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and Toma continues to run on without rest~ (the top 10 reasons we should be happy that he's working non-stop this yr!!)

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it (was) kinyobi (friday) again.
but for a lot of u, it's already doyobi (saturday).
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SO~ new autumn banners!! the top is f/haneda, tokyo. the DT one is f/somewhere in japan. ii ne...i love the REALLY RED leaves. aki suki!

(i wrote this and meant to post this up after his bday, but i forgot somehow...please excuse me my lateness. i'll just post it here, then.):

i've really enjoyed celebrating toma's bday (last last week) and i hope u have too!! it's been fun, looking at toma's new magazine scans (kyaa!!) watching toma video clips, listening to his music/voice...filling my brain with a lot of new toma knowledge, messages, and news. lol. ureshii ne!!! doesn't it almost feel like a big holiday for all us toma fans?? lol. wait, has toma's birthday somehow become my fav~orite ho~liday of the ye~ar?! ehhhh...i guess it has, in a way~ (laugh)

...i meant to write this post since last week, but.
please excuse me for writing so much this time! it couldn't be helped. =]
wow, it's really very long!!(laughs) what was i thinking?? (no one's gonna read the whole thing!)

i had a feeling that 2009 would be toma's year, a BIG YEAR for him, but i never imagined that he would be getting roles continuously in dramas and movies this time, leading roles too!!! i know toma's always trying his best and working hard, but this year...even MORE so!!! he's really had so many breakthroughs this year, and i hope there will be more~ to come before we reach 2010!

but certainly, this year must be the most busy and exhausting in toma's life!! instead of worrying about toma's health and sanity cuz he's been working non-stop this yr (which is no use anyway), i've decided to do a 180 and com~pletely embrace the idea of toma working continuously this yr!!! (laugh) haih~!

and to convince other toma fans in joining me instead of worrying about him working too hard, here's a list of the top 10 reasons why we should be so happy that toma is starring in so many dramas and movies this year. douzo~!

------------- the top 10 reasons we should be happy that toma's working non-stop this yr!! xD

10. toma is a workaholic and gets bored or feels lonely easily. it's good that he can keep busy and is surrounded by a lot of ppl at the filming sites. =) and bonus: he can sometimes travel to different, pretty places to film movies/dramas!! and also, for each different project, we get to see toma with a new hairstyle and a new look! (ok, majosai and ningen hair is disappointing, but after a while, i've accepted it and even kinda like his curly/wavy hair!!)

9. the more work he has, the more $$$ he earns!! money that he can use to go to more stageplays, movies, and concerts and to buy more CDs and DVDs (and cool clothes). haha. and of course, more lunches and dinners to go to with his friends. and more money to save up to finally go on a family trip overseas somewhere one day.... ^__^

8. the more movies/dramas he's in, the more exposure to the public he gets, the more popular and respected and successful he will be!! MORE AND MORE PPL WILL KNOW OF TOMA AND THE TOMA LOVE~ WILL SURELY KEEP INCREASING!!! (maybe all this could help him DEBUT too??)

really~ the fact that toma is getting continuous roles in dramas and movies really proves that directors/producers/the public finally realizes how talented and cute and adorable he is, right???♥ WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG?? SERIOUSLY!! he should have been a big star many years ago!!

7. toma's really lucky that he can have continous filming projects even though japan's economy is quite bad right now (like every place else in the world). they're even gonna try making drama sequels instead of new dramas to save money now. read the news here:

6. filming movies in japan is actually not such an exhausting, long process. at least for ningen, toma said the filming schedule is actually less hectic than when he's working regularly back in tokyo! (and getting to see him on the big screen is LOVE!!! *_*)

5. With each new project, toma gains valuable experience, can improve his acting skills, and also make new friends with the new cast and staff (who always seem to be very talented, nice, and caring ppl, wonderful to work with, according to toma!! especially the ningen people). or he can also meet cast and staff (or other ppl he knows, like nakai-kun) from previous series at the studio or while promoting the drama/movie! ^_^

4. TOMA LOVES ACTING~!♥ he really loves his job and gives his all in all his performances. and he's really serious about filming, about work. i'm sure each new role is a new challenge for toma and he'll completely enjoy the process of diving into a new role, learning new things, and making a good drama/movie.

3. He's too busy to move out of his family's home and live on his own. if he lived alone, it might be easier 4 him to have a secret girlfriend!! -__-

2. He's focusing on his career right now, so he won't be looking for a girlfriend cuz toma has said he can only focus on one thing at a time. =D

1. haven't u been paying attention?! i said HE IS TOO BUSY TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! xD we should all be so incredibly happy about that!!!!

“Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest.”
—Charles Dickens (1812–1870); novelist
(to me, this describes toma's passion for the art of acting perfectly!!)

seriously, though... of course us fans have good reason to be worried about him getting sick, especially with the current swine flu epidemic that's freaking out many ppl in the world! but remember, toma says he rarely gets sick.
i think he said he hasn't really gotten sick in 5 yrs?! even when he does and he's working, he'll somehow stop it by sure willpower, like "i CAN'T be sick now!" hahaha. but worse case scenario... if he DOES get swine flu (knock on wood!), he'll probably recover quickly, just like yamashita and a lot of other stars in japan and elsewhere have. (even one of the backstreet boys had it!) from the news i hear, it's children and young adults (teenagers) who are the ones most likely to catch it, and also the ones more likely to get very sick or die from it. (of course, pregnant women and ppl with asthma/breathing problems, heart problems, other medical conditions could get very sick/die from it too!) DAKARA, PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL AND WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT IF YOU'RE IN ONE OF THE MORE AT RISK CATEGORIES!! 0__0

HOWEVER...and this is a funny coicidence...gakky (Yui Aragaki), toma's costar for his 3rd movie, got sick from working continuously in 2007. too much pressure and not enough sleep. like toma, she starred in movies for the first time, and had 3 that year. she was also in a drama and recorded a debut album too. all in a short time...well, toma's been in 2 dramas (and one drama special) and 3 movies this year!! but as long as he doesn't also work on a debut album, i think he'll be ok!! lol. (a debut single would be so **incredibly cool**, though!!)

her first time filming movies, and already, gakky won a Golden Arrow movie award that year. i hope toma will also win this award!!

i'm actually a little worried about the audience, the public, getting sick of seeing toma all the time in movies or dramas next year, though....u know, like over exposure? i sometimes get annoyed when i see the same actress/actor continuously in movies or dramas, just cuz that person is the current "IT GIRL or GUY" that everyone supposedly likes. even if i like the person, i could get bored or tired of seeing them all the time (especially in very similar roles/genres). if i don't like her/him, then MAN, IT'S ANNOYING TO SEE THEM EVERYWHERE!! i think u know what i mean??

BUT OF COURSE, TOMA IS NOT JUST ANOTHER ACTOR, IT'S TOMAAAAA!! i could never get enough of him, nevermind be sick of him! and all his roles are so different and u get to see many (all pretty!) sides of him. *_* yappari...i think most ppl in japan will feel the same way as i do?? :P ppl getting sick of seeing him all the time??? that's insane! impossible, right?! lol.

--------------THE NINGEN FILMING SCHEDULE, IT WAS ACTUALLY KINDA RELAXING!! EHH!! MAJI DESKA?! O.O [credit: TFS, myojo sept.2009 interview]

toma describes his schedule while in kyoto...filming starts around 9am and ends in the evening. he goes eat at a different place each night w/cast and staff-san. can go 2 sleep early. he's kinda scared of going back to tokyo, where his schedule, life, is irregular cuz of work and other reasons. lol. (i think the "other reasons" = going to eat and hanging out with his friends till late at night, probably!!)

II NEEEE. luckily, i think filming movies in japan is not so bad, i mean, for your health. but HK actors, i feel sorry for you guys. the crazy filming schedule for dramas usually only allows them to sleep for a couple hours, and they don't even get catered food, just box lunches or cheap cafeteria food. movie filming schedules are even worse, maybe NO TIME TO SLEEP at all, but at least u suffer for a shorter amount of time. x__X that's why i've read about a lot of hk stars getting sick/fainting/going to the hospital cuz they've been worked to death by tvb (the infamous huge corporation that employs most actors and singers in hk. and that has huge power over the media, awards results, etc. kinda like Johnny's or Disney, i guess. haha. how freaky is it that johnny's uses the disney font to write out its brand name, JE?! are they friends or working together?! scary~)! we don't have to worry about this happening to toma, though. =)


(i really love this pic f/the ningen filming set.
a quiet moment between toma and the director?
toma looks so serious~ and contemplative~)

u gotta read this!! toma's thoughts on filming, BEING YOUZOU...he really was worried about how to portray the character and talked about it a lot with the director. "When reading the script, there’re moments when I feel that I’ve captured Youzou within myself, but then the moment I think I have him, he’s gone.” It’s a repetition of this for him, but he says “I think that maybe it’s better that I don’t totally understand him though.”

many thanks to enshinge~!

------------ toma just turned 25. but he still looks young for his age. and he jokes and messes around so much, i often forget... (or maybe i just prefer thinking of him as a boy ne.) that he's already been with JE, worked in show business, for 13 years!! a little more than half his life. he's been in A LOT of stageplays and dramas. in his chichin pui pui tv interview from sept.2007, they say that since 1997, he's acted in 21 dramas and 19 stageplays. all that in 10 years. add in hana kimi and all the stuff he did after that, and u get even bigger numbers. not to mention tv and radio shows he's hosted or that he's appeared on as a guest, and a couple CM's too. and his many many singing performances as a junior and dancing at his sempai's concerts. and WAY too many magazine photoshoots and interviews to count!!

no wonder toma feels old when he works with newcomers who are teenagers and have seen him on tv since they were little. lol. toma...he's done a lot. he's gone through a lot too... though he couldn't debut and was left behind, he never gave up...and moved on to the acting world instead. he's really worked hard to prove himself as an actor! and now, it's like...HE'S MADE IT!!!!! finally!! but he often says there's still many things he wants to do. ^_^

though he's still quite young, but toma knows what he's doing. and he won't take it easy yet. i'm not saying people will lose interest in toma anytime soon, but u never know, in this it's good that toma doesn't let any opportunity pass him by this year. it's not often that he is offered so many great, unique roles, right?? so, for now, he's gotta keep working hard to pursue his dream of becoming a big star!! ~_^

and cuz he is so talented and natural, and he really enjoys the lively filming atmosphere, and working with the cast and staff, he makes it all seem easy and fun. but of course, in reality, it can be really tough, repetitive, time-consuming, exhausting WORK. there's a lot of perks and cool things about being an actor, but's work. it's not always fun. (but when it's fun, it's REALLY FUN!! especially the crankup parties. lol.) i guess i'm just trying to say...sometimes we forget, but we should remember-- a lot of work goes into making a drama or movie, for the cast and staff, everyone...they're really working hard to make a good drama/movie to entertain us!! and i am really grateful to them. yappari, especially to toma, he always gives like...110% in effort and energy to act out all his roles!! BRAVO, TOMA!!!!!!!!! i love watching yr dramas so much. ~_~

and so, "Toma continues to run on without rest, but it seems his feet are no where near stopping yet." this is what they said in his winkup interview from may 2009. and being the lead actor in a drama for the first time, toma said "A new kind of determination was born." ^_^
[credit: enshinge, from 5.2009 winkup intv.,]

i hope this really long post can make some toma fans less worried about him working too hard these days...though he does kinda look a little thinner...but he'll be ok. toma has said before that his weight often changes, depending on how busy he is....but at least he's still not as skinny as he was in hana kimi, right??

kitto daijoubu~!!
(it'll be alright! he'll be ok!)

alright everyone, all together! ^0^



he says in the winkup 9.2009 issue: he's thankful and loves working, but recently, he's actually thought, he wants a break!! and do nothing the entire time. xD also, ningen filming is tough (it's so hot!), but he won't dare complain, except at wink up. haha!

---------------- AND HERE ARE his feelings about working on majosai and ningen that toma talked about in his wink up ikita kotoba's that i want to share. i summarized most of it, but some of it is almost exactly as it was translated, cuz toma's exact words is much better! i love reading these...hearing about toma's life and projects from his own words. only this time, i took time to summarize certain parts, but u should really read all of it at TFS, toma always says some funny/random things. heehee~

(credit: TFS, go to TFS to read translations of his Ikita Kotoba!

f/may 2009:
everyday, filming for Voice was fulfilling. he's so thankful to meet everyone, they're all so talented and amazing, he wants to act with these people again and tell them 'you're amazing' again. (REALLY SO AWESOME THAT HE GOT TO WORK WITH SATOMI AGAIN, THEN!! and she got to play the role of his wife, even!! surely toma was happy he could work with her again so soon!!)

he's feeling mentally and physically chaotic about being in 2 continuous dramas (voice, then majosai). he never thought there'd be a time like this for him. he is seriously preparing himself to do this. he's really thankful he can work in such a wide range of dramas. he's determined to make this a good drama.

f/july 2009:
even though it's his first lead role in majosai, compared to before, he's gotten a lot more days off. (EHH?? not sure how this is possible...maybe cuz of the late night format, each ep. is about 10 min. shorter than regular dramas. anyway, it's GOOD TO KNOW he got lots of days off. *o*) 5 days off for Golden Week and then 3 days in a row off recently. doesn't feel like he's really filming a drama.

he met nakai-kun in the studio and had fun chatting with him. it's fun meeting all kinds of people in the studio.

the staff and actors keep calling him ningen shikkaku (failure as a human) when they see him since it was announced he'll be in the movie. he should be happy about this? (LOL, u're not a failure at all toma!! you're such a successful person!!) it's his first movie, there's many things he's not sure about, but he'd like to enjoy acting in it.

f/sept. 2009:
he's really so moved by how lively the ningen filming site is. so many talented, professional ppl here, all he needs to do is play his role. he is only thinking about acting. he will stay focused until the very last scene. as usual, he has done nothing really in his private life. (but he did go watch 2 movies, go eat soba noodles, went home (the hotel, actually) and slept. also watched Buzzer Beat.

the first day of filming, the cameraman gave him a director's chair with his name printed on the back. he's so touched, he got the feeling "i'm going to fall in love~" the Arato team is full of awesome staff-san like this.

on the first day, already they called him by just "toma". he hasn't had that happen in a long time. it feels like he's an equal. kinda like when he first encountered Gekidan Shinkansen. so shocking and moving. it hasn't been 1 month yet, but already sad that this will end. they have different backgrounds, ages, and positions, but they can work together to make this one movie. this is what he likes most.

they're not done filming, so he can't say "please go watch it!" but everyday, fine adults are sweating, working hard, because they believe this will become a wonderful movie. he will keep concentrating for the 2nd half of the movie.

[(picture of the arato (director) team t-shirt.) he and everyone all wears it when on the set. the arato team is really cool~]

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Aizat said...

I'll never stop supporting him and you too, kate!!!


BULAN cold said...

kawaii...thnx for posting

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Secretly, we always want idols to have continuous work, b/c we can see them more often, but it's natural to care that there is at least a week or two off in between for a breather.

But as long as he doesn't fall sick, and we don't all have to go "see, we knew it was crazy...see, the management doesn't care at all...give him a break..!" that sort of thing, then he is surviving. And it's not TVB style, so maybe it's not as hectic.

LOL, your #3 reason is missing a word. I read it and I'm thinking that is probably not what she meant...huh...hehehe

kate☂ said...

haven't seen u comment in a long while! good to know u still come here. =) yr profile pic is funny!! THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TOMA.

you too, gambarre yo!! ^O^

bulan cold~
u're my newest follower! thank u!! and u're welcome. ^^

I KNEW U WOULD COMMENT. haha. whenever i post something significant, i know u'll say something. thanks~

that's true, but i'm 1 of those ppl, i really want my idols to be able to have somewhat of a normal life, a personal life, and not just work work work. i really don't mind if they take breaks once a while and just disappear from the media...but i know what u mean. =)

yes, yes. =P i hope there won't come that day when we'll say that!

eh?? i re-read it, and i don't know what u mean, it makes sense to me. but just in case there's any confusion, i re-wrote the sentence. =]

ultraviolet_p1 said...

oh, Toma's back to back movies are really tight, so that is a different case - I wouldn't mind even if he had a few months off but *sigh* I wish some other idol of mine would not take such a long vacation...haven't seen him since March!

#2: "He's too busy to move out of his family's home and live on his own, which would make it easier 4 him to have a secret girlfriend. =P"
Oh, so you wanted him to HAVE a secret girlfriend... seeing how #2 & #1 was saying you didn't want to see him taken yet....I just thought...there was a missing word ...oh well.

kate☂ said...

my other idol, hacken, is a singer, and he's always disappeared for months at a time during the yr when he's working on his new CD. so i'm quite used to it. haha. but he'd still sometimes leave messages for us to let us know what's going on. but this yr is a new record, he's been away f/the media for a long long time, and very few msgs too. since feb to around june, i think, no news f/him. and his fans have been offline too. thank goodness i have toma stuff to fill in the void!!! ^O^

oh, now i get it! goodness no, that's not what i meant! i mean, since he's so busy, he can't move out, which is a good thing. cuz if he moves out, he could have a secret girlf. makes sense now? xD
eh, i hope other ppl didn't misunderstand too....i'll edit the sentence again then!! thanks~

ultraviolet_p1 said...

That is what I thought you meant; make it NOT easier for him to... hehehe

True true what you're saying about Hacken, but with singers, at least they are working on an album, there will be a finished product sometime in the future....but my TK is not working at all...nothing to look forward to, until he announces hoo

kate☂ said...

haha, sorry about that, re-reading it, i see how it can mean the opposite of what i wanted to say.

ah, i see. that's too bad, but at least he's probably getting a lot of R&R and enjoying life for now...i hope he'll be back soon, for yr sake. =)