Thursday, October 15, 2009

TOMA MOVIE(s) UPDATES, other updates, pics, etc. =D

just saw enshinge's reply.
my fan art did not show up in the Winkup either. (cries)

yappari~ i thought it wouldn't be there......maybe next month?? onegaishimas!!
i've thought it over, i think my chances are very slim of my fan art appearing in rather than just buy them without knowing if it's in there or not (like i did this time), once the scans are available online, i'll ask enshinge if she sees my fanart in the issues (i think she pre-orders them every month), and then i'll buy it if they are in there. UNLESS i am gonna buy it anyway, cuz toma looks super cute or there's something else special about the issue. xD

i will post tomorrow, but here's some nice pics i took f/the Duet and Potato issues for november, 4 u 2 look at in the mean time...also, i'm happy to see still many ppl coming here everyday even though i haven't posted anything new. and new followers!! arigatou~!

the pretty~ satomi, toma's lovely wife! (in ningen shikkaku, not in real life, of course)

the funny~ ohno, toma's enemy! (in maou, not in real life, i mean) and chinen, who really really likes ohno. =P it would be cool if toma could do a photoshoot w/one of his kouhai's that really looks up to him too!!!


matta? ~_~

♥ toma-ism #108:
you were created
with a beautiful purpose~
with a smile that warms,
with words that encourage,
with a heart that loves and gives
so freely and sweetly to others...
[text f/a bday card. =)]

kate desu.
kinyobi desu ne.
(it's friday)

ja~ lots of toma LJ stuff, and some info about his 3rd movie!! though they still have not officially announced it, and toma hasn't said anything about it either. but in his newest tomagoto post (posted on oct.14 at tomalicious), he did say he's really happy that a list of his costars for Seaside Motel has been announced. =) and it's cold, but everyone be careful and don't get sick. and that yamashita reminded him that it's important to wash hands and gargle. =P

actually, it might seem like a lot, but that's only cuz i'm posting things from a week or 2, all at once here. it's all quiet in the fandom after toma's birthday again. though we're not seeing or hearing much from toma, we know he's working hard, filming for his 3rd movie, though, so GANBATTE, TOMA-KUN!!!

the latest news f/xdustbunnys' LJ...they're so popular, so lots of ppl have been watching toma and gakki (Aragaki Yui) filming in hokkaido!! gakki's role is of a high school student. it's very cold there. and shun said on ANN that it's strange that toma didn't come there on his bday, (xD i'm so used to him celebrating his bday with shun @ANN too!!) but that's cuz he's busy.

Aragaki Yui...she is pretty in a low-key, girl next door kinda way, but she's got one of those faces, sometimes she can look pretty, but sometimes she just looks very plain?? but to me, her voice is so high-pitched/kinda annoying!! at least when she sings. i hope her speaking voice sounds better...

but it's really cool that toma can be acting with such a popular actress/singer, and someone around his age, too!!! :D i see her in magazines a lot...

i've included the winter pic of her here to remind u that it's COLD in hokkaido, though it's not snowing yet (i think?). [pics credit:]
the temp.s these days is only between 50-60 degrees F (10-15 decrees C)!! it's COLD and often raining in sapporo, hokkaido right now...but i'm glad cuz of filming this movie, toma was not in tokyo for his bday week, they had a typhoon coming through!! trains, flights stopped...some flooding. actually, since sapporo and muroran seem kinda close, i wonder if toma can visit his grandparents on his off days?? =)

i'm just guessing that they're filming the movie in the capital of hokkaido, which is sapporo.... (yes, that place that in feb., they have the famous Sapporo Snow Festival, 1 of japan's biggest winter events!! i wanna go sometime!!!^^),_Hokkaido

.............. TOMA'S MOVIE NEWS/VIDEOS @LJ:
["Why yes, dear people, Ikuta Toma has a third movie! YAAAAAAAY!" some general info about his new movie...] (thanks, frostbittenlove! ^.^)

yes, ohno's gonna be SO jealous that toma's a fisherman in this movie. lol. but maybe he can help, give toma tips on what it's like to be a fisherman. xD what's with toma starring with a lot of girls that were already paired up with yamashita?? haha. but he gets to be closer with them than him, so there!! toma wins!! ^o^
[they've announced toma's other costars for Seaside Motel: Yamada Takayuki, Tamayama Tetsuji, Narumi Riko, Arata Furuta!!] (thanks, Jisatsu! ^.^)

i dunno about the others, but riko (hagumi in H&C) and furuta (he was in Cat in the Red Boots too)!!! it's nice that toma could see riko, his "little sister" again, and i know he really really loves, admires, and respects furuta. ^_^

[[video] 101309 Ningen Shikkaku behind the scenes] (thanks, janinamedina! ^.^)
[video: Ningen Shikkaku CM(cast)] (thanks, strawberry_gemm! ^.^)
LOCKED AFTER 3 DAYS!! (some1 will probably upload it to youtube, though...)

.........................more TOMA LJ STUFF:

["Ikuta went on Red Carpet's Red Theater with Hanya way back when he was promoting Majo Saiban so I've subbed the clip" (thanks, d_e_l_u_g_e! ^.^)]

november magazine scanz!!! WINKUP, DUET, POTATO, etc.
(thanks, janinamedina! ^.^)
(thanks, hpswf1! ^.^)
[scans: Monthly The Television & Flix November 2009 (thanks, janinamedina! ^.^)]

[more ningen scans: 野性時代 no. 71 October 2009 (thanks, strawberry_gemm! ^.^)]

[though he's been tied up and kidnapped or something,
he still looks so KAKKOII, right?!!! kyaa!!]

[[05.10.09] Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - Toma's part, if u wanna watch the un-subbed version. i gotta wait for TFS to sub it.... aw...] (thanks, hpswf1! ^.^)

[ Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - Italian softsub + RAW.]
wow, toma's got lots of italian fans, they have their own fansub group here:


a fan sighting~

★ Nakajima Kento @ Tokyo Station
He smiled and shook hands with me. Although we're the same age, he thanked me for my support. He just spontaneously said things like he hoped to meet again. - Female,15
UWAAA!! that's like the perfect scenario, of meeting a star. he's so friendly!! ~_^ NICEE!!! the 2nd cutest guy f/B.I. shadow. heeeeee. kawaii~~ (and doesn't he kinda look like chinen? haha.)

[he's in the middle! pic credit: the crunchyroll Nakajima Kento group]

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[credit: subliminalicon]


salome said...

hello! i've seen the Ningen trailer & i think Toma is so gorgeous. i'm so taken by that seen of him crying & hugging a woman(?). somehow, i'm so excited about that movie. i checked the Ningen website & the trailer is there as well. - i also love the design of that site. i think it's so elegant, with its gold Japanes characters... i just hope there's an option to read the contents in English so that we can also understand.

salome said...

i'm so taken by that seen of him - er, i meant, i'm so taken by that 'scene' of him...

kate☂ said...

i liked that scene too!! but it was so dark, didn't realize he was hugging someone?? i think i'll be crying too, while watching this movie... =(

i like the website, too. i don't think they'll add any english to it though.

kate☂ said...

....just wanna see how my profile pic looks here. haha.