any news about the movie and to watch the movie too!! will plug the movie to friends in singapore later...xD

his latest message (march 8?)... after about a week, finally toma posts a new entry. but then, he still doesn't mention anything about the BIG news of ningen coming to other countries?? hmmm... i don't get it. maybe he won't mention it till they've got date of the events confirmed or something....ehh... =T toma just said his life is more relaxed now cuz ningen campaign has ended. he went to shibata jun's concert. shun was there too? and advance tickets for seaside motel already on sale!! reminds everyone to go see ningen and then buy seaside tickets too. xD

twosen has translated those 2 news articles about ningen/toma going to other countries in asia and the last stop of the ningen promotional tour in japan. thanks twosen for translating it!! i've linked to the translations in my edited post there.

and now over 77 comments there!! sugoi...i've never gotten so much comments for ANYTHING~ that i've posted here or at LJ. lol. EVERYONE REALLY SO EXCITED AND HAPPY ABOUT THIS...IT MAKES ME SO HYPER TOO, READING THEIR COMMENTS. xD

(but i'm a tiny bit worried....that toma won't be able to come to some of those countries to promote and lots of fans will be disappointed and mad at me.... ^^; but then again, i really really think toma will go anywhere he's gotta go to promote ningen!! lol. especially since this is the 1st time ever that he gets the opportunity to do so and i'm sure he'd love to go see his fans from those countries, right??)


finally....seaside motel, the movie we know the least about and which was filmed really fast. just as i thought...seems like the characters don't all interact with each other, it's 4 seperate stories. no wonder toma finished filming for it super fast...i think it only took a few weeks?

(eh!! the url is all in eng and categories in eng!! sugoi!!)

THE TRAILER!! watch it at the official website linked above.
kinda ero!
but thanks to toma, he already talked about/warned about there being a "little bed scene", so i wasn't totally surprised. still...whoa....!!! o__O all those other ppl are freaks though!! @__@ but cool how they have a 1970s-ish america retro theme!! SUGOI!! ^^
(wait, this movie takes place in the 70s right? toma's slowly moving towards the present day in his movies....haha...)

toma looks kakkoii, yappari!!! and in flirty playboy mode!! i missed SILLY, FUNNY TOMA!! makes me think of nakatsu, some scenes!! ^^ (but looking forward to when he gets back to normal guy mode...a nice and sweet boyfriend in hanamizuki.) hmm...Seaside does seem like a pretty good, wacky + silly movie. xD but i'm only looking forward to toma's story mostly, of course.
my post (wow, 2 posts there in a short amount of time. really not kate-like. haha.) asking some1 to translate the seaside and hanamizuki trailers. thanks to careline-chan!! i feel better after knowing what toma said...haha.

like i said, 1st time i watched the trailer, was a SHOCKED with that scene, but now that i see it again and i've seen more pics f/seaside promotion, this movie really looks more SILLY than ero!! lol. but really...besides toma and the call girl, everyone else = REALLY REALLY WEIRD. xD

[toma on a bunch of magazines recently...ahhh!! sugoi. credit: strawberry_gemm.]

cool toma LJ stuff.................

[really love that BRIGHT, thoughtful toma wallpaper here. kyaa!! the other wallpapers R nice too. ^^]

[toma promoting ningen back in january...=)]
translation + link to DL the feb 18, 2010 recomen with toma. been wondering about this recomen!!! thanks so much, enshinge, for the translation and link to the file. GETS!!! ^^ xD it when toma comes to recomen w/these silly guys!!
an interview with the ningen director. he said a lot of nice things about toma!! the way the director describes his greatness...!! such as how toma is definitely good enough for hollywood right now!!! GAH!!! this isn't news to toma fans of course...we know he's an amazing actor, truly!! but when it's a movie director saying this...WOW.

definitely, toma has been a good enough actor to be in hollywood movies since long ago. though i don't think toma should try to be in any for now, cuz he can't really speak english and i don't think he'd get any really good roles...i'd already be so happy if toma is just gets popular in ASIA for now... ^_^

but this is what really made me feel so proud of toma!! when he said (about toma and morita, being from johnnys):
"Their levels are totally different from other actors. Typically, playing a role like Youzou makes you withdraw from everyone and everything around you, or, you go all eccentric. But Toma was neither. It's a very hard thing to act the way you want to act, but he can do it."

OH, I ACCIDENTALLY CAME ACROSS THE JudeLaw vs Toma food show at youtube!!! i don't want to link to it here though. and can't subscribe right now cuz they're doing maintenance. but i'll remember to subscribe later, and u can go to my page there(kate6002) and check my last subscription to know where to go.... xD

this is random, but i just noticed how the tomalicious forum has many many many members and posts.... EHHH!! sugeh!! :D

Our members have made a total of 120,780 posts
We have 2,973 registered members
The newest member is Ixzersalsa
Most users ever online was 34 on Jun 11 2008, 08:16 PM

oh, this is off-topic, but I LOVE ARASHI'S NEW SONG, TROUBLEMAKER. THE SONG IS CATCHY, AND THE MV IS CUTE AND COOL!!! ^^ u can read about it/watch the MV here:


Isabel said...

I'm so happy for Toma, he has so much work this year! \(^o^)/
I agree with you, I love Arashi's new single, I can't stop listening it!

kate@theTheatre said...

me too~! ^.^
he's gonna be busy, promoting 2 more movies this yr and still needs to finish filming for hanamizuki....

it's a good song ne! i don't know what it means, but i still like it. xD

Anonymous said...

hmmm? did not see any so called lil bed scene in the trailer ...maybe they did not show it ...
Wonder when r they premiering this in Japan ...i might be there in Tokyo sometime in June this year *crossing my fingers* ^^

Saw that Toma Vs Jude ... is there any videos with subs? dont understand anything at all ... they r just laughing all the time! xD

(yeah, off topic here)
Arashi's songs cool their music too =)
Was also there in Tokyo last August when Arashi had their 10th anniversary ...was really excited coz I thought it was in Tokyo Dome (i stayed at Tokyo Dome Hotel). thought i can at least get a peek (or listen). well, only waaayy after that only did i knew that it was held somewhere else! felt stupid LOL

kate☂ said...

well, u know, that scene where he's rubbing her arm and leg...i know they're not IN bed together right then, but still...i think it counts as a bed scene, since they're about to, it!!

gah!! really?? seaside motel will be released June 5!! u've GOT TO watch if you're in tokyo in june!!! xD

haha. i watched some parts too. at least i understand jude, but yeah, dunno what toma's saying. they laugh a lot. xD maybe TFS will sub it later, though.

LOL. but it's cool that u were there while their concert was going on....feels more exciting...ah, i really envy everyone who has been to japan before....xD

zoe_alexiel said...

the column in other magazine is : +act. ^^

kate@theTheatre said...

u mean toma will now have a column in +act each month??? sugoi!! but then seems like it'll be in black and white then? aw...

zoe_alexiel said...

I'm still not sure how it will be

kate☂ said...

i wish it could be in color! but i'm already very happy he'll still have a column. yey. thanks for telling me, zoe-chan!! ^^