Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toma's new Suntory wine CM!! ^_^

so cute!! ^_^ you can watch the 15 seconds, 30 seconds versions and also the older ones at this link:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yokokuhan (newspaper mask guy movie xD) trailer!!!!


the trailer (not just teaser) for Yokokuhan (Advanced Notice Criminal) was released recently!!! watch it here:

or you can watch it at the official website, too. lol.

this movie seems pretty cool. toma with black hair, simple, cool hairstyle!!♥♥ and i love love toma-running-dramatically scenes.♥♥♥ so cool. and reminds me of Maou, i guess. or maybe toma just looks so cool when he's running. xD (i know i used the word "cool" too much. lol.) BUT DID THEY JUST SHOW HIM DYING AT THE END OF THE TRAILER?!!! WHY! DON'T GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!!! :( even though i heard somewhere that it will have a sad ending. sigh.

oh, i just added on the left side of my blog, a twitter pic that leads to my twitter page. in case anyone wants to follow me (i'll follow back! xD i just need to approve you first. as long as you don't seem like a spam account, i will add you. haha. it helps if you say something in your profile about being a toma fan or liking japan stuff, so i'll know you're a toma fan and not a random stranger.). i do sometimes retweet toma stuff, but don't follow just because you want to see toma stuff, because it's 95% me talking about random things or retweeting stuff i like and 5% toma or johnny's or japan related stuff. hahaha.... i have my twitter linked in my LJ (kate_firefly) profile a long time now, but i think maybe a lot of you don't go there and might not know about it. 

if you want to ask me toma-related questions, you can ask me there, too!! i'm on twitter everyday, so you can probably reach me very fast. haha. at least much faster than if you comment or post in my cbox here. though of course i love coming here sometimes and seeing new messages in my cbox or new comments here. keep them coming!! thanks!!! ^_^