Thursday, March 27, 2008

hana kimi dvd box set PART II

HELLO, toma fans! =)
apologies 4 not updating in a long time! =(
Easter and other stuff got in the way...
i'll start with this post.

i got the hana kimi dvd partII that i ordered from yesasia last week!
awesomeness!!! i got the school uniform crest!! i wrote in the order comment that if they could pls send me the first press version that comes with the school crest, that'd be great, but if not, i would still want the regular version. and they wrote back saying they'll try 2 get it 4 me. i didn't think they would still have any first press versions, but when i opened the box and saw the crest inside!!! *___* SO HAPPY!!! and not that's not all, it also comes with a deck of cards!!! wah... so cool. ~_~ ...i luv how the text/crest on the dvd boxes, the pink and blue and how
it reflects light. really beautiful. now i have the complete set. =)

umm...i haven't gotten screencaps of the special DVDs yet (each dvd box comes with 1 bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes stuff, interviews, etc.)...i'll get some later and upload 2 the same folder. go here now 2 see some pics from the partII dvd set and also some screencaps of toma & maki talking a little during the filming of the hana kimi special (that aired be4 the end of the series). also, the quality of the scans of some of the cards f/the deck of cards is not so good, sorry! my scanner messes up the scans sometimes. but really, every1 in the deck of cards' pics looks a little pale. i guess they messed up when printing them...haha...and every1's got a pic in there, even some characters i don't recognize!! haha....sano's dad, sano's brother, even, they're all in there. some of them, the pics R not so nice and look like they're just screencaps. haha.

forgot 2 talk about this last time, but the partI dvd's bonus DVD had these stuff on it:

-end theme of episodes 1-6
-photoshoot of the hana kimi poster (weird, i don't think i saw toma! but i was fast-forwarding a lot, so maybe i missed him.)
-the ikeman fashion show + interviews w/some of them
-behind the scenes of the filming of the marathon scene

i think that was it.


-end theme of episodes 7-11

-a short Q&A with the cast (i think this was filmed right be4 the special that aired be4 the series ended, cuz they were wearing their uniforms, and sitting in that same room), where yuma ishigaki (Tennoji) asked them some questions.

-the cast rehearsing 4 the cheerleading dance scene (exhausting!!)

-4 different angles of the cheerleading dance scene
(this was really really cool!! but they didn't used avril's "girlfriend" song, they used "princess perfect". i spent some time looking & managed 2 find it using the lyrics i heard. u can't find it on esnips, imeem, or youtube, cuz turns out it's production music. but u can listen 2 it here:
A pretty catchy song, too!)

-interviews with toma, maki, sano on-location and the last days of filming, when they present each other with flowers and thank the cast, etc. etc.

-the hana kimi special that aired be4 the end of the series
(but the end, where toma and maki plugged the photobook and manga was mostly cut out!! i don't understand why they did that!! u only see them playfully pushing each other real quick, and that's it.)

2 me, 1 of the best moments in the DVD is when, i think during a break in filming the hana kimi special, toma and maki talked a little. they R so close, so comfortable talking 2 each other!! ;) then i think toma asked maki 2 say something 2 ppl that bought the DVD? and maki was seriously saying something, when toma suddenly playfully hit her head! haha! and he made a funny face and then after staring at him a short while like "i'm trying 2 be serious, you jerk!", maki (a little sadly) hit him softly on his arm and turned back 2 the camera.

i got some screencaps that i also uploaded 2 the folder that i linked 2 above. it was such a cute tomaki moment, i recorded the audio and uploaded it here. if some1 could pls translate 2 eng. what they said 4 me, i would be very grateful!!!!!

P.S. did u notice that the way mizuki's tie is tied is different from the way all the guys' ties R tied? i only noticed since i was looking at the ties closely in the photobooks after i got my own tie. seems like all the guys tied it the windsor knot way, but mizuki's is tied the pratt way, and that makes the knot symmetrical and more centered, but it makes the knot bigger and the tie not as cool looking. haha...they must have done it on purpose 2 differentiate her f/the guys. "the girl's gotta tie her tie differently!" well, i tie mine the windsor knot way! my personality makes me seem more like a guy anyhow. haha. really...sometimes my family say i'm more like a guy than a girl. well, that's just cuz i'm very strong-willed, straight-forward and practical. who says only guys R strong-willed, straight-forward, and practical?! (if u can't tell by now, yes, i'm a feminist. haha.)


Anonymous said...

you know wht it would be nice if you can show/cut some vids rather than just giving the audio it's much more easier to understand.

Jeffer said...

this'd be totally presumptuous of me, but...I just have to ask anyway....
we at a subbing team are planning on subbing the DVD specials, but here's the rub: we don't have the video files....bleh.
Seeing as you have it, I am thickening my hide in asking if you could rip the Bonus Disc, with the specials, so we can use them to start working on subbing it.
Of course, you shall be credited in our final output as the Raw Provider....
the subbing team, by the way, is TFS (Tomalicious Fansubs) and our home on LJ is

I hope you take this request into consideration. Thank you very much.

Jeffer (aka

savvy kate said...

haha, i knew ppl would start asking me 2 post up videos f/the bonus dvd sooner or later.

my reply is too long, i don't want 2 post it here...jeffer, can u give me your email or is there some way i could message u? oh, what's your name at the tomalicious forum? i can PM u, there. (i'm savvykate there.)

jeffer said...

Oh. Haha! I knew I should've done that.....:)

my email is on Tomalicious Forum, my handle is jeffer.

thanks so much for taking the time out to reply.....:)

Anonymous said...

hi! i was wondering if you could upload toma's song that's on your imeem in mediafire or megaupload. i found two mp3 files but they're rather wispy, incomplete per se.

i'd really appreciate it if you can, and thank you in advance!

kaye :)

savvy kate said...

i've uploaded the "toma's story" and "i dream of toma" songs here.

you're welcome! =)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where can I buy Hana Kimi dvd in spanish? It's very important T____T (sorry about my english, i'm from Spain and i'm not very good at it xDD)

kate`* said...

i think u can only find it with spanish subtitles online. i don't know where, but try googling, i know i've seen ppl subtitle toma's dramas in spanish...maybe at

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks! ^.^

Felicia said...

I was wondering if you know where I can buy the second part of Hana Kimi, I can't find it anywhere.

kate@usa said...

u can order it at yesasia! ^_^

Felicia said...

thanks. ^.^

kate☂ said...

you're welcome!
enjoy the DVDs!! :D

Anonymous said...

i was looking the dvd box sets and noticed that they are region 2. i don't know if you'll know this but, does that mean they wont work in the US(even though Japan and US use the same picture format)?

kate♥toma said...

you're right, it won't be playable on US dvd players, but you can play it if you have an xbox or some kinda fancy game system. and you can play it if you have certain programs that you can use to burn a copy of the DVD in a region-all format. ^__^ i talked about the programs i used to make it region-all somewhere in my blog. but it's troublesome, and took forever for the special bonus disks. -__-

Anonymous said...

i thought so. thank you very much for the info. i'm glad to find out that a gaming system will work. again, arigatou gosaimashita! ^ w ^

kate♥toma said...

you're welcome!^^
you can look up the info about which gaming systems can act like a region-all player, cuz i'm not sure. i think someone said xbox or play station 3 can do it....

kaki said...

Hello. Do you know where can i buy this? other than Yesasia. In Yesasia its too expensive. In CDJapan, I dont know how to, because i think they don't deliver in the Philippines? ;) Can you help me ;) Thanks! ♥ i reallly LOVE Toma! :')

kate♥toma said...


i'm glad you like my toma blog! (read yr comment at my savvykate blog.)

umm...i guess there are other sites like HMV or sensasian that you can buy it, but i think the price is the same as yesasia. maybe you can check on ebay.

are you sure cdjapan doesn't deliver to the philippines? i checked at the shipping page, and it doesn't say that they don't deliver to certain countries.

umm...if you live near a japanese bookstore, you can try asking them if they can order it for you. sometimes, i order magazines from the j bookstore and they don't charge me for the shipping. =)