Monday, October 5, 2009

the official website for ningen shikkaku is DONE!!

22 hrs, 36 minutes left!!!!!!!!

(the countdown on the right is 8 hrs early)
until toma's 25th birthday. ahhh~

just remembered to check a few days ago...THE OFFICIAL NINGEN SHIKKAKU WEBSITE IS COMPLETED! since 9/18. a simple, traditional, book-like look. but the gold color of the title gives off a very elegant, majestic air. ii ne~ come and take a look!

the bg music!! ave maria~ very impressive!! a little unexpected, but it does really capture the grand, but somber, dark mood of this movie so well!!

the part i love most is seeing toma's name appear first on the screen in a flash of light like that!!!!
SUGEH. *__* and the part that the lady says "ningen shikkaku" is cool too.

no pictures at all there yet. just a lot of info about the plot and cast, i guess...i wonder what the poster will look like????? well, i'll come back sometimes to check if they've updated with new info/pics. =)

(or very close to it, i might post a little early...)

ja ne.

p.s. check out the cluster map now, before it's archived oct.9
and starts all over again, w/a blank map. i'm grateful to everyone that has come here, everyone on this map!!♥ but especially to those of u that have come here over 100 times or even over 1,000 times in this year!!!♥♥♥ there's 6 of us (including me) that are in the 1,000+. yappari, we're from the usa, philippines and indonesia (i think?), but 1 of us is from JAPAN!! EH!! yokatta!! ^_^ i'm really happy 1 person in japan has been here so much, though i have never had any1 comment here saying they're from japan. i really wish YOU could leave a message for me here sometime, YOU who are in japan right now. onegaishimasu~! ^.^

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Cezie_Pals said...

Hey Kate~!
I don't understand a thing in the website for ningen except for Toma's name and 1200. haha!
So looking forward to your post for THE BIG TOMALOVE BIRTHDAY event!!!!

kate@usa said...

lol. yeah...they don't even have the title in english anywhere at the site either...can't understand anything.

IT'S POSTED!! after 4 months (though i started counting down around 3 months away, but started brainstorming 4 bday projects since around june!!!) of preparation.....WOW..... i'm glad it's done.