Saturday, May 31, 2008

more random toma facts / start of TOMA-ISMs/ toma rocks out!! / cut & paste 2 be his girlfriend!

heart_quotes.gif toma-ism #1: there's no one like ikuta toma!
how's it going?

i finally finished h&C recently!
haven't finished screencapping though...i'll try 2 post about it soon!

i find myself often seeing/hearing things and it makes me think of toma...
like from songs or any description of a really attractive person. haha!
so i thought 4 each post from now, i'd start it out with a toma-ism....
some kinda toma-like trait or it could also be a phrase or song lyric that describes how i/toma fans feel about him! haha. i think it'll be fun...i think u'll like it! =D
(oh, i got the hearts emoticons from the Tomalicious forum!)


more random toma facts:
[short list]
[long list at Enthralling, the only toma fansite in english!]


(toma COOLNESS!! pic credit: coffeeprincefan28 re-posted, got it from ikuta toma LJ community)

it's funny that toma likes sunglasses and collects them, but i don't see much pics of him with sunglasses on!! in fact, i only saw him in sunglasses in hana kimi and akihabara@deep! not in real life!! i don't think...

here's my new fav toma pics, toma rockin' out!! xD i love rock n roll, too, toma!
(same pic credit as above, see more pics from this set here)

also, here's a great pic 2 cut and paste your pic into 2 make it look like toma's hugging u, his beloved girlfriend!! thanks 2 Anjin@LJ (pic credit:
Anjin@LJ ) for the idea!
and here's a bonus toma-ism 4 today!! =P

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #2: toma-kun...ridiculously beautiful ~_~


Naomi_chan said...

Hehe, the Toma facts were quite interesting.

savvy kate said...

yeah, i always like reading these kinda random facts about my idols. =) especially cuz i'm still a relatively new toma fan, dunno much about him!