Monday, October 12, 2009

=,( REJECTED!!! (cries)


my POTATO bday drawing didn't make it into the magazine. =,(
also, my regular Potato drawing was not in it either.
(though i'm hoping it might be there next month or whenever they see it, since i sent it kinda late)

i'm crushed....though, cuz of various reasons, i already had a feeling my fan art would not be chosen...but i was still hoping!!! but they didn't pick it. sou des.

as for the Winkup!!! SOLD OUT!!! masaka!!! :0 it's never happened to me before, there are always plenty of issues, especially i came earlier than usual this month. but she said they can try to order it for me f/japan, if there's any left. =T they'll let me know in a couple days. even at yesasia, it's temporarily out of stock. JESUS, what's so special about this issue that it's SOLD OUT everywhere already???!!! so unlucky....

but even if i can buy it, my confidence is gone, i dunno if my fan art is even in this Winkup, but i guess a part of me still thinks "maybe???!!".....haih~

but what got me more sad is there is NO toma bday fan art in the Potato issue nor the Duet...wait, does Duet have that section?? i would feel better if there was, but there is NONE. i wish there was at least 1 fan that could wish toma happy birthday in this way ne....

EHH.....i'll talk more about this tomorrow, and might as well post up the 2 drawings i haven't posted this point, IF U KNOW IF MY FAN ART IS IN THE WINKUP OR NOT, PLEASE TELL ME. i don't wanna have to wait at least 2 more weeks (how long it'll take to get the issue if they can order it)'s ok if it's not....i gave it my best shot....i had to at least try, but if they don't choose it..... ='(

felt so disappointed and sad when i didn't see my fan art in Potato.....
but then later, i checked to see if i was able to record Maou ok, and seeing toma's (naoto's) cool face on my tv, hearing his voice (and it IS subbed!!).......ahhhh!!! kyaa!!! soooooooo happy...almost forgot about feeling sad about the fan art.

it's late!
good night!
(i think i'll cry myself to sleep tonight...
kidding! i'm ok now...*sigh*)

ja ne~

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