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toma really does have fans all over the world!! / if u wanna write to toma... / some niki/fiona in JAPAN pics

[forgot 2 post up these Fi @Japan pics!! the 1 w/the umbrella, i'm not sure where she is, but it's a pretty + cool pic, so i included it anyway. haha~ ALSO ADDED A FI-RELATED EDIT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST LA! ~_^ enjoy the fi cuteness.] [*added another edit related to the ADDRESSES]

♥ toma-ism #45:
i'm lost in your eyes.

♥ toma-ism #46:
heaven sent.

[just some cute niki pics 2 start off this post! haha. i forgot where i got them... f/a few yrs back. but looks the same now. =) MORE NIKI/FI CUTENESS BELOW!! me showing some niki/fiona love and pics 4 a change here. haha~ ]

(some1 else online now??
sorry, pls come back soon, i'm still editing this post. haha.
edit: 7.46pm now. HI HI, 3 other ppl here! haha~ i'm done editing. enjoy this latest post!! thank you. this has been kate`*. ciao!
it's the last Maou day! ='(
but from now on, i'll still try 2 have post something new for fridays, cuz i'm used to it now. haha~
i didn't like Maou at first, but it grew on me fast, and now that i'm really getting close to the end (finished ep.8 today), i'm really gonna miss it once it's over!! aww... but it's getting really exciting, i wanna see how it ends!! i keep jotting down my thoughts about it while watching...i'll share with u all later. =) and of course, i got a ton of screencaps, too.

oh, be4 i forget, HAPPY MID-AUTUMN/MOON FESTIVAL!! to all that celebrate it this weekend. it's funny, cuz fall hasn't even started yet!! but it certainly feels like autumn is HERE where i am. the weather's been pretty pleasant and cool/cold recently!! =) i hope you all have fun lighting lanterns & enjoying the full moon and eat some yummy mooncakes! ~_~ i love looking at the full moon and having the moonlight shine on me.

i updated the b-day project poll results! pls check it out. =)
also added a small results so far thingy near the bottom of that post (since last week), now u can see how the results graphic changes each week. which is not much. haha. but still. it's kinda cool 2 see it like this.

..................toma really does have fans all over the world!!

i've noticed that the visitor count has increased to around 50-60+ ppl each day recently! awesome!! thanks to everyone who came, especially those that come back often!

*__* really, arigatou!!

And you all come from so many different countries, too! that's really amazing, that toma has fans all over the world and fans of many different races and ages, too (evident from the members of the fan map & the messages written to toma at Dear Toma...)!! from all 7 continents!!! i'm betting there's some fans in antarctica too? lol. why not. heehee~ Really!! look at the visitor map 4 this blog that i've screencapped above. look at the single red dots in the middle of the ocean or in places where u wouldn't expect there to be a toma fan!! places like Iceland, Mauritius (a small island near Madagascar, off of Africa), Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and in certain parts of Africa!!!

WOW. the visitors map for Dear Toma... is not as impressive, cuz a lot less ppl have come there, but still, there are red dots all over!! =)


............................if u wanna write to toma...

[fi: hmm...what should i write to toma. heehee~ ------------>]

well, i've searched online and looked at the tomalicious thread

and there seems to be 1 main JE address that every1 says u can send letters to toma there. and then there is another JE address and the Wink Up address. thank goodness he's got a monthly journal thingy at that magazine, or else we'd have no choice but 2 send it to JE. cuz JE is really strict about fanmail, i heard f/other fans that they only accept (flat) letters (no bulky letters!) and cards, no gifts. they will send back your gifts or bulky letters!! and some1 said they are even more strict for the fanmail coming from overseas fans. WHY?? i guess they just assume we'd be more crazy or something. lol. ...I RESENT THAT ASSUMPTION!! -__-

anyhow, after my research and asking wing goddess for help, i now have the 3 addresses written in the correct order for those of u who are writing it in english, for those of u who are overseas fans like me. MANY THANKS TO WING GODDESS FOR FINDING AND SHARING THESE 3 ADDRESSES!! ^__^ and it's in the order of importance/most likely it'll get to toma. the first is wink up, cuz i'm guessing they're not as strict as JE and probably will accept all your fanmail and then give it all to him. but u cannot send gifts there, just fanmail. a fan said that toma (and all JE guys) is only allowed to accept presents certain holidays of the year and his birthday, but i don't know how he's given them, even at those times?? crazy JE, with all these stupid rules!! the 2nd is the one that i see most when i looked, though they're all written in different orders! but i think this is the most correct version in english. if u want to be sure, just print out the japanese version that scattie gave at tomalicious. i've posted the screencap below (CLICK on it 2 see it bigger). the 3rd one, i've only seen a couple places list, so not sure about that...

i'm gonna send 2 b-day cards to Wink Up and 1 letter to the 2nd JE address... i think i'll have more chances of him getting my message this way... i'll probably send it this coming week...i'll take some pics and share with every1 what my cards/letter looks like later. =)

get ready to copy-paste-&save, this is it:

WANI BOOKS, Wink Up Henshuubu
(Touma no Ikita Kotoba)
Ebisu Daikoku Biru
4-4-9 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8482

Johnny's Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8550

Johnny's Family Club
Kouen doori building 2F
1-19-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8550

[the ordering should be correct cuz if it's in eng., it's in this order. i followed the instructions here:]

..................just 4 fun, some niki/fiona in JAPAN pics:

[most pics from Fiona's World (fi's official blog!): and niki's official blog:]

doesn't fi look so cute & a lot like toma when she pouts?? haha...i mean, their lips R both so nice & soft. hehe. and here's fi with a puppy that looks almost identical to toma's Jam a couple years back!! she was holding her friend's puppy. ~_~

niki & fi R so kawaii ne! and I ENVY BOTH OF THEM, especially niki (she's been there more!), for having been to japan so many times before. they were there for work (filming ads/dramas), but
still !!

9.14.08 (mid-autumn fest!)
didn't get enough pics of FI in japan be4, but added some cute ones above!! (all of fi & niki's pics R from 2008/2007/2006)!! and forgot 2 say, Fi has been working with YOKOSO! JAPAN for several years, helping promote japan tourism. =) but 4 now, they've taken down her mini-site and replaced her w/hello kitty!! seriously!! lol~ poor fi. but here's a screencap f/the website (, f/around may 2008.

btw, fi's official website is: it's the best official website for any HK artist i've seen, always got some cool video clips of her messages 4 her fans/her MVs playing there. and her songs! alright, enough promoting fi. hehe~

9.17 edit: forgot that if u write in eng., his first name goes first. so toma ikuta instead of ikuta toma. it's probably not that important, but better 2 not confuse them..... also, u can add a Mr. at the start of his name. but i hate 2 make it too formal, so i won't do that on my cards 2 him. =)

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