Friday, April 16, 2010

i bought the AnAn magazine! (the best $9 i ever spent in my life. ^o^) / more about toma's sexy AnAn interview.'s been fun getting all hyper about sexy toma, but really!! i'll try to calm down f/today. haha. goodbye, pervy kate....ah, she's really too much, right??!! xD (btw, have u ever noticed that A LOT of songs talk about sex in some way?! i've just noticed that these days...and it makes me think of sexy toma. good grief...)

before i forget, YESS!! REALLY HAPPY HE'S ALREADY BUSY FILMING SOMETHING NEW. toma said it himself. must be something really exciting, cuz i don't think he's ever talked about a new project be4 it's officially announced!! SUGOI!!

and just found out today. HE WAS IN KYOTO!!! FILMING!!!!! AT A TEMPLE. ONLY A FEW DAYS AFTER HANAMIZUKI CRANK UP. thanks to xdustbunnys for the info. TOMA'S WORKING SO HARD, TOO, this year!! gambatte, toma-kun!! ~_~

oh, and careline was paraphrasing toma!! haha. this is toma's actual msg from april 13 (credit: inseiko @tomalicious):


anan is on sale tomorrow.

Ikuta Toma is bare naked...I hear.

It's not a photo you see very often, so please do purchase it. about what happened when i bought the anan magazine/ordered the cinema
square magazine yesterday.... (sorry, it's AnAn or anan, but i kept writing an an before...) here's what happened:

-lucky there was no1 around when we came

-i really didn't think it'd be there. thought i would ask them to hold it for me. first thing i saw when came in was jin's poster for his concert this summer. jin's poster was all over the place! i'm not a jin fan, though.

-walked in and looked at where it should be. EH! toma's looking at me in THAT~ way! i had to turn away and take a few steps the other way!! *embarassed*

-neesan walked over and casually got 1 copy for me. she handed it to me w/toma facing me. (>////<) i quickly turned it to the other side, so that while i walked around, toma's pic is hidden, facing my legs. haha. i quickly took a pic of toma's an an on the magazine rack. and i see there are like, 7~8 copies left!! wow....i think they must have only come recently...

-looked 4 cinema square magazine. not there. yappari.
-looked 4 toma on dazai's books. EH! they have all 10 covers now!! i think. and there's the one of him in the white shirt that i wanted to buy. but then i think i should save money and i already have the ningen, i don't buy it. =/

-asked the lady, the cashier if she could order cinema square for me.
-put the anan magazine discreetly on the counter while waiting for her to check. toma's faced down. i only flipped it over once real quick to take a pic of the magazine 2 show u all how thick it is (i thought it'd be thicker! but it's not like i can read anything. lol. still, i'd like to think i'm getting more for my money. haha.). cuz no1 was around. *blush*!! i took the pic real quick and flipped it back over.

-it took a long long time for the lady to check on the find cinema square. i was getting nervous that ppl would come in and see me buying THIS. so i asked the other cashier to ring it up for me. she did, and she didn't turn it over. whew!! but as i got out money to pay her, she flipped the magazine over, to properly put it in the bag for me, i guess. -__- and there he is, and half-naked!! she didn't look surprised or show any reaction really. (both the cashiers are mom's age, probably...maybe 50-something.) and she put my pen and the magazine in the bags and handed it to me, smiling politely as usual. =) whew....i got so nervous over nothing. but really...i felt quite embarassed!! haha. and i was glad the magazine's actually a little cheaper than winkup or duet and such. the best $9 i ever spent in my life!!! ^o^

-so it was taking so looooong, i was getting frustrated. she said she only sees cinema sq. 20, not 30. but i'm sure i wrote it down correctly! i almost gave up...but then i remembered cinema square was written in eng. i told her. i thought it'd help. but the same result. only 20. and then, she started talking to me in japanese a little bit! i could only understand a few words... but i was happy she thought i was japanese, and too embarassed to say i can't speak it. ~_~ so i kept talking to her in eng. lol.

but then i looked at the screen. i see it!! 30!! in the search results. she clicked on it, but only see the 20. then i notice on the far right side of the screen, a bunch of other magazines, and the 30!! i leaned way over the counter to point it out to her. lol. "this one! this one!" and she finally saw it and laughed and clicked on it. YES! i see toma's name in japanese. it's certainly the right one!! and then she was reading out the different topics in japanese, making sure this is the one i want...haha. i just said i know it's the right one, cuz of the actor in it *points at his name*. and she looked and said..."oh, ikuta...i don't know how to read the rest". haha! she doesn't know who he is. i said: "toma". her: "toma?" me: "toma. ikuta toma." ~_~ her: "ikuta toma? oh, u know him?" lol. u could say that...and she finally asked me to fill out some stuff on the order form, and then she filled in some things and said she'll call me when it's arrived. YEYYYYY. arigatou! hounto ni!!

mizza, i just realized...i don't see the cinema square pics at the toma LJ at all, not zoe's blog either. maybe they'll show up later, but by then it'd be too late to order. thank goodness i logged into LJ that day and saw ur post. cuz of that, i got to see the pics and eventually order the magazine. really really love this photo shoot!! toma's so cute and sexy and smiling and laughing and just~ perfect....and i got to wish u a happy birthday too. perfect timing... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, mizza-chan~! *hugs*

so...i didn't look at the magazine for a while after i got home...i actually doki doki'd a little be4 opening it!! and there he is....naked and all....*blush*!!!

-the pics are all so beautiful. kirei!! toma's just too perfect.
-it's different when u are holding the magazine in yr hands...the pics are clearer and...nanka....i feel closer to i can touch him... *blush*!!
-i noticed!! he's wearing a ring on his left hand in the pic of him pulling down his underwear f/the back. i noticed cuz i wear my ring on that finger too... it's probably nothing significant, but i often notice his rings/necklaces....
-i finally realized he's wearing 2 different necklaces! baka. why didn't i notice earlier. the key necklace's chain is kinda big and not as nice. the one he's wearing in all the other pics is a nice thin, tiny necklace. there's something about tiny necklaces on toma....kirei!! and sexy....
-toma's got a lot of moles! not that there's anything wrong with that...i do too. and i think it's awesome~ that we kinda have similar moles in the same areas of our bodies. *blush*!! a dark, kinda big one on the back. and 2 smaller, close together on the chest. (ok, mine are tiny and red, closer to my neck, but still...haha.)

-the complete sex seems like half of it are statistics, polls, quizzes. it can't possibly be complete, but they did try to squeeze a lot of info in there. and lots of sexy pics... ehhh...i'm kinda curious, but i bet it's just the same stuff they've talked about in most women's magazines...

(whoa!! what's this?? toma made it onto a sex poll?? i'm guessing they asked women...who they wanna have sex with?? EHHHH??? toma's #8? wow. not bad!! haha. i'm sure toma is flattered and also kinda freaked out about this. lol...)


I LOVE ENSHINGE-CHAN!!!!! she told me toma DID NOT TALK ABOUT HIS SEX LIFE. what he said WAS he likes women w/kinda hoarse voices, but not necessarily during sex or anything. I'M SO RELIEVED!!! by doesn't matter to me whether he is a virgin or's none of my business.... i am just glad he didn't really talk about something so personal. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!! TOMA'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!!! i mean...i guess i'm curious *blush*, but...nanka...i'd rather not hear about what toma...likes in bed!!

areea_chan says she's translating it...but missing a line. i took a pic of it and uploaded that part for her. so i'm sure a translation of the whole interview is coming soon. oh, just checked, she says probably tomorrow. YES!! though now i'm kinda afraid to hear what toma has to conflicted!!! some1 said something that he said....omg!! no way!! but that must be another line translated wrong!! or maybe he was joking!!!

well...he DID talk about sex... enshinge says he said it's something that's important in a relationship. that's true, i guess...

thanks to deepmar1ne, who posted this:

Found this from music japan plus:

During the interview, he revealed his own thoughts: "When a man and a woman have a deeper relationship, I think the man should be leading." and "I'm not good at reading girl's lines. When should I step forward, when is the best timing...they are always my difficulties." he smiled. In addition, regarding to the theme, he answered frankly: "It's very important. Feel her breathing, her smell and her body temperature, and the level of "love" will be much more thickened. Your knowledge to each other's body will be deepened as time goes by."


but he's right....hmm....
really curious, what else he said....


kate♥toma said...

yes, yes, that's what the anan poll was about. thanks to enshinge for the translation of the question:

"Which male celebrity would you want to have sex with?"

ehhhh...if they had asked us toma fans, for sure he'd be #1. xD

salome said...

btw, have u ever noticed that A LOT of songs talk about sex in some way?! - hahaha! you're losing it, Girl. but yeah, there are a lot of songs that talk about sex. i find it so amusing that you are being this way lately.

kate☂ said...


I KNEW IT!! yappari. that u'd tease me about this. haha. no, i've really calmed down a lot! i haven't even looked at my AnAn magazine at all today. *proud* but seriously!! way too many songs that mention sex!! even as i'm writing this!! another 1 of those songs playing right now on the radio. ehhh....

i'm getting into repressive mode again though...seriously, i've got to stop thinking about almost naked toma, or i won't be able to concentrate or do much of anything...hahaha.

Marie-chan said...

If that poll thing is about women who want to have sex with those men, number 8 isn't that bad. I like number three: Tamaki Hiroshi. Oh mannn He's so hot in such a sophisticated way. And then there's Toma: cute cute cuteeee and he seems a bit more laid back than Hiroshi. But Hiroshi is like 30 hahaha
Ikuta Toma and Tamaki Hiroshi are like my Japanese male obsessions <3
I have to admit... I have a thing for older men :3

Marie-chan said...

ohhh, Kate-chan! P.S!
When you get your cinema square magazine, can you take a picture of it? I want to know what it looks like :D

nisha nisha nisha toma said...

I WANT THAT ANAN TOO..!!! but i dont know where to find it.. *killing myself for being so stupid*

kate♥toma said...


Tamaki Hiroshi...i don't know him, but he's a handsome guy! well, good for him, getting #3. haha.

i'll definitely take some pics to share w/everyone. but u can see preview pics and some higher quality pics (mizza's blog link) here:


you can buy it at yesasia! i think the amazon probably has it too, but i can't find it there right now.

nisha nisha nisha toma said...

thanx kate..
but still,, i cant buy it bcoz i dont know how to buy things on9..

Marie-chan said...

Tamaki Hiroshi is also an actor. He also sings and models. I like his acting. I think he and Toma are like competition with one another, but that's my opinion haha

and thanks for the link!!

kate♥toma said...


oh, i see. well, u can try looking for places near where u live that sell japan stuff.....good luck finding it! =)

oh...i know nothing about him, except he looks familiar. i guess i've seen him magazines. =) ehh!! i wouldn't think so! they're not in the same age group ne...

no problem!! ~_~ i love those cinema square pics. little did i know, after those pics that i already thought was too sexy....then these anan pics!! now, by comparison, those pics are so innocent and sweet!!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Shirtless cover isn't that bad, but with the big title right next to him is probably the main reason why it feels a bit weird putting it on the counter or in view of many passerbys, lol. I actually was in Japan when Yamapi's one was on sale. The cover didn't so seem provocative (couldn't rememeber if there were any titles on it). Only read/saw online about it much later about what was actually inside it.

So AnAn was about US$9. Didn't think Wink Up, Duet etc magz would be more than Anan... so how much are they over there?

kate♥toma said...

paige! =)

well, but he takes up the WHOLE cover!! lol. and it's shirtless + low underwear.... he was facing down almost the entire time on the counter. lol. yamapi's...i forgot what it is like...but pretty sure not as sexy as toma's cover....and there's like ALMOST NOTHING else, just sexy toma and that huge SEX title.

yeah. anan is a little less than $9. winkup, duet, etc. are a little under $10. i think myojo or other bigger ones are a little more than $10.

Marie-chan said...

That's true, they aren't really the same age. But it's ok, I still love them ^O^

Ahhh, Toma IS so cute and like he seems very friendly. And I totally agree, after those cinema pics are to die for.. then AnAn came in and they became Toma's angel pictures lol

Anonymous said...

oohh, Kate ...make sure you keep this somewhere safe, otherwise your family might see & wonder if something's amiss ...!

some AnAn covers I've seen did not have any suggestive poses. but the Toma edition one is really on the next level xD

actually what info/ pics does this mag has? sorry, never bought any AnAn mags before.

not buying anymore mags like these (e.g. potato, wink up) coz i really don't know what to do with these mags after finished looking at the pics (can't read Japanese)!


kate☂ said...


(goodness....this song's got me all hot...umm...can't seem to calm down today...)

yes yes yes. ~_~
right!! i was already so turned on when i saw his cinema pics....goodness!! sexy, in a playful/cool/shy kinda way. but then the an an pics came....and that became sweet and nice toma, by comparison...haha.


LOL!! of course i've got it hidden!! and i was nervous when i brought it home, cuz sanseido's bag is kinda see-through white. so i brought an extra bag to but it in, to bring him home unnoticed. lol!! i thought of everything beforehand. xD

and now it's hidden in between a bunch of other magazines...i was just talking about this at the AF thread. i'll just look at his pics 1 time during the day (i haven't yet today...waiting be4 i go to bed. lol.), and then i'll hide it the rest of the time. even if i'm sure no1 can see the magazine but me, it'd be waaaay too distracting to have it out all the time...i would just stare at his sexy body on the cover all the time!!!

well, it's a typical woman's fashion magazine. it's got horoscopes, ads, health/beauty stuff, etc. of course, this issue focused on sex, but there's regular stuff like talk about movies, actors, etc., too.

haha, i can't read J too, but i can't help buying them if toma's pics are really cute....i'll just look thru them again sometimes...all the pics are really so beautifully taken and so many cute j boys. haha.

Cezie_Pals said...

konbanwa kate-chan!
Kyaa.. ur so brave to buy the AnAn magazine. omo~ toma-kun's so hot. i wana c more pics!

kate☂ said...


i'm glad u're here!!

hai...but i knew i had to have him!! uh...i mean have this magazine. xD i don't mind being a little embarassed...i just had to buy it!!

toma's too hot!!!! >///< i want him baaaaaaad. haha.

cezie, just scroll down to the post, i think i named it "toma. naked. oh my god!!!" lol. in that post, i linked to the LJ post where u can see all the scans f/toma's anan photo shoot. <3

kate♥toma said...

kaesekanister posted up the translation for that poll. i'm still surprised that they would just straight out ask women this question!!! *blush*!!! but of course, my answer would have to be toma...

Which male artist would you like to have sex with?
1. Fukuyama Masaharu
2. Okada Junichi
3. Tamaki Hiroshi
4. Sakurai Sho
5. Matsumoto Jun
7. Narimiya Hiroki
8. Ikuta Toma
9. Tokui Yoshimi (from Tutorial (a comedic duo))
10. Yuchun (from Tohoshinki)