Thursday, October 1, 2009

more tokyo autumn pics....toma LJ links...


kate desu.

(umm...i usually don't want to talk about any bad news here, but the recent storm and flooding in the philippines and then the earthquake in indonesia!! tragic! and makes me scared there will be a BIG earthquake here...i know a lot of ppl that come here are from those countries, so i hope you're all ok! i will keep praying for everyone to be ok...)

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything really interesting in a long while. haha. BUT THERE ARE SOME COOL POSTS COMING SOON!! (ok, at least 1 topic is really cute/funny/surprising and made me LOL... xD) and it's toma's bday in 4 days, so i'll definitely try to post more!!! ^o^ YEY, I'M GETTING REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT... (and if it took 2 weeks, the 2 bday cards i sent to toma should have arrived a few days ago.^^)

here R some more autumn in tokyo (or japan, dunno where that shrine is) pics. the first one, i'm using as my desktop bg right now. ~_~ the 2 other pics, i don't have the links to credit. =/ but autumn in tokyo/japan is really so lovely and colorful ne?

[credit: Maidenhair (ginkgo) trees in autumn tints in Tokyo University Hongo

also, here R some really PRETTY TOKYO PICS!!!

the most recent LJ links u should check out:
[ultraviolet's Toru Fashion {Show}!!! fav outfits f/majosai. ~_~]
[since u can't post fanfics at the toma LJ anymore, u can join this toma fanfic community if u want...]
[scans: Myojo & Popolo 2009.11; WITHOUT WATERMARKS]
[THIS POST IS LOCKED BY NOW, but u can see a screencap of toma suffering in some weird way in this drama...i saw the CM, it looks pretty cool. scary scary stuff....and i didn't know mao is also in it!! cool. she's in so many dramas and movies this year, wow...] (edit: u can watch the CM here: thanks to Mysterious Lady Rahman 4 the link!)


Mysterious Lady Rahman said...

Hellooo, if it helps you can see the CM for yonimo kimyouna monogatari on youtube here:

It looks kinda scary/weird O_o

kate@usa said...

oh, thanks for the link, mysterious lady rahman!! i knew some1 would upload it to youtube. =P

yeah...but it's so short, i can't really tell what toma's story is about at all. it's good to see naoto's father again though. ^^

Mysterious Lady Rahman said...

I can't wait to watch it! Toma's been so busy recently!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for running this blog-it's fantastic! Lots and lots of wonderful Toma information and pictures-it's always a pleasure to visit the site ^^

kate@usa said...

me too! i'd love to watch mao's episode too, but dunno if any1 will sub it and where i can watch.

ah~ thanks for the thanks! ~_~ i'm glad u like it here ne.