Saturday, March 14, 2009

the witch trial~ update

[sugeh!! can't wait to see the official poster with toma on it!!
but please please please, don't photoshop it badly like the Voice poster!! onegai!!]

to everyone in Malaysia~
halo! apa kabar?

and to everyone else, hi hi!

wow, cuz of toma's new drama,
i've been posting new messages continuously this week!
i don't think i've ever done that be4, except for the 10 days leading up to toma's birthday, but that doesn't really count, cuz i'd only talk about the song for that day.
anyway~ here's my 6th consecutive post this week. enjoy.

here's some more links to The Witch Trial stuff!
[official website is up already! not much things there, but the picture there now sure looks cool. it reminds me of Maou a little. isn't it awesome to see only toma's name so big right at the center of the page like that?? ^_^ he's really becoming a big star now ne...]
[enshinge's translation of the first entry at the official website. more plot details and toma's thoughts about the drama. it sounds pretty exciting! of course, toma's excited and hopes the drama can affect the audience in a good way, making them more interested in this jury system...he always finds a good meaning/purpose to all his dramas ne~]


i feel a little guilty (get it? how it relates to toma's new drama?? haha.), cheering on toma's new role, when Voice has not even completed yet. gomen, ryosuke! but of course, i'll keep watching Voice and supporting ryosuke till the very end! ah~ but it's often been like this with toma. it must be hard to start to prepare yourself to become a different person, when you are still not done with your current drama yet...

but isn't it cool that toma often has alternating fun/serious roles, so he doesn't get bored playing the same kinda character all the time? rino kimi, 2 gentlemen of verona, H&C, rino kimi SP, Maou, grease, Voice, and now the witch trial. so it's happy/popular adult...happy/indecisive/unlucky student...smiley-cool student...serious/sad police student...happy/troubled student...and finally, serious/troubled part-timer. if this pattern continues, then toma's next role should be happy and carefree, right? haha...i hope so. cuz i'm excited about this new drama, but i'm gonna be nervous and worried cuz his character could be in danger. it was really hard to watch Maou cuz of this!! the whole time, someone's after him...

ja~ that's it for today.
i hope u enjoyed this majo saiban update. =)




salome said...

"he always finds a good meaning/purpose to all his dramas" - i totally agree with you. it only shows that Toma thinks of his craft as a way of "giving" to other people; that his craft has a higher purpose. i think although he has a fun-loving exterior, he is a deeply thoughtful person.

kate`* said...

hi salome!

he may seem immature on camera, but actually, he's really mature, u can tell when u read his interviews.

haih~ i think it's so nice that toma always feels strongly that the dramas/plays he's in...that they'll surely do some good for the audience, u know. i know actors are all supposed to plug their shows and say it's great and all, of course. but when toma says it, i always feel that he sincerely hopes the drama will affect the audience in a good way. (: that it can really touch the viewer in some way/they can learn something from it. just like he is. ....ii ne~