Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Himitsu -The Top Secret teaser!!

 (credit: pknumba1)

toma's suit and hair style are unflattering, but the plot is kind of interesting, i guess. masaki looks cute, though kinda thin. you can watch the english-subbed teaser and find out more about the movie here:

Monday, December 7, 2015

bunch of new pics and videos... =)

toma was at the special V6 (20 year anniversary?) concert with arashi and all a bunch of other Johnny's guys!!


heyyyy... sorry i haven't updated in so long. not that there was any huge toma news anyway, but there's been a lot of new pics and videos that have been subbed. oh, there's a rumor that toma and shun are filming a new movie, i think?? no official news yet, though.

just FYI, this site has a lot of updated toma pics/videos!! =)

also, you should check jane's twitter often for new toma gifs or very short video clips!! =)

there are some toma videos (subbed!!) at Toma's Room, but you will have to login to get them cuz they are members-locked. THERE IS A REALLY FUNNY EPISODE WHERE TOMA AND JUN (of arashi) take part in some contests to see who is more manly or awesome or something. lol!!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(this is around a month late, but...) MY 8TH TOMA FANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!

omg, i totally forgot to link to my post about my 8th anniversary at my LJ!!! sorry!! lol. thanks to azzil for saying it's been 7 years since you've been his fan. it made me realize i didn't share my post here!!
MY 8TH TOMA FANniversary!!!!! toma picspam/fan memes!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HAPPY (31st) BIRTHDAY, TOMAAAA!!!!! ^__^

hey everyone!! it's toma's 31st birthday!! i'm kinda sad that it seems like a lot less fans are celebrating toma's bday (at least online). =T but anyway, i hope toma has an awesome birthday and many unique, unforgettable bday celebrations with his friends, family, co-stars, etc.!! 

i made 2 toma bday posts. one at my own LJ and one at Toma's Room. the toma's room one is a halloween costumes poll. lol. what matching costumes would you like to dress up in with toma?? 

also, i had a ton of views for my toma bday post last year, so i hope i get a lot again this year. though i'm not sure why. my bento post wasn't that interesting. lol. maybe a lot of people searched for "ikuta toma birthday" or something. hmm...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

toma dating ouroboros co-star, seino nana???

(CREDIT unleashthegeek)
(credit: unleashthegeeks)

it's just a's what happened:

and here's my long, rambling post about my thoughts on it & some crazy theories I came up with. lol.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

GRASSHOPPER POSTER + MOVIE TRAILER!! & polls @TR about Toma's plastic surgery, dating rumor, kissing skills!!

heyyyyy!!! haven't been here in a long time. i only recently started watching Ouroboros again and i'm on ep.5 now. lol. it's alright. i'm mostly just watching cuz i miss toma. i like the fighting scenes!! but the story is kinda just meh, for me. 

before i forget, you can always check the following links for new toma stuff!! right now there are some cute gifs on tumblr of toma playing with puppies and a strage/cute looking animal. lol.
50 second trailer!! go to this link to see it. was released 3 weeks ago and i didn't know. lol. i just watched it today. looks cool, but the last part of the trailer!! lol. poor suzuki. toma IS supposed to be kinda cool in this movie? or not?? lol. i hope he's at least kinda cool despite him being only a teacher before he went undercover. at least i hope he's not completely nerdy or helpless. hahahahaha. i'm sure he won't be.


Friday, May 29, 2015

TOMA'S NEW MOVIE WITH MASAKI!!! and Yokokuhan promoting going on right now...

    (credit: @twitter, @cherryToma10, tomafanindia (edit), suuji (scan))

-I made a new banner for Toma's Room. It has a very fresh, light, summer feel to it!! and Toma is cooking!! aww. xD check it out!! =P

-Toma is promoting his Yokokuhan (newspaper mask guy) movie. He joked about being a member of Arashi. lol. AND HE'S ON A BUNCH OF TV SHOWS COOKING, PLAYING CRAZY GAMES WITH ARASHI, ETC. xD You can check out some of the gifs or videos at Toma's Room (remember to login first). also, check out these links for more recent toma stuff:

(credit: mcjane83)
-Toma and Masaki Okada are filming a movie together!! it's based on a manga, called Himitsu-The Top Secret. The plot sounds interesting... Hmm. But he's been doing a lot of police or crime-related roles continuously. Lol. I hope his next project will be something different for a change. 

News about it here:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

any toma fans going to japan and want to meet up with other fans??

Any Toma fans going to Japan this year and want to meet up with other fans?? I am maybe going this November. =) I thought it might be fun to meet up with some other fans there and watch Toma's Grasshopper movie (released Nov.7) together!! If you are going in November or just some other time and want to see if other fans want to meet you there, then come to our post about it and comment... ^_^

If you want to know more about my plans or go at the same time as I do, go to my livejournal (kate_firefly) for more info!! ^^

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Toma's new Suntory wine CM!! ^_^

so cute!! ^_^ you can watch the 15 seconds, 30 seconds versions and also the older ones at this link:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yokokuhan (newspaper mask guy movie xD) trailer!!!!


the trailer (not just teaser) for Yokokuhan (Advanced Notice Criminal) was released recently!!! watch it here:

or you can watch it at the official website, too. lol.

this movie seems pretty cool. toma with black hair, simple, cool hairstyle!!♥♥ and i love love toma-running-dramatically scenes.♥♥♥ so cool. and reminds me of Maou, i guess. or maybe toma just looks so cool when he's running. xD (i know i used the word "cool" too much. lol.) BUT DID THEY JUST SHOW HIM DYING AT THE END OF THE TRAILER?!!! WHY! DON'T GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!!! :( even though i heard somewhere that it will have a sad ending. sigh.

oh, i just added on the left side of my blog, a twitter pic that leads to my twitter page. in case anyone wants to follow me (i'll follow back! xD i just need to approve you first. as long as you don't seem like a spam account, i will add you. haha. it helps if you say something in your profile about being a toma fan or liking japan stuff, so i'll know you're a toma fan and not a random stranger.). i do sometimes retweet toma stuff, but don't follow just because you want to see toma stuff, because it's 95% me talking about random things or retweeting stuff i like and 5% toma or johnny's or japan related stuff. hahaha.... i have my twitter linked in my LJ (kate_firefly) profile a long time now, but i think maybe a lot of you don't go there and might not know about it. 

if you want to ask me toma-related questions, you can ask me there, too!! i'm on twitter everyday, so you can probably reach me very fast. haha. at least much faster than if you comment or post in my cbox here. though of course i love coming here sometimes and seeing new messages in my cbox or new comments here. keep them coming!! thanks!!! ^_^

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I don't like Ouroboros...

(credit: mostly from,, and some is from see the pics in full size at these links!!)

I wish I liked Ouroboros, but I don't. =( I watched the whole 1st episode. It was ok. It was kind of boring to me. I have watched parts of/looked at gifs from episodes 2-5. Still don't like it. Sigh. I might watch it later on, but right now it's just not interesting or good enough for me. Maybe I just don't like serious Japanese dramas anymore. I have no problem watching Korean dramas (mostly romantic ones though). I am watching a police-themed show, but it's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a funny American sitcom about cops in NYC. Lol. 

By now, most of you probably already know where to get episodes of Ouroboros. But in case you don't, i'll post 2 links in the comments section of this post. xD Don't want to get in trouble for sharing links of where to get it. Lol. Happy watching~~ xD

Oh, also, I made a discussion post at Toma's Room, in case you want to discuss the drama with other Toma fans!! Only 4 comments there so far though. I guess most people aren't interested in discussing it. =/

Monday, January 19, 2015

OUROBOROS has started!!!!!!! xD

Ouroboros has started airing!!!!!

Toma and Shun messing around behind-the-scenes of Ouroboros. hahaha.

everyoneeeeee!!! ~_~

Toma and shun's highly anticipated drama, Ouroboros, started airing a few days ago. so, i thought i would post something to celebrate. xD i guess it will take at least a week or so to get episode 1 subbed. if you want to watch it ASAP go to Toma's Room and check out Jane's post about it to get it. =) oh, Arashi is singing the themesong!! isn't that cool?? the 1st time they're singing for a drama that none of them are in. people were saying it's because toma is the secret 6th member. awww. xD
I just went to this tumblr today to check out gifs from the 1st episode. that's enough for me, for now. lol. from what i see, it seems like it might be a pretty cool drama. hmm. not sure... i also read Jane's review and she doesn't like it much so far. lol. well, i never had very high expectations for it despite all the hype. i'm not a fan of shun, either. so...i'll check it out when there are subs. but i'm not even sure if i'll watch the whole thing. i'll try watching a few episodes at least. i just get bored easily, especially when it comes to serious japanese dramas. =/ 

and here are some cute toma pics!!! xD most of these pics, I got from Jane. oh, in the pic below, where toma was a guest on Sho's show, they talked about how toma had a tough time after knowing he was not going to be put in Arashi and he had to be one of the backup dancers for Arashi's first concert. but sho cried and said something at the end of the concert that made toma feel better (?). =,( what toma said made sho cry, on the show. omg. so sad... i'm sure all the Arashi guys sometimes still feel bad about toma not being able to join them. sigh.

and there are a ton of toma/shun pics, of course. but i'm only including my favorite one here. honestly, shun looks so awkward in a lot of pics though!! you can see a lot at Toma's Room or at tumblr. check tomafanindia and ogurin-tomasu's tumblrs or even