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i've been toma's fan for 3 years!!!♥ (on aug.30/31)

it's been (almost) 3 years!

thank you...

i decided to do something i've never done before, which is post this entry early, cuz i wanna post during the weekend, and i really can't wait any longer to post it up!! heehee. and also, post up a handwritten message for minna-chan...

these are the links to my 1 and 2 year posts, btw:

(click on the pic to see my messsage more clearly)

here's my 5th fic, "the pool...". it's just a short oneshot. haha...
but i promise the next one will be longer and more interesting!! xD

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(credit: hana@ Hanamizuki - May Your Love Bloom For A Hundred Years got $4,670,787!! credit:, thanks to! and i got some screencaps from the hanamiz opening day stage greeting below, too. *___* other pics from the opening day: xq ,

hanamizuki is #1!!!!!


i was just hoping for it to be in the top 5, but #1 is soooooo AWESOME!!!!
the first time toma's movie (well, it's gakky's, kedo..) is #1! i'm really happy for toma and gakky and the whole hanamiz team!! hounto ni!! URESHII.......~_____~ because this movie is so sweet and romantic and it has a special meaning to me..... i'm really really so happy so many people love this movie.♥ i hope it stays #1 for a few weeks in a row!!!! *___*

and the competition was tough too!

""Hanamizuki" surpass "The Borrower Arriety" and becomes number 1! Fierce summer weekend ranking achievement!

The movie "Hanamizuki," which opened on August 21st brilliantly achieved to surpass all movies being in theaters now such as "The Borrower Arriety", "Kamen Rider," "Pocket Monsters" and American movies "Toy Story 3" and "Inception."

"Hanamizuki" certainly surpassed 30 billion yen in box office takings, but the goal is 40 billion yen.

"The Borrower Arriety" was number 1 for 4 weeks, so for "Hanamizuki" to rank number 1 is a huge success."

and the reasons for the movie's popularity (besides toma and gakky's incredible CUTENESS & the sweet sweet love story & the pretty pretty locations!! =P):

“Hanamizuki” makes No.1 debut on Japanese movie charts

In the first two days of release, Tohma Ikuta’s (25) latest movie “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” was seen by more than 300,000 people across 310 cinemas in Japan, netting close to 400 million yen at the box office, reports Cinema Today.

It has been reported the movie’s success is thanks to the film’s origin and its actors. The movie had been based on Yo Hitoto’s hit song of the same name, which is still a popular song sung at karaoke in Japan. The movie’s two lead actors Ikuta and Yui Aragaki (22) had spent most of July and August promoting the film, meaning that barely a day went by without seeing one or the other on TV or in the newspaper. On top of this, their co-star Osamu Mukai’s (28) rising popularity from his current drama “ゲゲゲの女房 (Gegege no Nyobo)” is also suspected to have influenced ticket sales.

With no major movies set for release this week, “Hanamizuki” has a good chance of staying at its No.1 spot for a second week in a row.

(credit: japan_now &

toma wrote a really nice, touching message
about hanamizuki a few days after the opening day:

8/25 vol.385


Looks like many people have watched it.
Thank you.

This movie would be a little bit different if you watch the second time.

If you like it, please don't hesitate and watch it again!
Enjoy yourself!

What's Saki (yui's character) thinking? Something like that.
Why would Gohei (toma's character) do that? etc.

I think this is a very real love story.
Life- you can't do anything about it.
It makes people feel pain, sad;
I think we will all agree with Gohei and Saki who struggle so much to live,
we'll also have the strength to live after all.

Even though everyone has different thoughts,
I don't know why, but I just feel this way.

I guess when you are watching this movie, you should not only see what it describes,
but you should actually 'Feel' it.

So i hope everyone could feel it, and like Hanamizuki.
This is a movie that I will always like and treasure.

Please support it.

(thanks to jessica for translating it! credit: rei and mizza. ~__~)

............ and here's some more hanamiz stuff:

GAKKY is so lucky!! awww.....~__~

"On August 25, 2010, Aragaki Yui visited Hitoto Yo at Kimibun before her 2010 tour concert commenced. This was also the first time both of them met.

Before the concert commenced, Hitoto Yo specially sang the song "Hanamizuki" to Aragaki Yui only which left Aragaki Yui with tears of joy & gratitude."
(credit: Hyde and YKT at u can see the pics here:
(Hana translated some parts of a radio program that they were on. ~__~ gahhhhh.....they're so cute & comfortable with each other.♥)

(gifs of super cute/funny toma/gakky moments from the 100 yen store show!!! ~__~)

............TOMA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! bdaycake_0069.gif bdayconfetti_0032.gif

toma's 26th birthday is on october 7!! i can't think of anything else to do except send him a nice birthday card i bought from mitsuwa. and like every year, if you want to help me celebrate toma's birthday, you can! all i'll write on the card is "happy birthday, toma!" and i'll sign my name. anyone who want me to add their name to the card, comment below with your name, and i'll add it to the card. ~___~ i'm guessing not a lot of people will comment, but if a lot of you do, and i run out of space, i'll just continue writing on a piece of paper and put it inside the card. so...comment away!! =D the more the merrier! oh....i will probably send the card out near the end of september, cuz it takes about a week to get to japan.

(this is what it looks like:

(credit: magazine preview pics from baidu. thanks to tomadaisuki!)

.............unubore episode names and ratings:
TFS has released ep.4! and u can check unubore's ratings here. i guess it's doing ok... toma LJ things:
[Potato August 2010 translation]

"But, if there's a chance, I would like to go camping this summer. It'll be awesome if I could take my time to relax and go BBQ or fishing at the river. I'll probably have an easily understandable "this is fun!" expression on during that time. (laugh)"

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hanamizuki opening day stage greeting...& other toma news n stuff

kate desu.
how are you? =)

(this is tomadaisuki's hearts icon. omg, it's SUPER CUTE!! heehee.)

sorry, it's been a while since my last post. it can't be helped...there hasn't been a lot of toma news until recently. umm....unubore's up to ep.7 and i haven't even watched ep.3. (but tfs only recently released it...)

GET THE NINGEN MOVIE HERE, unsubbed. thanks to zoe!

wow....after a 6 months wait...but i'll wait for the subs.
when is ningen coming to other countries anyway? hmm...


u can find it at youtube...(here's one 1 found: oh, there's a subbed version too. or get it here:
[TOKIO - NaNaNa (Taiyou Nante Irane) PV w/ Toma]

........summary of toma's recent messages:

he's been plugging for the PV, unubore, and hanamiz, of course. =D there's a super cute hanamiz theme at his blog now. he hopes everyone will support hanamizuki...must watch it! he thanks everyone for welcoming them when they came to different places to promote the movie. for the opening day, just a short message. "finally, it's the first day of hanamizuki" he doesn't think any1 hasn't watched, but if so, "hurry and go watch it~!!" haha.
(credit: thanks to jessica for translating! u can read the full messages at the toma LJ or mizza's blog.)


(credit: the hanamiz-related screencaps: mizza♥, for the toma pv filming shop pics:, stage greeting pic: xq ,

i dunno why toma's hair and clothes have been kinda weird lately?? ummm...his hair is all poofed up and long & sticking out in the back. this outfit is too white and i dunno....hmm. but i think it's nice how every1 held a hanamiz flower pic and they sang the chorus of the hanamiz song, making gakky cry! awww........~__~ here's the news:
Aragaki, Ikuta, Mukai greet audience for "Hanamizuki" opening day

i've been waiting for this day...a tiny part of me thought maybe somehow i could go watch it in japan. wish didn't come true, but then, at least i have the hanamiz pb. nanka...i feel that i've already seen the movie. heehee...~___~

to celebrate the opening day, i watched mizza-chan's special MV for hanamizuki!!!! yeyyy. it's sooooo nice and sweet.♥♥♥♥

oh, and guess what? "it has been officially confirmed** that Hanamizuki will be shown in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand ''and 4 foreign countries''!!!!!!!!!!![credit:] SUGOI!!!!! if only they'd release it in the USA....and somewhere near me so i can watch it. xD

......this is old news now, but they went to the Tokyo Daijingu shrine to promote hanamiz.....wah, both look so pretty in their yukatas!!! ~__~

news about it: (toma said gakky's nape is beautiful!! fufufu....xD) toma LJ stuff:

(gakky drew toma.....and he tried to imitate it.
it does kinda look like him! LOL!! xD )
[Scans of Duet + Potato + Wink Up September, thanks mizza!]
[DOWNLOAD ~ MP3 of TOKIO's NANANA 太陽なんていらねぇ (TAIYOU NANTE IRANE), thanks mizza!]
[DOWNLOAD ~ 20100812 DON + 20100812 NSUTA + 20100812 SUPERNEWS (toma & gakky at the shrine, in yukatas), thanks mizza!]
[Hanamizuki OST]
[awesome gifs of toma from the TOKIO PV. =)]
[SCANS OF HANAMIZUKI PHOTOBOOK (TOMA's PART - 40 pages), thanks mizza!]
[TOMAPI DOUJINSHI. fufufu....xD thanks mizza!]
[hanamizuki icons]
[Hanamizuki Official Photostory Book (68 pages)]
[Shop photo (NaNaNa Pv filming)]
[Preview of Random magazine]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


hi hi, everyone!
how are you...
it's kate.
hai......finally a new post!
sorry i made you wait....


(so no new drama or butai this year....but i'm kinda glad. haha. when toma's in a movie, i get a break.....not much toma stuff to worry about keeping up with/talk about here. LOL.)

OH MY GOD..........


he'll be the most handsome and loved prince,
from the most popular japanese novel ever!!

(sorry if some of the things below, u already read. haha....
i am using some of my comments that i've posted at LJ....)

what camaronzin said basically sums it all up:

2010-08-02 09:27 pm UTC
This is like bigger than enything else he's done so far :O

what a great honor!! ~__~
this is really amazing.....a really HUGE STEP UP for toma.
though ningen was a big deal, but this is a HUGE deal, cuz it's a big budget action/romance fantasy movie, about such a super famous novel.

toma was chosen to be the lead actor in this movie since last year, while he was filming for ningen! i did a quick search....this novel has been made into a movie, anime, manga, etc. etc. sugoi.....i'm really happy for toma, getting this HUGE role!!!!!! WHILE NINGEN IS A FAMOUS NOVEL IN JAPAN....TALE OF GENJI IS A FAMOUS NOVEL WORLDWIDE.

I'M SO PROUD OF TOMA!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

i don't really like ancient time movies. and i'm kinda worried how toma will look kinda funny in that kinda ancient hairstyle and clothes...hahaha.

AND i'm a little tired of seeing toma as a womanizer, u know? *sigh* in ningen, then seaside, kinda in Unubore?? and now in this movie. T__T i miss sweet and cute toma. won't someone give me back my adorable and innocent toma??? *sigh*

toma's character is kinda like in ningen shikkaku... also really handsome, with many lovers! gah...yaparri, genji is a womanizer. i don't want to see toma like this (again)....but this movie is a big deal and toma gets to be the lead actor!!! *fingers crossed* that they change the story enough so that he'll be more likable. like they did with ningen shikkaku. =)

actually.....i hope toma's next role could be a NOT~ HANDSOME GUY!! lol. it would be so cool if he takes on a weird/strange guy role, not some handsome likable guy. i'd love it if he did something like johnny depp in edward scissorhands.....just suddenly have a role where he doesn't look so good...prove to everyone he doesn't have to rely on his pretty face all the time. but i guess doing something like that is really hard for someone like toma (johnnys probably wouldn't let him take a risky role like that).

toma posted a message about this at his blog on August 3. he said the person in charge of the movie asked him to be in it at a barbeque restaurant last year. LOL. he was shocked, but he'll try his best to make it a good movie. he's having horse riding lessons right now, which is making his butt hurt. he also reminds everyone to buy the ningen DVD and he's doing a lot of things to promote hanamizuki. =) (credit: Jessica-chan, Susie-chan. u can read his whole message here:

.............. Genji news and info:
Toma Ikuta to star in "The Tale of Genji" movie adaptation

the LJ post about toma's new movie (every1 so happy for the hyper comments!! xD) :

here's a long summary of the novel....(don't read too much, there are spoilers)

Ikuta Toma Lands Genji Role

Actor and Johnnys Jr. member Ikuta Toma (25) has landed probably the best movie role going. Directed by Tsuruhashi Yasuo (70), the latest big-screen adaptation of "Genji Monogatari" (The Tale of Genji) has a budget of over ¥1-billion. It is based on the classic novel written at the beginning of the 11th century by Murasaki Shikibu, a lady-in-waiting for the emperor. It is considered to be one of the finest works in Japanese literature and the world's earliest novel.

The tale revolves around the romantic life of the central character, a son of the emperor who for political reasons has been relegated to the status of a commoner. Given the surname Minamoto, but known to readers as Hikaru Genji, he is portrayed as strikingly handsome, an image that has fixed his place in the popular culture (Hikaru Genji was the name of a hugely popular 1980s Johnny's Jimusho group). The role has been given to some of the most popular and handsome young movie stars of each generation, including Hasegawa Kazuo in 1951 and kabuki actor Ichikawa Raizo in 1961. On TV, the role has gone to music icon Sawada Kenji (1980) and Johnnys star Higashiyama Noriyuki (1991).

That image adds pressure to the portrayal by Ikuta, who joined Johnny's Jimusho in 1996 but only made his big-screen debut this year in "Ningen Shikaku." That was the first of three starring roles this year (the others are "Seaside Motel" and "Hanamizuki") that are expected to mold him into a movie star, under the guidance of the svengali-like Johnny Kitagawa and powerful producer Kadokawa Tsuguhiko. The movie is expected to have a late-2011 release.

[credit:, & thanks to meoinkie2 for posting it at AF]

................10 days left until hanamiz's opening day!♥♥♥♥

(credits for the toma/gakky or hanamizuki-related pics/screencaps: me =), zoe, nikki, strawberry-gemm, chiakin, credits for the other toma pics: mizza, zoe,

wow... btw, gakky's in a zillion magazines recently. u can see a ton of her magazine pics at!! she's really pretty and seems like a super nice and sweet girl. gakky & toma...they are so perfect for each other!! again....i would be really happy if they were together in real life. heehee....
[buy the hanamiz pb at these sites!!]
[hanamizuki staff blog. thanks mizza!♥]
[watch toma & gakky promoting hanamiz @youtube.... Shinsuke Shachou no Produce Daisakusen 8/3/2010 and the hanamizuki SP!! thanks, hana! ~_~ OH, IF U WANT TO DL IT (and other toma gakky promoting video clips), GO TO MIZZA'S BLOG! or the toma LJ. =)]
Aragaki surprises fans with English (in Hanamizuki)
[news about a surprise toma & gakky stage greeting at Osaka on August 6! ~_~]

my hanamiz SP notes:

-i think they are giving away too much of what happens in the movie....but it still seems like a super SWEET, CUTE, and beautiful (literally!! such pretty locations in hokkaido, NYC, canada....) movie!!

-gohei said something that sounded so sweet when he hugged sae....i think something like "i love u so much" or "i miss u so much"?? sounded so sweet/sad and genuine!!

-ehhhhh. seems like they both dated another person for a while. umm....i guess that's to be expected....=T and there's a scene....gohei pulls that girl down with him and is about to kiss her!! omg.....

-ahhh. it's so touching to see that gakky also kept crying after that goodbye phone call scene ne...

-gakky's english is ok. =) she sounds cute, though it's just a little hard to tell what she's saying during her speech.

-gakky is really really cute and sweet!! i think she's now my fav toma female co-star. =) she really is a good actress and seems so hard-working too. i really would love some toma dating gakky rumors!! haha. xD

-my fav moment is the scene where toma's consoling her....awww!!! he pulls her close and kisses her hair gently....♥♥♥♥ amai sweet~~

..........recent and new toma magazine scans....winkup, duet, etc. for this month!! (thanks to mizza for telling me!) and some pics of the official ningen DVD things from zoe's blog. sugoi......and she also posted up a CERTAIN screencap from ningen.... OMG.....umm....well, i knew there would be a naked toma bed scene in the movie, but i...didn't expect this!?? poor toma, cuz of the way he's curled up....he looks like a baby lying next to his mother?'s more sad than sexy to me, but of course.....OMGGGGG NAKED TOMA!!!!!!! *blush* (there are more pics of hanamiz posters and stuff in japan and more toma/gakky pics at

.............i watched ep.2 of unubore.

("u look so good that ppl want to kill you". hahaha!! the other guys were saying toma has an annoying "noisy" face. way!! he's got such a pretty face ne....)

this episode was pretty good...but not as good as ep.1. Mama is such a cool character!! haha. i love it when she or the bartender yell at the guys when they're acting like idiots. rie has a pretty bed with cute lights on it!! ~__~ i love nagase's freak out in the park and his cool dancing scene!! LOL. the ocean cliff at the end was really nice.....and sadame's new big role....he'll be the conceited detective!! LOL. awesome.

oh, FYI.... the ratings went up a little! yey!!
Unubore Deka (うぬぼれ刑事) Time: 10PM
Episode 1: 12.2
Episode 2: 7.9
Episode 3: 7.3
Episode 4: 8.5
Episode 5: 8.3

[credit:] LJ toma stuff:
[translation] 1008 Potato - Toma, Nagase

(i like this part! Nagase: No, no. I want Toma to stay the way you are right now. You're fun to talk with and your acting's good too.)
Shun X Toma Crosstalk! [translation of their recent interview. =)]
[NANDE KORE?? xD toma/sadame's interview?? thanks, mizza!]
[toma's first +ACT column entry?? about wrestling??? ehh....]
TOMA ~ SCANS of ANAN vol. 1712
[thanks, mizza!]
[250 toma icons!! xD old and recent....]
[chibi toma icons. =)]
TOKIO performed on Music Station and at the back of them is the pv
[some really awesome cat in the red boots gifs!!! OMG....kakkoii.....]
[DL the hanamizuki SP!! ~___~]
[DL the toma ENDLESS FIGHT bio book]

[a lot of preview pics for the toma bio book. thanks mizza!]

...............random toma stuff:

[screencaps from a tv show, thanks to mizza! i dunno why the male host sat on toma's lap??]


yamapi talked about toma. awwwww. ~___~ "he’s grown into an excellent adult. (Laugh) He paved a new way for himself, and also gave me lots of motivation. I respect him very much. When I said “You’re really amazing” to his face, Toma laughed."

-- LOLLLLLL. TOMA WAS DOING A BAD ITALIAN ACCENT IN HIS VOL.377 ENTRY...."a long-a time no see!", etc. thanks to paige (@ the tomalicious forum) for that translation. xD

thank you for linking to me, misa!!♥ if any of u wanna link to me, u can used these small pics that i made years ago. haha. it would be better if u make your own though. xD mine are not so good.