Sunday, October 4, 2009


(screencaps f/the maou dvd extras. dunno whose bday cake it was, but it's pretty!!)

1 day, 23 hrs, 36 minutes until toma's birthday!!!!!
i'm really looking forward to it!! and i wonder how toma will celebrate this yr, and with who. ^_^

MAOU IS GONNA BE AIRED HERE IN THE USA (in CA)!!!!!!!!!! *tears of joy*

on channel 18.2!!

for more info:
it is so cool to see toma's drama talked about IN ENGLISH, on a website right here in the usa. though they can't post up his or ohno's pics at all. lol. but i love the synopsis. beautifully written! it describes the plot so perfectly ne~ sugeh.

"Ryo Naruse (Satoshi Ohno) is a two-faced lawyer: on the surface, he is a kind-hearted soul, representing the poor and earning the nickname "The Angelic Lawyer" from the press; but unbeknownst to anyone else, he is also a "devil," meticulously plotting the perfect revenge against those responsible for his younger brother's death. Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta) is a gung-ho detective whose overzealous methods mask a dark past which he is trying to overcome. When a family acquaintance of Serizawa's is murdered, Serizawa is thrust in the middle of a multiple-homicide case which stirs up memories of a dark event from his past - and Naruse's."

(*_* some of my fav maou pics i found online...sorry, dunno who made the cool dark ohno behind toma or the red feathers graphics below.)

and it starts airing oct.11, the day that i will go to mitsuwa to find out whether or not my toma fan art made it into the nov. issues of winkup and potato or not!!^^ i'll also have a belated, mini bday celebration for toma-kun there. lol. ahhhh~ it's gonna be a good day, no matter what the results are...sugoi! *_*

got this news since last week at LJ, and i was so happy, i was jumping up and down when i checked and YES, i do get that channel!!! *_* lol. those of u who live in japan and other countries where u can see toma on TV, u are so lucky!!! i live in the usa, so this will be the FIRST TIME i get to watch a toma drama on TV, and i'm so glad that this 1st time, it could being my 2nd favorite toma drama ever!!!! (not counting watching hana kimi on DVD, but unsubbed!) this is 3rd most HAPPY TOMA-RELATED moment of this year. ~_~ (#1 is finding out he's starring in ningen shikkaku. #2 is finding out he gets his first leading drama role in majosai.)

and when i found out it was probably gonna be subbed...UWAAAAA!!!! ^0^ awe~some. completely. *___* (though i'm sure the subtitles' quality won't be as good as the fansubs, but STILL!!!!!!! ~_~) even if it was not subbed, i was already super hyper about being able to record it this time on DVD (though i already downloaded all the ep.s, of course) and having an excuse to re-watch it!!! (laughs) this is such a coincidence, actually, cuz just days before i got this news, i saw masaki okada's (not subbed) recent drama on channel 18. he was sekime in hana kimi. :) and it made me think that i wish they'd air toma's dramas sometime. AND MY WISH CAME TRUE!!! arigatou gozaimashita!!! :D

iya~ though i finished watching maou since nov. of last yr, i still feel so close to naoto and the whole maou world...watching majosai reminded me of maou so much. also because, especially because, i just watched the dvd extras at the end of august to celebrate my 2 years as a toma fan anniversary ne~~ mixed feelings of happiness and sadness!! so nostalgic!!! i have re-watched hana kimi a few times, but not maou. i will definitely watch it again!!! probably with neesan...IF THERE'S ANYONE HERE THAT ACTUALLY *HAS NOT* WATCHED MAOU YET, AND U CAN WATCH THIS CHANNEL, THEN YOU'VE GOTTA WATCH IT!! i'll be watching it too~ we can all watch it together. let's all support naoto (and toma) together!!!!!♥

it took me a while to post this up cuz i wanted to get screencaps from the dvd extras first. so many touching and happy moments ne!!! (lol, i am using way too much exclamation points in this post, gomen~) most pics below are from the dvd's slideshow, Maou - Hall of Memories. (i don't own the dvd, someone very generously posted the dvd extras online. i have posted the link somewhere or some1 has commented about it somewhere in my blog, u can try searching for it if u wanna see the extras. most of them are available online at youtube, actually.)

one of my favorite moments is when toma is standing there, holding the umbrella. a very solemn, peaceful moment (and of course, he's so KAKKOII, the serious look on his face, in his cool black suit and tie~~).

(i love how cool and boyish he looks in this tanktop!! they even talked about the tanktop and his jeans in the interview...i only know he said something about his tanktop being "juu roku mahn", which is 16 something?? what was he saying, could some1 tell me?? I REALLY LOVE THIS GREY TANKTOP. i have 1 similar to it since be4 i watched maou!! 1 grey, 1 black. heehee~ i always liked it, but after maou, it's become my favs, both the grey and black versions of it. actually, i'm wearing the black one RIGHT NOW. lol.)


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music: Maou music (the OST, on repeat!!)
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im_amot chan said...

Hi Kate chan !!! Doumo :)

Yeah 1 more day until Toma's birthday .. i'm nervous too .. matte .. what am i nervous about .. it was Toma's birthday not mine :p hahah

I already made my postcard last week to send to Toma (using your address given in here - thanks a lot).. not sure when the postcard will arrivew there . maybe 1 month later .. hahah (who cares ! as long he receive it that's fine)

Maou will be aired in your country! That's awesome ! (seems like your tv station also want to celebrate Toma's birthday too !! :)

Maou is also one of my favourite too ! Suspense and the end is so sad !!! Toma died in tragic way .. and he cries a lot in this drama!

And I agree with you that i hope somone could do sub for all the behind scene .. seeing Toma wearing only th etank top (although he was skinny .. hahah) .. he was so damn hot and sexy! And not mention when he was wearing the black suit and tie (goodness, he really looks like a rich guy that so handsome and great)

if you found the link that someone translate the behind scene one please do update your blog .. i really want to know what he was saying .. especially aboutthe jeans and tank top one .. hehe :)

thanks a lot ne Kate chan .. have a nice day .. ciao

Cezie_Pals said...


I'm so jealous you actually have that channel! I want Maou on my tv too! but that's ok. I bought the DVD so I'm very happy... :)

Maou is actually very good. So many hot Toma moments!!! watched it 3 times alreay. I probably had 4 Toma dramathon in the past 2 months. haha... talk about being a fangirl. XD. can't help it. I love Toma~!

I can't wait for the bday! who's he with at that moment? How is he celebrating it? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Anyways, I'm working on oct 7th & 11th. waah! but im still wearing my think twice shirt. Im gonna go on the 12th to buy the magazines. Hope ur fanart gets chosen Kate-san.

Toma Love all the way~ Thanks for the post & update! My you've been busy these days. haha...

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Ah, so you will see Maou on local TV. And they will keep their original voices too. That is great. Even though you can watch it so many times, each watch is so good!

BTW, the b'day cake in Maou is for Tanaka Kei.

salome said...

i'm so glad that Maou will be aired there. have fun re-watching it. perhaps you can pimp the show to some of your friends?

it's only recently that i realized how manly Toma looked in his Maou hairstyle.
and him in suit and tie, debonaire. so gorgeous. if he's to walk into a room wearing those, he'll definitely turn heads - both men and women will gape at him. (*sigh...)

i hope he gets to properly celebrate his birthday this year (day off with family and loved ones).

Nk0gneath0hh said...

I read your blog, excited that I, too, live in California. So I rushed to get the remote. I turned on the tv to realized that not only do I get no signal for all the sub-channels for 18, but I don't get channel 18.2! I'm so disappointed but thanks for the update anyway. I hope you enjoy watching Maou on tv... as I will continue to re-watch it online...

kate ☂ said...


im_amot chan,

hi hi!! doumooo.^^

lol, i know what u mean. i feel nervous/anxious about his bday, too. (partly cuz worried if my drawings made it into the magazines or not, though.)

oh, u sent him a postcard? cool. ~_~
except if u live super far f/japan, it should not take a month!! lol. maybe 1-2 weeks, tops.

"(seems like your tv station also want to celebrate Toma's birthday too !! :)"
LOL!! that's kinda what i thought too neeee!!! what a coicidence, that it should start airing after toma's bday, and on the day i would have a belated celebration 4 his bday, too!! ^__^

exactly, i completely agree. =,(
i totally didn't expect him to be crying so much, cuz i thought he had a tough police guy role and all, but...whenever toma cries in dramas, especially maou, it's always so GENUINE and heartbreaking and i feel like crying with him!! :(

toma in the tank top is <3!! skinny? nah, i think he looks fine, fit and strong. kakkoii!!<3 the black suit and tie...yeah. *__*

i hope so, and i'll 4 sure post here if anyone does translate it!! (maybe TFS??) actually, i looked up "mahn" yesterday, and it could be the word for 10,000?? i wonder if he was saying that tanktop cost 160,000 yen?! but that's $1,333 USD!! he's probably saying something else...

no problem. thanks!




hey, ppl who already have it on DVD can't complain!! lol.

wah, 3 times?! xD u R a complete fangirl, congratulations!! haha.

that's what we're all thinking about!! if i find out, i'll tell you!! :D

souka~ thank u, thank u. i hope so too!!
not sure how i would react if i actually open the magazines in the bookstore and see my drawings...i might scream. lol. or jump up and down!!

no problem! TOMA LOOOOOVE!! <3
yeah, posting everyday and still preparing some toma bday things...well, this is to make up for me not posting for a long while before...(laughs)



hi!! :)

yes yes, i'm so glad it's (probably) subbed and not dubbed. though i've watched dubbed hk dramas all my life, but having it subbed is a million times better. to be able to hear their voices and their exact words...especially for toma's drama, I NEED TO HEAR TOMA'S LOVELY VOICE!!<3

so true!! any of toma's dramas, i think i can re-watch and still love it so much (except, maybe H&C, lol. cuz of hagumi. haha.). though it will be a little hard, for maou, cuz i know it will have a tragic ending...but still, I'LL SUPPORT NAOTO TILL THE VERY END (again)!!

oh, kei-kun, toma's maou buddy! thx for the info. =P



thanks, i will!! lol, it's worth a try, but they are not really into japanese dramas ne. especially when it's not dubbed.

definitely!! looking so very suave and cool. i'm just picturing what u described...toma walking into a room...a formal dinner turns to look at him!! *_*

i hope so...don't ever hear about him celebrating w/his family (but i guess he just doesn't talk about it), just his friends. well, i'm sure he has time for both this year?!



hi there! my new follower. =) thanks.

oh no~ i'm sorry to hear that. =/
have fun re-watching it online, then. the subs are better online, anyway. =)