Thursday, March 5, 2009

if u think nakatsu is a SWEETHEART, join the fanlisting! BABY!!!

i just watched the ending of hana kimi the other night...
been re-watching it with my sister. yappari, toma made me cry! nakatsu's goodbye to mizuki made me cry...(though i didn't the 1st time i watched it! weird...) *sigh* ...nakatsu is the best!! i love nakatsu...nakatsu, you will definitely find someone that's right for you! someone much much better than mizuki!! cuter, cooler, smarter, more thoughtful, more fun!! ^_^

i found this fanlisting for nakatsu!! the appropriately titled:
Sweetie (or sweetHEART?) Nakatsu Shuichi approved fanlisting!!
i am so completely late, but i just joined the other day. haha. nakatsu, gomen!! i didn't know...


it is "the one and only approved fanlisting dedicated to Shuichi Nakatsu of the japanese live action drama series Hanazakari no Kimitachi E (Hana Kimi), played by Ikuta Toma."

wah, over 400 members!! from 47 countries!
ahhhh, so much nakatsu love!

from there, here's an awesome description of nakatsu and why we love him:

"Nakatsu is one of the main characters of Hana Kimi, and one could say, a bit of a happy-go-lucky boy. He's a total upbeat character, and most of the time he even seems a bit dorky - in a lovely way, though. Or rather said.. in a funny way. While watching Nakatsu, you just can't help to smile or laugh over whatever he does - not to mention when he tries to convince himself he "is not a homo" (to quote himself). :P

But apart from that, Nakatsu is also a very good friend and supports and motivates all the people he holds dear. Especially for Mizuki and Sano he is willing to go very far - simply because his friends are the world to him - and that's what make Nakatsu so special.

He'd do everything in order to help them - even if in the end, due to his clumsiness or being rather slow at certain things, he ends up more in the way than anything else.. (cough)

..well, I guess that's just Nakatsu- absolutely hilarious to watch. And we love him for that, don't we? "


salome said...

hi Kate! i love that Nakatsu photo/icon you got there. can i use it? please? i love that facial expression.

paige said...

Ah...a Nakatsu fanlisting...

...still I really not sure what a fanlisting is really for. To be listed as a fan - in such a list

The quotation is a nice one.

Nakatsu, Nakatsu, Nakatsu <3
*hey, just realised I know the hiragana of Nakatsu now...yah...*

kate`* said...


it's not mine, but u probably can use it, just give credit to the fanlisting like i did. =) yeah, i love his cute expression there!! <3

haha, i know what u mean. but it's a good, "official" way of showing my love for nakatsu. ...really? cool! i only know one character, the "middle" character in chinese. haha. but at least i recognize toma's name in japanese. =]