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kate's notes on episodes 2, 3, & 4 of Voice- voices of the lifeless

to you~
you there, in Finland~
hei! kuinka voit?

and to everybody, wherever u are~
good morning/good evening/good night! (:

finally, some1 uploaded Voice's themesong, "moment" to imeem!
i've wanted to use the themesong as the bg song here 4 awhile now. it was only uploaded 2 days ago! i really love the lyrics! :D u can see a part of the lyrics translated here, in a short clip f/the end of ep. 1 (no spoilers, don't worry):


this post is just gonna be like a list of thoughts or things i noticed when notes. (: it's kinda long,though. and there's some nice screencaps. that's all. but i hope you'll still read it. (there R no spoilers!)

^_^ ah~ for ep.4 (toma's storyline), i got over DOUBLE the amount of screencaps i usually get for 1 episode!! of course cuz of all the toma cuteness/sadness in that episode!! so i'll need more time until i can upload those captures later.

[a cute toma moment f/the start of ep. 2 ne~]

episode 2:

- i like the opening. it's pretty cool and shows kinda how daiki's mind works when he's trying to help these ppl. i LOVE how toma looks the coolest, walking in the hallway like that!! it's a little creepy that the dead woman smiles at the end of it though...

-i think the background music is's not that special or stands out much, but during the sad scenes, it really sets the mood...oh, i like the exciting one that is the eita-solves-the-case theme! and i'm liking the themesong ("moment" by Greeen) more and more!

- umm...this episode's case turned out to be so simple, but i still didn't know what happened until daiki explained it. it's kinda cool how daiki connects all the clues together each time in order to solve the case, actually...i like how all the deaths seem to be accidental, or at least no one tried to kill them. complete opposite of CSI or other forensic shows. it's a forensic drama with a lot of heart!

just that...i think they often try too hard to make everybody so GOOD/DETERMINED (the ppl that died and the main cast), that it can be a little annoying. but i'm getting used to it slowly...

- what about the very start of the drama, daiki's "love hotel" comment to aki?? i wonder if they'll come back to that, or is it just a random moment to introduce the characters?

- i like the format of each episode...the start is daiki commenting on something related to the case. then later, it's sad, but then happy again be4 the end of the episode. =) cuz i remember i really hated how hachikuro's episodes mostly ended on a sad note.

(actually, i agree with all of daiki's arguments w/ryosuke or teppei so far. haha. he's a practical guy & likes things clear cut/simple. me too!!)

- my favorite toma moment: ryosuke's reaction when he's surprised to see daiki at the hospital. =)

episode 3:

- ryosuke & daiki walking arm-in-arm! kawaii!! AT LEAST TOMA'S IN THE GUY'S POSITION! LOL. ah, they R really too close. but they would make a cute couple, i guess. haha. they definitely have more chemistry than daiki & aki! =P

- BUT EITA'S TEETH ARE REALLY UNBELIEVABLY YELLOW. @_@ i dunno why he doesn't do something about it?? and his ears R really big, too. well, he's still a cute guy though. =)

- i like the bar/restaurant they hang out at. it's a colorful, relaxed place, with a hawaii-like feel to it. but then hanei's mom can be annoying.

- i like their professor the most, though he doesn't show up much. he's a nice, open-minded, smart guy. the old man that was yamada's father in H&C is so mean most of the time, though it's funny that he listens to techno all the time. (oh, i think some ppl said that eita or toma or both love Perfume's music??)

- is it just my imagination, or is toma walking with one hand in his pocket a lot more than usual in this drama?? i think he IS! haha. it's just a little funny to me that he does it so often.

- a little bit of takemoto-kun's self-consciousness shows up in ryosuke in this episode. nostalgic! *sigh* poor guy, though. feeling so lost and envious of the others.

- my favorite toma moment: of course, toma sleeping! and then he's annoyed when woken up. he's so boyish here. haha! kakkoiiiii!!

- actually, i'm a lot like aki. hahaha...well, i'm a little Monk-ish! like aki, i'm also straightforward/stubborn/studious/geeky/a perfectionist/hate wasting time. but i would often like the guys who R the complete opposite of me...funny/quirky/outgoing guys. =P and aki is the same way!

- i'm liking daiki more and more. =) he's really quirky/smart, but cute and boyish, too. it's funny when he's a little flirty and aki gets nervous, when there's just the 2 of them at the bus stop!!

- i'm liking Voice more, but it's...there's something missing.
it's a pretty good drama and it's great to see students solving unknown death cases using forensics 4 a change, but... i hate to say it, but honestly, if toma was not ryosuke, i would haved stopped watching after episode 2. and i can see why lots of ppl have said that it's boring or it's no good.
i think the problem is that there are 5 characters (ok, 3 main ones, but still-), then there's the ppl in the case they're working on. about half the time is taken up to talk about the case. so they cannot develop either the story or characters very well in 40-something minutes. it might help if hanei & teppei are not in the drama, but by now, i like them too! and they R pretty funny/nice guys that do contribute to the story sometimes. mm...anyway, it gets better by episode 3. if ppl can manage to get to ep.3, i think they'd keep watching after that...

episode 4: **toma's episode!!**

- i was really excited about this episode after seeing its preview at the end of ep.3, cuz it's about toma AND it's a more dramatic, personal case! and i was not disappointed. =) yappari~ it's my fav episode so far. it's a shame this episode got such low ratings!! i don't get it...why were ppl not watching tv that night...IT'S THE EPISODE ABOUT TOMA!!



- actually, i'm disappointed that ryosuke is not as special/interesting as the director described be4 Voice started. the way they described him, i expected...more. haha. don't get me wrong, toma is so cute/cool/funny as ryosuke, but then i've already seen him act like this in previous roles. but then, at least in this episode, toma finally got a chance to SHINE and show more range in his acting! yey!

[toma shock/cuteness!]

- toma did such a great job in the scene where he first sees his dead friend. the horrified/can't-believe-it look on his face!!

- the storyline and seeing tanaka kei reminds me of Maou, and seeing brooding/gloomy/sullen toma, with his frustrated/sad expressions, yelling, and crying, all made me think of naoto!! =( ah, but toma is really brilliant in those's heartbreaking!

- it's funny that ryosuke keeps saying he was popular with the girls. i dunno about ryosuke, but 4 sure, toma's SUPER popular with the girls, the guys, the kids, the women, and even older women, i'm sure. lol. everybody loves toma!!♥

- oh, i really like how ryosuke wears a lot of close-fitting sweaters with university logos on them. he looks so YOUNG and cute in them. ~_~

- i noticed at the start of the episode, when daiki and teppei were eating lunch together-- they were eating at a location that i've seen in H&C! i wonder if they used the same campus to film Voice? hmm...

- when ryosuke was running after daiki and at the same time pulling off his labcoat, didn't it make u think of superman when he's rushing off to save someone? haha. sugoi!!

[EHHH?? who told you i like ryosuke?? =P ]

- daiki is in love w/ryosuke!! =P
ok, not really, but u get that feeling in this episode, since he's so worried about ryosuke and he gets so emotional at the end too! well, they're just really good friends...and in real life, toma and eita get along so well too. =) toma said they've already gone out to eat together many times. so their friendship in this drama is really natural, real, and u can tell they really have a strong bond! ii ne~

-this was the only case that i guessed correctly why the person died. and it's unfortunate, what happened to him.... the death of a friend, especially one who's still young is really terrible. so, again, this case is more sad and touching 4 me since i also had a high school friend who died a couple yrs ago. except i was not as close with him...but u really do feel bad, like maybe 'i could have done something for him' or 'what if i had kept in touch with him'...but then u realize that all u can do now is move your life to the fullest and be happy. because that's what he would want for you. right? sometimes i wish i could live twice as hard, for him too...

-ah~ the burden...the be successful. and usually the pressure comes from the father. if you're asian, chances are you know what ryosuke is going through, cuz u've been thru it too. i've been through it. parents pressuring you to go into a certain field (usually science-related), usually it's so u can be a doctor or a lawyer... but the pressure becomes huge when your father is a great doctor himself! whatever your nationality, if your dad is a great doctor and wants you to be one too, it has gotta be really tough to not listen to him! going off-topic a little: conan o'brien, my fav late night talk show host, he graduated from Harvard! his dad was a doctor, his mom was a lawyer! imagine how stressful it was to have such educated, successful parents, and then not follow in their footsteps for your career choice. well, i don't know if conan's father wanted him to be a doctor, but he's gotta be disappointed that he chose to work in showbiz instead. haha. conan still sometimes jokes about how his parents think his work is ridiculous and embarassing to their family. i don't know if conan ever had to stand up to his father/mother to choose his own path, but anyway, good for him for deciding for himself and becoming so successful and happy & making many ppl who watch his show happy too!! ^_^ he really makes me laugh so much. haha.

it also makes me wonder...did toma ever have pressure from his father to stop being an actor/singer and go to college and get a serious job? i think he might have...and maybe toma had to also bravely stand up to him and tell him this is really what he wants to do with his life! i'd like to think so... *__* thank goodness toma never gave up!! what would we do without him??

- my favorite toma moment: definitely when ryosuke's on the rooftop alone, the sun shining brightly on him...what a cool/lonely moment!! and of course, toma on the back of a scooter, loudly singing along to that song is also a really really cute/special moment!

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watch the VOICE~ preview SP!

to you~

who's in the Philippines~
hoy! kumusta ka?

and to everyone-chan,

i spent some time choosing, resizing, grouping together & uploading Voice screencaps i got f/ep.s 1-3! enjoy~

i will probably post some of my comments/thoughts about VOICE ep.s 1-4 tomorrow...yeah...i hope you'll come back to read that.

[i love this closeup shot, it's like i'm standing rrreally close behind toma & eita!! ♡ ]

VOICE preview SPECIAL!! (23 minutes)
u can download it HERE. it's not subbed, but hopefully TFS will later. i don't think it's been posted at the toma LJ? i found it by accident somehow. haha. some individual interviews w/the cast, clips f/ep.1, and u can see some cute behind the scenes moments!! it's nice to see them on the first day of filming (?), and when they called out each of the main cast's names-- toma's reaction is so modest/serious, right? =) and toma smiling at yuya's (teppei's) shy nod to the camera is sweet. ~_~ and toma saying happy birthday to eita! kawaii ne!! eita's surprised/blank face is funny, though. =P i wish i was in eita's place! having toma wish him happy bday!!! so lucky! also, they talked about the university campus a little. if any1 here understands, pls tell me the name of that university!
arigatou gozaimasu~!



[tanjoubi omedetouuuu~!!]

[ t♥madorable~~ *_* ]

so, that's it for today.

have a nice weekend everyone!

ja ne.



does anyone know where i can find the episode titles of VOICE translated to english?
at the eng. wiki page, only the first episode, "medicine to save lost lives" has been translated. i tried using babelfish to translate the titles, but can only get the gist of it or else it doesn't make much sense.

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toma's VOICE voicetones (: & toma's recent magazine pics

to you~

who's in Mexico~
Hola! cómo estás?

and to everyone else~

check this out:

if u glance at it quickly, doesn't it look like it could be toma's restaurant?? lol. the name is probably TOMATO something. a restaurant in washington DC, usa.

here's some recent toma pics f/magazine articles! i LOVE the winkup March 2009 pics the most. i really wish i could find a way to buy winkup here. =/ anyway, u can see the pics here, thanks to rukia1314 for posting them up!! (better quality version at the tomalicious forum Gallery):

[toma daisuki!!♥ looking so natural, with a simple look, yet soooooooo cute.]

[toma loves his music~~ ]

[tomaaaaaa. lovely!!]

also, check out other recent toma scans that meoinkie2 kindly uploaded for us starting on this page (go to the next page too!):

[*_* red plaid~~ and he's with Jam, his dog!]

[ah~ i can't look away ~_~]

toma should release a photo album/photobook!!
i'd buy it, definitely!! *__*
i see hiro, shun, maki, etc. have photo albums on sale at yesasia, and it makes me think "when will it be toma's turn??!!"

and now some VOICE updates.
according to, ep.7 stayed at about 15%, and i figured it out, the average of the ratings so far is 15.6. i just noticed that 12.3%, the lowest, was for the dramatic episode featuring toma!! =[ nande?!! i feel bad for him, the episode that focused on him, the least ppl watched. =( are they mostly just watching for eita then? hmm...

feb. 23 was toma's last blog update. like usual, he just plugged VOICE again and his VOICE voicetones. =P check out inseiko's notes underneath the tomagoto translations @ the Tomalicious forum 2 see what quotes from VOICE his voicetones have been so far. haha...random, but good quotes, actually!! if u didn't know about his VOICE voicetones, read his message teacup79 translated here, where toma first announced the VOICE voicetones project:
and he wrote that really long, special message on feb.9, my bday!! yey!! ~_~

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THE winter-is-ending-soon-but-it's-not-yet-spring-so-it's-RAINing NEW BANNERS

at last,

new banners!!

on the 22nd♥♡, too!!
(well, it's the 23rd in tokyo now, but still.
here's in case u don't know the significance of the 22nd to me, go here and here.)

sorry 4 the long wait~
if u were waiting that is.

you wouldn't think it, but it's really really really
hard to find good rainy day photos! hounto da!
(yes, even more difficult than snow/winter photos!)
they are mostly all grey/blurry/gloomy/in black and white?!
i don't see what's so great about black & white pics of ppl standing in the rain w/umbrellas! (Or the boring, done-too-many-times-already shot of a lone figure standing in the rain with the umbrella they're holding be the only thing with bright color (red!) in the pic.)

looking at photos of rain makes me think of Maou...
i tried to find pics of rainy days in tokyo...
but in the end, only managed to find one in Okinawa. (the other pic was taken in London.)
and it was taken/uploaded on oct. 9, 2008, just 2 days after toma's birthday!! =)

they're quite nice, both banners, right?? finally, some BRIGHT COLORS!!
the theme is almost the end of winter/start of spring, so~ rain.
i've always liked rain, i guess cuz here, we don't get rain often, and i enjoy the mysteriousness/gloomyness of rainy days. 1 of my emails even has the word rain in it! i also like the sound of the rain. but i don't like continious rain for days on end. i think i'd have trouble living in seattle, london, or tokyo cuz of the endless rain... but hey, if i get to live in an amazing city like tokyo, AND knowing toma lives in the same city, i'm sure i can still live there happily and just get used to dreary and damp rainy days!! =D

and i hope u like these 2 banners, cuz they're gonna be here a long time, since i spent A LOT of time looking for them! i'm gonna keep them here for as long as possible!!! xD


yappari~ these days, it's raining a lot again in tokyo. it rains so much there, when i searched for rain pictures, without entering in "tokyo" or "japan", already~ many pics of tokyo rain would show up! haha. maybe cuz it rains so much and it's so crowded there, most ppl in tokyo use transparent umbrellas. some ppl at flickr were saying how it's cool that the japanese ppl use transparent umbrellas-- cuz they look cool and they're also practical, u can see where you're going better! i have a transparent umbrella, but i didn't realize that it's also practical to have a clear umbrella till now! =P i just got it cuz i like how it looks. here's some pics of ppl using these transparent umbrellas in japan:
[prettyyyy pink one!!! i want one like this! =P]

also cuz it rains so much there, they've got kinda mini lockers for umbrellas, or "umbrella parking"!! they're probably all over the place, so convenient and a great idea! Tokyo... ~__~ it's really a city w/so many gadgets and uniqueness!! sugoi!! but it rains so so much there! hence the need 4 these. here's some pics of them:

Friday, February 20, 2009

universities toma has filmed at....

To you,
you there in Japan~

こんにちわ !
元気 ですか ?

hello, everyone else!

=) since there's a lot of ppl f/ all over the world that come here,
i thought from now on, sometimes i'd have a special shoutout for ppl in a certain country at the start of my posts. i'll just choose randomly f/the places that i see the most visitors are from, or maybe sometimes the ones where i've only got 1 visitor from too! of course, japan toma fans get the FIRST shoutout! ^_^ well, i guess for everyone, i'll say the same thing: "hi, how are you?" and i'll write it in your country's main language too, unless babelfish or google translate can't translate it for me.

i'm kinda like daiki in Voice, cuz i'm sometimes curious about details that no one else pays attention to or thinks about. (so, sorry if this post is boring to you.) you see, i really loved the location where they filmed hana kimi, that university...really such a lovely place, with all the trees and pathways and i tried looking up the name of that university so that i could hopefully find some pics of it online. i found out the name, but wasn't able to find any pics. at least there's 1 pic of it at the wiki page. here's what i found:


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradise (Japanese: 花ざかりの君たちへ イケメン♂パラダイス, - Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Ikemen Paradaisu), also known as Ike-para, is a Japanese drama produced by Fuji Television and first aired on July 3, 2007. It is based on Hisaya Nakajo's manga, Hana-Kimi. Filming locations include the Ryutsu Keizai University.
[some info about this private school here]

well, while i was at it, i looked for the one they used in Hachimitsu to Clover too. i guess they used the Musashino Art University, then? i can't tell from the pics at the websites below, though. it's quite a pretty school too, ne. this is what i found:


The manga title was inspired by two CDs sitting side by side on a shelf; Honey by the band Spitz, and Clover by the band Sugashigao. For that reason, many songs from the two bands were used in the anime series.
Hamadayama Art University, the locale for the story, was based on the actual Musashino Art University where Masamune Kusano, the lead singer from Spitz, attended. The university is named in the credits for both movie and anime, as the campus is almost an exact replica.

[toma & the rest on campus...]

i tried looking for info about the university used in Voice, but no luck.
i like how this university's campus and buildings look too! it seems more old-looking and plain than the other 2, but still looks quite nice and a pleasant place to study at. we even got an aerial view of it in episode one! if anyone knows the name of this university, please tell me. maybe they mentioned it at the official website, but i can't read japanese, so...
i think it would be so cool if you're a toma fan and you're a student at the university and u see them filming a scene right there at your school!!! wahhhh...u get to see toma and the cast and everything.... sugoi!! or if u are a toma fan and you're gonna be going to one of those universities where toma has filmed at or is filming at. just knowing toma-kun has been there is a happy feeling, right? *__* it's like "toma-kun stood here...or he has walked past here...he~ was~ really~ here~!"

this is it for today.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ohno, Maou, and Truth wins awards at 18th TV LIFE Annual Drama Awards 2008!

yess!! maou (by so much!!) & truth won!

and ohno wins again.
as expected.
well, it woulda been cool if toma won,
but it's ok, i'm happy 4 ohno, too.

Dorama Award
Maou (TBS) 5723 votes
Ryuusei no Kizuna (TBS) 2292 votes
Atsuhime (NHK) 1973 votes
CHANGE (FujiTV) 1760 votes
ROOKIES (TBS) 1752 votes

Male Lead
Ohno Satoshi (Maou) [TBS] 5712 votes
Takuya Kimura (CHANGE) [TBS] 2508 votes
Ninomiya Kazunari (Ryuusei no Kizuna) [TBS] 2331 votes
Kamenashi Kazuya (1 Pound no Fukuin) [NTV] 2087 votes
Sato Ryuta (ROOKIES) [TBS] 984 votes

Female Lead
Miyazaki Aoi (Atsuhime) [NHK]

Supporting Actor
Nishikido Ryo (Ryuusei no Kizuna) [TBS] 2038 votes
Nishikido Ryo (Last Friends) [FujiTV] 1516 votes
Hayato Ichihara (ROOKIES) [TBS] 1387 votes
Eita (Atsuhime) [NHK] 1324 votes
Eita (Last Friends) [FujiTV] 1023 votes

Supporting Actress
Ueno Juri (Last Friends) [FujiTV]

Newcomer Award

Miura Haruma (Bloody Monday) [TBS]

Truth by Arashi (Maou)


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


[did u know?? that rainbows can occur at night, also?! i didn't! just wanted to share this rare, amazing night rainbow with minna-chan. credit:
......oh, i know there R no toma-isms lately...i'm gonna just post them up sometimes from now, cuz i'm running out of ideas for them. lol. gomenasai!]

kate des.

was your valentine's day as boring as mine?

....ah, sou des ka?
mm mm...

anyways, like fi says, if it wasn't so great, hopefully next year it can be the best V Day everrrrr for you! ~_~ ahhh, fi is so sweet, right? haih~
ah~ some fi cuteness!! (credit: fiona sit @ her blog

back to today's important topic, though:

if u are able to vote, that is. it's just a poll, really, but i still want toma to win!!
the main page w/all the categories u can vote for is HERE.
he is nominated in 2 categories:
[[JP-ENT] Favourite Male, Female & Supporting Character]
[[JP-ENT] Best Actor, Actress & Chemistry]

please also remember to vote for ARASHI, Maou's themesong: TRUTH, AND the HANA KIMI SP! Maou itself was not nominated 4 anything, though?! well, at least~ right now, toma is winning in those 2 categories and arashi is (mostly) winning in their categories!! hurray!! =D

aiya, only found this out after already voted for toma, else i'd also vote for ohno.

the deadline is probably MARCH 1.



see u later-

i'll try to update the banners soon,
so please look forward to it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A not-that-SPECIAL VALENTINE'S DAY POST! love love love, blah blah blah...

♥ toma-ism #91:

with each passing day, i love u more. and i can't stop that feeling.
[what mizuki wrote to sano in the hana kimi SP]

[this is actually during xmas time! after all, xmas is a holiday more for couples in japan. i think it's CUTE that they have a heart there for christmas eve!! ^_^ credit: more pics of the tower with heart here:,]

hi there!

13 YEARS AT JOHNNY'S TODAY (probably)!!

and of course,

i hope it'll be a sweet day for you.♥

I LO~VE Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry about that. i got excited. =)
but no matter if u are with someone,
or toma is your only love,
have a sweet sweet day ne~

(btw, i found out f/reading fi's and rain's blog that my bday, feb.9,
was also chinese valentine's day!! pretty cool, huh?? ~_~)

well, u know~
being a toma fan~


i say 'i love toma' or 'he's so cute', etc. all the time,
throughout the whole year~

so valentine's day is sorta redundant to me. lol.
so i won't repeat myself, won't post how i feel about toma-kun,
cuz it's pretty obvious, and u can just read thru my older special posts and see, if u don't already know.

even though it has almost nothing 2 do with V Day~
here's some cute pics of toma, eita & satomi together 4 a magazine article f/really recently. =P thanks to bleahzzz! satomi teasing the guys for their closeness while filming (and not filming!). the REAL couple of the drama is toma & eita?? haha. ma, he's always closer to the guys than the girls.

if u wanna send a V DAY e-card AND save the rainforest at the same time, go here!! i like the "I LIKE YOU" card!! lol. xD

here R 2 love quotes for you and 1 that is just really really wonderful!

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is Love.
—Sophocles (496 BCE-406 BCE); ancient Greek tragedian

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.


Dream your dream. Follow your heart. Imagine. Listen to the wind. Drink sunsets. Be free. Let the wonder never cease. Believe. Wish on EVERY star. Create adventure. Be Kind.
—Debbie Coulter

if i had the chance, i think i'd simply write on a pink paper heart,
"Toma-kun, i love you".
and i'd make him some cupcakes like this:

because all the other girls will give him chocolates. and i like cupcakes. and they're easy to make. haha. after all, in this article about the best gourmet cupcakes, they say "Nothing against heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, we love them too, but cupcakes tell that special someone you're a 21st-century, game-changing kind of sweetheart."
[got the pic below f/this article]

better yet, i'll just buy him some gourmet cupcakes. and some for me too! mm...yummy!! ~_~
but pricey! -__- maybe i'll buy him some and we can share. heehee~

here's just more sweet cupcakes w/hearts on them. ahhhh~ it's making me hungy! but it's almost too pretty to eat!! just like toma's almost too pretty to...uh...i dunno...he's just too pretty PERIODl!! :D his incredible handsomeness would not stop me f/hugging him, though, if i had the chance (WHEN CAN I POSSIBLY GET THIS CHANCE? LOL.), that's for sure!!!!! ♥


p.s. are you sick of all the PINK here yet??? lol. goodbye everybody! have a good weekend ne~ i'll see u next time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS, TOMA-KUN!! 13 yrs @JE already! ^__^ / toma-related stuff @yesasia

[omedetou!! some flowers 4 toma! ~_~

[13 yrs already! KEEP GOING UP UP UP, TOMA!! =)

a lot of fans and i hate JE and johnny 4 not letting toma debut and their strict rules regarding their artists (can't use their image on japan websites, they can't accept gifts f/fans, can't date, etc.)....but without it, we would not know toma at all!! except if he signed up with another company and became popular anyway, but nevermind... so we should be thankful to Johnny's Jimusho (or Johnny's Entertainment), right? so: thank you, JE!!

IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE TOMA IS NOT AN ARTIST AND ALL HIS CUTENESS, AWESOMENESS, ALL HIS TALENTS, ARE NOT KNOWN TO ANYONE EXCEPT HIS FRIENDS, FAMILY, CLASSMATES, ETC.!!! wow. without toma, life would surely be a lot less bright and beautiful. he has really changed and inspired me in many ways....which is why i'm so happy that that on this day, february 11 [in tokyo time], 13 yrs ago, 11 year old toma was convinced by his mom to go to that audition! the day that changed toma's life!! according to, toma was supposed to go play in a school soccer game that day, but his mom decided the audition was more important. =) and he was accepted 1 day after the audition, and got a part in a drama after that. some say the actual date he entered johnnys was feb.14. wow, if it's true, that is so perfect, cuz toma is LOVE!! ♡♥ well, even though i'm not sure, let's just think of it as feb. 14. i'll just congratulate him early today, since i'll be talking about v day on that friday. but at his wikipedia page, it says he started participating in Johnny's Jr. in september 1996? mm...anyway:

13 yrs of acting, singing, dancing, etc. already...
i hope there are many more years to come, and that
you will keep getting more successful and more popular each year! yeah!!

speaking of JE, toma's gonna be in the Johnny's Jr. 2009 School Calendar (APR-2009-MAR-2010) again this year. it won't be released until mid-march...i wonder what the photos look like. if it's anything like last year's, toma's gonna be super kakkoii in the pics!! i'm not buying it though. but i checked out other toma stuff at yesasia...more stuff i can't afford to buy right now. haha...

the hana kimi special DVD has a regular and a special premium edition. the special edition is US$72.75!! 0___o i used babelfish to translate the dvd info at dvd. i think it says it comes with a (photo?) booklet and a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes stuff?

also, found out that the Maou dvd box set is an editor's pick! *__* cool. and i thought Sanwei's review of the drama was very good, i felt the same way about a lot of things!!

[ i really miss you, naoto!! ]

"If Uhm Tae Woong seemed too old for his role in The Devil, then Ikuta Toma has the opposite problem, as he looks too young and trendy with his gelled-up hair. His boyish demeanor, however, does automatically lend an air of innocence and willfulness that helps reinforce his character. Though he does stretch at some points in the earlier half of the drama, Ikuta grows into the role as the story progresses, effectively conveying the emotional desperation of a man haunted by a past he can't forgive and an enemy he can't hate."

i completely agree!! at first, i felt toma seemed too boyish and was trying too hard to act tough...but then in a way, his being young and rebellious makes it more believable that he has made mistakes in his past. and soon, toma just WAS naoto, this tough but also sensitive guy carrying a heavy burden...he really did an amazing job as naoto. and his short haircut made him look older despite him gelling it up. of course it goes without saying, he was still so cute!!!!! ~_~ seriously, though, whenever watching maou, i'd forget all about toma & ohno being idols and only see them as naoto and naruse. of course, ohno is an amazing actor too. BRAVO, to both of them!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


happy VOICE day. =)
(ep.5: pls have higher ratings!!)

today i'm 3 yrs older than toma again. *sigh*

ma~ only around 4 months of the yr that i'm 2 yrs older than him.
because i love how toma writes, i would like to slightly alter his oct.9 message (and dec.24) to express how i feel:

hey! today.
i'm very happy ah.
and i wish everyone else born today a very amazing day~ yo.

i, kate...

have turned 27 yrs old :)


the year that i am 27
yrs old as well...
so to make the most of this precious life
i will keep trying my best everyday.
and live with all my strength.

i am grateful to my friends and family...
kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
(please continue 2 look after me this year)

i am grateful for every happy experience i have had up till now...


to you...

i am grateful.

thank you.

2009 February 9

Sunday, February 8, 2009

kate's thoughts & feelings about ep.1 of Voice

♥ toma-ism #90:

Oh light, keep shining on toma's future like this forever. Fly high~!
[slightly altered translated lyrics f/arashi's PIKA★★NCHI Double]

sorry to keep u waiting.
here's the post i promised you.

but before that, just wanted to say~
i learned f/reading AF news that exams coming soon in japan (& other parts of asia?).
all students taking exams soon:
ki ni shinaide ne.
(don't worry about it.)

i read at AF that Ameba gave out Blog of the Year awards on thursday to celebrities in tokyo!!
EHHHH?? they can get awards for blogging too??? haha. gives them more incentive to blog more often and post more interesting things, right? =) i hope toma can get it some time. i love tomagoto!!

[really love how they're dancing on top of a building in this MV, sugoi!!]


the new song here. i just found it recently thanks to ♥Kitsiee @AF! she had a screencap f/the MV on her signature, i asked her about it, and she said it's f/the PIKA★★NCHI Double MV. :D i love this song, the music & lyrics R both really touching and bright!!! it's crazy good. BUT I WANNA KNOW: what does PIKA★★NCHI Double mean?? i know pikanchi is the title of their movie and song, but that's it.

kita~ (it's here)
what i think of Voice, ep. 1.
(i probably will post my comments up only after every 2 episodes from now on...)
well, here are my first impressions of the series.
i might like it more later (like i did with h&C and maou), but so far--it's just pretty good. but it's quite preachy/too sentimental, which is what i was afraid of/expecting. and i know it's shallow to say it, but really...most of the main cast is quite plain looking. to me, at least. the ratings are dropping by more points each week! ep.4 only got 12.4%! but then--both maou & h&C's average were below 12 anyway, so... i hope it'll go up on monday, since this monday is special 2 me!!

i'll really try to keep this short & to the point, unlike usual!! haha.
here's a list of comments about episode one:
"Medicine to Save Lost Lives".

(p.s. of course, i got a bunch of screencaps. i'll upload later! & there are NO SPOILERS in this post!)

1- though the video is not as high quality as h&c or maou, the subs are still excellent. =) and actually, i'm ok w/not seeing toma in all his loveliness, up close, if it means i don't have to go thrudownloading many parts and join them again on the computer. haha...
many many thanks to GiriGiri Fansubs! also, i'm so happy they R not suspending softsubs like the other fansubbers!! whew! (more info about this here:

2- i said it before...the 3 main characters of voice reminds me of the harry potter movie. 3 students- 2 guys and 1 smart girl. i wish there was another main female character, though! kanako (satomi)'s character is really a lot like hermione, such a smart and good, by the book student. daiki (eita)'s ruffled hair, blank face and being so curious reminds me of the Little Prince! lol. and ryosuke, well...he's a lot like Box f/akihabara@deep!! cuz both characters, they're the cutest and the most fun, talkative/outgoing guy of the group. and they're both like the 2nd leader of the group. mm...eita's and satomi's characters seem pretty straightforward. the quirky, laid back genius vs the conforming, uptight genius. they're perfect opposites, therefore they will eventually like each other! *yawn*

eita is a great actor, though, so kudos for him for getting his first leading role. though he's quite low-key and doesn't show much expression so far, but when he gets emotional, he really shows it well!

2.5- about ryosuke:

(1st of all, this is a minor detail, but i think it's really cool. toma's hair is parted on the left!! yeah! *__* i have this habit of noticing which side artists i like part their hair. haha. check this out though, which way u part your hair says something about your personality?? i don't buy it, but it's an interesting theory... having seen a lot of his pics from years ago till now, i noticed it's mostly parted on the right or near the middle. but in Voice, his hair is now parted on the left side. well, i always part my hair on the left side, and i think it's cool whenever some1 i like also does that! haha. ok, sorry 4 rambling.)

i already said i love his cool hairstyle. except when they flare out his hair too much at the bottom/ starts looking a little feminine then. haha.

as expected, ryosuke is a pretty cool, lovable guy! cute, charming, cheerful. ^_^ the one with the most energy and the most outspoken of all the characters. i love how he already has a lot of interaction with the girls, even the first time we see him, he's talking to a girl! ;) and i expected him to be more flirty and maybe a little obnoxious, cuz they were describing his character as a playboy. but he is so not (at least not yet?)!! he didn't flirt with kanoko at all, even. he's just a cool guy who has a crush on his teacher. and maybe a nurse has a crush on him? ...already we see his tense relationship with his father...makes me think of Maou. =( looking forward to seeing more of his serious side and how he deals with the heavy burden his father has given him.

i guess ryosuke has no serious romantic relationship with anyone in this drama. he can't possibly end up dating his teacher?! not that i have a problem with older woman & younger guy relationships, but i have a problem with HER and him. she just doesn't match with toma!'s not necessarily a bad thing though, cuz it was like that in maou, too. at least i don't have to worry about being jealous of him and some girl being so close. though i know it's silly, but i do get like that sometimes...actually, i more often end up wishing i could trade places with one of his guy friends in the drama more than the girl, cuz he's often more close with and has more fun with them than with the girls! hahaha~

3- the themesong: awesome, (a little too?) inspiring lyrics!! but i don't like the music somehow...i'll probably like it the more that i listen to it, though. =)

4- if u've read what i wrote about maou and h&C, u'd know this was coming: i hate it when they try too hard to make things too dramatic, sad or heartfelt- that really annoys me. and there were some parts (especially the end of the ep.!!) that i felt were like that in this episode.

Voice reminds me of a show i used to like, Ghost Whisperer. so far, i see many similarities!
the opening of each episode, a girl ghost says "can you hear us?". though of course, in ghost whisperer, the main character, melinda can literally see, hear, and talk to ghosts, but it's kinda like Voice's theme of listening to the voices of the dead. also, each episode is a different story, where melinda tries to figure out why a ghost is scaring/bothering someone/herself, and eventually at the end of each episode, there's a sad story behind the ghost's death, and the ghost agrees to "cross over", leaving behind the crying family members and a tearful melinda. at first it was a pretty good show, but i got tired of it pretty quickly, each episode got to be too melodramatic and predictable!! Voice might have the same kinda formula 4 each episode....i hope they manage to keep things interesting and exciting despite this, though!

5- i guess they need some goofy characters to lighten up this drama, but i think the other 2 guys, teppei (yuya) and akira (tomohito) are a little too immature, exagerrated and silly sometimes. but they are likable too...just that so far, they don't do much except provide comic relief...but i guess we'll learn more about them as the story goes on. haha, love the parts that akira faints/collapses during the autopsies!! and i guess it's gonna be a running gag that akira keeps bullying teppei. poor guy!

6- i like it when they are hanging out, joking around, but the parts where they investigate is kinda boring. though it's supposed to be exciting. mm...but maybe that's just this first case.

7- i like toma's & eita's clothing style in this drama. =) especially eita, he's often wearing warm-looking knit stuff...looks very cozy & simple! toma's bright character of course also wears a lot of bright-colored clothing. i like seeing toma wearing a lot of layers & he looks so young in hoodies. =) also, i like how the university looks very big and old...pretty too. and the private hospital where ryosuke works is big and so clean and modern. nice!

8- fav toma moment: the embarassed/hopeless expression on his face after his teacher told him to be quiet. lol! then eita teases him and toma shoves him. hahaha! 2nd fav: when toma motions for teppei to reenact what happened when the man died. i love all the different cute/funny facial expressions toma has!! kawaiiiiii! even if he doesn't say anything...sometimes just a look, a smile, says so much... =)

Friday, February 6, 2009

gomen, i'll try 2 cut down on the random posts! (new members/with Y./nakatsu LOVE: graphics & poll)

[pic f/last yr, while he was filming 4 h&C. ~_~
i just love to see toma wrapped up in blankets or soft clothes...kawaii!!
*runs to get him another blanket*]

♥ toma-ism #89:
Must everything you do
make me wanna smile??
[hins cheung's (ft. Rihanna) Hate That I Love You lyrics]

i'm sorry~
seems like i'm getting into a pattern here,
often posting random stuff on friday.

and the friday posts~
were supposed to be the good posts!!
well, they used to be...haha...'s cuz there are some stuff that are too short to be a post on its own, so...
but maybe it'd be better if i just post more often, short posts, then wait till they build up and post them all in 1 random post?? mm.....anyway~
please don't mind this random post.

i will post again really late tonight or really early tomorrow though, a better, not-random one!
so please come back for that later!! ok?
great. see u then! =)


miss.n00ny [Saudi Arabia],
supergalkate [USA], <------------ hey, cool nickname!! why didn't i think of this?! haha...
girl_thua_rang [Vietnam],
Zainawon7ool [saudi arabia?]

pls go here 2 see new members' pics and messages to toma (just point 2 their pic and u should see their message pop up, if they wrote one.)


toma at NEWS' concert w/yamashita pics!
what? u say: "i've already seen this a while ago kate, u're so late!!" haha... gomen. well, if there are any fancams, i will post links to them really late here also. lol...but doesn't seem to be any video clips.

[hug!! PRETEND u are in yamashita's place. haha. but toma's clothes that day! w/the hat, too! i almost didn't recognize him! haha. so low-key... Credit: princess_rei]

and more pics here:

please please check out paige's awesome hana kimi SP graphics 4 nakatsu!!
"IT'S SWEET!!!" =P ahhhh~

yay, toma made it onto another poll!! this time, it's asking ppl which actor/actress made u want to watch that drama again. toma got 6th place on the guys side, for his role in hana kimi.

see the whole list at the news below. #9 was ohno for his role in Maou!