Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a little bit of toma stuff & about BOOK-OFF, KINOKUNIYA in the usa, etc...

[i really really like these toma pics f/the Duet 10.2009....
ah~ i kinda regret not buying it. but i've bought way too many magazines]

kate desu.

ano.....some news and info not really related to toma this time, i hope u don't mind. but some of these things got me really excited, so i thought i should share it with everyone. *_* and i'll post again in a couple days (this time, about toma-kun!), so pls come back later ne.

(oh, i finally changed the pics that link to Dear Toma...and back to here f/DT. =D cuz fileden has not been working for too long...instead of reuploading the gifs, i figured it'd be better to get more recent toma pics for them. i hope u like them~)


[toma's expression in this pic!! :P wonder what year is this from...
i forgot where i got this. just recently found it at some1's crunchyroll page.]

so~ i've been watching Maou on TV, and yappari~ it's been awesome so far!!
the subtitles are pretty accurate/detailed, actually....better than i expected! and they're not too big on the screen, which i was worried about, but they ARE, however...yellow. =/ oh, i have emailed UTB, saying that i'm so happy they're airing maou and i hope they'll air more of his dramas in the future. heehee... but one thing i don't like is i can't see the scenes where naruse is in his dark room that well!! i guess cuz of all the RED light, it's a blur in there, and i can't see toma's cool, secretly-taken pics that well. -__- but they did translate the hymn in church when naruse was sitting there...nice!! "ah, what a friend we have in Jesus, all our burdens He bears for us, all our sorrows, we can tell Him...", something like this. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS AGAIN THOUGH...does naoto sleep/live @the police station??!!! u almost never see him home, and he wears almost the same clothes all the time, and the one time he is, his room looks so empty and clean, like no1 really uses it..... hmmm.... i really think so!

toniaku~ i'm still so excited while watching and love seeing naoto again!! of course, i already know what happens, but i'm still gonna be looking forward to watching a new episode each sunday, waiting patiently to see what happens next. ~_~

found out from an ad in the free magazine, Japanese x Happy (JPy+, that there's a BOOK-OFF in CA!!!! EHHH!!! *o* there's several locations, in fact. and in New York and Hawaii too. SUGOI! (when i was writing that really long story about meeting toma-kun, i thought of the cd store to be kinda like a book-off at one it's got a special meaning to me...^^)

1 of them is in a Marukai, a market/mall kinda like mitsuwa, but it's a membership market. but u can still shop there if u pay a $1, member-for-a-day, fee. marukai looks nice, but i think i still prefer mitsuwa....but i wanna go check out marukai sometime, definitely!! and book-off, too, of course!!

marukai only has stores in CA. both book-off and kinokuniya have stores in CA and NY and some countries in asia. book-off has locations in france, canada and korea, too. CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITES TO SEE IF THERE'S A STORE NEAR YOU. =D

and if u live in/near costa mesa, there's a marukai with a book-off inside and across the street is the kinokuniya bookstore!!! again, i'm surprised and happy to know this popular bookstore in japan is also open in the usa!!!

........... THE 2009 OC JAPAN STREET FAIR!!!
anyone in the area should definitely go!!!
i wanna go, but not 100% sure if i can go's on Nov.15. ^o^

WAH, the akiba & harajuku street stuff sounds cool!!!
fashion and geeky anime/tech stuff!!! *__* I AM SOOO THERE (most likely)!!! xD

........... feb 2010: backstreet boys THIS IS US tour in japan!!!
toma must be so excited about this...i'm sure he'll go to their concert even if he's busy promoting Ningen at that time. lol. i don't like their new songs though. =[ they're getting a little old for these kinda cheesy love songs, right?? i think it's so cool that their new album was almost released on oct.6 (in japan time = oct. 7), toma's birthday!!!! but it ended up being released sept. 30 in japan and a ton of ppl in japan bought it.


miChi's YOU MV. i really really like this simple, sweet song...
the MV is pretty nice too. i wish i knew what the lyrics meant, though.


Anonymous said...

They really held a concert in feb 2010 in japan? I will be in japan around that time Ö__Ö
Maybe I should go? the chance of meeting toma is pretty high~
Nene kat-chan do you have msn?

kate☂ said...

haih! they really will be there, but i dunno the exact dates. YOU SHOULD GO, u might see toma!! even if u don't, i'm sure the concert will be awesome~ i think u can already pre-order tickets now at their official website...

i do, but i never use it anymore. haha. i only sometimes chat using gmail, kedo...

Anonymous said...

haha yeah i was a great fan when i was 13 lol.. im actually thinking about going...

Ahh pity...

kate☂ said...

careline, i hope u can go.^^

i was always more of an n'sync fan when i was a teen, but i liked a lot of BSB songs too. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Haha its somewhat funny to think about it again ne~