Friday, October 2, 2009

what toma's been up to...many many links to toma-related (and not really related) ppl's news and things

ohayo gozaimasu~~

minna-san genki desu? ^_^

somehow, it's already only 3 days left till toma-kun's birthday!!!♥ EHHH!!! i am getting ready in various ways...still have 2 finish up bday project #2 and prepare the bday posts 4 instance...haih. and i hope by now, the 2 bday cards & our love & wishes 4 him have safely reached toma's hands... ~_~ also...i will *try* to post a new message each day, from now till toma's birthday. YEY!!! *enthusiastically claps* xD

so~ do u know what toma has been doing late~ly?? well, i'll tell you! (that's what i'm here for! =P) Toma already finished filming his 2nd movie, THE SEASIDE MOTEL, around mid-september!! so fast, less than 1 month!! i guess cuz it's a modern comedy (and they only filmed in Guam a short time, too. then went back to tokyo). (edit: also, there must be other characters, so the time needed to film toma's parts is not much, though he's the main character?? eh...) and he is done with the ghost stories drama filming too, since that probably only took a few days or
something. and the preview CM is already out.

oh, i forgot to say this before, but i'm really glad his 2nd movie is a romantic comedy. i was hoping his FIRST movie could be a regular romantic comedy, but 2nd is fine too. it's actually better this way...i'm so glad his first movie could be such a big production, about such a classic novel, and where he has such a challenging role!! but i'm actually looking forward to watching Seaside Motel more, cuz it's a modern, funny role for toma, and it'll be nice to see him in a real~ love story ...which i guess hasn't happened since honey & clover! though same as with H&C, i don't like who he's paired up with. =/ but hopefully her character will be likable...i just think she looks too old for toma ne.

he has been too busy to update tomagoto much, but the few times he wrote (most recently was around sept. 16 or 17?), he said the director and cast of SEASIDE MOTEL is great, and he will enjoy acting in a comedy after so long. =) and YES, toma said they started filming 5 days after he finished for ningen. poor toma, only had a short time to rest in between!! =( last time he wrote, he said he is filming for the short ghost stories drama. toma says he is thankful that this has been the busiest year in his life, and he'll gambatte!! and everyone, take care, too. (yappari, also reminded every1 to watch yamashita's Buzzer Beat finale. xD)

WHAT ABOUT RIGHT NOW, WHAT IS TOMA UP TO, U ASK?? i have no idea. i hope he is really resting/having fun now, and not secretly working on a new project again. lol. but all these years, he's always working on his birthday so i suspect this year will be no different. DEMO SA~ he's been working non-stop, so maybe he IS taking a break right now, especially since his bday is coming soon?! sa...

toniiaku, below are a bunch of links to toma/toma-related/not at all toma-related things. lol. in that order, too! i hope you'll find it interesting, even the not-so-toma-related things. ^.^

that's all for today...

well then~

i of my fav pics of toma, and these R nice graphics fans made using that image.
[junMa shirts!, OLD DETECTIVE Thomas/sings we are in the timehole video:]

[some cute hana kimi manga drawings i found...^^]
[nakatsu MANGA mv!! so many cute moments (eng.-subbed!) from the manga. SUGOI!! so awesome for me and others who have not been able to read the manga!!!!]

[credit: hpswf1]

IS YAMASHITA SECRETLY DATING (no, not toma!)??? there are rumors that he's dating a pretty *female* singer. i doubt that it's true. though they would make a cute couple, and I WOULD BE SO HAPPY CUZ THAT MEANS TOMA IS UNATTACHED!!! at least not to yamashita. xD but actually, that doesn't mean that toma doesn't like him, and is still waiting for him, right?? damn it. =P

toma's been paired up with so many other guys...and even though shun's got a girlfriend, that doesn't stop fans from pairing him up with him, now calling him the mistress?! (and toma has called shun "professor", for some reason.) LOL. but seriously, i'm glad toma has only really had rumors of dating 1 girl, maki (i think? has there been any other girl?). well, u can read the news and look at the pics yourself when u go to the links below:

yamashita is gonna have his first SOLO CONCERT in november!! wow. this has been a busy and good year 4 him too, ne!! news about it here:

HEY SAY JUMP is getting popular!! they're getting their own fan club!!! i'm happy for them!! ^o^ wow...i wish toma had his own fan club...

i've heard about boys love manga and seen some of the covers at yesasia (those must be mainly yaoi, though, cuz the poses are all so...they're not subtle at all, let's just leave it at that!! xD) let me say again, i don't have a problem with boys love, well, specifically shounen ai. I THINK IF YOU'RE A TOMA FAN, OR ACTUALLY, IF U LIKE *ANY* JOHNNY'S BOYS, U CAN'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS, RIGHT?? LOL. i think it's cute that toma and a lot of other JE guys are paired up with each other. i think it's sweet when they are close, hugging or flirty with each other during photoshoots, concerts, tv shows, or whatever. *_* i am ok with all this, kedo... i have to admit that it's still a little weird for me to see 2 guys together like that... i mean, not just flirty, but seriously in love with each other. seriously, i don't mean to offend anyone, i'm just saying i'm not used to it.

(for info on shounen ai (boys love) and yaoi:

the reason why i'm saying all this is i accidentally came across this review for
Kato Keisuke's boys love movie, Takumi-kun, from 2008!! keisuke!! he's the cutest guy f/Dorm 3 in hana kimi, of course!! *_* isn't the poster cute? ~_~ read the synopsis and watch the trailer, it seems like a pretty good movie!! i would watch it if i ever find it subbed, online, though 4 sure some parts will give me goosebumps. haha. but really, keisuke's really cute in this movie, and he kinda reminds me of nakatsu.
[EDIT: watch the movie w/eng. subs, go here!!]

Takumi-kun movie info, pics, trailer HERE:
[i've seen this on sale at mitsuwa. o_0 EH!! A GHOST STORY PRINTED ON TOILET PAPER. it looks pretty cool, actually. SERIOUSLY. GHOST STORY TOILET PAPER. maji des?!]
"NHK airs Japanese lessons for people of various languages on its international shortwave RADIO JAPAN service. On this site, you can listen to those lessons." (for ppl who speak arabic, french, spanish, chinese, etc.!!! awesome!!! select yr language here.)
"Japan, My Love" For ppl that speak english, who want to learn speak japanese. =)

"This website is for the intermediate study of Japanese Lessons. It enables you to review essential phrases that were broadcast in our Japanese study program series, "Japan, My Love." You can also test your listening comprehension ability."

:D SUGOI!!! for blogger's 10th birthday recently, they started this service, they'll make your blog into a book for you!!!!! I WANT ONE FOR TOMA LOVE!, BUT I HAVE WAY TOO MANY POSTS, IT'D BE COST OVER $100, FOR SURE. haha. u can choose which posts u want, but i think i'd want ALL OF THEM PRINTED OUT!! lol. but for those of u with not a lot of blog posts, u might find this useful.

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[credit: subliminalicon]


Cezie_Pals said...

I really do hope that Toma-kun is resting right now. Maybe have Yamapi treat him out on his birthday or something since Toma always promotes Pi's BB.
Thanks for the update Kate!
Really love the Tomapi LOVE~~~ LOL
Wish they'd do a concert together or something.
>Johnny can u, pretty pls?<
I agree with u on the part where Toma got the role for Ningen as a better 1st movie for him because it's gonna highlight everything he worked hard for in all these years.
I just hope & pray that Toma is well & getting some R&R for now. He needs it~!

salome said...

that doesn't mean that toma doesn't like him - ah, that's what i'm afraid of too. in a past interview, he had mentioned how he can relate with Takemoto's unrequited love (if that's a clue to a real-life experience). and in his O-shareism interview, when the host teased him about 'that kind of bond' he has with Yamashita, his response was, "There is something close to that." and i also thought about how he said Yamashita is a 'special person' to him in his 2009 New Year jweb. (*long sigh...*)

JunMa shirts - i've seen that video before & that's the first thing i noticed. the colors (pink, light yellow, light brown) of their shirts were the same, except they had different patterns. Jun's plaid were larger.

there's been much lack of Toma info/news lately. there's a RUMOR that he's shooting another movie in Hokkaido. i hope it's true & i hope it gets announced soon.

as much as i'm happy about his crazy shooting schedule, i still hope he could have the much needed rest.

thanks for your updates.

kate ☂ said...

i hope so...whether spending his bday w/yamapi or his friends, whatever, as long as he's taking a break f/work, that would make me happy. :) he really really needs some rest. you're welcome!! i'm sure toma will show up at yamapi's solo concert, maybe they can sing a song together then! yeah...really an unforgettable 1st movie role!! *_*

i remember all the things u mentioned toma saying. ~_~ ah, i hope that that's not the case, if it's unrequited love all this time, that would be too bad if toma likes yamapi, but yamapi doesn't like him back, in that way. i don't think so, i dunno, but 4 sure, even if they can't be lovers, they will be good friends 4 life no matter what. ^_^

ANOTHER MOVIE? that's insane, i hope it's not true!! >_< 3 movies in a role?!

you're welcome! and there R more updates coming soon, so please look forward to them!! ~_~

salome said...

if the 3rd movie rumor is true, 2010 is starting to look like a Toma film festival. well, at least for us who are his fans...

Cezie_Pals said...

right with u there salome. I hope that this yr will be a stepping stone for Toma-kun to be a great actor, the best that he can be...
I definitely see Toma's future more as an actor & solo artist than in a group

Cezie_Pals said...

@Kate: I'm looking forward to a song from Tomapi! wish it would come true... haaaaaaaawwww...

kate ☂ said...

haha, u're right, salome!!
2010 toma film festival, yeah~~

cezie, i hope so too. wouldn't it be awesomeness if toma WON an award for ningen or got some international attention for it??? ah...

and a toma x yamapi song would be LOVE! <3

salome said...

oh girls, let me join you into visualizing those two wishes to reality: acting award for his Ningen role and a TomaPi song. hahaha!

kate@usa said...

maybe it's silly to think this far ahead of time, but i really think toma's got a good chance of winning an award for ningen, cuz it's such a challenging, high profile role. i'm sure he'll be amazing in this movie, as always. ~_~

and the tomapi song...i'll keep wishing for that along with u 2~~ ^_^ ever since he became a movie star, i keep thinking up for more and more new things that i hope he could seems like anything's possible now for our toma!!! ah...

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I am hoping he is resting in this time. And he will have his birthday month off. He gotta relax and chill out.

Then later, maybe next month or even Dec, he can start a new project. Although I want a drama, I prefer he do a butai.

Cezie_Pals said...

True. I can picture Toma winning an award for Ningen. I mean, he's been winning awards as best supporting actor even though he wasnt that famous yet.

I really pray that he does! i would most definitely throw him a party at my house if that happens.

Toma film festival? I like the sound of that! haha... do anyone of u know what month of 2010 they're gonna release Ningen in Japan. since Im going to Philippines next yr, im planning to stop by at Japan. Maybe catch the movie there. LOL. I might get lost though. I know nothing about Japanese~!~ XD

kate@usa said...

EH!! it's rare that i get so many comments, i don't remember to reply to all of them. gomen!

i like dramas more (and i can actually watch his drama!), but i think toma would prefer a butai, so i vote 4 butai in december, too!! :P

haha, cezie, i'm sure u would. i can picture him winning, too!! his acting is already as good as, if not better than some other ppl that have won movie awards ne.

it's gonna be feb. 2010, according to xdustbunnys. my bday month!!^^ it's ok, just buy a guidebook or something be4 u go. i recommend Lonely Planet!