Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bday project #1 is d o n e!!! ^_^

[the 2 cards...please safely get to toma!! our love and wishes for him are all in here...]

i'm back~
i sent the 2 bday cards for toma this morning. ^.^
i'm really so happy i am done with 2 out of the 3 bday projects!!

now only #2 project left,
and it's much more easy and will take much less time. whew~

here's just a preview of the hearts,
what it looks like be4 i wrote on them...

explain a little more, more pics...good night~!)

9/17 edits:

-forgot to say! thanks again, everyone who took part in this project!! :) we were able to get over 10 ppl after all, like i had hoped.

-just FYI, for the japanese text, i had to copy it in pencil first, then go over them with the pen later. that's why i was using the eraser. (also to erase the penciled outlines of the hearts.)

-an umbrella (especially a clear one) also reminds me of tokyo, cuz it rains so much there. ^_^

-i only started using "kate *umbrella*" recently, so i didn't get to use it for my pen name for the first 2 toma fan art. but then if i use it for the last 2 fan art, i am afraid toma and everyone will think it's 2 different kate's that drew them, instead of 1 kate that drew all 4. so i just left my pen name the same: kate. =/

-also, this time i didn't even think to include a picture of me inside....ma, it's somewhat a little embarassing and bold to do that, actually.....i kinda regret including pics of myself in last years' cards to toma, so now i kinda hope toma has not read them at all. lol. no, not completely...

ohayo gozaimas!!

i sent the 2 cards yesterday morning.
this time was opposite of last time...the post office lady seemed cranky and i got mad when she just carelessly threw the cards into the mail bin. =0 last time, the man there was a lot more friendly and cheerful. anyway, she says it will take 2 weeks to get there, probably. so that would mean around sept. 29 or maybe a little later for the wink up (white envelope), cuz i wrote the address in english. well, cuz there is no japanese version for it. it can't be helped.

lol!! i just realized...! the 2 envelopes. orange and white. orange-kun and white-san!!! toru and izumi!!! sugeh! ^o^

and before mailing them, i wrapped them in this nice purple cloth i bought at mitsuwa. purple, orange and white. makes me think of majosai again!! haha.

and here's my comments about the cards, hearts, etc.:

--the tissue paper hearts are very fragile and transparent. that's why i had to write everything on 1 side of the heart only. but they look really pretty, right? *_* they remind me of cherry blossom petals, actually. cuz of the pretty shades of pink and when u toss them up in the air, they will slowly float, flutter down just like sakura petals!! but cuz of this, i hope toma, when he opens the card(s), that he's not in a WINDY place then. lol. cuz then they'll just all fly away!! (though that might be a pretty sight, too! :P)

--there was NO GLUE (to seal it up) at all on the cool, shiny white envelope!! EHH!! i think it's the first time i've encountered this. lol. this card was a little more expensive than regular cards, you'd think the fancy envelope would have glue on it 4 u, for the extra money u paid!! :P but nothing. i had to just dab some glue on it and spread it evenly. well, at least i'm sure it's sealed very carefully!! it's not gonna easily open, this one!

-the weather has been lovely and cool, with the sky filled with soft, puffy, white clouds each time that i send off toma stuff this year!! i think last year was also like that?? ^_^ on the day i sent these 2 cards off, it was a lot cooler than previous days, and the blue sky full of drifting white clouds. and at sunset, the sunlight shined thru some trees...it doesn't show up very well in the pic at all, but the bright light shining thru the trees' leaves...it creates an effect kinda like twinkling starlight, so i really love seeing the sun set behind trees (which i can only see around this time of year, the end of summer, cuz the sun's path changes throughout the year...). ii neeeee. ~_~

-this is really weird, but i swear, almost everyday (or every few days), i would look at my watch/my cellphone and see that the time is EXACTLY 10:07am or pm!!!! 0__o it's happening A LOT, really!!! i rarely see 7:10am/pm, but 10:07, i see it so so so much!!! it's getting a little eerie, actually. lol. doushitte?? it's like i can sense when it's 10:07 now or something?! but really, it's cool...each time i see it, i think "toma's bday is coming!!".^^

...........................ABOUT THE MESSAGE 4 TOMA:

[click on this pic to read the message clearly]

-the parts in japanese (WOW, IT'S SO HARD TO WRITE IN JAPANESE!! took me some time to copy all of it...), in the order that they appear say:
. toma-kun, tanjoubi omedetou!!! ^_^
. gambatte ne~!
. toma-kun, daiskii.♥

-i was thinking of writing "love, kate" like last time, but then i really like how "yours truly" sounds. *_* it's actually a formal end greeting to a letter to mean that i honestly, truly meant everything i said. but of course, in this case, i also mean that literally! lol. remember, 1 toma fan said toma doesn't belong to any of us, cuz WE ALL belong to him? ~_~

-i didn't make the japanese text bigger on purpose! just that when i'm trying to copy it, i automatically had to write it a little bigger so that it'd be easier to copy it. -__- but i guess it's good that those most important parts are bigger...

-the 2nd card (purple/pink), i really had to write so small to fit in the whole message. aiya...

-my message turned out longer than i planned, but i really wanted to say all these things to toma...and i tried to write everything very simply and capitalize words i think he'll understand, so hopefully toma will get the main ideas (laughs). ^^;

-the umbrella emoticon next to my name: i am using it here at the blog, too. =) see, i've always really loved rain (partly cuz it's quite rare in california), cuz i love cold weather and the sound of falling rain, and how rainy days seem a little more mysterious and special. also, sometimes u'll see rainbows! or lightning! my cellphone has an umbrella charm. and 1 of my main email accounts has the word rain in it. i like how an umbrella doesn't only represent rain, but also safety/shelter. protection. and in japan, it kinda represents love. it's romantic for couples to walk in the rain under 1 umbrella and young couples draw umbrellas (instead of hearts, like in the usa) on walls and write their names under them to show their love for each other. for all these reasons (but mainly cuz i love rain), that's why i'm kate *umbrella* now. :D

[i bought this good eraser very recently, though i wish i had got it sooner, it could have helped me a lot while i was still drawing the fan art!! just realized today, i think it says "eraser-kun" on it?! kawaii!! haha. xD]


Petra said...

Yaaaay! ^^
Those hearts are totemo kawaii! :)

kate ☂ said...

thank u!! ~_~
i'm glad u like 'em.

Anonymous said...

aaaawww i LOVE your idea!!! everything is just sooo cute and the card is soo cool, you wrote everything what i would write to him! hehe i hope he'll visit your blog(i love it!!)

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Good work in getting your cards done and off to the post.

Do hope he is not in a windy place where the wind will low away the pretty hearts before he sees them. Ah ha. Arigato kate.

I noticed your cute umbrella emoticon - changed from your shooting star..

kate ☂ said...

thanks, anonymous!^^ i hope he'll come here too. and i really love the results of this project too. the cards, hearts, message, everything. <3

thanks, paige!^^
i really hope so too, cuz even a slight breeze can blow them away easily. lol. but i couldn't think of a way to secure them to the cards, so...haha. thanks 4 noticing! yeah, i think the umbrella suits me more~~

Cezie_Pals said...

yaaaay! thank you kate! it's very well done! u did great! thanks for including us other fans in the card.
I really hope though that he'll have sum1 translate the contents so that he'll understand the feelings put into that bday project. LOL
Thumbs up Kate! U did great!

kate ☂ said...

cezie!! *_*
you're welcome!

(thank u, thank u!! last couple hours, some things happened that made me VERY ANGRY, UPSET. >_< but seeing yr message cheered me up. ^_^)

~_~ i hope so too. or he can look up certain words online or something. haha...i really really hope toma will receive and take a look at both cards....

im_amot said...

Good job Kate chan !!!

The heart shape is so cute .. and i see my name in one of those paper .. arigato gozaimasu ..

need your favor Kate chan ..

please give me Toma address so that i could post it someday too ...

joyceneoh said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for doing this!! I suddenly feel as though I can reach out to Toma through this card.
Sigh... I really hope it reaches him or at least something! Sigh..

I'm sighing alot, lol.. If I can do anything next year (I dunno, send you lots of love messages???) I'll gladly participate ^_^

Thanks once again kate!

kate@usa said...

im_amot, and joyceneoh, YOU'RE WELCOME. ~_~

sure~ scroll down the the bottom of this post:
I have posted the addresses and instructions of how to send him fanmail there.

lol, joyce. i have no idea what the bday project will be next year. maybe i'll do the bday card hearts thing again, cuz at least it's easy for many ppl to participate...but i'll be sure to let u and every1 know here ne. ^o^