Monday, March 30, 2009

i'm sorry toma!...VOICE & other DVD box sets...the Majo Saiban themesong, poster!

♥ toma-ism #98:

"it's exhausting being this fabulous." ;)
(text credit: a fan's avatar of Victoria Beckham!)

it's me.

nanka-- i've started posting on mondays often.

i think there was a mistake...
yesterday's # of visitors was 170?! it must be 2 days combined and not one. but recently i've been getting #'s in the 100s. (maybe cuz spring break going on in the usa now?) THANK YOU FOR COMING, EVERYONE!! *__* the most i've ever had at TL is 183, and DT is actually 45!! i really forgot...that it ever got as high as 45! it would be really COOL if we can break those records this year!

...i'm sorry toma!
for thinking that you have not been updating yr blog recently. i should have known it's not like you to not say anything about your drama ending!!
i just found out today, toma has been updating his blog all along! just that there was a delay in the translating/posting them up at the tomalicious forum ne. well~ u should go read his entries. =) he talked about the end of Voice & the start of Majo Saiban filming. and f/his messages, i figured...he probably only got a few days off between finishing Voice filming and starting rehearsal for majo saiban!! aiya... =( the last days of filming for Voice were really exhausting too, toma said.

EHH? so fast?
u can already pre-order the Voice dvd box set now! but it's not released till july 1. "Special Features: deleted scenes, making-of footahge, press conference footage, birthday footage, table-round talk, trailers."

birthday footage.
haha. they had a lot of bdays during filming... u can see some pics of the bday person & bday cakes @the official website. daiki's, aki's, hanei's, etc.

go 2 these places to pre-order:
i checked out the Hachikuro dvd box set again too, and it's got a lot of extras and the first press version comes with stickers and a photo booklet too. *__* if only some1 who bought it could show us some pics of these things or some short video clips f/the dvd extras...but so few ppl watched, even fewer would buy it. =[ I'M CURIOUS ABOUT THIS PART THOUGH: "DVD original final episode (featuring a fifth character!)" what does that mean??

"Special Features: DVD original discussion footage, making-of, creditless outro theme, short drama "Mayama no Megane" episode 11 and DVD original final episode (featuring a fifth character!), fashion and art guide, and more (subject to change)
First Press: (Sold Out) original omamori sticker, booklet"

(omamori are good luck charms: and "Mayama no Megane" means "mayama's glasses"...hmm...i remember toma saying something about all of them taking turns wearing his glasses. i guess it was a short skit that they did.)

and check out the things that come with Maou's dvd box set. the box is really all red on the front like that? wow. i like how cool the back cover looks!! w/the butterfly too! now i know about 3 out of 4 hrs of the extras are things fans have already seen (the tv specials), but that's alright, it's good 2 see those again... and the behind the scenes video footage is really really cool/funny/touching!! i wish i could have a Maou tarot card and booklet!!!!! (or just see some pics of them even!)

if only these dvd box sets weren't so expensive!!
i'd definitely buy them all! ^_^
they've got a lot of sentimental value...
ah, speaking of Maou, these naoto, naruse toys/figures here are CUTE!!! maybe u can buy them at the official maou website?? (i'm surprised so many of the pics i posted at TL showed up in google image search! i was searching for maou dvd box pics and a bunch of images linked f/TL showed up! wow, never thought my TL blog would get this popular! good job, me! V^_^)

it's been decided that Masaharu Fukuyama will sing majo saiban's themesong. it'll be a rock song! thanks to meoinkie for the news! read the short news about it here.

[thanks, strawberry_gemm! credit: ikuta84]

oh, just saw the poster right now!

pretty cool...

but it looks more like a horror movie poster than a jury drama. haha. then again, they've really gotta keep with the theme, since they're calling it the WITCH trial...still, i would have liked a more subtle/unique poster ne.

but i'm relieved that toma's pic is not photoshopped in some weird way. then again, i haven't seen the poster online...but hopefully they keep it exactly like this. -_- seriously though. toma's messy hair in this poster makes it looks like his hair is dirty or something. but nice bangs!

last but not least!
^o^ WELCOME! to some more fans that joined the toma fans map!! welcome, fall_out_girl967 [USA] and gaby_sky27 [Mexico]!

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