Saturday, June 26, 2010

not much going on.....haha. but toma's having fun filming for the Conceited Detective drama.....YEY~~


kate desu.
minna genki? ~_~

these nights, i hope everyone will take a moment to look at the beautiful full moon. ah....the gentle glow of the Moon~Light~ is so romantic......

still not a lot happening in toma world right now. (whew! haha. so relaxing for me, not much toma stuff i have to do.... but i'm really distracted and feeling so hyper these days, cuz of a certain someone~~ xD heehee.)

so some things toma talked about in his recent entries. he's having fun filming the drama. xD the hanamizuki movie is finished! but toma hasn't seen it yet, wants to see it quickly. then he had an interview with shun! it was fun and they laughed a lot. xD and then he is going to watch hanamizuki!

oh, just saw a 15 second CM for The Conceited Detective at h's youtube page today!! haha. it looks pretty cool and funny too. xD here's a pic of toma's first scene in the drama, and he's all bloody! LOL. he's acting as a dead person?! xD but he still looks so CUTE!! kawaii neeeeee!! heehee. xD

(credit: mizza @

(and a nice promo pic 4 the drama!! kakkoii! wah, that girl looks like a mannequin in all her pics!! such a strange look ne!! credit: mizza @

umm....toma's new pics (where he's not in that blue suit 4 the drama)!!!
he's actually been wearing a lot of sleeveless shirts recently, showing off his muscular sexy., i guess cuz the weather has been getting warm in's summer after all. too lazy to post the pics here though. lol. u can see them at mizza's blog or at the toma LJ too.

.................... COOL TOMA STUFF:

~____~ jee'chans AMV.
she said: 'i made this for all toma fans ne~'
and she thinks "toma-kun is fitted to be kazehaya shota from kimi ni todoke ne~...toma got shota's look,smile,attitude and built."

i agree!! toma and kazehaya really look alike....i can totally imagine toma as him. heehee. xD arigatou ne, jee-chan! for this nice AMV.
sawakoXkazehaya ~By Your Side~

[♥THE SEASIDE MOTEL OFFICIAL BOOK♥, many many thanks to misa-chan!! ~_~ she also posted toma's new magazines scans there ne.]

[translated Toma's Potato July article]

[toma's (sexy?) pic in the recent ANAN????? ehhh???]

this is off-topic, but i love this song. lol.
thanks to it for giving me the energy to get this post done, cuz i was feeling sleepy...


these guys are so cute, friendly, and hyper. and their tv show makes me laugh a lot. heehee....u can watch their brand new MV here. DOUZO~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

toma started filming for conceited detective.... yey! ~__~


i'm not a soccer fan, though. i've only watched some parts of some matches. ehhhh...but it's cool that every1 is so hyper and happy about it!!! *_*v

i'm glad japan won and toma was so happy about it!! xD he was really SO moved. ~__~ he wants them to gambatte 4 their next match too. oh...filming for Conceited Detective started on june 12! :D toma is happy and he's being conceited/pretentious like crazy!! lol. and his character's first role is a corpse?!!! xD and toma was also doing more seaside stage greetings recently....(pics credit: mizza@ LOL, i get so much stuff f/yr blog, mizza. thanks!!)

oh, also, toma was on a tv show recently (u can dload it from mizza's blog or watch it at h's youtube page)...they talked about his anan magazine and the seaside bed scene. THEY HAD THE AnAn ISSUE THERE AND SHOWED SOME OF THE PICS RIGHT THEN!!! EVEN ZOOMED IN A LOT. (>////<) embarrassing!! but toma remained calm and he was talking about how awkward that naked photo shoot was, i guess? lol. i hope TFS will sub that interview later!! so curious, what he said about what happened during that photo shoot!!!!!!!! (and 4 some reason, toma had reallyyyy tight jeans on that day. omg...he looks HOT in tight jeans!!! but those jeans were really too tight...*blush*!!)


(kyaaaaa. what a cute couple + sweet hug!! f/a magazine scan i got f/mizza's blog. lol. i forgot which one though! gomen!)

THE FULL TRAILER OF HANAMIZUKI HAS BEEN RELEASED!! i actually don't like this trailer as much as the previous ones....i dunno...somehow i think it gives away too much of what will happen?? hmm....but still really looking forward to this movie!!!!! yey....i wanna see toma in cool fisherman + romantic boyf mode. ~___~ and i love how it's set in beautiful hokkaido and the lighthouse....GAH. I LOVEEEEEE LIGHTHOUSES. i've only went up one one time though...wish i could go see more lighthouses in the future. especially the one in this movie. pretty! (really~ i have a lot of lighthouse calendars & little statues. lol. and a night light, too! heehee....)
Trailer (and teaser) up for Hanamizuki film w/ Aragaki Yui and Ikuta Toma

the Hanamizuki preview will be held on July 8th (the pre-sale ticket starting June 12th - today, Japan time) at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. [thanks to hana @ !]


(pic credit: mizza)

oh, there is a 15 second teaser out for the drama. can't really tell much from it though. haha. but toma looks CUTE. xD i love toma in blue~~ my fav color!!

join this community!!! :D

cool translations of the staff blog and cast interviews, and more awesome unubore deka stuff. ~__~

toma said this in the cast group interview: "I've never played such a crazy character, so I'm planning to do whatever I want to do." (credit: enshinge) uwa!! hearing him say this makes me more excited about this drama!! haha...i'm sure he'll be a little nakatsu-like??? xD

this is his character description:
(credit: tomatoloves)

"Honjo Sadame

26 years old. Actor but homeless. He possesses extraordinary good looks and girls immediately flock towards him when he calls out to them. Regretfully, conversations with him are fatally boring and thus, he immediately gets dumped. "He is so good looking but..... What a pity."

In preparation for a role as a detective in a drama, he follows Unubore Detective around but when the filming actually starts, all the roles he got was being mistaken as a corpse or criminal.

He's a regular at the bar "I am" and a member of unubore 5."

gah!! his character sounds very funny!! LOL.
extraordinary good looks!! xD
toma is SO perfect for this role!!!!!!

seriously though, it sounds like a very funny drama. yey!! i loooooove to see toma smiling and laughing a lot. and he'll still be so cute and adorable even if he's conceited, i'm sure. hahaha!! xD

...............COOL TOMA STUFF @LJ:

(nothing to do with the links below. LOL. but i love box-kun sooooo much. especially when he's slightly annoyed/mad + pouty. finally up to the middle of ep.9 of @DEEP!!! box had a girlf???!! EHH!!)
[~_~ promotional pics for The Conceited Detective: SCANS OF TV GUIDE 11/06/2010 , TV GUIDE 25/06/2010 & THE TELEVISION WEEKLY vol.22]

....special thanks to mizza for the above 3 stuff!!!♥♥♥ *HUGS*

[new UFO pics! *__* though toma looks quite weird in them....
i like the basketball one!! GAH....his pants are so tight in the baseball one!!! (>////<)]

..............RANDOM TOMA STUFF:
tomalalaland6 the toma song
(LOL!! thanks to mizza 4 telling me about this!! xD)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SEASIDE MOTEL PREMIERE NIGHT (+opening day) and other toma updates. :D


how are you?

ah, it feels a little lonely....not much toma stuff going on these days.
of course, the SEASIDE premiere, but that came and went quite fast, it seemed... and the toma LJ has been verrry quiet. i guess a lot of people busy studying for final exams.....OH, at least there are some new pics of toma on the UFO billboards (i think) at mizza's blog! thanks, mizza! *_* i like the 1st one. toma in cool basketball player mode. kakkoii!! the other pics are cool too, but they made toma look strange somehow!! haha. he doesn't look like himself??

....but at least cuz not much toma news besides a little bit of seaside motel happenings, i have more time to get all hyper with mizza, talking about toma (really fun!! ~_~), (finally!!) continue watching @deep and (finally!) old toma video clips i haven't watched!!! haha. thanks again for keeping me company, here and there, mizza-chan!! *hugs*

(some screencaps...toma and aso promoting seaside. i love the moment in the top right pic. haha. toma was surprised she liked a certain band. he was like, "kakkoii!!" must be a cool band. haha. i forgot the name of it though. ^^;)

seaside got 14th place at the box office for its first weekend!!! ehh....but then it's not surprising, cuz it's only showing at 52 screens, while the top 5 movies all are showing in hundreds of screens!! ehh...still a little disappointed....but i guess seaside is just a small considering that, 14th place is pretty good!! ^O^ (credit:

(credit: zoe, mizza, me. haha. I ALMOST THOUGHT HE WAS CRYING in that pic, but i think it's just the lighting, that made it look that way? fans would talk about it if he was crying...and there isn't really any reason for him to cry this time, right? ~_~)

seems like nothing very interesting happened on the premiere night (june4)? haha. well, of course toma didn't cry this time. and he didn't mess up again and say anything embarrassing. yey!! xD haha....and he and everyone looks happy and relaxed....also wearing casual clothes mostly. cool. ^__^ i like toma's outfit f/the first official press screening more, but this outfit is pretty nice too....HIS HAIR!! can see it really clearly for the first time. i love his cool hairstyle. but he's got a lot of highlights...hmm...reminds me of majosai hair more than voice hair. but it still looks very nice....the cool kinda hairstyle a "conceited actor" (his new drama role) would have ne! hehe.

btw, here's a promotional pic of toma & the others in his summer drama, Unubore Deka (Conceited Detective). toma looks cute/cool!! (of course!)

(credit: zoe)

..........toma didn't talk about the premiere night at all,
but he talked about the opening day a little. ~_~

[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

june 5

congratulations on the first day!.

at that, i am doing the greeting of the audience for "Seaside Motel".

i'm on my way from shibuya to toyosu.

i'm aiming to do a bit of a rough but fun greeting, that anyone would feel happy to have come to.

those who haven't seen the movie,
hurry to the theatre.

everybody let's go

............ **JULY MAGAZINE PICS** ~_~

(credit: strawberry_gemm @

hmm...this month's pics...nothing very special. except toma making a salad. he looks cute in an apron!! ~_~ i'd love it if he could make me a salad!! heehee. actually, anything he made for me, i'd love!! haha...and i like his pose in the first pic. and it's got a nice summer feel to it ne. ~_~ ningen shikkaku's opening night back on feb.19....

(of course, u know, this is toma crying cuz he was so happy and touched at his sempais saying how he's an excellent actor and wonderful person, at the premiere night of ningen shikkaku back on feb.19. awwwww!!! just want to give him a hug and comfort him.....i never saw such a clear pic of him crying!! =,( saw this pic at:


(i made this in 2008 and just thought about it recently cuz summer's almost really here...kinda small cuz it was for my AF signature. i loved that photo shoot though!! love the summer mood and toma at the beach!! he really had fun too...i think he was in okinawa?)

(a really cute toma moment from hanamaru, in summer 2008. awwwww!!! kawaii ne!! somehow, he's always so super cute and shy/quiet on that show!! ~_~)
[omg...that hot SEASIDE MOTEL bed scene in SLOW MOTION. only toma's parts too...HOT!!!!! (>////<) thanks 4 this, zoe!!!]
Chibi-Toma fanart!
[Toma Ikuta. Teeth!] toma's smiles f/hana kimi & voice!! ~_~]

Saturday, June 5, 2010

happy seaside motel day!!! ^O^ seaside things...some AWESOME toma mv's...

(of course u know, this is a painting that was in the movie, in toma's room. prettyyyyy.)

toma's doing stage greetings, maybe as i'm writing this!

i felt like i should do something to celebrate, but i couldn't think of but just did some simple things to celebrate, like wear my blue skirt and eat ice cream. lol...

no news of the premiere night yet. and toma didn't mention anything about the premiere night coming soon on that day, only that the opening day is tomorrow. hmm....i'm starting to wonder...THERE *WAS* A PREMIERE NIGHT, RIGHT?? or was the press screening from the other day count as the premiere?? ehhhh. i dunno....

oh, toma's seaside motel costume and pics f/the movie will be displayed somewhere up to june 27? thanks to zoe for the info!

*__* TOMA'S HAIR IS BROWN AGAIN!!♥ YEY!! i knew he'd change it for his new role...cuz he's a conceited actor...i think he should have brown hair to look more stylish, more cool and actor-ish. haha....ah, i like it when toma doesn't really style his hair, he looks so boyish and young. cute!!! kinda like the honey & clover, takemoto look that i love. i like toma with chestnut-colored hair more than black hair, definitely!! (pic credit: mizza)

........ summary of toma's recent messages:
(credit: inseiko @tomalicious)

-he likes how his jweb, Toma's Room, has a seaside motel theme now
-the pics in the seaside motel official photobook are pretty cool, hopes people will support/buy it.
-june 4: went on Waratte iitomo. it was fun. didn't win the prize money. but he's grateful that kusanagi-sempai said he'll watch the movie! yes, tomorrow is opening day. will greet the audience in shinjuku, shibuya, toyosu, kawasaki, yokohoma! "those who come, look forward to it. i'm looking forward to it, too." the way, u can watch the video clips of toma promoting seaside at EICKAVF's (her favs) and h's pages at youtube. and of course, you can download them at mizza's blog (linked to her blog in my LINKS section).

(it's nice to see riko (hagu-chan!) and toma together again, promoting the movie together! but her hair & clothes is funny-looking! haha. i wonder what questions she was having trouble answering, that made toma laugh and kinda push her. xD pics credit: mizza and zoe)

(toma, looking gorgeous and cool, in a suit. and the closeup shot of him!!!! PERFECT!!!♥♥♥♥ kyaaaaa. *doki doki* thanks to mizza 4 the pics! it's from ?? (oops, forgot.) and u can get them at mizza's blog.)

.............AWESOME TOMA FANMADE MVs!!!!!!♥♥

Toma Ikuta - Monster (fanvid)

UWA!!! FOUND THIS AWESOME TOMA FANMADE MV. TOO MUCH TOMA CUTENESS F/SO MANY DRAMAS/butais/tv shows. 1 of my fav moments, though is toma dancing in SHOCK. omg.....SO HOT!!! THIS MV MADE ME SMILE/LAUGH. this is why we all love toma, right? 1 OF THE BEST TOMA MV'S I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! "that boy is a monster" xD

[she made more AWESOME TOMA MVS HERE!!! xD

(i love the Faces one, too. a lot of touching/sweet moments from that documentary about toma and other behind the scenes moments.)]

[u can see the whole part of toma's DANCE OFF f/SHOCK here:
some1 said this about toma and i totally agree!!! GAH! SO TOMA'S SUCH AN AWESOME DANCER!!! HOT!!!
"oh god, sexiness embodied T_________T
*mind blows up*"]

Ikuta Toma only one
[this MV is so beautiful!!! i love all these touching toma moments (from voice, h & C, majosai...).....especially when he was comforting/hugging her (kaori) MV made me cry!!!]

[lots of MAOU moments behind the scenes/tv shows he went on]


(that pic mizza posted recently reminded me of this cute moment f/2008. kawaii neeee!! and i only got to watch the clip recently! lol. i should give u the link in case u haven't seen it....umm...i forgot it....I'LL FIND IT AND POST IT IN THE COMMENT BELOW THIS POST....)

..........about THAT Seaside bed scene!! @____@

THAT BED SCENE!!! THIS MUST BE THE SHORT VERSION, BUT STILL!!!!! GAH!!!! re-watched it many times. lol. so JEALOUS of her...but somehow i thought the scene would be hotter (well, maybe it is in the full version in the movie), but actually, if it was any hotter, might make me faint, so...haha. this is already quite hot... OMG....toma groaning and looking all aroused and....!! but it IS so fast and kinda funny/exagerrated. and i guess cuz we all know they did the scene seperately and toma was is so embarrassed about it...i just knew it wasn't real, so....i didn't get very excited. whew...(oh, u can watch it at h's youtube page or DL it f/mizza's blog.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

toma...kiss me.♥


i saw it.
toma's "little bed scene" in seaside motel.


omg...toma!!! oh......goodness. (>///<)
umm. i rewatched it so many times!!!! (go to mizza's blog to DL the clip!)
though i thought it would be hotter (well, this is just a short clip, i guess?)...somehow, it's not what i expected...but toma in bed, making those noises, looking like that, moving like that.......!!!!!!!!!! *DIES*

hmm...i've been thinking about all the kissing scenes toma has had cuz of seeing that bed scene and cuz of the Monster MV about toma that i LOVE and have rewatched a lot more times than that bed's got the 2nd majosai kiss in it, and this kiss and so many HOT/CUTE toma moments in that MV got me more EXCITED and HYPER than that bed scene. lol.

i thought it'd be cool to compile all of toma's kissing scene pics into this one post. as far as i know, this is all the times toma's kissed/been kissed in all his dramas/stage plays. yappari, toma's a good kisser.♥ (and i'm sure he's good at...umm...a lot more than kissing, if u know what i mean...) which is really cool, because some guys are cute, but really bad i have liked some actors in the past, but then when i see their kissing scenes!! it's like...ewwww!! haha. but from all of toma's kissing scenes that i've seen....i think toma's a really good kisser. and his lips are so soft. kyaaaaaa.... *imagining i'm the one kissing toma in the pics below*

ahhhh....a lot of sweetness. and hotness coming up! ~_~

(a sweet kiss from a little girl, probably from 1 of toma's first dramas. ~_~)

the first time i ever saw toma, he was kissing a boy. lol. it was this scene in hana kimi, where shun kissed him. xD i remember toma said he thought he wouldn't be that nervous cuz shun's a guy, but then he ended up brushing his teeth twice or something to prepare. lol. and then they had to kiss 12 times! and shun said something like toma's lips are so soft!!

and of course, there's the nakatsu/mizuki almost kiss!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this moment!! and i love the kinda unique kiss position. haha. ahh, sometimes, almost kisses are better than real kisses.

here are all the kisses, in order, by year.

(2005 or 2006, play: Azumi) that HOT kiss!! still 1 of the hottest kisses toma's ever had. and toma bragged to his JE friends about how the kiss is a passionate one. lol. but he got embarrassed when the reporter asked him about it...cuz they had to kiss many times...before each performance, during rehearsals. and toma was like, "sorry". lol.

(2006, musical: Cat in the Red Boots) ah, a sweet kiss from the princess!! ~_~ he really got so hyper after that though. lol. (1 day, i want to kiss toma like this!!!!!!!!♥♥ lol.)

(not sure if he kissed in The two gentlemen of verona? that was in 2007.)

(2008, musical: Grease) no pics, but someone that went to watch said the kisses were really great....! and toma apologized to her mom during an interview (the actress who was principal in hana kimi!) for kissing her. lol.)

(*CLICK ON THE PICS TO SEE THE FULL SIZE. GAH, THESE PICS ARE BIG!!* credit: the 2 majosai kisses: strawberry_gemm. the other kisses....ehh. dunno where i got them. sumimasen!)

(2009, Majo Saiban) toma's first kiss for a drama!!! he was really nervous about it. and i think he said they had to film the first kissing scene already on the first day or second day of filming??!! ehh!! the first kiss was a little awkward, their positions...but any surprise kiss where one person quickly pulls the other towards them is niceeeeee. ~_~ the 2nd kiss...!!! hot. i was shocked at first, cuz i saw it as a screencap be4 watching the actual kiss in the episode. even though it was such a quick kiss goodbye, and it was not at all intense like i thought it would be....but it's such a sweet, tender kiss!!!♥ ahhhh. i love how toma holds her neck gently and tilts his head...and then he lightly pats her head as he pulls away. ~_~

(sorry, the 2nd pic is dark...the trailer is always so dark. haha.)

(2010, ningen shikkaku) i knew there would be a lot of kissing and bed scenes for ningen shikkaku, but was still so shocked (and jealous!!) when i saw this pic!!! EHH!! it's in the flyer, even!! it looks like an intense kiss. even though i know he's kissing an older lady...but still...what a sexy, hot kiss!! lol. i think it's the first time i've seen him kissing so intensely....!!

and then of course, i see the kiss in the trailer. (and toma lying in bed, crying and hugging some woman in bed!!) omg...he just forcefully kissed her....!!! an old obachan!!! still...kyaaaa!! she's so lucky. all the women that got intimate scenes with toma in this movie are so damn lucky. xD and then during the ningen promotion, i saw a 15 second trailer of the movie!! this time, he was still kissing her, but they were...lying down!!! OMG!!! (>_<) *JEALOUS* i think seeing that still shocked me more than this seaside bed scene. i dunno where u can see this's gone since h's last youtube page disappeared.

(2010, seaside motel) this was an intense kiss, of course!! sexy!! cuz it's right before the bed scene. but i can't get a good capture that's showing their faces. haha. i just noticed, this kiss is kinda like the ningen trailer kiss. toma's also got his hand in her hair. hmm...

(2010, hanamizuki) a kiss at the top of a lighthouse, the sea and sky behind them....ahhhhhh!!!! i think this will be my favorite toma kiss ever. ~_~ i was surprised when i first saw the screencap! oh no....another girl gets to kiss toma. lol. but it seems like a really sweet moment, and i think it'll be a really sweet, gentle kiss. ~_~ gakky is so lucky!!! not only getting to kiss toma, but in such a beautiful setting, too!! (and that hug in the trailer....ahhhhh!!!)

and for all you tomapi fans, click *HERE* to see a fake tomapi kiss that some1 made a long while back. lol. ah, i love how he pulls on his tie to pull him in for a kiss...

and by the my fic, toma first kissed me (it was like the nakatsu/mizuki kiss!) on the night of december 22, 2009, in a library. xD