Sunday, September 28, 2008

day 7: arashi's happiness / the letters might not be there yet / kate's dream / toma's name in chinese

smilietoma-ism #54:
did u get my letters yet??

(day 10: Viva -bond, day 9: alice's 1st time -fiona sit, day 8: comet -younha)

kate des!

today's song is arashi's happiness! =D sugeh~
u must check out the translated 2 eng. lyrics at the song's page, linked right under the imeem player here! also, the MV is really great, too! find it at youtube!

these days, i'm still thinking about my letters to toma. "did he get it? did he read it?? did it get wet cuz of the rain??? did it get rejected???? does it still smell nice? will he think i'm cute?? will he understand what i wrote? will he visit my blogs? will he see the birthday poll results graphic?? will he email me? will he send me back an autographed picture?" like that! hahaha~
but i'm mostly optimistic that at least the blue one has safely arrived at JE headquarters. cuz the address is in japanese. it's now been 10 days since i sent the letters. i really think they should have all arrived in around 5 days, cuz that's how long it took for my friend in hong kong to get a small package i sent her just 1 week before sept. 18, and hk and japan are quite close. even if they take 2 weeks 2 arrive, then they will be in japan by october 2, and even if it takes 5 extra days for them to convert the eng. address to the japanese address and deliver them (the red & white envelopes have the address in english), then they will still be there on time for toma's birthday, on oct. 7!! ~_~ but then, i don't know when they will give him his fanmail...probably once a week or something...hmm...please don't let it be at the end of each month!

also, here R some more pics relating to the stuff i've sent to toma. all the clovers R so nice & green when u just sealed them up, but then later the colors fade! if only i had thought of laminating them! =/

[eiffel tower pic credit: franz88,]

well, i must have toma on my mind more than usual these days, cuz i met him in my dream the other night! lol. unfortunately i can't remember much about it, but i think we were talking/arguing in front of the eiffel tower in paris, and it was during the daytime. i think we were lost. haha! cuz i watched a travel show about paris that night!
keido (but)!! whenever i have dreams about him, it's nothing romantic, it's always just us talking as friends. ah, i'm hopeless, even in my dreams, we R not a couple! xD

also, i suddenly was curious, what would toma's name be if i translated it to chinese (cantonese)? i can tell that 3 of the 4 are written in chinese characters. so it's...what's it called...right, kanji. this is the result. and this is the result (according to babelfish and, what it means and sounds like.

life field fighting really
生(saang/sang) 田(tin) 斗(dau) 真(jan) [in cantonese]

生(sheng) 田(tian) 斗(dou) 真(zhen) [in mandarin]

pretty cool, huh? =P

ma, it would be like toma's name means "really fighting"!! and u know he's always fighting!!! ~_~ actually, i think this "fighting" means literally hitting someone else, real fighting. but anyways, if u just take the meaning that u want from it, it could be something like "really fighting [in this] field [of] life". (field as in sports field, maybe)
sugoi! ^__^
keep fighting, toma-kun!! i will keep fighting, too!


Anonymous said...

Toma's Japanese name is all Kanji and also all in chinese characters as well.

savvy kate said...

hey UV!
arigatou! 4 commenting a lot lately!

thx 4 the info. =) never seen the 3rd character in chinese writing be4, but i can barely read chinese, anyway...