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toma's recent messages & news & pics...

it's gonna be a late night post today.
sorry! i'll be back soon!

gomen, i am gonna just start this post now and go to sleep. really really trying to sleep at midnight and not later. i'll continue tomorrow, ok? =) good night~
sweet dreams~!!♥

ohayo gozaimas~! ^^

i just noticed recently that the total number of visits to this blog has past 50,000!! ^_^ by oct. 29,it's reached 55,029. if that took 2 yrs, maybe in 2 yrs, it'll be over 100,000!! it would be cool if we could reach 100,000 in less that 2 yrs, though! =D

toma posted new messages!!

about seeing a shooting star, meeting yamashita after so long, and most importantly, they already had a screening for ningen shikkaku!! (already?? UWA!!!) of course, he was so insanely nervous about that!!!! toma came back to tokyo to attend the screening on oct. 26 (thanks to xdustbunnys 4 the info!). yappari~ filming for his 3rd movie is still not done yet.

he posted on oct. 22 (maybe) about seeing 1 orionids shooting star with his manager. i love meteor showers and i love how toma loves nature and likes looking up at the sky too!!!♥ ~_~ (now i regret not staying up late and trying to see if i could see any orionids shooting stars that night...) probably be4 the ningen preview screening, he finally got to meet up w/yamashita. he said they haven't met in 3 months, though they've kept in contact. and the first time watching his first completed movie!! he wrote a long message about it on oct.27. toma felt so happy but so nervous and chaotic...he was so out of it, he wasn't really able to watch it, really! but after it ended, the director was so touched, his eyes were red. toma thanked him and hugged him, finally thinking, he has really fully represented this person, youzou!! IT REALLY MADE ME SO HAPPY TO SEE TOMA SAY THIS!! OF COURSE, I KNEW HE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO IT, BUT SEEING HE, HIMSELF SAY THIS...I'M HAPPY THAT HE NOW KNOWS, HE HAS BEEN ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY REPRESENT YOUZOU. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! YOU DID IT, TOMA-KUN!!!! OMEDETOU!! v^_^ U SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELF...and YOU'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS ROLE!!! and of course he hopes everyone will go see the movie in feb.2010. [these are just summaries. original messages translated by inseiko. u can read them at the Tomalicious forum (after u reach a certain # of posts).]

[pics credit: hpswf1]
some new toma magazine pics!!

finally, some1 just comes right out and says it. he IS completely super sexy!!! xD except i don't like the toma in leather and leopard print look that much, but STILL!! love his expressions and poses. heehee. and toma and the jam-chan look-alike is too cuuuuuute, of course!

u can get them here:
(in case u didn't see my post at the chatbox--) TFS subbed it!! Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari (091005)!! i'm really looking forward to watching it!! ^_~ been too long after majosai...finally get to see him in a drama, even if it's a very short story.

toma LJ things:
(in case u haven't seen it, the 2008 toma profile translation, and my toma fan art too!!)
(ningen teaser!! *_* u can see it better online than when u download it f/before. ah, toma in that white suit!! that last scene w/toma hugging that woman!!! 0_0 but really, toma's crying scenes R so genuine!!) (thanks, kmakms! ^.^)

([translations] 0911 WU + 0911 Flix.) (thanks, enshinge! ^.^)

(Ningen Shikaku Animated. check out the new anime version of ningen. the video linked at her lj has been removed, but right under it she links to another place to watch the whole thing, it is still working there. i just watched a little to see what youzou looks like...quite plain and depressed. yappari.) (thanks, kat_desu! ^.^)
(First Seaside Motel pic~ i like toma's hair and look and the retro, blue-ish look of the room!!!! yey, i was wondering how his hair would be. post-ningen hair looks cool!! just like in the recent magazines, i like this hairstyle. still so much we don't know about this movie...) (thanks, Careline18! ^.^)

and in case u were wondering what the subtitles of Maou that i'm watching in the usa look like. yeah, it's yellow captions...most of the time, it's fine, but sometimes the subtitles kinda get in the way, even kinda cover part of someone's face. at least the subtitles are pretty accurate and detailed though!! i'm really enjoying watching it again, seeing naoto's intensity and seriousness again...ah~

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[credit: subliminalicon]

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