Monday, September 24, 2007


[above: i made this slideshow real quick 2day...will make a better one a bunch of toma-related stuff i want 2 do.....make an MV, slideshow, etc.... =)]

i made this blog
2 have a place where new toma fans
can learn more about him,
find out a lot about him,
all in 1 place.

cuz i'm a new fan.
i'm not japanese & can't read japanese.
so it's been kinda hard 4 me 2 find out more about him...

being the obsessive super fan that i am, though,
i've managed 2 find out a lot about him....
and i will share what i've found (links, pics, news, video clips, etc. etc. )

hopefully this will help ppl find out
how he's such an
AWESOME person!!! :)
and help promote toma....
SPREAD THE TOMA LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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