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about revenge... / comparing toma's role in Maou w/johnny depp's role in 21 Jump Street! =)

toma-ism #26:
toma-kun..."to me, now and forever, [he] is the guy. if there's only one guy, this is the guy. there's no other guys, there's no better guys, there's nobody competing with this guy...and that's it, case closed."
[slightly altered jerry seinfeld quote.
he was talking about his hero, superman. haha~]

another post! yes! (R your eyes getting a little tired from all this red text yet? haha. sorry, it's friday, i have to post in red!)
just cuz i love johnny depp! and i wanna share with u all these videos ASAP!
yeah~ johnny is a ser~iously co~ol guy!!

but first, here R some funny/good quotes about revenge. which i mostly agree with. here's another one that i translated to eng.: "revenge only results in more revenge...when will it end?"

"[Closing Monologue]

JERRY: People like the idea of revenge. Have you ever heard the expression 'The best revenge is living well' I've said this, in other words it means supposedly the best way to get back at someone is just by being happy and successful in your own life. Sounds nice...doesn't really work on that Charles Bronson, kinda level. You know what I mean, those movies where his whole family gets wiped out by some street scum. You think you could go up to him, 'Charlie forgot about the 357, what you need is a custom-made suit and a convertible. New carpeting, french doors, a divan. That'll show those punks.' "
(credit:, from the episode: The Revenge)


[Closing Monologue]

(Jail?) doesn't really seem like that great of revenge. Wouldn't years of subtle psychological mind games be a lot more satisfying? Constantly calling him, hanging up when he answers the phone. Sending pizzas and taxis to their house all night long. After a while he would go, "I wish that guy would kill me already, I can't take it anymore!"


“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior”
-Francis Bacon, Sr.

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” -Confucius

"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind. " -Mahatma Gandhi

"Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt. " -Thomas Moore

______________________comparing toma's role in Maou w/johnny depp's role in 21 Jump Street! =)

if u were a teenage girl living in the USA during the 80s, chances are, you were in love with johnny depp! =) i was only a little kid then, but i kinda remember that i thought he was a cool guy and liked him. hehe~ YES, i am a big johnny depp fan! but this was only after watching Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one). and YES, my username, savvykate, comes from the "savvy?" capt. jack sparrow often says! =)

here's some info about this drama that lasted several years. it was about young cops going undercover to catch criminals...

actually, toma and johnny depp have a lot in common! they R both really really cute & charming guys, with boyish good looks. both are/were teen idols. they are both great actors/singers, of course. they both have that kinda face, where, they can look so sweet/cute, but also so fierce/scary! but of course, johnny absolutely hated being a teen idol. and he's actually really quiet/shy in real life. toma has said he's actually a an introvert/gloomy guy in real life, but i'm sure not as much as johnny. haha~
...i am looking forward to the day when ppl see toma as something more than a teen idol. to recognize him for his talents and not just his good looks. like with johnny depp! but i guess by definition, a JE guy has to be a teen idol! well, i just want ppl to take him more seriously and respect him more (it would help if he could finally debut!! WHEN??), i guess...maybe this will change after Maou!

ANYWAY, toma's Naoto character reminds me of johnny's Tom Hanson character in this show! well, from the video clips i saw of him on youtube, anyway. here's a description of his character. he's got some similarities to Naoto, right? the cynical, rebellious loner. except tom is more funny/smart aleck-y, maybe. haha~ it's still too early to say. but 4 sure, they R both very tough, impulsive, quick-tempered guys!

"Officer Tom Hanson (Thomas) - Idealistic, intelligent, passionate and introverted rookie who becomes increasingly outspoken, disillusioned and cynical about police work and life. Father was a cop killed on the job, mother lives in the local area."

WATCH THESE 21 jump street MVs about tom~
[21 Jump Street - Dirty Little Secret]
[21 Jump Street - I Fought the Law]

[Johnny Depp-CrAzY 21 Jump Street!]

[21 Jump Street- Sing for the moment] (intense/sad moments!!)

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