Friday, October 9, 2009

toma's 25th BIRTHDAY REPORT~~

(toma: for celebrating my birthday,
for all yr wishes and gifts,
minna-chan, arigatou!!! chuuu~ ♥)

kate desu.

how goes the toma's birthday celebrating, minna-san?? ^^ mm mm's been fun ne?

turns out that my prediction was right, toma was probably working on his bday. yappari~ he's filming ANOTHER movie, this time in hokkaido. but at least in the filming pics, we can see his hair is back to normal!! straight and black!! kyaa!! ♥ very boyish and cute. kinda nakatsu-like, some fans say.

[credit: hpswf1 and ]

toma wrote!! ^o^ probably on oct.8. he said... ikuta toma has turned 25. from now on, he wants to continue living life with enthusiasm. please look after him. and he asks if we saw his ghost stories drama episode. he did most of his own stunts, so we can see a new side of him. he is grateful to his parents, and from today, he continues running forward.

ii ne~ i always love reading tomagoto, but especially on special days like his bday...he always has something serious and thoughtful to say about this day. and he always remembers to thank his parents for taking care of him all this time. and of course his friends and fans will continue to look after him!!! i will always support and look after u, toma-kun!!

(ah, i totally forgot that maki's bday is, amazingly, oct.6!!!
she's 21 now. so, happy belated birthday, maki-chan!!

a lot of celebrating in the fandom!! go to the Tomalicious forum to see new happy birthday toma banners and a new layout too!! and of course, u gotta check out the scanlations, subbed toma videos at TFS's Mini Bday Bash '09!!!!! :D and some ppl made toma graphics, toma pics spam, translated toma stuff, etc, at the toma LJ. :P

i found one fanmade happy bday toma MV. love love the clips of toma f/the maou dvd extras!! ah, i can't wait to re-watch maou!! and the 2nd one is from his bday last yr, but still cool to re-watch it. lots of cute moments f/his appearances on 2008 tv shows. ~_~

of course, my fav bday toma mv will always be the HERO one i first saw in 2007!!!!! maybe THE BEST TOMA MV EVERRRRR. it's a shame it has been removed f/youtube, but u can still watch it at imeem. the MV is the featured video here!!,toma_ikuta_fanclub/
BUT u have 2 be registered at imeem 2 see it. or u can dload it here, but in .flv format: even now (just rewatched it), after watching it so many times, i still am so amazed by all these special moments, from his youth till he's all grown up, where u can see how toma is so cute, hard-working, determined, silly, serious, strong, fragile, and HEROIC!!! toma, daiskii!!!♥ love love seeing toma running...

also, found 1 fan who wished him happy bday at her blog. i have never seen these chibi toma pics be4!! kawaii ne~ *_*

but i noticed that there is really not as many ppl celebrating toma's bday in some way doing something/making something and posting at LJ or youtube or their blogs or whatever....but i guess i expected this, since it's been quite quiet in the fandom for so long, ever since the end of majosai at the end of july. (except for the toma LOTTE ACUO CMs in the middle of august that got everyone excited for a while!! *_* and the announcement of him filming his 2nd movie in sept.!) even then, not much ppl very excited about majosai, right?? or maybe lots of ppl hadn't even finished Voice yet, or they were decided to pass on majosai cuz of toma's unflattering hairstyle?? i wonder if toma is losing some fans cuz his recent dramas were not very...i mean, they were good, but they were not very...exciting. at least in the first few episodes...i can understand if ppl lose interest and stop watching within the first couple episodes...those recent fans of toma, who like him more cuz of his drama characters than for him as real-life toma, if u know what i mean....

then again, maybe his fans are just more busy this yr or are gonna celebrate his bday a little late. ah, i'm not sure what i'm saying here, gomen. i just hope toma's not losing fans at this important time in his life. but i'm sure even if he's losing some fans, he's getting more and more popular, so for sure the number of new fans will outnumber the ones leaving for whatever reason!!! kito~!

have an awesome~ weekend.
and even though it's past,
let's keep cele~brating toma's birthday
this weekend (or even longerr after that)!!! yey~!! =D

matta ne.


Cezie_Pals said...

i hear u on that Kate.
Although there arent that much online celebrations, the fans are really celebrating it with all their heart.
I just met up with the Toma fanclub here in vancouver, we had a blast.
I had Toma dramathon in my house with my fan friends.
I posted vids & pics & shout outs in facebook & friendster.
I think though that because Toma is working & none of his dramas/movies are out, thats why the fandom is very quiet. oh well, as long as we know that Toma is well supported bu his family & his most loyal fans, then thats ok
By next yr, i bet his fans will increase ten folds after the movies are out!
BTW, what movie is he shooting now?

kate☂ said...

i think so too...i'm glad u all had fun celebrating toma's bday together!! :D and it's cool that u also posted stuff online too.

sou des...he's still got a ton of ppl that love and support him ne. maybe!! let's hope!!

oh, his 3rd movie...Movie title is 「ハナミズキ」, "Hanamizuki", based on a popular song. Toma would be playing the role of a fisherman. more info here. i'll post about this later...

Angelou said...

yeah... i'm celebrating toma's b-day today... just 4 days late... hahaha!

eventhough, it's still a celebration of success and life....

i wish him the best....

kate☂ said...

hey Angelou~

cool! i am having a belated mini bday celebration 4 him today too, and today they're airing Maou here, i'm so excited about that!!! xD

let's celebrate together...for toma~!! i'm really so happy he exists. lol.