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how i found out about Toma-kun! (timeline...)


[pics: toma's pic that i saw at his wikipedia page; screencap of my comment at that cool nakatsu fan-made MV that i love. i have a habit of sometimes screencapping what i write about my fav stars. haha. and i wanted 2 save it 4 future reference 2 know when i became toma's fan!!!]

ok, this will be a long post,
i tend 2 get obsessive with details, and
i wanna remember exactly how i discovered toma!! =)

let's see.

it all started on august 30, 2007.
i have Jadeworld on DirecTV, and i recently got their monthly tv guide that tells me all the different shows/tv series that will air for the month. (i'm actually not chinese, nor am i japanese, but i do watch a lot of tv series from hong kong.) so in this issue, it said they were airing (again, cuz they already aired it before, i believe??) Hana Kimi, the taiwan version. i heard about all the hype of this series last year and thought wu chun is cute, but i never really paid much attention to it.....

but this time i got curious about all the hype (and i knew they were gonna film a season 2) and i know some ppl who really love it....i wanted 2 find some video clips of the series online.
so i went to youtube to look for fan-made MVs to see the best scenes from the series.
i thought it looked pretty good, but i didn't think chun and ella made a good pair. she looked more like his older sister! and she seemed to exagerrate a lot, and not in a cute way. haha...

while i was looking for these MVs, i saw on the side, a bunch of MVs related to the current one, and 1 of them was the infamous toma & shun kiss in hana kimi!! that was the first time in my life i've ever seen toma. the scene was only 40 seconds long!! but i thought it was so nice and brave of toma to block the kiss for maki! i also thought toma looked cute and a little like another actor (i've written about this in an older post) i like. =) i didn't know there was a japanese version, so then i tried searching for fan-made MVs for the japanese version, cuz the kiss scene got me curious about this series!!

so i found this MV:
toma was in it for only around 20 seconds!!! he was breathing heavily near the end of the race, then he was looking sad when he saw them leaving, and last was him standing at the fence.
but even though he wasn't doing anything special in these scenes, i immediately only noticed
him most in the MV and wanted 2 find out more about him!! haha.

that's how amazingly attractive/magnetic toma is!!!

i searched 4 his info page at wikipedia and found some interesting info about him and
a CUTE pic of him that some1 uploaded from a magazine. (that is now, unfortunately, taken down cuz of copyright reasons). i quickly found a kinda nice fan-made MV about him, with both pics and short video clips of him
singing. it was called Ikuta Toma Memories. though he looked cute in the pics, but most of the pics,
he was not smiling, but he looked cool in the video clips where he was singing. =)
i just thought he seemed like a pretty cool and cute guy right then, but that was it.

late that night, i searched for some more hana kimi video clips at youtube. found the ending sequence and some other clips that made me more curious about this series.


the next day, Aug. 31, in the afternoon, i searched for more hana kimi video clips
(i think i was still curious about toma at that time, and also searched using his name in addition to the series title.)

at that time, most of the clips i found were funny short scenes of nakatsu or fan-made MVs about him! =)
i watched some fan-made MVs and funny short clips for nakatsu (like his "i'm not a homo!" scene. lol!).
1 of the first MVs i found was this really really good MV with a lot of the best nakatsu & mizuki

this was the MV that started my crush on toma, cuz
he is just so unbelievably cute, but also funny in those scenes in the MV!!
just surprised that he's so skinny (the scene he was borrowing shampoo),
turned me into a fan of toma!!!

all those clips of funny short scenes of nakatsu and his funny facial expressions
and gestures!!! WOW!!!! liking him more and more!!

i just HAD 2 find a place 2 watch hana kimi online after that, 2 watch toma!!
(though i thought maki was cute too, and sano looks ok...just that he always looked mean in the scenes
i'd seen of him then. haha.)

i quickly searched for more video clips of just toma,
and found some video clips of him singing with others and
a few of him singing alone.

WOW!!!! he has such a great voice, i loved listening to him sing "melting snow" and "white christmas"!!!
he is such a great singer and dancer!! he is just so cool when he sings, so confident, and
just a great performer, really connects with the audience!!! =P


and he's still so young!!
2 years younger than me.

i kept looking 4 more video clips of toma, and a place to watch the whole series
with eng. subtitles. i found a lot of both!

near the middle of september, i finally had time to start watching hana kimi,
and i was hooked from the first episode!! toma is just so cute and funny and cool
as nakatsu!!!!!!!!!!!!! watched a couple episodes...

on sept. 8, i made a fan map for him at =)
toma's got fans all over the world, now every1 can literally see that!!!

.......other things got in the way, though, and
i wasn't able 2 continue to watch hana kimi

until the END of september (which is why i'm still not done
watching it right now!!) but before that, i already registered
at a forum for toma's fans and did a lot of research about him
online. wow, he's been through a lot in his 11 years of working
in showbiz!!! i feel sorry for him, but also proud of his
strength and determination!!!

i also read translations of messages toma wrote at the forum.
WOW. he seems like such a nice, down-to-earth, and funny guy!!!

i watched a lot of his old (singing, performing on stage, fan-made MVs, etc.) video clips
all in one day at the end of september. TOMA MARATHON!! haha.
and i got blown away AGAIN, by his charm and all this ENERGY he always has a lot of
when he's singing!!! he's always smiling, waving, so hyper and happy and
playful!!! =D he's always the most passionate person on-stage. he really enjoys
performing!!! =)

watching the "Hero" and "Toma and Yamapi Grow" MVs that fans made for him
it was like watching short versions of his life, it was really amazing!!
for a new fan like me 2 see him since he was little until now!!!
both MVs were so touching, made me love toma more!!! especially the "Hero" MV,
so so many cute video clips of toma, whether at certain shows, singing, or acting.
he's just ADOREABLE all the time!!! =)

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