Thursday, March 12, 2009

toma talks about his new drama @tomagoto

[toma's message on a tomagoto subscriber's cellphone might look something like this? credit:]

eh!! toma posted a message @tomagoto again! so that i won't lose to him, i'll also post my 4th consecutive message today! haha. finally, toma talked about his new drama. he's really excited but also nervous about having his first real leading role in this drama-- about the japanese jury system that will soon take place in real life. so he asks us to please continue to look after him.♥ kito~ we will, and you'll be fine toma-kun!! ma...i'm sure this will be an unforgettable role for him, right? though the plot reminds of an american movie from many years ago...

of course, u should read the whole long message toma wrote yesterday (march 11) at the tomalicious forum, here. =) yappari~ reading his messages always makes me smile, and i love to read his thoughts about a new drama!

it's so cool that toma's posting a message
everyday these days!!
i wonder if he'll post again tomorrow??
well, even if he doesn't, u know~
i'll post a new message cuz it's "fi-day". =P
see u tomorrow!

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