Sunday, October 4, 2009


minna-chan, konbanwa!

ah~ i love nights like this,
where the moon is full and its light makes
you and everything around u LUMINOUS ne...

this is really silly,
but i was thinking to myself tonight...
that if i happen to look at my watch and see that it's 10:07pm,
then that is a sign (from *above*!!) that toma and i are meant to be together.
(and i still occa~sionally see 10:07 these days when i look at my watch or cellphone! amazing!) and guess what~ the next time i looked at my watch, it was just in time to see it turn from 10:06 to 10:07pm!!! EHH!!! IT'S TRUE THEN, WE ARE MEANT TO BE!! ♥

LOL. baka!! i'm just kidding, of course. but i still think it's so cool that i happened to see it today.^.^ haih~!

[imagine if u were in manami's place, toma's arm around u!! ah~!]

this poll that i saw at unleashthegeek's blog (posted sept. 25) really made me lol!! (poll results below) the "Young Celebrity I Want As [my] Arm Pillow." (it's also known as the boyfriend arm pillow.) EHHH?!:D the question is so funny and cute at the same time!! and thinking of these guys as arm pillows that we can cuddle up with made me laugh and go "kyaa!!" at the same time. ~_~ (i already often hug one of those cylindrical, thin, long pillows when i sleep. if you hold on to it at your waist, it does almost feel like someone hugging you, their arm around u. =P it does somehow make u feel more safe and cozy.)

(purposely chose these pics 4 this post, cuz though toma is lying in bed, he gives off a very sweet~ and innocent~, playful~ and relaxed~ feeling, not like a sexy (though he still also looks sexy, too, i guess!!) and provocative kinda feeling. cuz i think a boyfriend arm pillow is really about sweetness and coziness, right??♥ not in a dirty way or anything. :P)

i was surprised and so happy to see toma got 4th place!! bonzai!! ^o^
though he's not in the top 3, but he still got a lot more votes than ppl that usually beat him in polls, like yamashita, shun, and eita. ^_^ and notice there's many ikemen from hana kimi in this list. *_* wow, hiro is still so popular, getting 3rd place!

but some things about this poll (conducted by Goo, a major search engine in japan, equivalent to Google, i think?) SURPRISED ME!!

it's a little strange to see that a little more than half the ppl polled were men?! really?? what the... do these men like guys, or maybe the question is "if i was a woman, who i'd want as my arm pillow"? i mean, i know these pretty boys have a lot of male fans, too, but this seems like a lot, even though only 1077 ppl were asked???

and a lot of the ppl that answered were 30-40 yrs old. it's hard to imagine that a man in his 40s is toma's fan?? eh!!! hounto ni?? haha....but i'm not surprised if he's got 40-something or older female fans.

[i love these lovely toma in bed pics!!! credit: hpswf1]

think about it, though....
how sweet would it be if toma was your arm pillow?? TOMA, CAN YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND ARM PILLOW?? OR JUST BE MY BOYFRIEND, ACTUALLY!!!♥ or can i be YOUR GIRLFRIEND arm pillow?? xD (they have a girlfriend lap pillow, actually, though that is not as good an idea as the arm pillow!!)

just for a moment~
please close your eyes and imagine~ that...toma is lying next to you in bed!! nothing dirty, just him gently holding you, his arm around you, as you two are sleeping. and u are hugging him. ...........ahhh!!!♥ ii ne~~

good night~
please hug a pillow or something
and imagine it's toma tonight when u go to sleep tonight.
i certainly will (have)!! ~_~


Young Celebrity I Want As Arm Pillow

28. Fujiwara Tatsuya 25.9
28. Mizobata Junpei 25.9
28. Takizawa Hideaki 25.9
27. Tsukamoto Takashi 27.8
26. Yamamoto Yusuke 29.6
25. Shirota Yuu 31.5
21. Matsuda Shota 33.3
21. Koike Teppei 33.3
21. Hiraoka Yuta 33.3
20. Miura Haruma 38.9
18. Matsuyama Kenichi 40.7
17. Oguri Shun 42.6
14. Hayami Mokomichi 44.4
14. Nishikido Ryo 44.4
14. Yamashita Tomohisa 44.4
13. Mukai Osamu 46.3
11. Narimiya Hiroki 50.0
11. Matsumoto Jun 50.0
10. Sato Takeru 51.9
9. Aiba Masaki 53.7
8. Sakurai Sho 57.4
7. Eita 61.1
5. Ichihara Hayato 66.7
5. Tsumabuki Satoshi 66.7
4. Ikuta Toma 68.5
3. Mizushima Hiro 94.4
2. Okada Junichi 98.1
1. Tamaki Hiroshi 100

Research conducted by : goo Research
Method : Private internet survey
Period : 20 August 2009 to 22 August 2009
Number surveyed : 1077 users

Breakdown by sex
Male 51.1%
Female 48.9%

Breakdown by age group
~19 8.4%
20s 14.2%
30s 26.7%
40s 28.2%
50s 11.1%
60s and above 11.2%

Breakdown by area
Hokkaido 4.8%
Touhoku 6.3%
Kantou (except for Tokyo) 25.7%
Tokyo 16.3%
Hokuriko 5.7%
Toukai 10.6%
Kinki 16%
Chugoku 4.7%
Shikoku 2.2%
Kyushu·Okinawa 7.6%

mood: amused
[credit: subliminalicon]


Cezie_Pals said...

wow, amusing at the same time, wonderful!!! haha... I wish Toma-kun was my boyfriend too~ I'm sooooo obsessed that I am actually looking for guys who look like Toma-kun whenever I go to the malls! LOL..
It would be heaven if i do find someone as charming as Toma!

kate@usa said...

^_~ yappari!

hounto?? lol. i have never seen any1 that even kinda looks like him in public, and i don't think i ever will. toma's really 1 of a kind ne~ i don't think i'll ever be able to find any1 as cute or charming as he is!!! >_<

maybe his little brother would be the only person that looks most like him, but dunno what he looks like now. as children, they did look a lot like each other, though...