Wednesday, November 21, 2007

toma's songs, pics & info about CAT IN THE RED BOOTS!

(also, Mai also has a lot of GOOD quality screencaps of toma as junpei in HYD2! )


the other day, was checking the rank of my toma blog at Google. i couldn't find my blog when searching for "toma ikuta", but i found 2 of toma's songs from Cat in the Red Boots by accident!!

u can also see some toma pics from that musical there, too!

i think it's the first time i got 2 hear toma singing alone, in high quality! cuz be4, only hear him sing in youtube video clips.
toma's got a WONDERFUL voice!!! ~__~

i used Babelfish 2 translate the 2 song titles,
and the first is "Thoma's Story", the 2nd is something like "Thoma, Who Do You Dream Of?"
(how cool, his character has the same name as him? or maybe they changed it on purpose? huh...)

i've only seen short video clips of toma in this play, and it seems kinda weird, with toma having long hair and at times fighting with a sword...u can see some very short clips of him in this play in this Hero fanmade MV about toma here:

btw, u can also buy the DVD for this play at yesasia!
too expensive 4 me, though. seems like japanese dvds/music R always more expensive! =/
[u can also buy Akihabara@DEEP and some other series that toma's been in there!]

so i tried finding some info about it, and turns out in it, toma is a boy whose father left 4 some reason. toma finds his dad's red boots and wears it, and later finds his dad's cat, who puts on the red boots and takes him on an adventure!!!
that's the info i got from here:
(it's a diff cast, but i think the story is the same:
Created by Wind Mill Grass Theatre, The Cat in Red Boots is a heart-warming musical about a boy, a cat, and family life on a local public housing estate. Missing his father who left the family without explaining why, the boy decides to put on his father's red boots and wear them until his mother tells him the reason for his parents' separation. When he finds his father's cat next door, everything turns magical as the cat dons the red boots and takes him on a fantastic journey involving courage, trust, wisdom, friendship, love and forgiveness.)

here's some pics and a recap taken by some1 that actually saw the play, though didn't understand what was going on. haha.

according 2 toma's wiki-page,
"One of his biggest breakthroughs was his first leading role in the Shinkansen*NEXUS stageplay "Cat in the Red Boots", as TOMA-sama."

hopefully i'll get a chance 2 watch this someday, since it was toma's first leading role and i'm really curious about this kinda strange musical stage play!

i wish i could go see toma in a stage play someday,
but i wouldn't understand anything unless i had a person
translate 4 me what was going on. haha!
anyway, it's cool how toma's been in so many plays,
it is harder than it looks to act/sing in a play!
GOOD 4 HIM!!! =)


Yamapink said...

It's Yume wo Miru Toma (I dream of Toma)

Toma monogatari is Toma's story

There some more songs of CRB like Red Boots Story and
if you watch the clip, they're funny and interesting. and of course toma is awesomeness LOL

there are people who upload the whole clips to LJ try to search it ^^ but of course if you buy it, that will be a great support for Toma

savvy kate said...

oh, i see!
i'm so happy 2 see u here, i know u R a BIG BIG toma fan & have a site for toma. =)

i'm gonna try 2 go thru all the posts at LJ slowly...i eventually will find the clips, then. haha. i can't afford 2 buy it now, but in the future, if i can, i certainly WILL!