Saturday, March 27, 2010

how can he look so hot~ just eating yakisoba?!! xD ***UPDATED***

hi hi~!

ah, i'm really glad it's still quite quiet in the toma fandom right now.
yey! more time to work on my fanfic. lol...feels like i'm so lost in my own fanfic
world with toma sometimes. haha. in that world, it's only late late night of feb.20,2010.

(hard to get the right screencap, but this is all i could get...xD kakkoii!!!!!!!!)

of course toma looks so kakkoii~, like an olympic athlete or something, so fit and cool as a volleyball player and runner!! ah, sleeveless toma!! his muscular arms...but for some reason, that part at the end where he's eating the noodles really stands out for me!! lol. i guess it's cuz he's looking straight at u and that slurping up the noodles action is somehow sexy?? ehhh. xD

and then i saw careline's new icon today (on the left. credit: careline18@LJ). hahaha!! i think that there must be many more toma fans who like to watch him eating yakisoba, like me. lol. i definitely must be cuz toma's sucking on the noodles...that's what makes it sexy. lol. oh, and cuz of the flirty~ expression on his face, too!! *_* it's like a subliminal message, kinda?? like..."if you buy this yakisoba, toma will come home with you~" kyaaaaa! then again, maybe i'm reading too much into this. (sorry, i'm just going on and on about this, cuz i don't have much to say for this post. haha.)

toma's big picture there!! ~_~ u can watch the different versions of the CM there.
and u can also dL it from the toma LJ or watch it at h's youtube page.

zoe posted up some pics f/the official UFO website. ^^


(sorry, no time today.... but nothing much happening with toma right now besides this CM. i'm glad he's taking a break...but then maybe he's secretly working on/preparing for some kinda new BIG project right now, just that we don't know yet. lol. wait, shouldn't he be finishing filming for hanamizuki? i'll try to continue this post soon! this is off-topic, but check out jamie's blog for some nice spring~ pics from tokyo. though it's still quite cold there these days...

finally continuing this post. lol. sorry it took me a while.
i don't have much to say, but...


just yakisoba stuff today...i posted these links up last week, did u see it? yakisoba UFO info/description/pics!

22 Mar 10, 18:16
kate@theTheatre: if u live in the usa, u can buy it online here: :P
22 Mar 10, 18:15
kate@theTheatre: ; .
22 Mar 10, 18:14
kate@theTheatre: found links w/info/pics about UFO yakisoba. ^^

so, i finally got to eat the yakisoba today!! it's really cool how they have a drainer thingy for us right on the lid!! haha. i love the clever/cool packaging of japanese foods...well, it was pretty good!! but maybe cuz i already like stir-fry noodles-type things. it's got a kinda sweet taste...~_~ and i love the little bits of veggies in there...cabbage. niceeeee. if it wasn't so expensive, i'd buy more. it was already on sale too, but still expensive. lol. i bought the square, BIG one at mitsuwa, be4 i knew they had the round, regular size one at, here are just some pics taken by neesan (forgot my camera). sorry, so small, but it looks fine this small (taken w/her cell phone)...if u get the chance, do try this yakisoba!! ^o^ to support toma, and it's pretty good, too!!

(i tried slurping up the noodles like toma. didn't work. i think cuz my yakisoba got quite dry quite fast. oh well. haha~ it was good...yum.)

Friday, March 19, 2010

happy 3rd bday to DT! TOMA'S NEW CM FOR NISSIN UFO YAKISOBA!! and about how i got my ningen shikkaku book!!!♥

everyone-chan, doumo!!

kate dayo~ ^.^

it's the 3rd birthday of Dear Toma...!
though not much people go there anymore (me too. lol.),
but i still remembered the anniversary today. haha.

it's been exactly 1 month since ningen's opening day.
it already feels nostalgic~~ ne?

there's 200 days left until toma's 26th birthday.
(today, i saw it 3 times!! ehhh!! 10:07am, 7:10pm, and 10:07pm!!)

and tomorrow~
is the 1st day of spring.
"and the spring breeze whispers~"

(will find pics for the spring banners here later...)

oh, real quickly~
ningen has dropped to #17 or lower at the japan box office for the weekend of march 13 & 14!! =[ doesn't show up on the list anymore.

i think you all know by now, but:

TOMA'S GOT A NEW CM!!! YA~Y!!!!!!!!! *o*
for nissin UFO yakisoba (noodles).

(recently, there were rumors of a new LOTTE ACUO cm, too.)

news about the CM:

some pics. sorry, that 1st one is blurry, but when u actually watch it, you'll see how cool toma looks!!♥ *faints* and that screencap of him running♥ is f/zoe's blog. ^^ *faints* again!! sleeveless toma. xD

kyaaaa!!! so cool!! *______*
really kakkoii ne!!!♥♥ it makes me think of how cool it'd be if toma had a sports-themed drama, like yamashita for buzzer beat. ^^ toma's looking so fit and strong...ahhh!! *blush*

just watched it today at h's youtube page. SO AWESOME!!! though i don't understand why he's hitting the kettle. but he looks so COOL doing it, in slow motion...olympic athlete-ish!! i can't wait to see the one where he's running around the track. sporty toma!! it's been a long time ne.

i'll buy these noodles next time i go to marukai or mitsuwa. i remember noticing it cuz it says U.F.O. on it. haha. i've always wanted to try it already, but now i DEFINITELY will!! lol.

so, about my ningen shikkaku book!!♥

oh, wait. did you know you can buy the book in english online?? here's the link. i checked out a first page and another the first line is "mine has been a life of much shame."

it does seem like a good book....if they sold the english version at mitsuwa, i would have bought it too. to read AFTER i watch the movie, whenever that is.

here's what happened. i was at the sanseido bookstore in mitsuwa. i usually only stop at the magazine section and the pens and other stuff. but today i felt like trying to go in the books and manga section in the back. though i already went to kinokuniya and they had no ningen stuff at all. but i thought, "maybe..." but i really didn't expect to see the books at all.

CUZ IF THERE WERE, WOULDN'T THEY BE OUT IN THE FRONT OF THE STORE, NEXT TO THE BOOK ABOUT DAZAI, AND THE REGULAR COVER NINGEN BOOKS???!! it would make sense, right?? and those books have been there since oct. or nov. of last year! but suddenly!!! there it was on one end of the shelf in the back!!! just one book, all alone. GAH!! i quickly grabbed it, but looked around...were there more?? uwaaaa. it's really toma on the cover!!♥ but there's no more. not even more of the same cover. i forgot how small the book was. haha. (the last time i actually went to the books section was in december. i'm pretty sure i would have seen it then, but no. so maybe these books didn't come until january at least??)

i asked the lady that worked there if there were anymore dazai books with him on the cover. ah, but they don't have anymore. only this version. this cover. she was so nice too. she looked, then was gonna ask some1 else. but that person had gone somewhere. but she said she's pretty sure this is the only one they have right now. awww. but *maybe* later they'll have the other ones too?? ~_~ i'd love the one with toma looking up, in that white shirt!! ^^

later, when i looked carefully at the!! at the end, some english words!! i dunno why...some kinda list...maybe some kinda explanation. for terms he used. i took a pic of that page, it's the last pic!

and i saw that there's a cute bookmark with a doggie on it tucked inside the book. kawaii! i turned it over. TOMA!!♥♥ 100 times more kawaii!! xD ah, i love this bookmark!!!

and i realized, this is the book that toma was holding in those CUTE pics from a while back!! so the ningen book looks like that under his cover. really pretty~ i didn't know...thought that toma was holding some kinda special copy of the ningen book for that photoshoot!

hmm. actually, it's not that exciting a story, right?
sorry. (laughs)

but really, i felt so lucky, seems like i got the LAST~ one!! nanka, this book has been waiting for me for so long! xD and i'm glad it could be the ningen book, not dazai's other books. it's the first time ever toma is on a book cover ne!! and i remember him asking everyone to please buy it and display it proudly in your room. AND NOW, I CAN!! haha. and this seems so short!! but it's such a powerful book really...this book changed toma's life!! i'll take good care of it. ~_~

sorry, i got excited and used too many hearts. (laughs)
have an awesome weekend~!♥


Monday, March 15, 2010

jee-chan's toma fanart

jee just asked me to post it up, so here it is. ^.^
jee, u're a great artist!! i like this drawing~~

Jee's toma fanart~.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

maybe she'll become a toma fan too. xD (some toma updates and pics...)

hi everyone-chan~

kate desu.

finally a new post here!! yey. xD

so~ i got a reply from my friend in HK. i told her about the ningen and sent her links to read about it, watch the trailer, see the poster...but then i forgot to show her what toma looks like normally!! so i sent her the link to the toma thread at AF. his bio (I WROTE IT!! ^o^) and so many of his cute pics (I CHOSE THEM!) all here:

and she replied saying he's cool, and "what a cute man he is!!!!!!!" xD maybe she'll become a toma fan too. xD i really hope so. but i've talked about toma to some other girls in the past, though, and they are like "eh...he's cute, but nah..." not interested. CAN U BELIEVE IT?! haha. well, their loss. lol. a few less ppl i have to share toma with. lol.

[my fav pic f/the april 2010 magazines!!
i think this is f/potato. credit for all the pics: strawberry_gem.]

oh, so the only recent news about toma....
he's gonna be on shun's ANN on Mar.17, since shun's last ANN is mar.31. yey. i don't know how many times that is in all then, that he's come...13?? i totally thought shun's ANN was permanent!! o__o just like i thought toma's ikita kotoba would be permanent from 2008 onwards. =T but no.... THE GOOD NEWS is that toma will hav a new column in +act, starting this july!! sugoi!! but i think it might be in black and white, then...and i think +act is not as popular a magazine and not sold in as many places as wink up. and it's more expensive. but still, i'm glad he still has a column. *__*

back to toma and shun, though. shun went drinking with toma recently, but toma insisted on drinking only tea. and he's been going to the gym. this could mean that toma's preparing for a new role??? there have been rumors of a 4th movie for him. (@_@ ehhh!! masaka!!) whatever the reason, i'm glad toma's getting more healthy for now. i wonder if he'll ever consider smoking less or *fingers crossed* quitting!! xD thanks to xdustbunnys ( for all this news!!
new videos posted up at TFS!! mezanew, hanamura, and a scanlation from last month. also, they've reached their 100th project!!! OMEDETOU!! ^.^ (wow, i'm getting behind. only watched most of Jounetsu Tairiku last night!! -__- slow down, kudasai!!)

[this is from a long while back, but i just saw it recently!! MORE PICS OF THE TOMAPI HUG at yamapi's concert in nov.2009, and some more pics of them. ^^ i love that hug gif!!]

[preview for bidan march 2010! ^^ the pic of toma above, in the cool white outfit, with that cool, leaning pose is f/this photo shoot. sugoi!! ...toma's hairy legs! lol.]

[older pics. my favs from the Flix and Cinema*cinema. toma's looking so tan though. dark lighting~]

some ningen updates/links......................
i've been checking how ningen's doing at the box office here. the results are slightly different from the ones at japan_now, but this website seems quite reliable, so i'll trust them (and cuz ningen ranks higher here!!). according to them, 1st weekend it was 4th, 2nd weekend was 8th, 3rd weekend was 10th. i hope this weekend its ranking won't drop by too much...hoping for 11 or 12.

will stalk this page for additional ningen release dates
in other countries in asia. xD
this is a quiz about ningen shikkaku at the official website. it's all in japanese, but many toma fans have been coming to take the quiz and see what score they get.^^ u can get a code afterwards to put your score card on your blog or whatever. if you can't read japanese and want to get 100%, just go to zoe's blog (linked on the right), she posted the answers a while back. lol. i took the quiz. guessed on all but one question. got a 30% score. xD but it's cool if u can somehow get a good score even though u have no idea what the questions and answers are saying. i'm not that lucky though. ^^; give me those 2 minutes of my life back!! xD

toma's recent post. ~_~

i'll still post up toma's messages sometimes if he writes something really nice/meaningful, like this time. =) i love thoughtful toma. such deep thoughts some times... ah ha!!! the record player has some significance in this movie. no wonder they put a small pic of it at the back of the ningen photobook. i knew it wasn't random!! ah...toma is the one who should be "wrapped in uncountable gentleness"!! (credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum)

ningen shikkaku special, page 10:

the record [player] at bar aoi hana. of course, the real one. when the needle drops a gentle sound plays. while listening to this sound, youzou drank, and i wonder what he thought. of life or death? undoubtedly he was wrapped in uncountable gentleness.

wandered back to careline's ningen stage greeting fan report cuz i wanted to read other ppl's comments. i've still got the longest comment by far. lol. but this has got to be 1 of the most HYPER and FUNNIEST comments there!!!!!! made me LOL, really!! xD

rukia1314 on February 23rd, 2010 09:47 am (UTC)

I'm sorry but YOU'RE OFFICIALLY THE LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE! XDDDDD *super envious* i wish i was there as well (><) GAH u were given toma's beautiful smile! and Toma's recognition! UWAUWAUWAUWA!!! sugoiii!!! I bet his presence made the room insanely hot. @@

Careline chan omedetou! it's really a dream come true! *cries but happy for you at the same time*


and of course, CARELINE'S FAN REPORT if u haven't! xD

ah, i'm sorry everyone... *bows*
i should not have assumed toma was coming to HK, Singapore, and Taiwan to promote the movie. (but i really hope he will!! *prays hard*) though i didn't say he'd come 4 sure (but i did say i'm 99% sure he'll come. lol.), i might have gotten you all excited anyway. but now i'm beginning to doubt that he's gonna have time to go, and dunno even if the movie is gonna be released anytime soon or maybe it won't be until months later?? oh man...



sorry if u can't see the purple text that well. my bad.
tried changing the color, but blogger is not letting me right now.
i'll try again later...

Monday, March 8, 2010

SEASIDE MOTEL!!!!! ningen in asia, enshinge's translations, & other toma updates...


kate desu.

took a break f/posting here to work on my fanfic, and also, not much new toma news to talk about. *whew* i'm really glad though!! more time to work on my fanfic. haha.
and of course, good to know toma gets to take a break now, after all that exhausting ningen promoting.

AH, HAVE YOU STARTED READING MY 3RD FANFIC YET?? please remember to if u haven't!! xD it's more exciting if u read it little by little, right?? i'm gonna try to update it EACH DAY, even if it's only just a little update...hai. ~_~


after so much GOOD NEWS we've been getting lately, suddenly this sad news...... (thanks to zoe for the news.)

no more ikita kotoba??!!!
nande??? (>__<)

but maybe he'll have a monthly column in some other magazine soon?? ehhh.... maybe toma just doesn't have time to do it anymore though....hmmm. =T I'LL REALLY MISS THOSE CUTE PICS OF TOMA THAT IS PUBLISHED ON IKITA!!!! SOME OF THOSE PICS ARE MY FAV TOMA PICS EVER....the pic of him rubbing his eyes...the pic of him and ohno...the pic of him sticking his tongue out f/recently...! he sometimes posts pics in Toma's Room, but we can't see them. -__-
(edit: totally forgot to say that i'll really miss toma's cute random stories and also his talking about his various projects fact, THAT was where he talked about that "little bed scene", i think!!! awwww. i'm really gonna miss ikita kotoba (Toma Ikuta's Words to Live By)!!!!!!!

(the last ikita kotoba. credit:

BUT....I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEW TOMA PICS F/THE 4 MAIN MAGAZINES, at least...THEY SHOULD BE POSTED UP SOON (sorry, dunno why i used all caps for this. xD)...i'll really try to not buy any, still, but i already really really want to get the wink up cuz it's the last ikita kotoba!! =T

and so...about ningen/toma coming to other countries in asia...

i already plugged toma's movie to a friend in hk. haha!! asked her to please tell me if she sees any news about the movie and to watch the movie too!! will plug the movie to friends in singapore later...xD

his latest message (march 8?)... after about a week, finally toma posts a new entry. but then, he still doesn't mention anything about the BIG news of ningen coming to other countries?? hmmm... i don't get it. maybe he won't mention it till they've got date of the events confirmed or something....ehh... =T toma just said his life is more relaxed now cuz ningen campaign has ended. he went to shibata jun's concert. shun was there too? and advance tickets for seaside motel already on sale!! reminds everyone to go see ningen and then buy seaside tickets too. xD

twosen has translated those 2 news articles about ningen/toma going to other countries in asia and the last stop of the ningen promotional tour in japan. thanks twosen for translating it!! i've linked to the translations in my edited post there.

and now over 77 comments there!! sugoi...i've never gotten so much comments for ANYTHING~ that i've posted here or at LJ. lol. EVERYONE REALLY SO EXCITED AND HAPPY ABOUT THIS...IT MAKES ME SO HYPER TOO, READING THEIR COMMENTS. xD

(but i'm a tiny bit worried....that toma won't be able to come to some of those countries to promote and lots of fans will be disappointed and mad at me.... ^^; but then again, i really really think toma will go anywhere he's gotta go to promote ningen!! lol. especially since this is the 1st time ever that he gets the opportunity to do so and i'm sure he'd love to go see his fans from those countries, right??)


finally....seaside motel, the movie we know the least about and which was filmed really fast. just as i thought...seems like the characters don't all interact with each other, it's 4 seperate stories. no wonder toma finished filming for it super fast...i think it only took a few weeks?

(eh!! the url is all in eng and categories in eng!! sugoi!!)

THE TRAILER!! watch it at the official website linked above.
kinda ero!
but thanks to toma, he already talked about/warned about there being a "little bed scene", so i wasn't totally surprised. still...whoa....!!! o__O all those other ppl are freaks though!! @__@ but cool how they have a 1970s-ish america retro theme!! SUGOI!! ^^
(wait, this movie takes place in the 70s right? toma's slowly moving towards the present day in his movies....haha...)

toma looks kakkoii, yappari!!! and in flirty playboy mode!! i missed SILLY, FUNNY TOMA!! makes me think of nakatsu, some scenes!! ^^ (but looking forward to when he gets back to normal guy mode...a nice and sweet boyfriend in hanamizuki.) hmm...Seaside does seem like a pretty good, wacky + silly movie. xD but i'm only looking forward to toma's story mostly, of course.
my post (wow, 2 posts there in a short amount of time. really not kate-like. haha.) asking some1 to translate the seaside and hanamizuki trailers. thanks to careline-chan!! i feel better after knowing what toma said...haha.

like i said, 1st time i watched the trailer, was a SHOCKED with that scene, but now that i see it again and i've seen more pics f/seaside promotion, this movie really looks more SILLY than ero!! lol. but really...besides toma and the call girl, everyone else = REALLY REALLY WEIRD. xD

[toma on a bunch of magazines recently...ahhh!! sugoi. credit: strawberry_gemm.]

cool toma LJ stuff.................

[really love that BRIGHT, thoughtful toma wallpaper here. kyaa!! the other wallpapers R nice too. ^^]

[toma promoting ningen back in january...=)]
translation + link to DL the feb 18, 2010 recomen with toma. been wondering about this recomen!!! thanks so much, enshinge, for the translation and link to the file. GETS!!! ^^ xD it when toma comes to recomen w/these silly guys!!
an interview with the ningen director. he said a lot of nice things about toma!! the way the director describes his greatness...!! such as how toma is definitely good enough for hollywood right now!!! GAH!!! this isn't news to toma fans of course...we know he's an amazing actor, truly!! but when it's a movie director saying this...WOW.

definitely, toma has been a good enough actor to be in hollywood movies since long ago. though i don't think toma should try to be in any for now, cuz he can't really speak english and i don't think he'd get any really good roles...i'd already be so happy if toma is just gets popular in ASIA for now... ^_^

but this is what really made me feel so proud of toma!! when he said (about toma and morita, being from johnnys):
"Their levels are totally different from other actors. Typically, playing a role like Youzou makes you withdraw from everyone and everything around you, or, you go all eccentric. But Toma was neither. It's a very hard thing to act the way you want to act, but he can do it."

OH, I ACCIDENTALLY CAME ACROSS THE JudeLaw vs Toma food show at youtube!!! i don't want to link to it here though. and can't subscribe right now cuz they're doing maintenance. but i'll remember to subscribe later, and u can go to my page there(kate6002) and check my last subscription to know where to go.... xD

this is random, but i just noticed how the tomalicious forum has many many many members and posts.... EHHH!! sugeh!! :D

Our members have made a total of 120,780 posts
We have 2,973 registered members
The newest member is Ixzersalsa
Most users ever online was 34 on Jun 11 2008, 08:16 PM

oh, this is off-topic, but I LOVE ARASHI'S NEW SONG, TROUBLEMAKER. THE SONG IS CATCHY, AND THE MV IS CUTE AND COOL!!! ^^ u can read about it/watch the MV here:

Friday, March 5, 2010

finally, this evening, we can be together again...


kate desu.

finally, finally,
this day has come!!
i've been waiting for it for so long!

i can finally start posting up my 3rd fanfic.

but i've been working on it since mid-january. almost right after i finished the 2nd fanfic. i didn't take a break at all in between... hai... i'm crazy to attempt it!! especially when i knew toma take over....his ningen promotion was coming. but somehow, i did it!! finished writing be4 the takeover, but still had to edit, add to it, type it up... but i still have some more writing to do. but most of the story is completed.

announced it here, in case u missed it:

i'm really glad i can finally start to share this fanfic with everyone. please read it! please like it!! (laughs) i worked hard on it! really~!

i'm glad i can post it up today, 2 weeks after feb.19, the premiere night of ningen shikkaku. and also today, after yesterday, when i found out the BIG NEWS that ningen and toma are coming to hk, taiwan, and singapore!!! also, today, when i first saw the seaside trailer! in a way, it feels like posting up this story is kinda my way of celebrating ne!!

it's called~
my third (fantasy) encounter with toma: and so we watched a movie together~

it's raining in tokyo right now, actually! ^^ and it looks like it's gonna rain soon here. sugoi...cuz rain is important in my story...that's why i named the blog "and on that rainy day...".

dakara...zehi, go read my 3rd fanfic. and please do comment!
yoroshiku onegaishimas! i'm counting on you. ~_~

he's an international star now.... (ningen coming to HK, Taiwan, Singapore!!!)

still no new msg f/toma @tomalicious yet...

i'm still feeling so happy for toma-kun...
i'm really so happy. yokatta~~~ ♥♥♥

i'm sorry i didn't post here earlier, but at least i posted at the LJ. i'm so glad i was able to be the one to break the good news to everyone!! ^O^ thank goodness i checked xdustbunnys' page today (haven't checked it in a long while).

so...nothing NEW to post besides what i already did at the toma LJ:

but i should post the same thing here.
but here, i'll add some comments below...

Ningen Shikkaku will be released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

it's true!!! *cries*

thank you so much, xdustbunnys, for the summary/translation of this news! i got this from her LJ. dunno if it's ok to repost her entry since she locks them, so i'll just post the news:






they are going to release the movie in hong kong, taiwan, and singapore. and this is one part that i used babelfish to translate: “as for Ikuta you the outstanding talent where from now on becomes the international actor." !!!!!! i'm so proud of toma!!

this is epic. i'm so truly happy for him, from the bottom of my heart. a huge step for him. if only they could come to america too!!! *fingers crossed*

also, saw a pic of toma standing between the director and the president of Kadokawa (?) at the news below, at the press conference when they announced it (the last stop in the stage greetings at Aomori, at Dazai's old mansion?).
[thanks to zoe for this link!]

could someone translate these 2 news articles?

march 3, 2010. [or march 1 actually?]
another epic day for toma-kun that i've got to mark on my calendar...

i remember the director saying last year, they might release the movie overseas. and so when i read about the rumor yesterday, that it'd be released in other countries in asia, i wasn't surprised. (edit: wait, maybe that was the actual news yesterday?? baka....cuz it was in spanish at zoe's page and i used babelfish to translate...) but now, to know it's really true!!! *cries* toma is becoming an international star!!! (not that he wasn't already before, he's got fans all over the world, but i mean, OFFICIALLY, NOW!!) if they could only also come to other countries farther away, like the usa!!! but maybe later?? (*fingers crossed* i know there's A LOT of japanese ppl here in california, come on!!! please please come here with the movie and bring toma too!! even if it's not subbed, I'LL BE THERE!! and the chance to see toma in person!! *dies*)

toma fans in singapore, taiwan, and hk (and in countries nearby): your wish has come true!! ~_~ the precious chance to see toma in person!!! *__* please go watch the movie, come to whatever promotional events toma will be at, and take lots of pics and tell us all about it here!!! xD and of course, nag all your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, even ppl u don't know so well, TO GO WATCH NINGEN SHIKKAKU!!! *hyper* (and i'll certainly ask everyone i know in hk and singapore to go watch!!!!)

and this is how i found out.... so, a new post at her LJ! it was like, just a couple short sentences that i saw at xdustbunnys' page. (always so lowkey. ^^) but these sentences really took my breath away!! i was surprised and so happy and hyper!! but then i wasn't 100% i checked back at zoe's blog, then i used babelfish to translate the 2 news articles....i already could recognize the chinese characters for hong kong...and when i read the news babelfish translated (very roughly)....AHHH!!! it is true!! got so emotional, i cried a little bit. =,)

I DON'T KNOW WHY NO ONE ELSE POSTED ANYTHING EARLIER?? i refreshed the page many times while making sure the news was true, kept expecting some1 would post something. but no...i get to post about it!! xD

(use to translate it f/japanese to eng. if u want, though i'm sure some1 will soon post up a proper translation of this incredible news!!)

and then i realized, i saw the news at zoe's page yesterday, but cuz something got lost in translation, i thought it was just rumors!! but i think it was the actual news!!!! this is a pic of a newspaper w/the news + pic f/zoe's blog (

and seems like toma already wrote about that day (actually, was it march 1??) in his blog. but he didn't mention this HUGE news at all?? well, he only said it was a little strange talking about the movie in dazai's old house, cuz dazai was born there...and he did say he hopes many ppl will see this movie and ask everyone to help him promote it again...but...that's all!! ehhhh.... (but it's nice to know toma was the one who suggested coming there for the movie promotion. very meaningful ne!)

and i'm 99% sure toma will go to these 3 countries to promote it!! yes yes!!

and what's awesome, is i know lots of toma fans in countries close to hk and singapore, so fans in the philippines, malaysia, can come see him too!! if they take a short flight over...

i just realized that the window of time where toma might go promote his movie in other countries is quite small...soon he'll be busy with finishing hanamizuki filming and promoting Seaside Motel and after that, Hanamizuki, of course....but even if i have to wait till autumn for ningen and TOMA to come to the usa, i'd be totally fine with that!!! xD

ahhhh, i hope and pray that ningen and toma will come to america soon (well, specifically california, but still so cool if he comes to the usa at all!) with all my heart!!! yes yes....wanna see toma...

and now for what i posted at the toma LJ. & MAKE SURE U READ THE COMMENTS!! *_* EVERYONE SO HAPPY AND HYPER. i'm not used to getting so many comments, but i love it!! and i do mean it. i'm so excited for everyone living in those countries, in that area....really! (and a little jealous! xD)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


(toma's pics f/hanamura. LOVE SEEING HIM IN GLASSES and funny how he posed next to his poster, same pose too!!! lol. and this pic in the snow is so hyper/cute!! credit: zoe)

(YES! i posted at exactly 1:07! lol.
hai, the obsession with times that remind of toma's bday continues...)

yesterday was my 1 yr anniversary...1st time went to mitsuwa!! ^_^

didn't imagine then, that i'd spend so much $$ there, mostly on magazines and food. haha. but it's sooooo worth it. i entered the sweepstakes when i was there recently. i hope i'll win a gift certificate!! and mitsuwa's on twitter and facebook now too! lol. and this is the pic of THAT magazine where toma's yukata is....falling off him inside, but i did not buy... xD

whenever there's talk of a new group debut, some1 mentions toma. haha. i thought it was really touching, what pauba said...!!

2010-03-02 10:58 am UTC (link)
he actually said he didn't really wish to debut because he was happy having to focus only on acting and that people shouldnt make such a big deal about it, he was fine with it.

anyways...something along the lines.
It's in his Shounen Club Prenium interview

2010-03-02 01:41 pm UTC (link)
Oh, I remember that from the SCP interview. It was more like he was happy creating this new path for the other Juniors to follow. Ah, such a wonderful senpai..

But, NYC. Um. Okay. Thanks. Bye.


ningen's in 8th place @the box office for the 2nd weekend. but 4th place last week?? eh?? wasn't it 5th?? but here they say it's 4th!! sugoi!! well, looks like it's gonna keep going down from now. but at least 4th in the 1st weekend!!




also, there's a rumor that he's been filming for a new ACUO CM. =)
(thanks to zoe for the info:

toma's messages...umm....
he's has more stage greetings for ningen in different cities. (i didn't know he'd still have stage greetings after opening day!) he's really happy to see people who come to watch the movie...he says this is still only the start, so it's time for everyone to get to work (go watch the movie/promote the movie), to support the movie. "let's give it our all~!!" xD

read more about her trip to tokyo and see her pics. ^^ also, she talked about the toma vs jude law (he does not look as handsome as he used to, though...) food show!! WOWWWWW. jude law flirted with toma?? xD u can DL it @the toma LJ.

[finally can get the flix and cinema*cinema pics!!! at the toma_gallery!!]

[pics credit: hpswf1 and strawberry_gemm. u can get all the pics at or zoe's blog or the toma LJ! toma wearing glasses pic:]

[translations] Online articles on Toma and Ningen Shikkaku
toma [I'd like to share some translations I've done, some are really quite interesting :D
( 100215 Nishinippon Shimbun - Interview about his thoughts on Ohba Youzou )
( 100219 Cinema Today - Premiere night report )
( 100220 Sanspo 1 - Short article, translated mainly for his comment on sparkly JE costumes )
( 100220 Sanspo 2 - Words spoken to Toma that gave him support through the years )]

enshinge, thanks a million!!!
i love toma more everytime i read things like this...

i thought he'd tear up, but didn't think he'd cry!! and cry so much, he needed a handkerchief. awww! *hugs* i'd cry if i was him too,, so much praise. but he totally deserves all that praise!!

haha, his sparkly costume. so cute that he didn't want to go out like that.

so much pressure!! a very risky role. but he did beautifully. ^^

"In our agency, there's never been a guy who's been successful in acting and drama without having CDs. You can definitely do this though, so do it." REALLY!! i thought there were some other johnnys like toma, never debut, but popular as an actor. didn't know he was the FIRST!!!!!! TOMA'S REALLY UNIQUE AND SPECIAL!!!! AMAZING~ i love him so much. so proud of him.


(another screencap of the dazai tomalicious books display~)

toma was talking about this "toy camera" he has on hanamura. seems like it's part of a trend in japan... good quality, quirky digital cameras, that look like toys, but are quite expensive. haha. found toma's!! SUGOI. I WANT ONE!! ^^

---BSB concert dates. horrible timing!! toma was surely too busy to go. =[

# Mon 2/15/2010: Nagoya Japan - Nippon Gaishi Hall
# Wed 2/17/2010: Tokyo Japan - Tokyo International Forum
# Thu 2/18/2010: Tokyo Japan - Nippon Budoka

........................ COOL TOMA LJ STUFF:
[toma's message on that magazine page??? can some1 translate, if he said anything special??]

Jounetsu Tairiku!!! :heart: TFS FINISHED SUBBING IT!!! yeyyyyyyyyyy.
[big ningen poster on a building!]
[oshareism show toma icons!!]
[pretty toma icons! some ningen!]
[flix, cinema icons. some ningen.]
[hanamura cafe subbed]
[Ningen Shikkaku OST + Goodies + Ohayou Asahi & UP 2/19]
[DL the news clip about the ningen premiere...toma cried! wait, i think i already linked to these?? not sure.]
[magazine previews :)]
[watch vvv6 (part of it?) and some other tv show toma was on here!]
[Screencaps from Hanamizuki movie trailer]