Friday, March 27, 2009

i call this~ Toma in Plaid.

♥ toma-ism #97:
there's something about you now
i can't quite figure out
everything he does is beautiful
everything he does is right.
[slightly altered lyrics f/Lifehouse's you and me]

hi, everybody! ^o^
it's friday. sou.

remember, EARTH HOUR takes place 3.28.2009, at 8:30-9:30PM IN YOUR TIMEZONE.
eh? shidenai deska? (u dont know?) please join me and many many many ppl/cities all over the world: turn off all your lights/electronic devices for 1 hr to participate. for more info:
ja~ i'll leave it to you.

a quick majo saiban update:
this drama is NOT based on a manga! i was so excited/hyper about this being toma's 1st leading role, i totally didn't notice that in the official news, no one said it's based on a manga (only that it's to tie in w/the jury system starting in japan soon)!! turns out a Fuji TV drama based on that manga IS in the works, but it's only a one-shot (short?) drama. go HERE for the news:

if only we knew this earlier, we wouldn't have to worry about toma's drama being a really short one, right paige? haha.

umm...toma has not updated his blog 4 a long time. not even to talk about Voice coming to an end. ii date (that's fine). toma's only got a short break between Voice's end and starting to film/promote Majo Saiban, so he deserves a break f/blogging and pretty much everything else. =P deshou? (right?) sou des. but i'm sure the next time he posts, it'll be about the new drama in some way.

doushite!? =(
i don't understand why my message never shows up at the message board of the official websites of toma's dramas. maybe they only randomly post up a certain amount of the messages? or is it only 4 ppl in japan?? has any1 else tried posting messages 4 toma there? u can go to to translate the categories f/japanese to yr own language and then fill in the categories. if any1 successfully posts messages there, could u post this one for me (pls post the babelfish-translated version in japanese below, unless u can translate it yrself into japanese 4 me.)? and tell me if u did, so i can go there to see it! arigatou.

from: kate`* (ケイト`*)
subject: good luck with filming! (撮影の幸運!)
message: toma-kun, i am so happy you are getting your first leading role in this drama!! ^_^ i believe you will be brilliant as always! this drama will surely make the viewers more interested in the jury system. U HAVE MY SUPPORT + THE SUPPORT OF MANY MANY MANY FANS, DEFINITELY!!!!!!♥ gambatte kudasai.
(斗真くん, 私はある従って幸せこの戯曲に於いてのあなたの最初先導的な役割を得ている!! ^_^ 私は常にとして華麗であることを信じる! この戯曲は確かに視聴者に多くをする 陪審員制度に興味を起こさせられる。 私のサポート&を有する; 多くの多くの多くのファンのサポート、完全に!!!!!!♥ がんばってください。)

[this is just a cute pic of takemoto & hagumi that i wanted to share,
came across it while looking thru my old pics for all these plaid toma pics! ah~ so cute & sweet!!

well then~ i had this idea to gather all of toma's pics where he's wearing red plaid clothing. actually, he wore blue/grey plaid clothing a lot, but i didn't notice until now. haha. he looks so good in plaid, right? i think toma likes wearing plaid...u see him wearing it a lot, even when it's not 4 a photoshoot. in plaid clothes, he looks so boyish/relaxed or smart/stylish!! and lots of my fav toma pics, he's wearing plaid! and of course, takemoto-kun often wore plaid shirts over his t-shirt.♥ toma really is pretty in plaid neeee. and pink plaid is especially pretty on toma!!! of course, i could do the same thing with toma & ties or toma & vests (yappari~ he looks especially awesome in those!), but nanka (somehow)...i'll save that 4 some other time ne.

so! i give u:
Ikuta Toma in Plaid.

[toma's super kawaii nakai impression. *_*
i LOVE his plaid hooded jacket & vest outfit!!]

[*click on the pics 2 see them in the larger/full size!* =) i'm sorry, don't remember where i got all these pics, but i guess most of them R from LJ fans, TFS screencaps, imeem toma groups, baidu, crunchyroll toma group, flickr, or the AF toma thread. the gif, credit goes to: strawberry_gemm!]

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