Thursday, October 29, 2009

pics f/my recent trip to marukai, book-off, kinokuniya, and mitsuwa. ^_^


kate desu.
minna-san genki?

last night was a damn cold night~ (lyrics f/avril's With You. =P),
too cold even for me, who loves cold weather. (but i'll get used to it~)
wow, it's time for scarves and gloves finally, right??
and many many layers of warm clothes....keep warm, everyone!!

cuz this is not a good time to be sick, u especially don't want to catch swine flu. conan jokes that "swine flu is gonna kill us all, it's pretty clear." lol. don't listen to him, he tends to exagerrate. xD i think most of us will be able to get through this alright!! *fingers crossed*

so~ today is one of those not-toma-related posts full of pics. haha. but the pics R pretty, so that's good. i'll post again, about toma stuff, tomorrow, so please come back for that ne. *_*

ja~ i recently went to marukai, book-off, kinokuniya, and mitsuwa. ^_^ but i actually only spent a little time at book-off and kinokuniya. it was cool to come to these places for the first time, but as expected, fans of manga and ppl who can actually read japanese will find these places more interesting and useful. =P and since i'm neither... and i thought there would be a lot more magazines there (at kinokuniya), but the kinda magazines like winkup or duet, i saw really few of it! (or maybe cuz at this time, they've sold out) and it was almost eerily quiet in book-off, though there were plenty of ppl there.


oh, before i forget, i picked up the winkup 11.2009 issue that i ordered at mitsuwa. NO TOMA FAN ART in it at all. =( i was hoping to at least see careline's...doushitte???!!! 0_0 i'm hoping it's cuz october had too many JE guys' bdays, so they didn't have room for toma bday fan art this time. i'm hoping to see at least my (and careline's) toma fan art in the next issue, even if i don't see my regular toma fan art. the bday fan art is more important!!! and remember how i was wondering why the winkup sold out so fast this time? i don't see anything particularly special about this issue, except that they seemed to have ALL the arashi pics EVER that was in winkup, but in tiny, stamp-like size, and a form for u to vote on yr fav winkup arashi pics EVER?? maybe that is why so many ppl bought it...

marukai market~ it's a little cramped, they really sell so much japanese food and lots of other household products, ceramics, makeup, etc. but MOSTLY FOOD. i think i'll come back sometimes to buy some snacks. they've got tons of different japanese snacks there (but, strange, i didn't see toma's LOTTE ACUO gum there). they even had some special-flavored kit-kats!!! ^_^

oh, i didn't take a pic of it, but the an donut they sell at the marukai bakery (forgot the name) is DELICIOUS! oishii!! i guess i love an (red bean paste filling) anything, anyway, but this was really so awesome. ^o^ i highly recommend it. it's also sometimes sold at mitsuwa market's bakery.

fountains~ i like looking at and listening to them, but never enough to actually buy one.

really small, really cute cupcake cups!! ah, definitely too cute to use!!

i like how they sometimes have little cute drawings like this in front of the products they sell. blue hawaii!! (toma's fav shaved ice flavor)

KAWAII!!! so cute, but also made me lol, these different pics of the man and his little frog buddy on each box. i didn't buy it though, cuz the cookie does not look tasty to me. haha.

myojo (is myojo a location in japan or just a brand name?) yakisoba noodles. i just like the pretty design~

some things i bought at marukai. HALLOWEEN VERSION~ POCKY!! :)

i love mitsuwa's food fairs!! =D and they happen so many times during the year...on the right in this pic is osaka-style otafuku okonomiyaki (sorry i couldn't take a better pic, it doesn't look very appetizing here), from the autumn food fair that was going on. and some other food we bought. okonomiyaki is nakatsu's fav food, and i saw a bunch of ppl were standing in line (it must be good!!), so i tried it. yappari~ it was pretty good! just that i usually don't like to eat so much cabbage at once. but the sauce was good, kinda like a sweet bbq sauce, but it really smells (nice!) like ketchup.


Nk0gneath0hh said...

HAHAHAA! Kate-Chan, I was at Mitsuwa during their autumn food fair too! I don't remember which day it was, but I was there xD
I don't know why i just said that, I just thought that it'd be funny to share haha

kate☂ said...

hounto?? eh...we might see each other at mitsuwa sometime, huh? but i think it's kinda hard to tell what we look like f/our profile pics, so we might not recognize each other anyway.

i wouldn't mind if u come over and say hi to me. (why would u want to, though? and sorry, do i sound like a snobby celebrity?!) but do me a favor and don't say anything about this blog, i'm often there w/my sister, who's also a toma fan, but for certain reasons, i don't want her to know about this blog. lol. and if u do mention the blog, i will just deny it and say u've got me confused with some1 else. xD

(sorry 4 my rambling reply!)