Monday, November 12, 2007

about the Ikemen Paradise photo book

i finally got it in the mail recently!!!
i was a little disappointed with it, but
mostly i really like it. =) it's really cool 2 have this as a kinda "souvenir"

i took a pic of it above with a pen, so u can know how big/thick it is.
and the 2nd pic, just a some really nice pics, and u can see maki helping
toma button up his costume!!! aww!!! but in the series, he never actually wore the
romeo costume!!! i guess they cut it out!! =/

here's some of my comments about the book:

-i thought there would be a lot more behind-the-scenes/fun pics taken of the cast
throughout the series, but most of those kinda pics are only from episode 8!

-every1 is SO photogenic, they all look PERFECT in the close-up, individual pics! especially maki and TOMA, of course!!

-it's cool 2 have a short profile 4 each person in the cast, now i know how old they are. didn't know that the actor that was kayashima is also only 19, like maki! wow. i loved his character!!
such a sweet guy.

-there's a lot of interviews in there, but i can't read japanese. =/ i expected there 2 be a lot of text that goes along with the pics, just wish i knew what they were sayin'!!!


Anonymous said...

can u let me know where u place the order? (which website, price, how long the book reach u, etc) my email is

savvy kate said...

i posted the link 2 order at yesasia here:
u can find out all the info u need at the yesasia link. it took less than a week to reach me, but it depends on where u live...i live in california, USA. i'll also email u what i've posted here. =)

chimo said...

can you tell me how to get those book??cuz i really love ikemen paradise..and i really wants the book...i allready tried the website you wrote..but it said that it cant find it..this my

savvy kate said...

i've emailed chimo, but i'll post the link again here in case others want 2 buy the book. 4 some reason, it's hard 2 search your way 2 the book at yesasia. luckily i found it!! hehe.