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review of 2nd half of H&C and the ending

double_hearts.gif toma-ism #17:
toma-kun...because of you, the world is more beautiful!


ok, ok, i'm finally posting up what i think of honey and clover, the 2nd half + ending!
really really late in posting it up, but i'm glad i'm able 2 post it up be4 Maou starts!! i feel like i need closure from this drama, in this way, be4 i can start watching a new toma drama. a lot of things happened that prevented me from writing/posting this up earlier.
hounto gomen ne! (i'm very sorry!)

...i've left the world of h&c 4 a long while now...but i'll try 2 remember everything i wanted 2 say...and listening 2 some music from the series should help me. =)

FIRST of all, i've uploaded all the screencaps i got here:
312 screencaps in all!! but it's more than that, cuz each has 6 or more caps on it!
also, i didn't get enough captures of the scene takemoto said he likes hagumi, so i got some more--from veoh, though, so the quality is not as good & it's one of the last screencaps there.

well...i finished it! i finished watching hachikuro a while ago. and i'm glad i didn't give up on this series, cuz it gets better in the 2nd half! also, of course, cuz toma has said: "Please watch over Hachikuro until the end." i did, toma!! ~_~

but i feel sorry for toma + the cast and crew...the ratings for h&c were so low!! u can check it out here:
(i really like the names of the episodes, though! so beautifully titled.)

IF YOU QUIT WATCHING OR HAVEN'T WATCHED AT ALL, I HOPE THIS POST WILL CONVINCE YOU TO WATCH. FOR TOMA! FOR ALL THE TIME, HARD WORK, AND HEART THAT TOMA AND THE CAST AND CREW PUT INTO MAKING THIS DRAMA! BUT MOSTLY FOR TOMA NE!!! =) ......i know i said before that i really don't like this drama, but it does improve later, u just have 2 be a little patient! and it's tough, cuz they're squeezing 6 years worth of manga into eleven 44-minute episodes! but all in all, i thought this drama was quite a nice one....though the themes of bitter love and uncertainty in life is quite frustrating and sad, i thought this drama also showed a lot of heart---the support that friendship and family members offer, how hope and love can make you happier, better people, etc. you know how sometimes u finish a drama and u don't really feel anything special, u're just done. but when i finished this drama, i really felt sad/happy and nostalgic...i really felt i learned some valuable things and i will remember the characters and their happy times that also made me smile/laugh. =)
i wish i could tell toma this...

it's been a long time since my last post about this drama since i finished ep. 6.
i'll just list some things the series improved starting from episode 6.
[***notice i'm mostly ignoring hagu's storyline. it's cuz her storyline is not very interesting ...but she does get less annoying after episode 6!! maybe cuz she matures more and looks prettier...haha.]

-actually, i liked ep.5, cuz it focused on toma. hehe. it's interesting 2 see how takemoto & his step-father's relationship has affected him...and it's good that he tries to reconcile with him and find a new goal in life. oh, and his crying scene in this episode!! so real and natural and touching...toma's crying skills!! the best! ='(

-episode 6: takemoto tries 2 find a job but it's tough...depressing, but it's good that he tries his best, though the odds are against him. i like how mayama's story develops in this episode..."how do you become an adult?" also, yamada's got some great scenes. still can't stop liking him.

-episode 7: besides a lot of GREAT SHOTS OF TOMA SLEEPING (**seriously, when does he NOT look cute??** haha...cuz he's certainly cute when he's sleeping!), this episode is pretty good, cuz takemoto gets his hopes up working on the graduation project and hagu encourages him. at the end, he starts his long journey on his bicycle!! also, yamada, what's-his-name and mayama's story finally gets exciting!

-episode 8: yamada and what's-his-name (sorry, looked it up-- Nomiya! he's quite a good actor and handsome and likeable, i'm just bad with names.) have some cute scenes. i don't understand why she doesn't like such a great guy like him! toma lives like a homeless person while on his trip, he is drenched in the rain, he sleeps on the ground, he looks dirtier, yet remains very attractive cuz it's toma. he almost never looks bad ne!! ^_^ i like this independent, serious takemoto more!! ALSO, LOTS OF NICE SCENARY as takemoto keeps moving forward on his bike! and he finds a 4-leaf clover!
-episode 9: A VERY DRAMATIC AND UNFORGETTABLE end to takemoto's journey!! i like this more confident takemoto! he finally tells hagu he likes her. they R really closer than be4...he also figures out what he wants to do with his life! nomiya/yamada and mayama/rika's stories get more exciting...and hagu gets seriously hurt!

-episode 10: every1, especially takemoto have a hard time dealing with hagu's injury. takemoto and morita have different ways of supporting her...i like how her uncle (isn't he like her uncle? Shuji...great actor!) is very supportive and caring, like he always is. =) just when takemoto decides to forget everything else and go take care of hagu, she disappears! (BUT I THINK AROUND THIS EPISODE, THEY STARTED USING THE THEMESONG IN A LOT OF SCENES!! THAT REALLY ANNOYED ME, CUZ I DON'T LIKE THE DEPRESSING THEMESONG. they could've just used the instrumental version of it, don't need 2 play the song so much!!)

-episode 11 (the end!): takemoto thinks of a clever way to help hagu recover. =) they spend a lot of time together...all the love stories wrap up pretty much the way u expected and this group of friends has to split up and move on with their lives. there is no happy ending for toma's character again! but it's really nice, the way they ended it...i love the departure scene and toma's crying scene. and what he said at the end is very touching and beautiful!!!

................ THE ENDING - "A LOVE TO BE PROUD OF" / better to have loved and lost than never at all..............

****** SPOILERS *******

the ending was really great. i thought it was nice how the start of the series started with toma and also ended with toma (mostly). also, the start with all the cherry blossom petals flying/floating, and the end, also. =) but i noticed how it was sort of similar to the end of hana kimi! toma also cried then and there was a departure scene, too!

what toma said at the end was very touching!!
"i always wondered if there was a point to a relationship which failed.
i wondered if something that disappears and something that never happened was the same thing. i understand that there was meaning to it.
because i met hagu-chan, the person i am today is here now.
the day that everything will turn into memories will eventually come.
however, i will probably remember the priceless time we spent together.
...And now, i can proudly believe...that i'm glad to have met you." was sweet that hagu ran out to give him the sandwiches be4 he left. i think this way, u can have a little hope that she might like him in the future (unlike the end of the movie or anime and probably the manga,too)...and hagu was really sad to see him go...really, Riko did an awesome job of expressing her sadness in this departure scene!! and she looked so pretty too!

though in this drama, they made hagu like morita 4 a while, seems like in the manga, she never liked either guy! at, it says:
"Hagu doesn't know about their feelings for her, but sees them as friends, or even brothers." well, that would make sense, since in the manga and anime, she looks like a little's weird how they made these guys like a girl that's so young-looking, she's practically doll-like!!!

...but toma just went and ate the honey and clover sandwiches!! why didn't he pick them out and try to preserve laminate them, so he can always keep them with him, if they're so rare and precious to him, since hagu spent a lot of time looking 4 them 4 him?? oh well...
*** WHICH IS ANOTHER GREAT THING THEY DID, TAKING FROM THE TITLE OF THE DRAMA, ACTUALLY PUTTING IT INTO THE SERIES, SOMETHING THAT'S GOT HONEY AND CLOVER. BRILLIANT! =) (though the manga's title "honey and clover" actually refers to a song that hagu likes? or was it the manga's author likes? something about a song or a band that some1 likes...i read it at the manga's wikipedia page, but now i can't find the info there anymore.)

toma did such an excellent job, in his crying/eating scene!! it's so sad to see him sad! ='( but i didn't cry, cuz i rarely cry from watching dramas...but i was very touched!! and what he said...was so sad, so touching, and the way he said it, with so much feeling and so much sorrow!!

****** END OF SPOILERS *******

........................"WISH YOU WELL" -CHILAM................

Listen, you don't have to call me
Although my heart is silent and heavy with burden...

I'm letting you go find another while you stay in my heart
If you happen to find someone better than me
I will wish you both happiness from a safe distance
Even if I might not be able to say it out loud

takemoto's unrequited love story made me think of this song by chilam cheung. he's a great HK singer, actor, and also cute, of course! i had this big crush on him years ago...anyway, the song is the one i used here for quite a while after i was done watching the drama, called "Wish you well". u can listen to it and see the translated lyrics for it that i posted in the comment here:
such a sad song, and the way he sang it makes it even more sad!! chilam's got such a wonderful voice, though! i love his sad love songs!! it's actually the themesong of a drama he starred in back in 2000, where he likes this girl (but she's always treated like an older brother only), but she ends up with another guy. actually, it's kinda like h&c, cuz he's also a cute guy that 4 whatever reason loves this really annoying girl. but the difference is that he had a chance 2 be with her, but he pretends to reject her cuz he thinks he's not good enough for her (he's mute). well, u can see 2 great fanmade MV about the series here. chilam is awesome at both acting serious and acting silly!! hehe. but seeing him in the sad MV---aww...unrequited love really just breaks your heart!!

[sad rotc mv -SERIOUS/SAD CHILAM]

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