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toma went to HAWAII !! :D genji was #5....toma on TONS of tv shows (some subbed!)....bunch of toma's msgs!!

(lol. they play a trick on toma when he's on the bus with the host!! credit: kavya)

heyyyyyyyy everyoneeeeeee!! ^_~
sorry for my lateness in updating.
more toma stuff kept showing up so...
FINALLY, 1st POST OF THE YEAR. YEY!!!!!! v(^_^)v
(wow, this is post #454!!! ~____~
what should i do 2 celebrate the 500th post? hmm...)

like i said in my cbox, i needed a break from toma fangirling so i took a 2 week break in december. but after that i had 2 catch up with everything. luckily not much toma stuff except for all the posts at tumblr and had 2 watch some of his tv show appearances...


(sorry, i dunno why i can't change the font color or size of the text, so everything looks so boring. o_O stupid blogger........T______T)

so...i was lucky enough 2 get a toma magazine with him on the cover and a poster of him inside!!!!! MY WISH CAME TRUE!! :D:D:D it was the best xmas gift i could give myself, really! lolllllll. i talked about it at my LJ and posted some pics. also, i had a sweet dream about nakatsu recently and also wrote about it at my LJ. if you're interested, go to the links below! douzoooo!! xD

i got a toma magazine with foldout!! <3 + late toma's room 1st anniv. celebration...

i dreamed about toma (nakatsu)!!!!♥♥♥♥


good grief, i think toma's hair looks like this right now. not sure when/where this pic was taken, but he was with yamashita. i just don't remember where that other pic is, but toma was so blurry in that pic anyway...but at least he's got a cute pose n expression in this pic. hehe.

with shun and his girlfriend and her family,

[video clip of the news about shun picking up toma at the airport in hawaii]

I knew he would go to hawaii again!!! xD so many japanese people vacation there...i wish i lived there!! i collected these comments that someone posted at tumblr about it... xD

--Toma arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii with Yamada Shintaro (Yamada Yu’s brother) and Shun fetches them.

--Seems Yu [shun's girlfriend] and her mother were in Hawaii too. Family trip! With Toma tagging along :D Can I come too?

................GENJI movie stuff

[red genji gif. that kiss!!!! wahhhh....]

toma's genji movie was 5th place at the box office for it's 1st weekend and then 7th for the second, and then it dropped below the top 10 for the 3rd weekend (xmas weekend). i thought being in the top 5 is already awesome, but i guess for a big budget, big deal movie like this, 5th is not good enough. =/ i guess it's not a big surprise, since those other movies are action movies, more people will see those...i guess bokura ga ita has a better chance of being a box office hit??? i really hope so!! *_*
Genji Monogatari is only #5 at the box office...
[go here to read why they said #5 is disappointing =T]
review of the genji movie that kavya posted, where it was given only 2.5 stars. =(

i don't know why i didn't see any news or pics of some kind premiere night event for genji? i guess maybe i missed something or the only main even was at the shrine back in november?? not sure... i also didn't see much toma pics from the stage greetings, except for this short video clip. =T but toma looks great here (his outfit), though he wasn't smiling when they were taking pics later....=T

...................... Bokura Ga Ita stuff
[more pics from bokura ga ita...the walking in the snow pic is nice!!]

.............. toma's PICTUREssss ♥_♥
(credits 4 all pics used in this post:
sumigomin, strawberry_gemm, tomapifriendship, sofuckingspecial, strawberrygemm, fuckyeahtoma, weibo, tomafanindia, bearbebop, ispeakpanese, albaplumeria)

there are some other toma pics/screencaps that i uploaded here...

the sexy/half-modern-half-traditional clothes photoshoot!!!
i don't really get it, but i like it...toma still looks hot, just it's kinda strange, his it kinda makes me think of ranma... if u wanna see the big version of the pics, the links are below!

toma, his brother ryuusei, and shun??
this pic was from sometime in dec. i think??

xmas message from toma in a magazine...

xmas message from toma and his genji co-star. ^_^

translation of toma's xmas/new year message @johnnys:
Happy new year. Merry christmas.
A lot of good things for you.
Have a good year

Ikuta Toma
(credit: memo-toma, Chouky McFly)

(jan. 26 EDIT: forgot to share this pic!! it's the pic i'm using
for the toma's room banner, but i still forgot to share it!! LOL. sorry. credit: hakusai)

these are my not so great screencaps
that i got from some of the shows he was on...xD

(toma really was so happy 2 talk with 1 of his favorite singers,
elephant k. about music!! ~____~)

my favorite pics from the genji photobook... ^__^

........................................toma's MESSAGES

kavya's translation of toma's new yr message: vol. 472-
Everyone, thank you very much indeed for everything this year!
And thank you for your hard work!(otsukaresamadeshita)

We will continue working hard over the next year too.
Please share your kindness and regard.(yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
I sincerely pray that everyone can spend a bright and positive year.
2011.12.30 Ikuta Toma

i'm just paraphrasing what he said (except the parts in [ ] are the parts i am quoting the translation) should really read the messages as they were written originally, though!! ^_^

(credit: TFGirls. read all the translations of his entries #463-470 here:

(ALSO, I SKIPPED ENTRIES 469 AND 470 THIS TIME. FROM NOW ON, I'LL ONLY SUMMARIZE THE MOST IMPORTANT/INTERESTING/FUNNY ONES, cuz it takes too much time. =T i know i've said this many times be4, but this time i mean it!! xD unless there's like very few toma entries i guess..)

-Vol. 463 [Dec. 1]
He went to an old theater in shibuya. he got tired doing a dance (the name relates to the blue sea) that he had to do in the Tale of Genji movie. he did it last year and thought he'd never have to do it again. he couldn't remember the steps and had to practice a lot and was nervous while performing. luckily it went well.

after that he went to the Toyota Vitz Cup Kunitachi Women Soccer game. even though it was a tie, he was happy that Nadeshiko Japan were so united and had great team spirit. after the game, he met all the players who were very happy to meet him though they were tired. he had a surprise for them (i guess that congratulatory big key that he handed to 1 of the players?) that they really liked. he and the staff-san ate curry together and hung out (?) before going home.

now...his cellphone background is Nadeshiko Japan with himself (with a weird face) (lol, he did have a kind of stiff look in that key pic!). They are amazing.. [shining~~]

-vol. 464 [Dec. 3]
[It's time to go home from Osaka campaign.]
osaka is great!
they've been invited to some tv shows.
he thanks everyone who met them during the program.
[The atmosphere was warm]
and a toma tv show [Rasshiyu] will probably start.(??)
[have fun.]

-vol. 465 [Dec. 9]
soon, the Tale of Genji movie will be released everywhere in japan.
but you already know, right?

yesterday, he watched the hina&yoko show on tv. he was really happy to see them both after so long.
and on Himitsu no Arashi-chan with jun, there was going to be a competition with girls. he was really happy about that too..
and there is going to be a [festival(celebration)!]
it was aired on Bokura no ongaku with elephant kashimasi.
[festival.. festival!]
he hasn't seen it and he wants to.
after seeing Bokura no ongaku, he quickly went home to go to the theater the next day!!
[please support me...]

-vol. 466 [Dec. 12]
The tale of genji.
the first day.
[I felt so nervous.]
after the show (the movie?).
[The director and I kept on saying ‘It was tiresome, wasn’t it...
For everyone who has come, I’m so grateful...
The atmosphere was so warm.]
right now Genji Monogatari is showing in theatres.
he hopes you'll go watch it and
[have a fun day.
i hope so.]

-vol. 467 [dec. 12, 13]

he was taking a walk when two young girls ran up to him. they asked him if he was ikuta toma and he said yes. she tried not to show how nervous she started saying something about his movie. toma responded that yes, his movie is in theatres now. she said she's seen it. toma thanked her.
[she was] Really honest, really nice (laughs)
and then she said "take care..."

[While waving her hand and bowing with a genuine smile, I’m really touched.

Please tell your mother to watch it (Genji Monogatari).

And welcome to the adult world (laughs)

Thank you for being brave enough to come closer to me...]

(wow!!!!! i guess fans rarely are brave enough 2 come talk to him. especially such young girls!! ^_^ hehe...toma must have been surprised those girls went to watch that movie cuz it's more for adults. hopefully they know he wrote about them on his jweb!! :D:D:D "And welcome to the adult world." LOLLLLL!! i guess the movie must be like pg-13 though right, so it's ok? xD)

-vol. 468 [dec. 14]
he visited a high school where he got to teach students, which he never got to do before. it was unforgettable. he hopes the students also had a nice time. [The questionnaire that you’ve write to me was very-very funny...
I surely will read all of it.]

he was surprised when the staff from the Shizuoka high school read something from Wink Up to him. [I’m really impressed (laughs). Thank you very-very much.] the stage greeting at the theater was also great and they're (toma and the director) really happy about it.
[Thank you!
I will definitely come again.
Shizouka folks are very enthusiastic! I’m very pleased.
I want to come again!
Thank you!]

.............. about toma's APPEARANCES
on various TV SHOWS/news/special VIDEO CLIPS

Toma on 5LDK 111215 (translation of toma talking about his friends from johnnys xD)

kavya posted a lot of links from tuduo to watch toma's various tv show appearances online!! ^_^

oh, and you can watch toma's Bath Roman CM, the 2nd version here:

---LINKS TO DL TOMA (genji movie promo) VIDEO CLIPS:
[1 of these is himitsu no arashi-chan]
[super short clip of a stage greeting @a theatre for genji]
DL Pekepon, the funny food show toma was on!! xDDDD
DL a christmas message video clip from toma and his sempai/genji co-star, Higashiyama Noriyuki
DL the SUBBED version of toma's happy new year message for johnnys!
DL a video clip of the news about toma at the hawaii airport(?)!

thanks to kavya for telling me about this place!!! some eng. subbed recent video clips of toma!!!!!!!! yey!!!! *___________* so many of us have been wishing someone would sub toma's video clips, and now our wish has come true!!! hehehehehehe.... ^O^
[toma's bumpy ride during an interview on a tv show.
hahahaha....but at least he had fun...]
[gifs of toma cuteness from another tv food show!!! ^o^ he looks so cute when chewing. lol.]
[gifs of toma cuteness from another tv food show!!! ^o^ toma laughing and hiding behind a menu. ~___~]
strawberry_gemm's xmas post. really cute toma gifs from the 5LDK show!! ^.^

funny moments captured in gifs from arashi chan show. xDDDDD
toma and yoko laughing and having fun on a tv show. ^^

LOTS OF GIFS FROM PEKEPON SHOW, thanks to kavya-chan:
(toma does a sexy dance?? (he had 2 copy this guy who danced that way. lol.) /has to drink+eat weird tasting foods/ has 2 do a funny gesture/ has 2 feed a woman some food!!)

[lots of cute toma gifs from 5LDK]
[super short video clip and quote from the show. xD]
[translation of the part toma talked about arashi]
at goutemps, toma talked about how he still likes sleeping in a tshirt and shorts even in winter (he just wears a parka too). xD
toma explains why he doesn't want to have a daughter in the future...afraid she'll date a strange guy. xD
[awwwwwww!!! cute toma gif from hanamura market show. ^^ toma actually chose B. (thanks 2 kavya for correcting me!)]

................................ cool LJ toma stuff
bokura ga ita (trailer) icons
Toma's Christmas and New Year's message (screencaps from his jweb!)
some new toma icons

----------- @toma's room:
[discussion] predictions of what toma will do this year?? xD
Ikuta Ryuusei's second year as announcer!
(short article about ryuusei explaining why he got this job and he mentions toma...^_^)
Toma's Room Arabic Translation
[arabic translation of toma's messages... i dunno if anyone here can read it, but just in case...^^ u can find more arabic translations by tomadaisuki at toma's room or ikuta_toma LJ.]
a friendly reminder: wanna update your toma icons? =P

............................ random toma things ★
yamapi says toma is his best friend and his other close friends are jun and ryo...
TOMA WAS NOMINATED FOR ACTOR OF 2011 IN ARAMA'S CLASSY AWARDS 2011, but he only got 2nd place. T__T nino won.
toma was #10 on a poll asking who you want to get a new years card from. xD

------------- @TUMBLR:

[toma's super cute embarrassed expression on a (food) tv show from 2010 i think. awwwwwwwwwww ^_^]
[toma when he was little...answered something right and was so happy!!! kawaiiiiiiiii...~____~]
[funny gifs from the maou cast and fans meet in 2008. xDDDD]
[NEVER SEEN THIS BE4!! video clip of behind the scenes--tomapi photoshoot when they were young and hanging out randomly. and yamapi singing at a concert.]
[the time toma was made 2 say "come here" and he got so embarrassed. xD]

--------- ^___^ a bunch of cute toma posts i missed from december, posted by kavya-chan:

the moment i was talking about last time!! toma looking up and laughing before he continued eating cuz the audience was cheering. *___*
toma magazines at the bookstore
old interview where toma talked about sharing a bed with shun. xD

[remember when jude law said toma is a good actor on that food show back in 2010?? xD]
[remember the time toma lost to yamapi when arm wrestling when they were kids?]
[the time that the guys were all excited to dress up as girls in hana kimi, and toma was the most hyper. lolllllll. xD]
[the time toma went on koichi and tsuyoshi's show and he still remembered their dance moves and they all danced together!! ^___^]
[the time poor toma got sprayed hard on that game show on the "train"]
[the time toma looked so cute and wet (his "ehhh?" after accepting what's his name's challenge)]

............................... random JAPAN news

bad news, the plan to give away 10,000 tickets for people
to come to japan was rejected (dec. 29). >_< here's the news: